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Cop Violently Attacks Child at School

UPDATE 10/30/15: New Information on the Status of the Child The child’s foster family reached out to Dave Champion and confirmed something that the mainstream media isn’t telling you. Namely, that

NYPD Pepper-Sprayed a 2-Yr-Old Child, and Choked the Child’s Grandmother: Report

2015/10/24 This was not the first time that the Acosta family were targeted by the police. However, the latest attack has shaken the family to its core. The victims included

Bureau of Investigation Arrest Eighteen Men in Child Pornography Ring – Including Veteran Sherriff’s Deputy

By Max Chantha | October 20, 2105 GEORGIA – Child pornography and abuse is arguably the worst crime short of murder because it destroys the innocence of its victims and

Cop Gave Children ‘Molly’ and Began Molesting Them: Reports

Possession of child pornography charges have been dropped for an officer accused of abusing underage boys. Officer James H. Edwards could hardly be taken as a criminal. The 47-year-old had

Three Cops Only Receive Misdemeanors After Running Child Abuse Camp

2015/10/15 Max Chantha | CALIFORNIA – Though police harassment of minors is nothing new, the case of three San Luis Obispo officers takes matters to an entirely new level.

Cop Defends Child Molesting Relative, Launches Campaign of Harassment Against Accuser

Max Chantha | CALIFORNIA – It seems that the thin blue line has moved into the unquestioning protection of police family members now – even if the protection is

[WATCH] Cops Twist Teen Boy’s Arm After Thinking His ATM Withdraw Was “Robbery”

2015/10/14 In an act of blatant indifference, a police union representative called the use of excessive force on a teenager an example of exemplary officer conduct. A video has surfaced

Cop Rapes Again After Previous Sex Crime on Child: Reports

Thirty-year-old Joshua Herbinger was an evidence technician with the Birmingham police Department. He is also a convicted sex offender, who has repeated his crime at least six times and was

Cop Tells Child He Ruined His Life for Smoking Weed, Child Kills Himself: Report

2015/10/07 John Vibes | The Free Thought Project Hayden Long, a 16-year-old high school student killed himself this week after he was “verbally attacked” by police and school officials because

Parents Trusted This Cop With Their Children, He Was Just Arrested on 8 Counts of Child Porn Possession

It is hard to believe Joe Mendez was once the coordinator of South Miami Police Explorer’s program for young people aged 14 – 20. Watching him walk out of Broward

This 55-Yr-Old Cop Retired, but the Children He Beat are Grown Up and They’re Suing Him

EDINBURGH — A man has come forward claiming that a former policeman from Edinburgh abused him severely around a decade ago. The victim, now a grown man, said 55-year-old Phillip

[WATCH] Cop Beats 11-Yr-Old Child Because His Hair “Wasn’t Short Enough”

2015/10/02 CINCINNATI — Young men are quite particular about their hairstyle and sometimes this becomes a point of contention in families. However, with the Doziers, it seems, the argument went