War on Drugs

2nd Harper Woods Police Officer Faces Drug Offense Charges

A Harper Woods police officer has been suspended and charged with a drug offense — the second criminal case for the department in recent days, city authorities announced. John Biernat

Ex-Cop Charged After Stealing From Harper Woods Police Department’s Property Room

Harper Woods — A former Harper Woods police officer was charged Wednesday with stealing from the department’s property room and with a drug violation. The former officer, 37-year-old Michael Lynch,

Sheriff’s Deputies Sentenced to Probation for Conspiring to Sell Drugs They Stole

FRESNO — Two former Kern County sheriff’s deputies, Logan August and Derrick Penney, who conspired with another law enforcement officer to sell drugs they stole from evidence lockers, were sentenced

Videos of Baltimore Police Planting Evidence Test Body Camera Programs

Baltimore has been wrestling with yet another police scandal. Last month, the city public defender’s office discovered body camera footage showing a local cop placing a bag of heroin in

Video: Police Officer Dominick Izzo Tells the Truth about the War on Drugs

3 weeks before being terminated, Officer Dominick Izzo submitted a demand letter of resignation from Chief of Police George Filenko of the Round Lake Park Police Department, for Filenko’s role

Second Body Cam Video Emerges Showing Baltimore Police Planting Drugs

The first video appeared to show a Baltimore cop planting drugs at a crime scene. The second one allegedly features a different group of officers. As police investigate a Baltimore

Shore Town Pays Man $35K Settlement After Police Officer Planted Evidence

MANASQUAN — The borough paid a Farmingdale man $35,000 in March to settle a lawsuit in which the man alleged he was falsely accused of drunken driving after a borough

New York Officer Gets 20 Year Sentence for His Role in Drug Trade

When Merlin Alston, a New York City police officer, decided to take a second job in 2010, he offered his services to a longtime friend and drug dealer, prosecutors charged.

Baltimore Cop Accidentally Films Himself Planting Drugs During Arrest

Authorities in Baltimore are investigating what looks like a case of blatant evidence tampering by a police officer, after he unknowingly appeared to film himself planting drugs during an arrest

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer Pleads Guilty to Roles in Marijuana Distribution Conspiracy

CHILDRESS, TX – Three males have pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute marijuana at present. Russell Tim Shen, 69, Andre Jorge Hernandez, 39, and Ernesto Esteve, 50, from Florida pleaded

South Dakota Forcibly Catheterizes Three-Year Old in Drug War

The state of South Dakota is practicing a form of drug war excess tantamount to torture, according to a pair of federal lawsuits filed by the ACLU on June 28.

Drivers Arrested for Being Stoned While Stone Cold Sober

Drunk driving arrests are down sharply after decades of aggressive enforcement by officers, while drugged driving arrests are climbing. In Georgia there are now more than 250 officers with special