War on Drugs

Police Officer Confirms That Lies About Marijuana Smell Are Used to Justify Illegal Searches

Many police officers use the smell of cannabis as probable cause for warrantless searches. Much like how “plain view” justifies the seizure of evidence without a warrant, countless numbers of

WATCH: Ohio State Trooper Fired After Drug Trafficking Arrest

COLUMBUS – An Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper and five other men are facing federal charges for drug trafficking in the Delaware, Ohio area. Arrested were Stevedore Crawford, 55, Nicholas

NYPD Officer Accused of Running Bronx Drug Stash House After Caught With $25K

An NYPD housing officer who helped her boyfriend run a heroin trafficking ring was caught with $25,000 in drug money, stuffed in a purse with her service weapon, federal authorities

WATCH: California DA To Clear Nearly 3,000 Marijuana-Related Convictions

SANTA ROSA – The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office is directing staff to begin clearing nearly 3,000 cannabis-related convictions. District Attorney Jill Ravitch revised the policy in response to Proposition

WATCH: North Carolina Police Officer Arrested For Heroin Trafficking

NASH COUNTY, N.C. – A former police officer has been arrested on drug charges. The Nash County Sheriff’s Office says that John Turner, 32, of Nashville, was arrested Tuesday and

Ohio State Trooper Among Six Charged With Drug-Trafficking Crimes

DELAWARE, Ohio — Six Ohio men, including a trooper, were arrested and federally charged with drug-trafficking crimes in the Delaware area. Jason Delcol, 43, is accused of using his position

WATCH: Moment a New York Police Officer ‘Planted Drugs in Suspect’s Car’

4 January 2012 A video taken from a police vehicle’s dashcam shows an officer allegedly placing a bag in the car of a man they had pulled over for running

NYPD Under Fire After Stats Reveal 86% of Marijuana Arrests in City Are of Black or Latino People

NYPD officials acknowledged a “troubling” racial gap in people they’re arresting for marijuana — but defended their enforcement efforts, saying they’re responding to residents complaining about people smoking pot. Cops

NYPD Cop Fired For Methamphetamine, Lawyer Claims he Was Exposed to Drug While Wearing Shorts on Job

A NYPD cop whose nickname is “Legs” was fired for taking methamphetamines — but his lawyer said police relied on a bogus test that can’t tell the difference between a

WATCH: Criminal Cops Mock Disabled Woman, Destroy Cameras & Eat Marijuana Candy During Raid

14 Jun 2015 The Santa Ana Police Department has launched an internal affairs investigation into several officers caught on video eating marijuana-laced edibles, playing darts, and removing surveillance cameras during

Maryland Officer Arrested After He Stole Opioids From a Bedridden Citizen While On Duty

HAGERSTOWN, Md. – A Hagerstown police officer has been arrested on drug charges after police received a video of him admitting he stole opioids from a disabled resident while he

Toronto Cop Demoted After Cocaine Was Found in His Wallet

The Toronto police officer who was caught with cocaine in his wallet after he forgot it in court has been demoted, and will be subjected to random drug tests for