Protests and Resistance

St. Louis Cops Knocked Over, Stepped On and Arrested An Elderly Woman For Protesting Stockley Ruling

Earlier this week, Officer Jason Stockley of the St. Louis Police was acquitted of the murder of a black man, Anthony Lamar Smith, who he mercilessly gunned down without trial

St. Louis Police Chant ‘Whose Streets? Our Streets’ While Making Arrests During Protests

Well, in case you had any doubt, or were curious as to what police officers make of citizens attempting to assert their rights to peacefully assemble and protest the seemingly

[WATCH] St Louis Police Officer Caught On Camera Breaking Out Culpepper’s Restaurant Window During Protest

Following a not guilty verdict in the Jason Stockley murder trial, people took to the streets of St Louis to protest the unjust decision. During the protests on Friday night,

Sheriff Apologizes For ‘All Lives Splatter’ Facebook Post Showing Car Running Over Protesters

Just days after a white supremacist in Vancouver, Washington tried to run over Antifa protesters, this Washington sheriff decided to post a ridiculous meme suggesting no one cares about the

Philadelphia Police Union Head Defends Nazi Cop, Calls BLM a ‘Pack of Rabid Animals’

For any significant change to American policing to occur, we have to deal with upend police unions, which wield extraordinary power and influence. Most times police unions support their officers

[WATCH] New Video Just Surfaced Of Police Standing By While Neo-Nazi Shoots At Charlottesville Protesters

While President Trump is still insisting that the violence at Charlottesville, Virginia’s “Unite The Right” rally was the responsibility of “both sides”, a recently uncovered video shows exactly who was

Why do Police Riot Squads Target Protesters Instead of White Supremacists?

Police riot squads were an inescapable presence at the recent demonstration against white supremacists at a “free speech” rally in Boston, just as they had been a week earlier in

Hundreds March in Rally Over Police Violence Against People With Mental Illness in Brooklyn

James Owens spent years wrestling with addiction and mental illness as he tried to eke out a normal life. In January, city cops snatched that life away with a bullet,

Man Beaten at Protest Says Police Were Indifferent to Attack

McLEAN, Va. — A Virginia man says police failed to come to his aid as he was beaten by white supremacists during Saturday’s violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, that led

Activists Crash NYPD Event to Protest Police Brutality

Advocates for people of color and immigrants protesting police brutality showed up to the NYPD’s annual “National Night Out Against Crime” to outline their “vision of safety” for their communities,

Capitol Police Drag Disabled Protesters Out Of Wheelchairs During Trumpcare Protests

Capitol Hill Police have forcibly removed protesters in wheelchairs from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office on the same day Republicans released their latest healthcare plan. Approximately 60 protesters –

Six Police Officers Injured In London Protest Over Man’s Death After Traffic Stop

Six police officers have been injured, with four taken to hospital, following a protest in London over the death of a man after a traffic stop. One male police sergeant