Protests and Resistance

Pro Athletes Come Out in Droves to Protest Police, Fans Pour Out Massive Support

US — Professional NFL and NBA athletes are beginning to come out in droves protesting police brutality. It started when the St. Louis Rams put made the symbolic “hands up,

Berkeley Protests Turn Violent, Cops Injured After Students Throw Bricks at Them

UPDATE 12/6/14 7:21 PM: Raw Footage Shows Police Initiated the Violence, Protesters Had No Choice But to Defend Themselves A raw video has surfaced online showing that protesters in Berkeley

WATCH: Departments Now “Having Hard Time” Finding People Who Want to Be Police Officers, Blaming Social Media

UPDATE (2/20/15): Interest in Being a Cop Continues to Plummet New figures have been released by WBAY showing that Seattle isn’t the only place where law enforcement jobs are undesired. In

This is What Happens When You Call the Cops

Martin Armstrong | Armstrong Economics 2014/12/02 There is a new music video that is going viral entitled This is What Happens When You Call The Cops. It is a shocking

Police Call for St Louis Rams Players to be “Disciplined” for Making Hands-Up Gesture

Jon Swaine | The Guardian A Missouri police union has condemned players from the St Louis Rams football team for making “hands-up” gestures on the field in solidarity with Michael Brown, the

Video: City Rallies Behind Huge Athlete Who Challenges Bully Cop to MMA Fight, Cop Chickens Out

BYRNES MILL — Residents of Byrnes Mill tried again and again to report police misconduct in their town by “filing complaints” with the department, but they never seemed to get

“Police are an Oppressive Organization” — Police Captain Quits Job, Joins Ferguson Protesters

  “Police are an oppressive organization.” —  Former Police Captain Ray Lewis FERGUSON — The man being arrested in the photo that you see above is Ray Lewis. Ray Lewis

Anonymous Hackers Attack Cleveland Police After Cop Shoots 12-yr-old Boy to Death on Playground

Via The Hacktivist collective Anonymous have launched an attack on the official site for the City of Cleveland after 12-year-old Temir Rice was shot dead by local police for

Cop Draws Gun and Tries to Enter Private Home — This Brave Man Kicks Him Out

CITY OF INDUSTRY — A video has surfaced online showing two police officers backing down after a man filmed them and defended his home. The man in the video can

Video: Anonymous Exposes Cop as Member of KKK Behind Letter Threatening to Kill Ferguson Protesters

2014/11/16 FERGUSON — A brief background: the Ku Klux Klan has recently written an open letter to citizens in Ferguson. The letter was directed at citizens who plan to protest

Man Charged With “Terrorism” for Shooting Cop, States He Was Defending His Liberties

“There is so much wrong and on so many levels only passing through the crucible of another revolution can get us back the liberties we once had.” — Eric Frein

Officer Confesses: Cops Need Militarized Vehicles to Deal With “Anti-Government Groups”

Paul Joseph Watson | In an article for popular law enforcement website, Officer Steve Rabinovich writes that the controversial use of militarized vehicles in domestic law enforcement situations