War on Drugs

Honolulu Police Say Medical Marijuana Users ‘Have 30 Days’ to Turn in Their Guns

Honolulu Police Department has been sending out letters to legal users of medicinal weed that they must forfeit their weapons, as reported by multiple news organizations. The first legal medical

Crooked Cop Busted for Moving Cocaine Faces 8 Years in Prison

An NYPD officer was so confident in her ability to freely transport marijuana and cocaine in the city, prosecutors say she told an undercover cop that she could simply flash

LAPD Captain Investigated in Illegal Marijuana Grow

A Los Angeles Police Department captain faces an internal affairs investigation after it was discovered he was allegedly operating an illegal marijuana growing operation. The LAPD said in a statement

State Courts Say Early-Morning Pot Raids Were Gratuitous and Illegal

Sheriff’s deputies in Collier County, Florida, were so eager to arrest Juan Falcon for growing marijuana in his backyard shed that they arrived at his home before 7 a.m. and

Philadelphia Cop Held Until Trial After Threatening Kids of Rogue Baltimore Detective

A Baltimore detective and Philadelphia patrol officer allegedly teamed up to sell heroin and cocaine seized from the streets, but their partnership turned hostile after one was arrested, prosecutors say.

Arrested Buffalo Township Couple Sue After Police Mistook Hibiscus Plants For Marijuana

A Buffalo Township couple is suing the township police and the Nationwide Insurance Co. after, their lawsuit says, hibiscus plants growing in their backyard were mistaken for marijuana plants. In

Fresno Deputy Police Chief Gets Four Years in Prison For Selling Drugs

Keith Foster lacks remorse and has not accepted responsibility for conspiring to peddle heroin and marijuana while employed as deputy chief of the Fresno Police Department, a judge said Monday

Police Chief Who Once Said Legalizing Pot is Like Legalizing Murder Launching Weed Related Company

Eight months before recreational marijuana is set to be legalized in Canada, two former high-ranking police officers have launched a new company that connects patients with medical pot.  Former OPP commissioner, MP

[WATCH] LA Cops Plant Drugs in Black Suspect’s Wallet Unaware Their Body Cams Were On

An investigation into what is being captured on the body cams worn by Los Angeles police has turned up evidence of officers planting drugs in a suspect’s wallet while believing

[WATCH] Houston Police Officer Who Stole Drugs During Traffic Stop Appears in Court

HOUSTON, Texas – A Houston Police Department officer appeared in court today after being charged with narcotics-related evidence tampering, the department confirmed. Julissa Guzman Diaz was arrested and relieved of

Officer Accused Of Setting People Up For Drug Possession, Funneling Them To Rehab Program He Had Stake In

WEST DEPTFORD, N.J. — A West Deptford police officer is off the job after he is accused of tampering with evidence and filing false reports. For the last four years

Michigan Police To Begin Testing Drivers’ Saliva For Drugs

In an effort to better test drivers suspected of operating a vehicle under the influence of illicit substances, police from 12 Michigan agencies will experiment using handheld devices that will