Protests and Resistance

WATCH: Victim Receives Nationwide Support After Admitting He Killed a Cop Who Raped Him as a Child

2015/06/20   NEWTON, NJ — A deeply moving video has gone viral online after a man confessed to stabbing a police officer to death. On the surface, the stabbing death

INDIA: Police Get Beaten Up by Men for Harassing Woman

Occasionally we like to share international news so you can stay informed on what police brutality is like in other parts of the world. Today’s story comes from India. The

Ex Cop Confronts Florida Cops Who Refused To Ticket Illegally Parked Cop Cars

Michael Heise | JACKSONVILLE, FL — An Ex-cop in Florida, who runs a police accountability youtube channel has released a video that is going viral. According to the description

Militarization is More Than Tanks and Rifles: It’s a Cultural Disease, Acclimating the Citizenry to Life in a Police State

John W. Whitehead | Rutherford Institute “If we’re training cops as soldiers, giving them equipment like soldiers, dressing them up as soldiers, when are they going to pick up the

Oakland Police Arrest 52 Peaceful Protesters, Threatens Them With Weapons

Michael Heise | OAKLAND, CA – Approximately 150 people took to the streets last night to protest a law that has been passed infringing on the peoples right to

Brave Man Stops Criminal, While Cops Cower and Hide With Guns Drawn

When you put crabs in a bucket, you don’t need a lid to prevent them from climbing out. That’s because when any one crab tries to climb out, the others

“They Should All Die a Slow Death”: NYPD 30th Precinct Page Openly Wishes Death on Citizens Who Film Cops

NEW YORK, NY — It appears the NYPD is getting a lot of self-imposed negative attention again. It all started when Michael Barber, a member of Cop Watch, filmed two

RAW VIDEO: Cop Shoots Peaceful Protester in the Face With Pepper Spray for Standing

Mike Krieger | Zero Hedge On Saturday night, a man whose name still seems to be unknown, but who was wearing a “F##k the Police” t-shirt, came out in front

Heroic Dad Tackles Child Porn Cop to the Ground, Saves Children From Being Exploited

2015/04/08 It is something citizens in Orange County, California will forever be thankful for. On May 26, 2007, Officer Lakin of the Los Angeles Police Department was caught sneaking around

Video: Police Eager to Begin Using “Eye Blinding” Gun Against American Citizens

2015/04/07 RENO, NV — A company that specializes in equipping police with pain compliance weaponry is set to release an unprecedented piece of equipment. The new compliance weapon is designed

This Brave Man Sees Cop Beating Woman, Tackles Cop to the Ground and Subdues Him

2015/02/05 LOUISVILLE — Louis Mossey was minding his own business and enjoying the night of the super bowl. He never expected to see a police officer begin attacking a woman.

Shock Video: Politician Calls for Forced Mental Examination of All Cops!

OREGON — It is like finding a unicorn. A politician has publicly called for psychological evaluations of police officers. The evaluations would be lawfully mandatory and they would be conducted