Protests and Resistance

Trump Supporters Return to Berkeley, Vow to Defend Free Speech

04/27/17 BERKELEY, CA — The UC campus is known for being ground zero for the free speech movement of the 1960s. Recently there have been clashes between Trump supporters and

Insurrection Against Government in Venezuela Happening Now

04/21/17 | 2:49 AM PST Alarming videos have emerged showing that the protest marches in Venezuela have now escalated to insurrectionary conflict between citizens and the regime. “We could be

French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen Under Fire for Filming Cops

03/30/17 | PARIS — Startling news has surfaced alleging that the potential new leader of France, Marine le Pen, was filming police even though they told her to stop. Marine

Draconian Bill Will Allow Cops to Arrest Peaceful Protesters & Seize Their Assets

Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project Arizona — Anyone caught planning or simply participating in an otherwise peaceful demonstration could be arrested and charged under state racketeering laws —

Innocent Men Freed from Prison After 20 Yrs Now Suing Cops Who Wrongly Put Them There

Kevin Koeninger | Courthouse News Service CLEVELAND (CN) – Two Ohio men convicted of murder when they were teenagers say police and prosecutors withheld evidence that would have shown their

The FBI is Now Investigating Anti-Trump Rioters at UC Berkeley

BERKELEY, CA — Nearly a week after riots broke out at UC Berkeley, reports have surfaced that the FBI is now investigating those responsible. The chaos began when it was

Record Numbers of Americans are Hoarding New Tools for Civil Unrest

They used to call it right-wing extremism. But now it’s a trend, and it’s attracting some very wealthy figures. Record numbers of Americans are buying up the latest tools to

Reports Surface that Berkeley Cops Were Told to Stand Down

Protesters were enabled to riot in Berkely, and reports are surfacing that the mayor of Berkeley, CA, Jesse Arreguin, allegedly ordered SWAT and campus police to stand down. The predominantly white

Protesters Call for “Killing People” and Burning White House – Could This Cause Martial Law?

At an anti-Trump protest in Seattle this weekend, a protester openly declared that they need to start killing people. She added that the White House and presidents “must go” too.

Houston Police Chief Takes a Stand Against Feds — Refuse to Jail Marijuana Users

Justn Gardner | The Free Thought Project It’s a new year, and signs abound that cannabis decriminalization will continue rolling across the nation. Three more states legalized recreational use on

Charges Dropped for Man Who Operated Vehicle “While Under Caffeine”

Jack Burns | The Free Thought Project Thanks in part to public exposure brought about by alternative media sites such as The Free Thought Project and others, Joseph Schwab of

Mom Puts Cops on Public Notice: Do NOT Shoot My Autistic Son

Amanda Froelich | True Activist To ensure cops have ‘no excuse’ when it comes to her very autistic 28-year-old son, this woman wrote a message on her garage door. It’s