Police Point Guns at a Man Trying to Clean Dog Poop

Officers handcuffed a man and threatened to him without hearing his side of the story. When Mateo Romero pulled into a stranger’s driveway because he needed to stop in an

Former Hero Cop Now Charged With Making Terroristic Threats and DUI

by Max Chantha KENTUCKY – Sadly, it seems that Sheriff Todd Pate will not be remembered for his rescuing of a young boy who had been tortured by his parents.

ATF Agent Waves Gun at Parents at High School Football Game

HOUSTON, TX — Parents are known to get slightly carried away when watching their children play on the field. Spectators witnessed a rather disturbing example of this at a recent

Police Call Black Family “F***ing N****rs”, Knock Parent’s Teeth Out in Front of Children

CHICAGO, IL — Every time a video featuring Illinois-based George Taylor is played on public television a significant portion of it has to be beeped because of the explicit language

Road Rage Cop Points Gun at Disabled Driver’s Head, Drags Body Behind Car

LAKE FOREST, CA — A 50-year-old man from California, who uses a cane to walk, was brutally abused by a police officer at least 10 years his junior. The man,

Cops Force Citizens Into “Free Speech Zone” While Illegally Searching Vehicle

  Andre’ Gabriel Esparza | ARLINGTON, TEXAS — On Saturday evening, administrators from Dallas CopBlock (Jose Vela), North Texas CopBlock (Kenny Lovett), and myself Texas CopBlock converged on the tyrannical

“I Don’t Give a S**t About Your Wedding!” — Officer Interrupts Couple’s Wedding Activity Over Permit: Report

CARBON COUNTY, PA — A deeply upsetting report has been provided on Facebook from a citizen who says she and her family were harassed and berated by an officer on

Police Threaten to Arrest 75-Yr-Old Woman Over “Height of Her Lawn”

RIESEL, TX – A 75-yr-old woman was startled to find out that police intended to handcuff her frail wrists behind her back and lock her in a cell. “I’m 75

“Friendly” Officer Threatens to Break Teen’s Legs

Miguel Cruz | Teenager Hamza Jeylani was one of the latest victims of what the ACLU is calling “disparity in the way police” interact with black and white people

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: None Are Safe from the State’s Plundering Parasites

William Grigg | Pro Libertate “Is anyone present carrying more than ten marks, or planning to take out of the country any foreign money, gold, jewels, or other valuables?” demanded

RAW VIDEO: Cop Shoots Peaceful Protester in the Face With Pepper Spray for Standing

Mike Krieger | Zero Hedge On Saturday night, a man whose name still seems to be unknown, but who was wearing a “F##k the Police” t-shirt, came out in front

Cops Drag Man Out of His Car and Push His Face Into Snow for Asking Them Why He Was Pulled Over

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO — An intense raw video has surfaced online in which a citizen attempts to document his interaction with the police, only to be dragged out of his