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Paid Vacation for Cop Who Had More than 50 Images of Child Sex Abuse: Reports

Kory Watkins | A Fairview police officer has been charged with five felony counts of possession of child pornography and one felony count for violating the Computer Crimes Act

Officer Chains Down Naked Child: What He Did Will Shake You to Your Core

OTTOWA — His mother had passed away four years earlier, and she was all he could think of when supposedly being exorcised by his two captors. At only 11 years

7-Year-Old Native American Student Removed From School For Traditional Mohawk Haircut

John Vibes | The Free Thought Project St. George, Utah — This week, a 7-year-old Native American student was sent home from school because he had a traditional mohawk haircut,

Video: Officer Handcuffs 5-Yr-Old Child for “Not Listening” to School Principal

MIAMI, FL — “Let me show you. I’m going to show you what happens so that you can understand,” said Officer Paul Gourrier as he handcuffed a 5-yr-old child and yanked the child’s ear.

Cop Shoots Two Children With Taser Gun for “Fighting at School”

Kory Watkins | Two kids are involved in a fight at school and instead of simply splitting the two kids up the police officer uses what could have been

Cop Drives Intoxicated With Child in Car: Report

Johnny Liberty | Pharr TX – In an appalling example of police state hypocrisy. A Hidalgo County Sheriff’s deputy is facing felony DWI charges after being stopped on Cage

Cop Charged With Child Porn, Sharing Rape of 4-Yr-Old Girl

GRETNA — Gretna Police Deputy Chief Anthony Christiana said Tuesday that an officer with Gretna Police who was involved in a disturbing child pornography was arrested Monday (Aug 17) in

Cop Involved in “Sustained Violence” on 7-Yr-Old Girl: Reports

NORTH ISLAND — A disturbing report from the NZ Herald surfaced last week according to which a police officer repeatedly beat a young girl. The girl was only 7-yrs-old when

Cop Breaks 12-yr-Old Bikini Girl’s Jaw and Ribs at Pool Center

FAIRFIELD — Video footage continues to make waves online after police broke a 12-yr-old girl’s jaw and ribs. The incident began when the girl and her family were at a

RAW VIDEO: Cop Tases 12-Yr-Old Child While Choking Him!

    2015/06/14 UPDATE (7:03 PM PST) — we previously reported that the child was 13. We have learned since then that he is only 12. His name is Joshua. We

Police Attack Girl in Bikini, Pull Gun on Teens at Pool Party

UPDATE (6/13/15) Officer Says He’s a “Victim” Officer Casebolt has come out and described himself as a “victim” who has been “dragged into” police brutality against blacks. He says “things” — but

Cop Lets K9 “Literally Rip Open” 14-yr-old Boy’s Penis

2015/06/04 MIAMI, FL — A devastated family is now filing a lawsuit against police for letting a K9 maul their child’s genitals. The boy, Javarius Ragin, was just 14-yrs-old and