War on Drugs

Michigan Police To Begin Testing Drivers’ Saliva For Drugs

In an effort to better test drivers suspected of operating a vehicle under the influence of illicit substances, police from 12 Michigan agencies will experiment using handheld devices that will

Troup Co. Sheriff’s Office Seize $1.6M of Marijuana During Traffic Stop

TROUP COUNTY, GA – The Troup County Sheriff’s Office arrested two people after seizing more than $1 million worth of marijuana during a traffic stop. On November 2, around 8:43

Sheriff Behind Invasive School Drug Search Burst Into Interrogation Room of Son’s Weed Arrest

ATLANTA — A Georgia sheriff accused of violating the civil rights of hundreds of high school students when he ordered a massive school drug search is now accused of interfering

Paiute Tribe Opens ‘Largest Marijuana Store on the Planet’ in Las Vegas

A brand new dispensary in Nevada claims that it is the “Largest marijuana store on the planet”. While situated in downtown Las Vegas, the store is actually on tribal lands,

[WATCH] D.E.A. Says Hondurans Opened Fire During a Drug Raid. A Video Suggests Otherwise.

WASHINGTON — The Drug Enforcement Administration has for five years steadfastly defended the behavior of its agents in a late-night drug seizure carried out with Honduran forces on the remote

Son of Georgia Sheriff Indicted For Ordering a Massive School-Wide Drug Search Arrested For Drugs

The teenage son of the southwest Georgia sheriff indicted for ordering a massive school-wide drug search has now run afoul with the law on a drug-related charge. The drug arrest

West Valley City Paid $650K to Settle Two Lawsuits Involving Disbanded, Discredited Neighborhood Narcotics Unit

Salt Lake County, Utah – Last week, West Valley City agreed to pay out $650,000 to settle two federal court cases filed amidst allegations of police misconduct and the controversial

[WATCH] Former Mississippi Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested on Drug Charges

MERIDIAN, Miss. – A former sheriff’s deputy and police officer has been arrested in Lauderdale County on drug related charges. Wesley Alan Stevens was booked into the Lauderdale County jail

Smith County Deputy Fired After Stealing Drugs From Evidence Room

CARTHAGE, TN – A former Smith County deputy is now facing charges after allegedly stealing drugs from the sheriff department’s evidence room. Brandon McKae Marshall is charged with two counts

Evidence Seized in Meth Lab Raid Thrown Out Due to Police Misconduct

A judge has thrown out evidence, including a loaded firearm, that was seized during a raid on a meth lab at a Vancouver home after finding police had violated the

Two Ontario Police Officers Charged With Drug Trafficking Cocaine and Marijuana

Two Durham Regional Police constables are facing charges in connection with drug sales allegedly taking place in an Ajax restaurant. Police say that they began an investigation into the Black

Texas Cop Who Said Town Was ‘Infested’ with Cartels Arrested For Working with Them

A former police chief in Texas has been arrested for allegedly working hand-in-hand with Mexican drug cartels, protecting the very criminals he swore he’d pursue. Geovani Hernandez, 43, had a