Child Arrested and Charged with “Felony” for Throwing Snowball

AUSTIN — “I think that’s ridiculous — it’s such a big charge,” says Latanya Powell, a construction worker who heard of the incident.

“It’s just going overboard. I can see if it were a weapon and harm was done, but it was just a snowball.

“This is a case of kids being kids.”

A 13-yr-old boy was forcefully restrained and charged with a felony of “aggravated assault,” according to reports, for throwing a snowball at an officer.

It took place at George Leland Elementary school, where students were throwing snowballs at each other and building snowmen for fun.

Police decided to charge the boy with “aggravated battery” after his snowball hit the officer’s arm as the officer was parked.

“It’s not fair,” said Mary Grant, one of the neighbors.

“The officer should’ve tried something different than arrest,” she added.

The felony charge is likely to harm the boy’s life as he gets older, hindering his chances to find work and education.

“It’s sad, he’s only 13. I’m so upset, he’s never been in trouble before,” said the boy’s mother.

This incident occurred right as a woman in Austin was arrested and dragged into a police car for jaywalking without an ID, “failing to identify” when commanded by an officer.

Long-held American traditions such as jogging and snowball fights are now seen as a “threat” to officers paralyzed by fear from their “counter-terrorism” training.

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The “felony” charges for throwing a snowball may also bring to mind a previous case in which a cop pulled a gun on teens for throwing snowballs.

The cop arrested the teens and charged them with “attempted assault” and “criminal possession of a weapon” (e.g. a snowball).

This is what America has become.

These incidents will continue as long as low-IQ, fearful authoritarians get permission from the government to roam our neighborhoods and pretend they’re Judge Dredd.

Whatever policing may have been for previous generations, it is now endangering Americans rather than protecting them.

Watch the video of a cop pulling a gun on teens for throwing a snowball. 

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  • albitzian

    name of the officer. WE NEED NAMES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Spinne

    I hope that those kids will get the 10 million bucks, they deserve it, and it should be an eyeopener for all police departments, you don’t abuse your power.

    • Tom Birmingham

      it’s the tax payers money, they won’t care.

  • Raz

    What a lame ass police officer, total brainless moron, go merica seems mentally handicapped people can get jobs….

  • Alhazred

    “These incidents will continue as long as low-IQ, paranoid authoritarians take money out of our paychecks in order to roam our neighborhoods and pretend they’re Judge Dredd.” Brilliant. That right there is just so absolutely brilliant.

    • Tom Birmingham

      I’m glad this is spreading. I was looking at NYPD’s average test scores. I saw people scoring in the 90’s wondering when they will get the call back to the force but I saw officers saying they were in the 70’s and got hired. The practice of hiring moronic goons is the core problem. We need to fight to change the system!

      • Jim

        HEY, me no stoopid, me got kall form Cop chief who say,”WE like you, think your smart, want yu to do job’.
        ME SMART, ME BE COP. NOW I beat on you

      • Sam Brosenberg

        The NYPD’s policy is not to hire people who score too highly on IQ tests. They don’t WANT people who are smart and capable of assessing a situation and making a reasonable decision. They want drones, who will do as they are told.

  • You do know the difference between “charged” and “convicted”, right? I’d be up in arms if a judge held up this charge, rather than dismissing it outright. A dismissed charge doesn’t even go on your record, it doesn’t affect future employment, and is mostly just a formal inconvenience cops throw around to bully people. It’d be hilarious if the judge let it go to trial just so the cop has to stand before a jury and explain that he arrested a child for throwing a snowball.

    • Tom Birmingham

      to an HR department doing a quick background check an arrest is as good as a felony.

      • Two things, Tom: Juvie records are sealed after 16 and even if they weren’t, you don’t get background checked unless you’ve been interviewed and they’re thinking about offering you the job. It’s wasteful to background check before that. At that point, if the HR person doing the check has the resources to pull prior arrest records versus criminal charges, they can see there’s not a conviction and they can ask the candidate about it. Especially if it’s an otherwise clean record.

        But thanks for your thought anyway, at least it shows someone’s paying attention.

        • you don’t seem to understand the judgmental nature of people … employers will, as often as not, refuse to hire someone for arrest records as for convictions

          police do the same thing, which is really the problem : police will know this boy was arrested … even if the record is sealed … and treat him badly in the future because of it

          • David Myers

            I don’t think you and I exist in the same version of reality. It seems like most of both your and Tom’s replies are based on your assumptions of how the U.S. legal system and corporate recruiting work. Unless you’re tried as an adult your arrest and conviction records are sealed. Period. So yeah, life until he’s an adult might be tough, but colleges don’t check your arrest record and once they’re sealed his future employer is unlikely to have any reference to look for juvenile arrests or convictions. Short of trying to gain clearance at some public sector jobs, he’s not going to have any problems. The cop, on the other hand, is going to get laughed out of court if it’s not dismissed.

          • GucciMama05

            David Myers it seem that you’re missing the point, which is this child should have never had to experience this type of humiliation, there was no need to arrest him but because this officer felt as though he was god he decided to ruin this child’s chances in life, and although he is a mi or he was charged with a felony and yes those records will be sealed but as someone mentioned in a previous post, in some instances it doesn’t matter I’d it’s a conviction or just an arrest many employers will see both instances in the same negative light. This coward should be publicly outed so that the community can deal with him accordingly.

        • Tad Kepley

          Juvie records are NOT sealed. Sorry, don’t work that way anymore.

          • Eric Marr

            Juvie records can be sealed and,depending on state, destroyed either at 18 up to 21. So Tad I think you need to learn. I had mine sealed at 16 then destroyed at 21. My best friend had a felony weapons charge and he still had his destroyed at 21 since it was not violent and got into the Navy.

            The very few reasons why they can not be destroyed is on class of felony and if it was violent or not. However sealed up and away is always possible. Even if you have to wait until your 21.

        • Lewis Boucher

          I have a fairly colorful criminal record that is all from when I was younger. I have never had an employer bring it up.

        • Dale Shipley

          Your forgetting an arrest is traumatic for these young people. This pig put them through a very traumatic experience. They actually feared for their life. They had reason too. Not like the 1,000 cowards /cops a day say and use for an excuse to kill or maim someone.

        • when 100 people apply for the same job as soon as hr sees a reference to any criminal record it’s on to the next app no need to even form a coherent thought as to what the record actually states.

    • Jim

      Problem is, DISTRICT ATTORNEY will want a jury of idiots to convict.

    • Adam Brian

      David are you retarded. I would be surprised if a judge did not put these kids in jail. Judges and cops are one in the same. Out to rob you so they can sit on their fat ass and do nothing. This judge will ruin these kids life for a quick buck easily. Lol when was the last time a judge threw a cops statement of criminality out of court. Well I can’t remember one even if it was kids.

  • Cromwell

    Unbelievable, well it is Texas.
    People are now safe from snowball throwing terrorists and joggers.

    Way to go Austin PD.
    Please be vigilant against anyone trying to stay healthy or have fun.

  • Voogru

    This is a self-correcting problem.

    When that kid can’t get a good job because of a bullshit felony, he doesn’t pay as much in taxes (and very well could be a net drain on the welfare system).

    As a result, that means less tax revenue which they can use to pay officer pensions.

    Which means Officer Friendly isn’t going to get that nice pension and retire to the Florida Keys.

    • Jim

      OH, he’ll still get HIS Pension, because Liberal politician democrats keep public financing of public employees. THAT way those unions kick back donations to the democrat re-elections. TAXPAYER cough up more dough? TOO bad.

      • Voogru

        Not so fast. The money won’t be there, and eventually they won’t be able to borrow it anymore.
        See Greece.

  • Tom Birmingham

    ah, perjury. Isn’t that a felony?

  • Jim

    What will happen is: CHARGED with 3 felonies, child forced to plead to 3 high level misdemeanors, have to attend ‘anger management’ and pay restitution/fines/fees. THE COP gets an award from his Chief for “good job well done”

  • Ian Cochran

    Contempt of Cop…..The kid is lucky that he was not summarily executed.

  • GreyWolf62

    Time for Americans to start Ukrainian-style protests against the crooked LEOs. We don’t need more civil suits. We need civil unrest. We need DRASTIC ACTION TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN FROM FURTHER ABUSE. We won’t allow the Catholic Church to rape our young boys, so why do we allow crooked cops to abuse them and send them to jail to be raped? STOP THE COPS.

  • Melissa Supersaiyan Earthseed

    LOL. This is seriously too much. If I were a judge, I would throw the case out and tell the cop to stop picking on children. Like, if you feel threatened by a 13 year old boy with snowballs, then you should probably leave the force anyways.

  • Mr. George

    this guy should ashamed of himself, if he is so afraid of snowballs maybe e should to Florida I hear the cop climate overthere is just right for him.

  • Hellfighter_Mark_Steel

    Are you asshats that biased that you make crap up. THIS STORY IS A LIE and easily shown to be. To begin with, this happened in Chitcago, not Austin.

    • Dave

      A neighborhood called Austin, in Chicago. It’s poor reporting but the story is 100% true.

  • Bret

    I’m sick of scrolling through all the adds on here.

  • Kirill Obraztsov

    is it absurd to think that the ones up top want this shit to continue untill people in america relly start to revolt? that way there will be a nice excuse for martial law.

  • OldCowboy 2

    This shit is going to continue until citizens start enacting vigilante justice on rogue cops.

    • Ben Leaman

      EXACTLY old cowboy that is the ONLY thing that will stop this nonsense
      old man myself and I remember when cops actually tried to help people….long long time ago

  • Ian Battles

    This cop sounds like a massive pussy with a massive ego.

  • Ben Beggs

    What a joke.

  • Kim Serrahn

    WTF!!!! “I’m too stupid to be anything else but a cop”. Too bad the snowball didn’t have a rock in it then maybe the kid would be in trouble.

  • Terance Wapasuce

    Any descent man would have thrown snowballs back at them and had fun.

  • Daniel W. McCullar

    Go ahead and prove intent fuckers. And when it is all said and done the lawsuit that this family will push then there will be even more money that the citizens will pay out!

    • Ben Leaman

      The bad thing is it is the TAXPAYERS who always pick up the bills for cops bad and violent actions
      It should come out of their pay and/or pension fund

  • screamingqueen

    Please, please let me be selected for that jury…

  • Kanye Beadly

    Wait the officer charged the kid with a felony? Don’t you have to be a prosecutor to charge someone with a crime?