Protests and Resistance

“They Should All Die a Slow Death”: NYPD 30th Precinct Page Openly Wishes Death on Citizens Who Film Cops

NEW YORK, NY — It appears the NYPD is getting a lot of self-imposed negative attention again. It all started when Michael Barber, a member of Cop Watch, filmed two

RAW VIDEO: Cop Shoots Peaceful Protester in the Face With Pepper Spray for Standing

Mike Krieger | Zero Hedge On Saturday night, a man whose name still seems to be unknown, but who was wearing a “F##k the Police” t-shirt, came out in front

Heroic Dad Tackles Child Porn Cop to the Ground, Saves Children From Being Exploited

2015/04/08 It is something citizens in Orange County, California will forever be thankful for. On May 26, 2007, Officer Lakin of the Los Angeles Police Department was caught sneaking around

Video: Police Eager to Begin Using “Eye Blinding” Gun Against American Citizens

RENO, NV — A company that specializes in equipping police with pain compliance weaponry is set to release an unprecedented piece of equipment. The new compliance weapon is designed to

This Brave Man Sees Cop Beating Woman, Tackles Cop to the Ground and Subdues Him

LOUISVILLE — Louis Mossey was minding his own business and enjoying the night of the super bowl. He never expected to see a police officer begin attacking a woman. Officer

Shock Video: Politician Calls for Forced Mental Examination of All Cops!

OREGON — It is like finding a unicorn. A politician has publicly called for psychological evaluations of police officers. The evaluations would be lawfully mandatory and they would be conducted

Cops Furious About New App That Lets Users Track Police Locations

UPDATE (2/11/15): Hundreds of Cops Download Waze App to Fill it With False Information In a desperate move, cops have now decided to attack technological progress itself. Hundreds of cops

The Truth About Martin Luther King: Cops Denied Him Gun Permit So He Couldn’t Protect Himself

Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr’s house was bombed in 1956? Did you know that after the bombing occurred, he applied for a permit to legally own and

Cops Worried After Citizens Engage in a New Form of Crowd-Funded, Direct Action Against Police State

2015/01/11 STOCKTON — Citizens in Stockton, California have taken a new approach to activism. Rather than sticking to the traditional form of protest in which signs are held and slogans

Citizen Easily Passes Through Checkpoint Without Saying a Word, by Using a Plastic Bag?

2015/01/03 Jeff Gray, an activist in Florida, has a smooth, effective system for avoiding harassment at checkpoints. At the start of the video he makes a great point: if you

Policing Comes to a Stop in New York, People Get Along Peacefully and Society Continues

So, where’s all the chaos and the murder and the children smoking meth? We are constantly reminded by State institutions, from lecture halls to mainstream “news” organizations, that if it

Brilliant New Device Lets Protesters Block Surveillance and Stingrays

  WASHINGTON, DC — Reports about agents using a Stingray on protesters to unconstitutionally monitor their phones are circulating widely, and now protesters have a way to fight back. Earlier