Protests and Resistance

The Truth About Martin Luther King: Cops Denied Him Gun Permit So He Couldn’t Protect Himself

Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr’s house was bombed in 1956? Did you know that after the bombing occurred, he applied for a permit to legally own and

Cops Worried After Citizens Engage in a New Form of Crowd-Funded, Direct Action Against Police State

2015/01/11 STOCKTON — Citizens in Stockton, California have taken a new approach to activism. Rather than sticking to the traditional form of protest in which signs are held and slogans

Citizen Easily Passes Through Checkpoint Without Saying a Word, by Using a Plastic Bag?

2015/01/03 Jeff Gray, an activist in Florida, has a smooth, effective system for avoiding harassment at checkpoints. At the start of the video he makes a great point: if you

Policing Comes to a Stop in New York, People Get Along Peacefully and Society Continues

2014/12/30 So, where’s all the chaos and the murder and the children smoking meth? We are constantly reminded by State institutions, from lecture halls to mainstream “news” organizations, that if

Brilliant New Device Lets Protesters Block Surveillance and Stingrays

  2014/12/13 WASHINGTON, DC — Reports about agents using a Stingray on protesters to unconstitutionally monitor their phones are circulating widely, and now protesters have a way to fight back.

Pro Athletes Come Out in Droves to Protest Police, Fans Pour Out Massive Support

US — Professional NFL and NBA athletes are beginning to come out in droves protesting police brutality. It started when the St. Louis Rams put made the symbolic “hands up,

Berkeley Protests Turn Violent, Cops Injured After Students Throw Bricks at Them

UPDATE 12/6/14 7:21 PM: Raw Footage Shows Police Initiated the Violence, Protesters Had No Choice But to Defend Themselves A raw video has surfaced online showing that protesters in Berkeley

WATCH: Departments Now “Having Hard Time” Finding People Who Want to Be Police Officers, Blaming Social Media

UPDATE (2/20/15): Interest in Being a Cop Continues to Plummet New figures have been released by WBAY showing that Seattle isn’t the only place where law enforcement jobs are undesired. In

This is What Happens When You Call the Cops

Martin Armstrong | Armstrong Economics 2014/12/02 There is a new music video that is going viral entitled This is What Happens When You Call The Cops. It is a shocking

Police Call for St Louis Rams Players to be “Disciplined” for Making Hands-Up Gesture

Jon Swaine | The Guardian A Missouri police union has condemned players from the St Louis Rams football team for making “hands-up” gestures on the field in solidarity with Michael Brown, the

Video: City Rallies Behind Huge Athlete Who Challenges Bully Cop to MMA Fight, Cop Chickens Out

BYRNES MILL — Residents of Byrnes Mill tried again and again to report police misconduct in their town by “filing complaints” with the department, but they never seemed to get

“Police are an Oppressive Organization” — Police Captain Quits Job, Joins Ferguson Protesters

  “Police are an oppressive organization.” —  Former Police Captain Ray Lewis FERGUSON — The man being arrested in the photo that you see above is Ray Lewis. Ray Lewis