Protests and Resistance

Police Depts Nationwide Stockpiling Equipment for Massive Social Unrest

Makers of riot control products are seeing increased demand from law enforcement bodies across America who fear Ferguson-style civil unrest hitting other areas of the country, according to a new

Brothers Who were Arrested for Fighting Back Against Violent Cops — Beat Charges, Win Settlement

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project Southfield, MI —  Two men went from being arrested and facing felony charges to being released, cleared of all charges, and now, given a six-figure

35 Surreal Illustrations that Will Make You Question the ‘Normalcy’ of Reality

Amanda Froelich | True Activist This Polish artist’s surreal work is as thought-provoking as it is beautiful. A picture is worth a thousand words, and artist Igor Morski is an

Homeland Security Now Preparing Cops for Mass Riots

Paul Joseph Watson | InfoWars The Department of Homeland Security oversaw a first of its kind three day training exercise in Texas this week during which police officers from fifteen

Police Violated Free Speech of Citizens Who Protested Killing of Eric Garner: Lawsuit

Nicholas Iovino | Courthouse News Service SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – A federal judge on Friday refused to dismiss claims that Berkeley and Hayward police violated the First Amendment rights of

Chaos in the Streets as Thousands Interrupt Trump Rally

Dan McCue | Courthouse News Service (CN) – Republican frontrunner Donald Trump said Saturday morning organized “thugs” violated his First Amendment right to free speech by causing the cancellation of

New Bill Will Finally Give Citizens Public Access to Police Misconduct Investigations

Nick Cahill | Courthouse News Service SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CN) – A California state senator has introduced a bill to allow public access of police misconduct investigations and officer-involved shooting records.

Govt Asks Apple for Backdoor Access Into Our Phones; Tech Company REFUSES

Brianna Acuesta | In an open letter to Apple customers, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, brought the world’s attention to a current legal matter between Apple and the

Thousands of Doctors Protest Police Brutality in Egypt Despite Lower-Body Count Than America

As we have reported before, Egyptian police kill less citizens in their country than American police kill Americans. Related: Americans Killed by Police at Higher Rate than Egyptians Despite a

Former ISIS Sex Slaves Escape, Form All-Female Battalion to Combat ISIS

  (via TrueActivist) You might not know this, but there are thousands of women and men being held captive by the terrorist organization Daesh. In fact, a large percent of

NYPD Regularly Remotely Accesses Your Phone Without Search Warrants: ACLU

As we have reported before StingRays are a new technological danger against civil liberties. StingRay is the brand name for a family of mobile-surveillance devices designed to intercept communications from

Judge: Cop Falsely Arrested Activist Who Gave Away Vegan Burritos Near McDonalds

Elizabeth Warmerdam | Courthouse News Service LOS ANGELES (CN) – A federal judge agreed with a “Food Not Bombs” protester who says she was falsely arrested as she passed out