Cop Puts Gun To Guard’s Head Threatens “To Blow His ******* Head Off”

A borough police officer accused of holding a gun to a security guard’s head and threatening “to blow his (expletive) head off” failed to properly record the incident and report

Woman after police encounter: ‘I was so scared’

Two weeks ago, a black woman driving alone in Princeton, Louisiana, was pulled over for no apparent reason. But she was not shot and killed. Or hauled from her car

[VIDEO] Louisiana Cop Threatens To Fight Teenage Suspect! “Want Me To Take These Handcuffs Off And See What You Really About?”

A Louisiana cop has been caught on tape threatening to fight a teenage suspect. The police officer is heard telling the suspect “Want Me To Take These Handcuffs Off And

“I’ll Kill You!” – Cop Holds Gun to Citizen’s Head, Threatens Murder

04/26/17 Disturbing video footage has surfaced showing what appears to be an officer holding a gun to an unarmed citizen’s head and threatening to murder him. “Don’t fucking resist,” one

Female Cop Loses It, Pulls Gun on Tow Truck Driver

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project Orange County, FL — If your vehicle was being towed for being illegally parked and you pulled a gun on the tow truck

Police Face Criticism for Stopping Teen and Taking DNA

Matthew Renda | Courthouse News Service SAN DIEGO (CN) – The ACLU says the San Diego Police Department’s policy of collecting the DNA of minors violates the Constitution, citing a

Cop Tried to File False Charges on Innocent Man, Until a Video Exposed Him!

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project San Bernardino, CA — The next time someone asks you why people don’t trust police, show them this video of a San Bernardino

“I’ma Tear His Little A** Up!” – Crazed Cop Takes Off Belt to Beat Teen for Filming

Jack Burns | The Free Thought Project To some, the most beautiful thing about having a cell phone is being able to film the police. Some do it for reasons

Police Are Using a Barbaric New Tool to Fully Restrain Citizens

The NYPD has begun using full-body restraining devices – nicknamed “burritos” – that are essentially body bags for “emotionally disturbed people”. Whitney Webb | True Activist The militarization of the

Cops Had Woman Put in Mental Hospital After She “Asked Them for a Warrant”

Jocelyn Rardin | Courthouse News Service (CN) — A Virginia woman claims in court that Newport News police illegally entered her home and then wrongfully imprisoned her in a psychiatric

Police Now Stopping Innocent Americans and Taking Their DNA Nationwide

Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project Without laws to guide them, police around the country have begun collecting people’s DNA — even when no crime has been committed —

Cop Pulls Gun on Child for Filming, Challenges Him to Fight

via The Free Thought Project Columbia, MO — On March 7, 2015 Cezan “CJ” Stock and a group of friends were hanging out in their neighborhood in Columbia, when they