CHINA: Police Beat a Woman, Men Begin Killing Cops on the Streets

WENZHOU — Tens of thousands of enraged Chinese citizens crowded the streets after a horrific act of police abuse.

The citizens killed four police officers, and troops were called to minimize the rebellion.

According to reports, it began when the police were seen beating a woman in public.

Crowds formed and demanded that the officers stop beating her. But the officers continued.

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A man who tried to film the incident was struck repeatedly by officers, so much that he began vomiting blood. According to reports, the man died on the way to the hospital.

In response, tens of thousands of Chinese citizens surrounded the officers and began attacking them with rocks and baseball bats, chanting “Kill them! Kill them for what we just saw them do!”

The officers, who were part of an elite law enforcement unit called Chengguan, were called “government thugs” and other names as they were stoned and beaten to death while trying to find shelter in their van, according to reports.

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The officers were found dead, the van was smashed to pieces, and troops were called to disperse the rebellious crowd.

The truck that the troops were driving was also flipped over and riot police flooded the streets in an attempt to quell further dissent.

The images that follow are graphic. Discretion is advised.



The man who died after being beaten by cops for filming them abuse a woman.


Men swarmed the officers, who then retreated to their van.


The van’s windows were smashed and it was flipped on its side, as the crowd threw chunks of cement at the officers and beat them with bats.

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Four officers inside of the van died as the crowd took pictures of them.


Troops were eventually called to disperse the crowd.


The crowd flipped the truck that the troops were driving and surrounded it.


–> See many more images here.  (GRAPHIC)


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  • capsulegang

    Abused surpressed ppl will begin to be more than fed up.

    • DCorey4151

      Hear hear!

    • Syrian Perspective

      Just like the Palestinians

      • Alec Dempsey

        except dead Palestinians out number the dead cops over there so that comment don’t really work for you

        • Dan Freeman

          you are a white supremacist(racist) troll

    • LadyG

      Just like Black americans

      • Trip Medeiros

        How so? I don’t want to assume that you’re a racist prick, so an explanation would be greatly appreciated.

        • Alec Dempsey

          but LadyG- (who is some 47 year old living in moms basement, welfare receiving, wife beating, fat ass drunk who cant keep a job but would rather blame everyone else for it’s problems)- cant explain her/his actions any more than he/she can explain it’s reason for living and taking up oxygen on this planet.

          • Montely Wilson

            Deflect much?

          • Dan Freeman

            …and Alec Dempsey is a poor white trash pleb white supremacist(racist)

          • A.B. Madyun

            Candor can only serve the perpetrator of it. If it weren’t for the holes in the ground that people have a tendency to keep their heads stuck in because they are afraid to face society as it is, they could have a better education on other cultures. It’s unfortunate that there are still people like this in our society who are happy to just keep their heads up those dark stinking holes. Wouldn’t you agree, my friend?

        • Tika Lewis

          Not All but a very large % of Black Americans surpress themselves. And this is coming from a Black American woman

          • futurewidow

            I think that white supremacy has got us believing that the root of our problems are in our own communities, but really we can’t turn on each other like that. We have to understand people’s actions in the context of horrific poverty, abuse and dehumanization in a white supremacist capitalist society.

          • Guy Citron

            If it were the 1960s right now I would say you have a point.

          • Jeff Hogancamp

            I am a white American and I have had alot of my own experiences with the police. This is not just a black white argument here. It is the use of force has become to much and police are out stepping there authority.

          • ace1981

            So now because it’s effecting you it’s a problem? This has been going on in black neighborhoods since they were declared free. It is still predominately a race issue, now because a white girl felt she was violated it’s a police issue?? That just makes the race issue louder, you know, the fact that no one cared until white people started complaining.

          • Wow. Don’t blame us for not for not speaking out (which we have been) just because you were too prideful to listen.
            Every time a white man tries to join a race debate he’s shouted out with talks of privilege and subconscious racism. It’s your fault we aren’t being heard in your circles when you consistently say that we have no right to speak on issues and our opinions are invalid because of our supposed “privileges.” Race has little to do with it. Cops are an occupying military force pushing martial law.
            And if you’re gonna be upset about white people not mourning a black boy, I challenge you to find me one NAACP or Sharpton or Jackson or NBP post on Autumn Pasquale. She was a 12-year-old white girl killed by two teenage black boys for her bike in 2012. They premeditated it and lured her there with promises of bike parts before disposing her body in a recycling can.
            One of them was just left juvie recently. And still, her name is not household. Nor are any of the 30+ black-on-black murder victims from Chicago this weekend. So tell me, who’s really focusing this on the race issue? Is the coverage actually fair? Or is it only when a black man is shot by a white man that it’s a race issue worth of nationwide coverage?

          • ace1981

            Lol, she stated that the problem has “become too much” as if this is something new. When black people (which I’m not) complain about police brutality, excessive force, etc… it is swept under the rug and justified because of the color of their skin or their history. White murderers don’t get shamed as much as a black guy who had a run in with the police.

            Did I complain about someone not caring about a black boy? The point was clear, but apparently you missed it. She is claiming that something needs to be done about police brutality because it has gone too far NOW that it’s affecting white people too. This has been going on for decades. It is still predominately a black issue, though the militarization of the police force is coming to a neighborhood near you, the first neighborhoods it’s happening in are of course black neighborhoods. So you still have your head in the sand regarding the race issues concerning police forces across America.

            I dare you to find anyone defending those boys. Anytime there is a black victim, somehow the victim is always blamed. For being on welfare, for not having respect, for not being raised right, for not having a daddy, and any other racial sigma the ignorant can conjure. You all only help to further prove my point with your statements.

          • Those black boys weren’t cops. Cop apologists defend cops – politicians, family members, paid shills… Here’s a white woman tagged with a baton round just for being on the sidewalk in Ferguson.

            There’s also news of a (white) Holocaust survivor being arrested for protesting.

            You only help to prove that you’re so far entrenched in your sole victim mentality that no one else could possibly be feeling what you are to any degree. And you need to separate yourself to be a special super-oppressed snowflake.

            How about you join up with everyone else on the shit end of this stick and actually help start cleaning it up?

          • ace1981

            You’re insane, you bring up the incident of blacks boys killing a white girl as if it’s relevant and then get mad that I address it with a very valid point. Blacks aren’t defending blacks who warranted their arrest or murder. We’re all mad that cops are taking things into their own hands, killing UNARMED black men at alarming rates and when it happens, black communities have to riot for people to pay attention.

            There are serious prejudices in our judicial system towards blacks and other minorities and speaking on it does not make me part of the problem. Wake up. People need to know not only that it is happening today, but that it’s been happening for a long time. The problem is that no one wanted to believe it, so it hasn’t been addressed. Now that they have military weapons, we want to talk about they are too aggressive, lol… it’s going to take anarchy to get our police force back to what it’s suppose to be. That anarchy will need to begin in black neighborhoods, because that is where the most abuse of authority and least accountability for police is at. Whether you like it not, it doesn’t make it any less true.

          • Basically ^^

          • xaade

            I know countless black people who are perfectly rational productive members of modern civilization. I don’t see them robbing a drug store because someone they don’t know got shot. I don’t see them getting unwanted attention from cops. I don’t see them constantly a “victim”. My uncle-in-law is black. I don’t see him acting foolish and destroying innocent people’s property. I have black coworkers, black friends, black family, and I’m tired of all the SHIT that divides us being pushed on us by the media and the lowlives who play victim all the time.

            Are there real victims? Yes. And most of those real victims, never act like animals that try to justify stealing a TV as sending a message to the police.

            Hey, Police. Because you hurt someone who happens to be a closer shade of skin to me than the cop just after he busted up some dude and stole a cigar, I’m going to bust up this other dude who is a little lighter than me and steal his TV.

            So, Thug A steals cigar.
            Thug A is disrespectful to cop, and when confronted acts a fool.
            Thug A gets shot.
            Thug B gets mad and steals a TV.
            Thug B is disrespectful to a cop, and when confronted acts a fool.

            See the pattern?

            We hear about protests without riots. So, the whole have to riot is delusional. And UNARMED….

            If you get attacked within arm’s reach, a gun doesn’t help. And Martin has gun powder on him. Hmm… It takes one good punch to the head, neck, gut, ribs, to kill a man. So if you are beating up on me with fists and feet, damn sure I’m going to shoot you.

          • Bill Bisher

            Well that Gestapo-nutcase Zimmerman got attacked and beat down by a kid he bullied and he pistol-executed the poor young Trayvon rather than take the beating he deserved.Best thing Americans can ever do is stop watching TV junk news – they should find out information from reading and studying current topics from various sources. You’re right about the distorted, hypocrite, misinformation that junk news poisons society with.

          • xaade

            There’s the ‘mother’ who stalked and beat up a woman for asking her to calm her kid.
            I asked a guy on a bicycle to move to the side of the road where it’s not dangerous, because I was afraid he would get hurt. He told me off, said he could ride his bike anywhere (um, the law. No?), then threatened me.

            The Trayvon case, from any angle, is entirely because of how aggressive and anti-social people have become. Whether it was Zimmerman harassing an innocent kid for walking too close to houses, or Trayvon was simply called at by Zimmerman and Trayvon jumped him in response.

          • Cedrik Thibert

            Well, I told that you would be missing Occupy Central. Occupy Central was a pro Democracy movement, when a peaceful movement gets crushed, people pass to another level and that is what you guys see here.

          • fosterakahunter

            The “Mike Brown Shouldn’t Have [insert human action here]” Troll “he shouldn’t have stolen something.” … Among other things you list there, (that haven’t been, at least in those hospital photos I saw, proven).

          • xaade

            The witnesses that said anything that amounts to Mike being innocent, have admitted they didn’t see anything or outright lied. One of the witnesses who said Mike was at fault was found dead during the post announcement looting.
            The witnesses who said Mike was at fault actually live in the neighborhood.
            What more do you want?
            Do you want a conviction just because people want a conviction?
            That’s not how the system works. You have to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the cop was at fault. And there is sufficient doubt with the lying witnesses, that the cop did anything wrong.
            All I can go on is the evidence.
            If you want to go on conspiracy theories then there’s nothing to discuss.

          • fosterakahunter

            So, checking back.. How’s the more recent evidence panning out? For starters, the way in which the prosecutor threw the grand jury proceedings? On purpose, even. How about the major inconsistencies in Wilson’s (formerly Officer) testimony, which in and of itself was highly unusual and beyond the norm. Oh, and did you watch the “interview” with softball-lobbing Stephanopoulos? What did you think about that? Methinks that you, as a white male and a beneficiary of the privilege that America affords one of your ilk, have developed an over-reliance on the credibility of police officers in situations like this. You would never ever believe that the police acted criminally, and at least unprofessionally. It would always have to be the Black hulk brought it on himself, even if he happens to be unarmed.

          • xaade

            Or the testimonies defending Brown having been removed because they admit they’re lying. Or the fact that the testimonies condemning Brown from blacks in the area saying they were scared to testify.

            My only privilege was having two parents. I came from a low class family too. I won’t apologize for that privilege. I worked through college with only ONE source of major financial aid, offered to me based on my GPA alone, offered by the state. The other financial aid I received was 10% of one semester from my dad’s job, and a standard government loan.

            When I see videos of cops acting irresponsibly, I don’t condone it. Otherwise, I don’t have a video here, I have to go on the evidence I read about in the news. Without any other source, and watching the pro-Brown testimonies fall apart, I have to say that there’s not sufficient doubt to indict.

            There are plenty of cases of real cop abuse, but not this one.

            On the flip side, I’ve seen countless videos of cops pulling people over for seatbelt violations and getting shot at.

          • Real4eva

            Hey genius. Is this enough evidence for you?


            The store owner never said it was Mike Brown. Do you feel like a racist now?
            Take time to reflect upon your prejudice prejudgments.

          • xaade

            Can you not see that you’ve predetermined what you think about it, too? You mentioned something I didn’t even talk about, unrelated to the post you replied to. Without any evidence at all you’ve already determined that wasn’t him in the store, and despite the evidence of where he got shot, how the shots were fired, and the fact that the number of validated testimonies (that weren’t withdrawn) weigh in the cops favor, you’ve cited an unreliable source that perpetuates the hands up don’t shoot myth. There’s no physical way that Mike Brown was shot while on his knees and back to the cop. The same bullet that entered the front of his arm, exited and re-entered his ribcage. What did it curve mid-air?

            You see the mistake that people are making repeatedly is that in order to convict you have to prove without reasonable doubt, that the officer acted irresponsibly…

            Without Reasonable Doubt.

            What that doesn’t mean is that you go lynching cops when you have 10 people say he did it. This isn’t communist Russia dude. (People don’t seem to respond to the black cops defending Wilson, so I guess they only hate white cops).

            So if you want to indict ANYONE on circumstantial evidence alone, you have an uphill battle. If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit. Plenty of people have gotten away with serial murder because there wasn’t enough physical evidence, only to get caught again later. You need a really strong case to convict on murder, especially negligent homicide, cop or not, and given the evidence I’ve seen, and the number of people defending Mike Brown admitting they lied in their testimony, I have to say I cannot convict or indict the cop.

          • Real4eva

            Guy look I’m not gonna argue with you. I wont waste my time reading your inept statement. All that bullshit you typed, shove it up your ass. Hey I have more undisputed evidence for you asshole.

            Key Ferguson Shooting “Witness” Exposed As A Fraud:

          • xaade

            Oh look, you found one!
            That totally means the several witnesses that lied on the other side are totally right!

            Remember Reasonable Doubt is on the side of the defendant, not the prosecutor. 3 witnesses lying about Williams is not ignored because 1 witness lied about seeing Brown attack Williams. If ALL witnesses lied on both sides, you’d still have to refuse to indict.

            You really want to go down this guilty until proven innocent route?
            You think the justice system is unfair today?

          • Real4eva

            Hey ass swipe. I did not read what you wrote. There is no arguing with truth. I’m done with you.

          • Allan Narci

            stfu you fucking racist moron

          • Mooopz

            I’m not saying Wilson was guilty (I don’t think he was), but it wasn’t about a conviction, but an indictment. Two totally different things. Convictions you need beyond a reasonable doubt, indictments are very very easy to get. Those are just so you can have an actual trial. In Brown’s case and Garner’s case it appeared the DA didn’t want to prosecute his cop buddies so didn’t go for an indictment. Again, I don’t think Wilson was at fault based on the evidence, but if he wasn’t a cop he would’ve been indicted.

          • booatx

            Wow! Erroneous!

          • kevin


          • foxw

            then youre a pussy

          • Jimbob

            lol- Go to Europe and you’ll see armies of young white thugs roaming the streets terrorizing and murdering – go on youtube and look up ‘europe right wing murders’ or ‘right wing thugs’ . You don’t understand like most people; society makes these thugs regardless of race wherever a society shites on young men; example> Poland has neonazis even though no minorities are hardly there-> proof that the unemployed youth there are simply just mad for an underlying social problem. Who Shites on them >> the West’s billionaires are allowed to control and suppress the fortunes of the masses. In the USA the justice system allows gestapo cops to terrorize the citizens – that is the Shite making thugs in the USA. These thugs are a reflection of our society – much like the bogus drug wars is a reflection of white American elitist drug users never going to prison and politicians feeding the drug cartels in idiot ‘war on drugs’ policies.

            You have a snotty arrogance that makes you ignorant. Cops have NO right to shoot at unarmed people in the back. Nor as you suggest for being ‘disrespectful’….. what planet are you on with that conditioned idea that anyone disrespectful to a cop should get shot/ asked to be shot???

            Also, here’s the pattern; someone looting is not someone protesting; do you comprehend that? SOMEBODY WHO IS LOOTING HAS PURPOSEFULLY GONE TO AN AREA OF STRIFE TO STEAL. Your idea a person is stealing to protest shows how confused and irrational you are.
            A cop can not arrest someone who calls them an asshole…… disrespect is not a crime.

            Lastly- I’ll teach you about history; YOUR freedom from British oppressors was not accomplished with ‘peaceful protests’….. is was gained with riots, terror, and revolution….. So don’t sit there judging others who are pissed off with the justice system allowing Gestapo cops to beat up elderly citizens, flashbang babies in drug raids, murder civilians with banned chokeholds.

            If you’re tired of divisive shit- are you on the streets protesting the corrupt justice system with its support of gestapo cops killing everyone of all races, of racist cops getting away with prejudice fueled murders/assaults/ gestapo rapists, bogus war on drugs?

          • xaade

            Society doesn’t make these thugs. Thugs are drawn to these scenarios as an excuse to act out their ignorance.
            How am I arrogant. I simply said that I know plenty of successful people of all races that do not act like thugs. Therefore, these social problems are not race related, they are culture related.
            Who was shot in the back? Are you still perpetuating that myth? If so, I have nothing more to say to you. Physical evidence, time and time again, from multiple sources, on BOTH sides of the story, admit that he wasn’t shot in the back.
            The whole scenario started with disrespect, and it escalated. If you want to suggest that both sides were disrespectful, maybe so. However, I won’t hear someone suggesting that disrespect has no impact on these scenarios. Being respectful and courteous always changes these scenarios, regardless if you disagree with either sides actions.
            I get that protestors aren’t looters.
            However, Mike Brown’s step-dad said “Burn this **** down”. Which group does that fit in.
            When Sarah Palin put Targets over areas of political opponents, the media went crazy, condemning her for inciting violence. What part of “Burn this **** down” doesn’t incite violence?

            Actually, our freedom from the British started with the Declaration of Independence. The British wouldn’t have it and escalated it into a war. There is a stark difference between that and starting raving mad protests.

            Should we stop injustice in the justice system? Yes. Is the entire system to blame and engulfed in corruption? No, hell no. And to throw them all in a pot and yelling to boil it alive, is unjust as well.

            Whatever the “sides” on this issue are, they are BOTH responsible for the divisiveness. I don’t believe I’ve stated anything less.

            Why am I not on the streets? Because I don’t believe that will change anything.

            Change starts with self and works outward. Change what you can in yourself, then start effecting change on your environment.

            If everyone chose that approach, we’d see real change.

          • Gosha

            You think people become thugs by choice? Like anyone wants to sell crack in the middle of the night for half of minimum wage, police and their guns, other gangs and their guns, no rational creature would CHOOSE this kind of life style unless it was a chance of getting out of poverty.

          • xaade

            Ok, so rich people can be motivated by greed but poor people cannot?
            I seriously don’t understand how the liberal mindset chooses who is responsible for their actions anymore.
            There have been people that have swapped from an adequately paying job to trafficking drugs.
            Also, these same people can be successful if they didn’t have a 60% drop out rate, and kept their grades up, got financial aid, and made it through college by hard work. No, a massive amount of legit people don’t make it that far in the inner city because they get killed by a thug before they can graduate. That leaves only the failures who found it easier to give up on life than be responsible for their actions. They get recruited before they can start high school.
            Yes it is a damn choice. It is always a choice. I’d rather die than enter into that lifestyle by choice.

          • C.w. Manson

            Another one who believes that if you play by the rules you can just coast thru life. When will people learn…

          • xaade

            Or you can just be a couch jackass and troll people all day.

          • C.w. Manson

            Oh a troll because I made a comment. You’re a fuckin tool kid. You have no life experiences with the topics you’re discussing so please can it know it all.

          • Bobby Linton Oates

            Really? You think greed is that easily transfered? Greed has to do with excess…. How can people with less and none be excessive?

          • TheNameGame

            liberal mindset, choice (do you understand what these words are hinged on?)….People are vulnerable to the incentives of their environment. Yes, there are choices…but those choices are very different depending on your values (often passed down by family), your environment, and your trajectory. I don’t see how that is a liberal mindset…as opposed to a logical one. Also, what’s so liberal about it? If you’re raised on a farm, you’re not likely going to be doing the same as if you’re raised in the city or the ghetto or on an island (now, increase the variables). And yes, you still had the choice all along, so why would you choose differently? That’s rhetorical, unless you really don’t get it, I can explain.

          • Rusty

            “Yes it is a damn choice. It is always a choice. I’d rather die than enter into that lifestyle by choice.” In many cases that actually is the choice, enter the lifestyle or die, and you have to make it by 11-12 yrs of age if not earlier. I myself lost a testicle at 7, I have been stabbed and cut and been hit with bricks and boards and been in literally thousands of physical confrontations/fights, and was never shot at but had guns pulled on me, my family moved when I was 15 everyone up in the gang pretty much ended up in prison, even death row … except Nicky his parents moved before mine.

          • Aidria

            **STANDING OVATION**

          • Gosha

            That’s because middle class class folks from every ethnicity have different mind sets about life, is it there middle class status that gives them these mind sets or their mind sets that give them their middle class behavior? That’s a debate. But we have MANY minority groups – specifically black folks – who work VERY hard working 40 hours a week (even those on Welfare have cash jobs that don’t get registered by the State because you can not survive on Welfare alone) and they aren’t progressing in society – just surviving in it. Police target them at alarming rates because very few people are willing to represent them. That is why people interpret police brutality as a race issue. Because of the ratio black folks are targeted compared to whites. But it is LOW socioeconomic black folks targetted for the MOST part

          • xaade

            Don’t get represented….
            *cough* *blink*
            The hell you talking about?
            The political arena seems to care about nothing less than “representing” them. And then you blame Welfare not being enough. Welfare is a death trap. It punishes you for succeeding. And who says these people can’t succeed? Those same political types that “represent” them.

            You want to talk about lack of representation and racism in the political sphere? How about the fact that the side that says minorities can succeed and need to have opportunities and not cash being called racist. And the side that thinks that lowering standards for minorities only for them to fail to graduate, get a job, and succeed with that lowered bar, being not called racist. How about the side that supports abortion being responsible for the highest percentage of abortion in low income families not being pointed out for using abortion as minority population control?

            Welfare doesn’t seem to work, because it’s not interested in working. It’s interested in keeping a poor, dependent class poor and dependent. It removes opportunities by forcing poor people to go to failing schools, instead of shutting schools down and busing kids to successful schools, because “we don’t want those people in our rich white schools”. You don’t think those people are racist, because I guarantee you, it’s racism putting a glass ceiling down on the uneducated. Democrats have always been the party of racism. From being against emancipation, to targeting Martin Luther King Jr with threats, to creating trap-based “welfare” and entitlements, to endorsing more access to abortion in low-income areas. Obama isn’t “for the black people”, he’s a half-white politician pretending to act half-black. If Democrats really wanted a black President, why didn’t they elect, a black President? If Republicans were racist, why are there black Republicans. Why are some of the founders of the tea party, black? Because they understand that equal opportunity is far superior than welfare. And they understand that cropping failing people up, encourages a failing society.

            The 60% of people that can’t pay taxes because they are poor, are working jobs that shouldn’t exist. The economy is ever forcing people up the skill ladder, and the population that refused to get skilled, is valued less and less. It’s not the people that are valued less, but their skills. Flipping burgers is no longer a viable job, because the work has zero value. Cashiers are no longer viable jobs. We haven’t seem them paid more. We’ve seen them replaced with one person running four machines. Because controlling four machines has higher value than running one register.

            I don’t think it’s necessarily LOW socioeconomic, because I know low socioeconomic people that talk about being targeted, and I know people from the same status (of the same race) that hear about this and don’t get it.
            Given that, I wonder, that the attitude is what gets them targeted. Being anti-authority. Having the “I can do what I want” attitude. Getting easily upset. I see disputes that escalate into near death-fights over really stupid things, then when people try to break it up, they get offended that someone else is “getting involved”. That’s called… immaturity.
            Like the video of the woman getting tazed by the security guy. There’s no need to escalate a situation like that. None. There’s nothing, including threat to life, in which that behavior offers any benefit to any side of an argument.
            There’s the video of the guy getting arrested over some bus ticket or something. Yet the video cuts from the guy arguing with police, to suddenly standing up and being forced to the ground, with the camera guy yelling “He didn’t do nothing”.

            Again, in these scenarios, there is absolutely zero circumstances in which acting belligerent gives you any advantages over acting polite.

            I’ve been in the same arguments with police. When it gets to a certain point, the cop tells me I will be detained if it goes any further. I back off and leave. In the vast majority of these videos, I see that opportunity being given. I see multiple warnings. There is zero scenarios in which arguing with a cop gives you anything. Pack up, leave, then go to the courthouse. If that doesn’t work, 9 times out of 10 there’s a class action lawsuit going on. Join it.

            Unless you are going to start a physical war with the authorities, getting violent does nothing. Unless you are going to grab guns and attack the government, there’s absolutely zero scenarios where attitude does anything.

            And the non “low socioeconomic” folks are taught this understanding of respect as children.

            Then you have people that carry themselves in the appearance of the same attitude, but actually aren’t going to behave that way. They get targeted, however unfair, because they appear to have a behavior problem. People expect them to act out.

            I also know that people can survive on welfare alone. I know family, I know friends, I know cheaters, I know abusers, I know lazy ass people who all live on NOTHING but welfare. I know people that specifically have more kids to get a higher bonus. They either have a “significant other” that pretends to be living separate, or they work a minimal time to return to unemployment. All of them, instead of acknowledging their contribution to their circumstances, find something else to blame for everything “wrong” in their life. All of them are very unhappy people. All of them have disrespect for authority. And most of those people are white, minority black. All of them claim abuse by authority.

            I know angry little white women who claim the police profile them as drunks, because they have the persona as someone who doesn’t have control of their life. They get pulled over constantly, despite driving under the speed limit and in control.

            Hispanic people that get pulled over because having 13 people in a truck is against the law. Seatbelt violation minimum. And they claim they are profiled against. Even though it’s visibly breaking the law. Federals say you can’t pull them over (??!?!?!). It’s “profiling”. Guess what, I know white people that get pulled over for the same thing. I used to ride in the bed of a truck. A lot of times that’s overlooked. Sometimes you get a cop that doesn’t. How can you be profiled, if you are in the act of committing a crime?

            I’ve been pulled over for being in a poor neighborhood, with a Japanese model car.

            But, with all of that.

            I’ve been harassed by civilians for being in the wrong neighborhood. I’ve had people wonder why I was bringing a little old black lady home from work every day. I’ve had minorities discriminate against my minority family members. Even minorities give you heck for being a mixed race couple. I’ve been threatened by “typical minority people” for being a “typical white person”. I’ve been given the same stares that the minorities “suffer” from….. those same minorities.

            Seriously. Walk into a low income grocery store in a shirt and tie. Try it. See how you get treated.

            All in all, I’ve seen the same attitudes claim the same abuse from all races. But I’ve seen good attitudes from all races claim they’ve suffered no abuse.

          • Cedrik Thibert

            Those people were not thugs, but repression and brutality makes people angry.
            It is not good to cede to violence, but this is a logical outcome to what CCP has been doing to their people. The People just have decided they can’t take it anymore and that is what happens…

          • xaade

            No where in any of those lots in life, do I see anyone benefiting from the kind of representation they choose to receive.

            of the people don’t pay taxes, yet get equal opportunities for
            representation as I do. They get to choose how they benefit from the
            government while getting paid by the government.

            Yet all of these people can’t seem to elect someone who represents them.

          • Tsavo

            Xaade is a racist troll, dude… just ignore him.

          • Robin Kawalski

            If the Gov keeps us Fighting with each other… we wont have time to “Deal with the Gov”… all by design… all by design.
            Just think of ALL the Wonderful things OUR Gov has done over the last… or say 30 – 40 Years.
            War on illiteracy = MORE ILLITERACY
            War on Poverty = MORE POVERTY
            The War on Hunger = MORE HUNGER
            The War on Drugs = MORE FUCKIN DRUGS!!
            Now we have the Perfect Enemy …. One that will last FOREVER!
            …. * THE WAR ON TERROR *
            MORE TERRORISTS !!!!

            The Terrorists. No uniform… no State backing…. But a force to be reckoned with.

          • walrus

            so many backwards statements. payed troll or confused person?

          • Peter Gabriel

            Did anybody see the article about Government trolls who get paid to throw off conversation on issues they don’t want to address or to steer it in a disruptive direction?

          • cody

            i’ve seen it

          • Andre Maunsell

            Thought just crossed my mind. Is ace one?

          • Modelcitizen

            Try to down vote him, shills sometimes can’t be downvoted and their upvotes are grossly overestimated. I’m saying he is a forum slider.

          • 7LibertyForAll

            You’re right about the down-voting.

          • Robin Kawalski

            Well… aint YOU a pretty little White BOY, Peter. Although… it looks like you have a Tad of RED Hair. Were you Born in a Trailer Park Peter?

          • walrus

            i’ve heard rumors and seen some articles. They always shut up when you said “government payed trolls” notice that?

          • Rusty

            I am surprised trolls would be needed???

          • Nice Ride

            Perhaps it is because there are far more blacks involved in crimes than whites. Especially if you look at it from a per capita view.

          • ace1981

            Lol. Stop and frisk in NY proved whites more likely to carry contraband.

            Minorities are under more scrutiny. Whites are just as likely to do drugs, yet more minorities go to jail for petty drug offenses. Now add quotas, private prison system, corrupt police, and so many other factors contributing to the delinquency and criminalization of minority communities and you create the perception that there are more criminals that are minorities. They are often further disadvantaged because people tend to blame them for their own oppression much like you’re doing now.

          • C.w. Manson

            What suburb are you from?

          • middleman 121

            Completely false. Whites commit crimes at the same rate as blacks, it just not as publicized, and the sentences are harsher

          • Real4eva
          • middleman 121

            fuck you asshole

          • Real4eva

            Fuck you too.

          • onaxanamun .

            “The one thing that the racist can never manage is anything like discrimination: he is indiscriminate by definition.”
            ― Christopher Hitchens..Stop getting your getting information from fox news……..

          • Real4eva

            Are you serious guy?


            Now you can stop being in denial and face the facts. Get your head out of your ass.

          • Terry McGreevy

            Who are you trying to impress ace? Got some guilt in you? Im so sick of every time someone says anything about race white people are drug through the mud. If everyone would quit with the race card crap and stop looking to for someone else to blame racism would become a thing of the past. Not one single person alive today was a slave in this country. Not one single person alive today is a slave owner in this country. Everyone has an opportunity to succeed in america if they just work hard. And for everyone stop being so damned offended by by everything. Maybe then people will stop being so offensive.

          • ace1981

            Guilt? Try making sense.

            I have not attacked any race. In fact, everyone of you don’t even know why you are taking offense to what I’m saying. Is it solely the fact that I acknowledge racism exists that bothers you or is it that my statements are factual?

            We can’t fix police corruption if we deny the #1 driving factor. Racism. Racial profiling. Racially bias judicial system. Then, comes poverty. If cops were racially profiling whites and engaging in mass incarceration of whites, I’d support whites. Right now, we need to focus on the worst departments for police brutality/corruption, and it’s not the ones in white neighborhoods. How much longer are we going to ignore the abuse against minorities by police officers across America? Wake up. I said nothing racist and you all took offense because of YOUR own guilt not mine.

          • Shanti Sena

            yep imagine all black or latino police force in all white upscale community beating old white grandmas and arresting white kids etc

          • Shanti Sena

            i believe police forces need to hire from the neighborhoods they work in…if its predominatly black hire blacks….and hire from the area they grew up in….i think that may help ? also the body cameras and microphones on all police officers and stricter swift punishment for mis deeds would help….peace to all

          • Bill Bisher

            Terry doesn’t get out much- probably a FOX-aholic with no appreciation of reality people have to live-in.He has guilt about being too privileged may be.

          • Bill Bisher

            You’re on drugs- nobody in the USA should be struggling to have a decent life. The privileged are laughing at the masses they train as slaves. A rich kid can study at ease and enjoy their lives with parent paid university tuition. The poor do not have those luxuries. Your ignorance excels; the poor have everyday issues to contend with- stress filled lives related to debts, poor job security, bad neighbouhoods, class discrimination, bank snobs….. Get your head out of your arse – racism does exist and to all cultures including White victims; the only way to end discrimination is to stop pretending it doesn’t exist. Those playing ‘race cards’ are the few, not the many.

          • SRD

            You are a smart person and I mean that.

          • fosterakahunter

            Racism… would become a thing of the past if white people would stop being racist. 😉

          • xaade

            The first neighborhoods it’s happening in are inner-city where black, white, oriental, and others live. I know, I’ve been there, I volunteer there.

            Again, it’s always happened for everyone, but if it didn’t happen to a black person, the media doesn’t care.

            Black on white crime? Media doesn’t care.
            Black boy rapes a black girl? Media doesn’t care.
            Oriental boy gang raped by blacks? Media doesn’t care.
            White elder man randomly beat up by black person rioting because of whatever? Media doesn’t care.
            Cop kill a white old woman accidentally? Never hear about it.

            To get those stories and more, you have to go to local media sites. Hell even UK news has more stories of non-white-on-black violence than CNN does.

          • fosterakahunter

            “Oriental”? What year are you in?

          • xaade

            The year in which the Chinese people I know still refer to themselves as oritental.

            Just because some white people think asians find oriental offended, doesn’t mean anything.

          • fosterakahunter

            Some Black folks refer to one another as “nigga”. Will you be adopting that slur, as well?

          • xaade

            The N word started as a derogatory word. Only recently have people decided oriental is derogatory.

            1. a person of East Asian descent.
            “It is interesting to know that the word oriental if spoken in Asia whether being referred to a person or not is not considered offensive at

            Interesting fact, orientals call western foreigners “big nose”.

            From the earliest usage it was “the term that carries with it all the obloquy and contempt and rejection which whites have inflicted on blacks”

            Apples and Oranges, my friend.

          • Modelcitizen

            Oriental; means different things to different people. A person can be from the orient like I am from the occident. I don’t give two shits what you dictionary says its the Latin root that I care about. This is like me getting mad because of someone calling me a westerner, that is partly who I am I guess.


          • Jimbob

            Only idiot Black folks say that…. These idiots will do well to not say that with non-idiot blacks.

          • Jimbob

            it is more about if racism was involved- stupid Americans don’t understand that.

          • xaade

            It’s not racism, it’s a cultural division. Trust me, been in the streets.

          • C.w. Manson

            I highly doubt that. You need to spend some more time in the “streets”

          • Real4eva

            Facts on facts! Deflect & denial is the best a racist can do.

          • C.w. Manson

            NOW its affecting white people…”

            Umm no chief, it has always affected white people. Just because you didn’t or don’t hear about or see it doesn’t mean its not happening. Stop being such a bleeding heart liberal, its just a trend….

          • C.w. Manson

            You have your head in the sand regarding reality period.

          • A.B. Madyun

            It’s actually cases of both classism and racism. And both are controlled by how the media handles it. The media controls what the public thinks about any given subject. They thrive on what sells. They use what is termed crowd manipulation. Crowd manipulation is the intentional use of techniques based on the principles of crowd psychology to engage, control, or influence the desires of a crowd in order to direct its behavior toward a specific action. This practice is common to politics and business and can facilitate the approval or disapproval or indifference to a person, policy, or product. The ethicality of crowd manipulation is commonly questioned. Since racism is a big buzz button issue, the media uses it to further their cause to control the minds of the public.

          • divina6

            One Black man killed every 28 hours by law enforcement or vigilantes. The reason you’re called out for privilege in these conversations is because you’re abusing your privilege by saying racism doesn’t exist in this situation, or it’s “not about racism”. It is. As a “white” person, I find your rhetoric tiring at best and toxic. Read Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.

          • xaade

            And a cop is killed every 72 hours.
            Cops are less than 2% of the population, blacks are 13%.

          • gwhosubex

            Big mainstream media pays license fees to government for their monopoly on airwaves. They will pander to the desires of government, which is to divide people against each other, and away from the government’s domination and tax farming. Thus race baiting will forever be pushed and they will always attempt to goad people into such matters against each other. The people who are not being good tax cattle are the enemies in the eyes of government.

          • Bill Bisher

            You mention ‘black on white crime’ but like so many others you can’t distinguish between the point about whether racism was the issue. You have to grasp that difference otherwise you confuse the issue of wiping out discrimination based violence. That’s why America is so screwed up – mass confusion = no progress..

          • fosterakahunter

            Ooookay.. Explain Tim Wise. You have heard of him, haven’t you.

          • fosterakahunter

            The “But What About Black on Black Crime!” Troll” People who use the term “black on black crime” either 1) work for Fox News, 2) are seeking to portray black people as violent and out of control, and/or 3) seek to portray black people as only caring about black lives when there is a way to blame white people. Let’s run that back: 1) If they work for Fox News…you already know. 2) If we’re going to make sweeping statements about people being violent and out of control, perhaps we should focus on young white males. 3) Anyone who would fit with #3 is not interested in facts, otherwise they would be aware of the vast number of organizations and movements to end gun violence in black neighborhoods… spearheaded by black people.

            Hahahahaaa!!! That’s two in one comments section. Hilarious, and probably predictable.

          • jimbo

            No- the problem is middle class whites just yawn and don’t give a shite when cops kill white men, women, childrn, elderly- all you do is groan about the media not covering any other victim stories- because in all of your combined stupidity you don’t grasp media chase after big protests….. in the case of psycho cops killing blacks-> it is white and black protesters raising the issue loudly which makes the news you see. Moral of this story; get off your lazy asses as middle class white Americans, and protest vehemently against any psycho cops who kill anybody.

          • xaade

            Actually white people look at the news when a white person commits a crime, and says, “Holy crap, they did what?!? Burn em.”

          • Jimbob

            but they only say it….. that’s why there’s so much BS in our society- hypocrisy; Whites are fuming mad over ISIS, but largely just upset at NYPigD cops murdering unarmed citizens in daylight. Whites were fuming mad over Saddam even though he was once a US ally who was given WMD and support by the West while he used WMDs on Iran and was slaughtering Iraqi opposition. Whites are not mad over Obama drone bombing villagers or him supporting terrorist Ukrainian neonazi militia an Zionist war criminals…… You probably don’t care either. But for victims in their hundreds of thousands and millions of such hypocrisies I mentioned- it is a matter of life and death for many.

          • xaade

            I’m made about Obama drone bombing. He’s doing it without asking Congress, so our citizens have no say in the matter.

          • Jimbob

            but they only say it….. that’s why there’s so much BS in our society-
            hypocrisy; Whites are fuming mad over ISIS, but largely just upset at
            NYPigD cops murdering unarmed citizens in daylight. Whites were fuming
            mad over Saddam even though he was once a US ally who was given WMD and
            support by the West while he used WMDs on Iran and was slaughtering
            Iraqi opposition. Whites are not mad over Obama drone bombing villagers
            or him supporting terrorist Ukrainian neonazi militia an Zionist war
            criminals…… for victims in their
            hundreds of thousands and millions of such hypocrisies I mentioned- it
            is a matter of life and death for many.

          • xaade

            Well, I have extensively researched the history of Arab and Israeli groups in the Middle-East, and I still back Israel.
            Trust me, I had my doubts, but after viewing the full history, I have to say that Israel is in the right.

            Palestinians hijack their population and use them as human shields. Women that escape often immediately change their attitude about the situation, admitting that groups like ISIS and such are evil.

            Saddam was slaughtering his own people. However, enemy of my enemy always applies. Saddam was no longer useful, and we took him out. Truth is truth there.

            As for cops. I can’t associate all cops with the actions of a few.

            Just like I don’t associate all Arabs with the actions of ISIS. I believe there are many innocent Arabs involved in this equation, however, I see all their leadership as practically evil.

            I could go into detail, but I posted the results of my research on the history of the Palestinian Authority and Israel on facebook, and it was several pages that I don’t want to copy paste here.

            Since the attitude about Israel is “no matter the evidence, we hate them” around here, I doubt it would make a difference.

          • C.w. Manson

            This guy doesn’t know shit. You back Israeli genocide on the Palestinian people? Fuck outta here. Dude is out of touch with reality.

          • xaade

            Jews aren’t killing Muslims in Jerusalem. If Jews were only interested in wiping out Palestinians, they’d start by deporting all the Muslims in their capital.

            If someone was taking pot shots at you from outside your house, do you just wait until they actually hit you?

            I’m sorry, this whole “the ISIS rockets aren’t effective and haven’t hurt a Jew” is total BS.

            What does equivalency of force have to do with anything? Do we have to wait until our enemies gain the strength to overpower us before we defend ourselves.

          • C.w. Manson

            Seems your quite oblivious to the tactics of the IDF. You only wanna focus on Muslims. Isis is a joke, it most likely was created by the mossad/CIA. Fuckin green screen videos. Gimme a break. You might learn something if you weren’t so biased.

            Oh and you wanna talk about human shields, I guess you didn’t see all the pics of the Israeli army using Palestinian children as human shields. Nah its just Muslims…

          • xaade

            Green screen videos?

            Again, Muslims in Jerusalem are having no problem living peacefully with Jews. Explain that one.

            I see you’re another tin foil hat theorist. I suppose steel doesn’t melt, rosie? Yeah, there’s no rational discussion with you.

            Good day, sir.

          • C.w. Manson

            Right away with accusations and labels. You’re a tool, a dime a dozen on the net. Oh I don’t agree with what you’re saying so you must be yada yada. Completely ignoring what I said. Yawn never gets old…

          • John

            And what about Ethan Saylor, a young white man with down’s syndrome KILLED IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY AS ERIC GARNER, but only because police didn’t want to wait for his mother who was bringing the money for the movie ticket, because he wanted to watch the movie again. They knew, they still insisted on forcing his compliance and that killed him. But, you’ll never hear about him on the MSM. It is not a black / white issue. Well, the fact that his death is “not news” may be.. 🙁

          • Robin Kawalski

            Yo AV… Dont start whining now..!!… ( How did I KNOW that this exact argument would be used to ‘get off the hook again’ White People SUCK….. ( and Im White!). this is all you need to know….
            . . . . . .
            . . . Its the Fuckin You Get. . . .

            . . . . for the Fuckin You Gave!

            Pretty simple really…

          • A.B. Madyun

            True dat!!!

          • mike

            so basically there is no pleasing you then? if we try and stand united we are called out for being a little white boy, and if we dont then we are called much worse….i guess there is just no pleasing some people….

          • ace1981

            We? My response was directed at the person who feels like now the police need to be held accountable, because it’s no longer just a black problem. Unless that person and yourself want to start with the police departments in the black communities, you are very much a part of the problem. Once it no longer is an issue affecting you, will you stay in the fight, because this isn’t a new fight? The first and most important issue that needs to be addressed is the racism within police departments. I won’t stand for police brutality against anyone, but it’s not a new issue and its still not really an issue affecting nearly as many whites as minorities. Until you are willing to admit the cries and pleas by blacks have long been ignored, and they have been targeted and criminalized for decades while you all turned a blind eye because it didn’t affect you, you can’t be part of the solution.

            There are whites that were in this fight long before it directly affected them. They get my respect. You people crying because you have been violated but not giving a damn when others are violated, get no sympathy.

          • Peter Gabriel

            If you feel that way then why should anyone support you at any time. You just said the same thing you bitchin about but in reverse. You want to make it a racial issue, then good luck getting any support. You want to make it an issue of right or wrong then you take all the support you can get regardless of inspiration. Isn’t it enough to find common ground and support what is right whenever you realize it? 1864, Blacks cried for 200 years in this country before people realized what was right and did something. 1964, Blacks cried for another 100 years before people realized what was right and did something. 2014, Blacks cried for another 50 years before people realized what was right but some fool told them to piss up a rope and the crying just kept on:(

          • ace1981

            No I didn’t. I refuse to work on fixing police departments in white neighborhoods while police accountabilty is non existent in black neighborhoods. I refuse to allow all of you to ignore that race is in fact still a huge issue in who gets justice and who doesn’t. When unarmed black people are killed its justified, when unarmed whites are killed it’s an issue.

            Ignoring the fact racism exists is racism. Only caring about an issue when it starts affecting your people, also racism. Acknowledge this isn’t a new problem. Acknowledge the problem is the entire judicial system and how it unfairly targets and treats minorities. That’s the first step to fixing the issues, not just getting upset if it crosses race lines, but getting upset because it’s happening at all.

          • David Wilson

            Ace….let me just say that you are a fucking moronic racist.

          • Kuner1

            All leftists are

          • fosterakahunter


          • fosterakahunter


          • C.w. Manson

            Sounds like a case of white guilt. Dime a dozen

          • fosterakahunter

            We fought while some cried. You and your ilk are just crying like some simps. You have no idea the strength we possess, and if harnessed anything can be achieved. We all know how you came about anything you have, and I’m not referring to just now, or even during your life. I bet you believe that you mean well, you twerp.

          • xaade

            We’re attacking Islamic terrorist groups because now the terrorists are affecting us.

            Before that, they attacked Israel, Europe, Jordan, Egypt, East Africa, Russia, China, Philippines, and we did nothing.

            Are we going to stop once the terrorists leave us alone?

            Hell, we already want to stop and the terrorists are still cutting off heads in America RIGHT NOW.

            So your argument about waiting until it affects you doesn’t hold water.

            Not to mention that police brutality has affected people other than blacks for a long time now.

            Not to mention that the black population doubles their population% in crime%. They are responsible for DOUBLE the percent of crime as they are responsible for the population.

          • Nice Ride

            Ace-I’ll use the Bundy Ranch situation as an example. Now tell me again how it’s a race issue.

          • ace1981

            Lmao, putz? You just proved my point. White armed men, police walk away at first. Black unarmed men, police shoot first ask questions later. Thank you for that, imbecile.

          • David Wilson

            Racist troll right there…

          • fosterakahunter

            Racist troll bitch, right here…

          • Trevor Evenson

            you are a mindless drone of the elitist media, not knowing anything other than what you watch on the news. Black people oppress themselves with their violence. They see something, rather than work for it, they take it. Look at every black nation on the planet. They are a detrimental race for wherever they congregate. If black people ever became useless, it would be a huge step up for humanity. They are a scourge on humanity, and if there population was reduced to a couple million, peppered throughout civilized nations, they could be sparse enough not to congregate and fall back into their genetic propensity towards crime.

          • Bill Bisher

            Trevor- you’re nothing but a KKK twat Trolling the net . Your days of easy recruiting are over. People are educated about scumbag neonazis like yourself. You say Blacks ‘suppress themselves’ in every Black nation….. but a neonazi scumbag like yourself can’t even name 5 Black nations. And God forbid you know any Black Nation leader by name- right? lol. Furthermore dipstick, most societies are suppressed. A neonazi monkey like yourself does not understand how Western nations have only recently mastered how to con their citizens under control.Your idol Hitler started WW2 and before that European nations were constantly at war for thousands of years. Does a goose stepping fascist like yourself even know about former African Empires and civilizations. I recommend you stop going to Neonazi Whiner meetings for a while and start learning about Black histories from 500 years ago and earlier – and try and get acquainted with what’s going on in a lot of African nations other than about the few you hear groaned about on FOX news everynight. You neonazis are the worst scumbags in humanity- on par with the Taliban and Teabaggers.

          • fosterakahunter

            The “But What About Black on Black Crime!” Troll

            The Full-Blown Racist Troll

          • Kuner1

            No, it just means it was a crime related issue before and now it’s become a police state issue.
            It never was about race

          • fosterakahunter

            As I said before, remove your cabeza from the annals of your rectum.

          • Mickey Sticks

            But the fact is that people DO care. Focus on THAT and not the other, and we will get somewhere…

          • xaade

            It’s been going on for a while for everyone. Of course, maybe you don’t remember the hold the mobsters had on the police. That didn’t affect black people, so I guess it didn’t happen.

            That’s the flip side of the coin. If it doesn’t happen to black person, it didn’t happen.

          • fosterakahunter

            Exceedingly idiotic and dismissive.

          • xaade

            I’m not dismissive of anything.

            A hurricane blows through a town. Someone acts like it’s the first time. Someone else says “It has been happening every year.”

            At this point, I’m going to just call you are trolling me. I don’t need to respond to this.

          • Andre Maunsell

            Boy, most of you pricks of color will call whites every name in the book like a punk would call a woman a whore after you slept with her and a bitch if she refused. Don’t be too suprised whites don’t jump into the fray on your side. You made a lack of logical choice to act like what i justed mentioned. But towards whites. You made a bed of nails for yourself have a good nights sleep.

          • Joshua Burbage

            The Natives would say the same about the blacks;

          • Real4eva

            You can’t argue with these people the subconscious racism has been taught as an adolescent. They are blind to the FACTS. No matter how blatantly you put it.

          • walrus

            you are such a racist piece of filth. Can’t begin to untangle your confusion.

          • petulantes

            IT is being DONE to NATIVE AMERICANS for a lot longer..
            WE ,US, need to unite. its not the cops themselves that DECIDE to be this way. Its their bosses, the mayors, the city managers that encourage the hiring of jackboots. CUT the snakes at the head.. anywhere else is a waste of time !..

          • A.B. Madyun

            agreed, except that though whites outnumber blacks 5 to 1 in this country, our experiences of violent attacks by the cops far outnumber what whites have experienced disproportionately. Where I see more African Americans being killed by the police just because of their “attitudes” who have done nothing, I’m seeing even more whites committing serious crimes, and yet being treated with far more dignity as though they have done nothing at all. For example, they didn’t inflict violence upon that white guy in Colorado who killed all those people in that theater. A black person would have had so many bullet holes pumped into him, there wouldn’t have been any of him left to charge with the crime. Any violence that I have seen inflicted upon white people has been so scarce in number, I would have to label the ones that have as merely token incidents.

          • Tiger Woodz

            First you speak on media crowd manipulation then you become a victim of it. Fact is more then double the number of whites are killed by cops every year then are there African American counterparts. Now it is still disproportionate by percentages or.ratios. also we can go to deeper issues like the fact that crime is more.rampant in the black percentage then in any other community….causes, are obvious poverty and poor education as well as a root of violence and uneducated history among black Americans.

            This issue first of law over stepping it’s bounds has always been an issue it’s just that European Americans were beaten into submission centuries before Erica was discovered. They love there.captures at this point in large number. Many issues arise in this deep topic. One was brought up in oppression of African Americans. ….let’s dig deep in this also comments were made of violence against blacks being hidden or unknown amongst whites…..that’s nonsense. It is whites who owned you and had a political system built with out your rights and dignity in mind. So they know very well what has been happening. But also this goes deeper especially in the media and education side of these topics. Everyone is reminded that europeans owned blacks as slaves all the time. It has opposite effects on the psyches of both groups. But here is something missing from both media.and education….Irish slavery in the new world by the English was much larger then African slavery. Do blacks.find.kinship in a similar struggle tho? Know they are led to believe they are the only slaves in history. This is often brought as a black and white issue…..only in america is this taken seriously. Out of over 50 European nations 7 took part in different capacities of purchasing west African slaves from west African slave markets which were established more then a thousand yrs before the first European showed up to purchase one. Slavery is larger then ever in africa today. As far as can be known Africans have always enslaved Africans. But the same could be said of all.peoples now in america 1% at best of whites actually ever owned a slave. Black Americans owned slaves both black and white. Native Americans owned black slaves as well. The English french and rest all came to a.point where they realise this was wrong and stopped it. Not from the rebellion of there slaves but from the rebellion of there own hearts.

            When it comes down to crying about the elites controlling us this is also a cop out and the people always hold the ultimate power. This is why they keep.americans fat entertained and stupid. Ignorance is bliss. But as history has shown time and time again the people hold the power as many kings and queens have been slaughtered by the people when they get to there breaking point.

            African Americans do hold a large personal responsibility in there behaviour and rise of there community in spite of those who would hold them back. Or else what is being said is we are not strong enough to fight this. We are not able to take care of each other.when a small group wants us to kill each other. Cus most black Americans know this stuff and yet.head out the door.with there gun and drugs or ready to.push violence on who? Each other. There is crime on whites amongst the citizenry then there is whites on blacks….now when comparing populations this is an insanely high disproportionate percentage then. Saying silly things like if this white killer were black he would be dead. Fact is prisons are filled with black multiple murders just as they are with whites. So obviously they don’t kill most.blacks who commit.murder.

            Yes in the end the people.need once again to put government in its place and fear the people. As well as.all.peoples including African Americans need to first take on as.much responsibility for there actions as is possible. As well we need to come together on this issue and.many others..when these recent black deaths at the hands of cops were protested like the civil rights movements and anti slavery movements etc the crowds are full.of.white.people. when a.teenage white girl is killed standing.on her.own front lawn with a.powerdrill in her hand by blacks.nor whites are protesting.

            Come together. These are human issues and we are all human beings. Our.differences are fine our common grounds are obvious.

          • Bill Bisher

            Black crime are caused by thugs with guns who see themselves as gangsters like politicians who use cops as their enforcers against innocent civilians. Why are thugs prevalent and murderous- they have supply of guns from white criminal gun dealers. And why do gangs all over the world slaughter in fierce competition – because the USA is the number one illegal drugs consumer.If drug wars were ripping apart rich snobby elitist neighbourhoods only I guarantee you 100% the drug-war would be over or some kind of fullproof solution found like decriminalizing all drugs.

          • jeremy

            Yoh ALL have serious issues. The story has NOTHING to do with blacks, whites, or even America for that matter. Every 1 of you all are racist, so what the fuck… Black people are looking out for black people, and whites look out for whites. If someone charged at you and you felt threatened and had a weapon, you would use it. The end. Did dude from Ferguson get shot in the back? Nope. Don’t sound like he was running away. So stop looking for an excuse to say it’s a race problem. Everybody is racist…unless you’re black… then you’re just proud. Yeah, o.k.

          • ace1981

            Mike Brown had gotten over 100 ft away when he was shot. He didn’t double back, he surrendered. The FACT that any news article that includes a black man getting shot by police is turned into an attack on his thug character as if it gives police free reign to kill, is a significant problem in getting justified. When it’s blacks it’s justified when it’s whites something had to be done.

          • Shanti Sena

            police have those powerful tasers

          • One day, Blacks & Whites in America will realize that there is no Black & White in America, all are slaves that need Massa’s permission.

            Sadly, today won’t be that day!

          • Bill Bisher

            True – but the average Black male faces suspect paranoia 24/7 in public – outside of non-Black majority societies.

          • fosterakahunter

            The “Don’t Make This A Racial Issue!” Troll
            These are the pearl-clutchers. “This could have happened to anyone! Let’s not make this a racial issue and instead focus on getting this cop off the street!”

            Hahahahahaha!! I didn’t think I’d find an appropriate reason to paste this so soon after reading it.

          • C.w. Manson

            How’s that funny? You’re an arrogant Lil shit who thinks they know it all.

          • nelz


          • A.B. Madyun

            I’m glad that at least you are personally aware of the fact that the root of our problems are in our own communities. Where you steered off the road at, though, is that the fact that so many of our youth in fact have turned to violence towards each other as the solution to solving their disputes, and other blight in our communities are exactly our problem. White supremacy does not have to tell me that. White supremacy is the reason why so many of our people are not aware of this fact. It’s for that very reason that they are still buying into it, and not necessarily because white supremacy is to blame. It’s already established in the psyche of our people.

          • Peter Gabriel

            A.B. I agree whole heartedly and would add that it is also established in the psyche of our people by the powers that be. The 1% love to see the masses in strife; warring with each other while they continue their elite life behind the blue wall. I hope this time we are all going to realize The Street is common ground.

          • Kuner1

            Depends on who the 1% are. Certainly not the CEOs or Billionaires, because they earn less money, when the country is out of control and heading towards poverty. Corporations profit from a good economy.
            But who profits from poverty and strife? Who is the only group who gets more money and power, when people are poor and dependent? Government. When poverty grows, so does politican’s power and influence.
            Blacks have been used by a small group of people who profit from them being poor and uneducated. I know it is true that blacks have been kept down, I know where their frustration about it stems from. Sure, they will never be able to beat koreans or japanese when it comes to education, but they could do far better than they are doing. There is no justification for having 75% children born out of wedlock, 1 in 10 incarcerated, and a higher drug addiction and murder rate than all other races. Thug culture is being hailed and excused as “black culture” and it is being presented as if that was the only way a black man could make it or even just remain true to himself. Blacks who strive for education and success are denounced as uncle toms. As if they tried to suck up to whitey. When in fact all they are trying to do is be decent human beings.
            It’s the Democrat party behind this. They were the party of slavery, they were the party opposed to people like Martin Luther King (Republican) and they are the slave owners of today. Keeping black people poor, angry and dependent, and as a built in voter base.
            The fact that blacks don’t understand this and keep destroying themselves more and more is the only thing they can be really faulted for.

          • 67ken67

            the white supremacist capitalist society like influences the black race psychologically through the programing through the record labels to the TV companies especially the news so you control the suggestions and visions of controlled views we can only balance our sales by controlling our own influences knowing that we will reflect on them and act on them with human nature human behavior

          • Miles Coleman

            Are you serious……many white Americans are in the same boat,,,,,,,And the the root of our problem is our communities, communities where poor people are forced to live in as if it were some kind of concentration camp……you never have the ability to leave because there is no opportunity to allow you to better yourself and get out……..this is why we all need to stand together….the poor agaist the elite who create these ghettos and the situations that don’t allow opportunities. But now us poor don’t even have communities anymore. Thanks to Gentrification…..where rich liberals think its cool to live in the ghettos, so they kick all the poor out, fix up the neighborhoods and charge 10 time the value that the property had before……why not spend that money fixing it up for the people already there?

          • David Wilson

            ….and you have to understand that most white people have zero power just like yourself. Your problem is not with white people, it’s with the US police state. There is no fucking white privilege in America.

          • xaade

            There are statistical privileges, but we have to remember.
            1. Not every white benefits in this way, so it’s racist to assume that they have.
            2. The biggest benefit is having two parents, not having a lot of wealth.
            3. No one should feel guilt for the privileges they have access to.
            4. Helping someone who is less privileged than you isn’t a moral requirement, it is a moral good. People should accept help humbly, not as if they deserve it just for breathing air.

          • Real4eva

            The truth

          • Ed Word Galán


          • walrus

            this is not a white supremacist society. most people never listened to the KKK talk and don’t care to. This is a society where white people are trained to feel guilty and hate themselves and get their head cut off if they say the wrong word. There are double standards. For example if a white person says (god forbid) “The N. word” everybody freaks out. If a black person says a racial slur towards a white. nobody freaks out. Do you think white people are allowed to be proud of their skin color publicly?

          • John Bovenzi

            Pants Up, Don’t Loot… that will fix a lot of the black communities problems! 😉

          • Dan Freeman

            Quit cooning! You won’t get any points from the white supremacists(racists). Smh

          • Brick Walls

            Just as you are suppressing the other percent of us with your self hating comment…

          • Crab Crabby

            The problem remains the same in spite of that. Oppression via government is unacceptable. What’s the purpose of your statement? Your statement is not productive, nor does it have any relevancy. We can’t enact martial law on anyone so what difference does it make what some people do to themselves? You have been manipulated to place blame where it is undue.

          • Tika Lewis

            The purpose of my statement is very relevant…. You cant expect a nation that only sees us tearing each other down to respect us as blk people when all they see is us disrespecting ourselves

          • Aaron Braxton

            Tika Lewis please go check the fbi expanded data table 6 and you tell me who it says has a higher murder by race. But they don’t talk about that do they. Black on black crime is a lie. White ppl have a higher murder then blacks year after year but you don’t here news say white on white crime.

          • Davidicus Disraeli

            Actually, Page-12 Table-7 of the U.S. Department of Justice (OJP, Bureau of Justice Statistics) publication of November 2011 has the overall homicide rate for blacks at 52.5%, and for whites it’s 45.3%. Moreover, considering the population differences, with whites as a majority population in the U.S…. that’s a pretty terrible score for blacks. As well, per the same statistics, published by a department of the federal government which runs the FBI, and is headed by a black man… Page-13 Figure-20a shows that black on white homicide is at a much higher rate than white on black… or even white on white. What all this means is that you got your facts fucked up bro.


          • Aaron Braxton

            Not how the media puts. They put it that we kill more of our on kind each year when in fact whites kill more whites each year. True white ppl are the majority as blacks or the minority. But in the news they never talk about a high death rate of white ppl and that has nothing to do with population of the race. The number one killers in this country are white ppl year after year. So eat that truth cus for years as a black man I had to eat the lie.

          • Davidicus Disraeli

            Apparently, you didn’t understand the statistics… Blacks make up 52.5% of the total homicides in the U.S., whereas whites make up 45.3%. So blacks kill the most people overall. Now, 84% of white victims were killed by whites, whereas 93% of black victims were killed by blacks. That means that blacks kill their own people at a higher rate than whites kill whites. As well, blacks murder whites at a rate much higher than whites murder blacks. ( Table-7, Figure-19, and Figure-20a) What all this boils down to is that you’re wrong, and need to get your facts straight.


          • Aaron Braxton

            That graph show by population not actul murders. Since there are more white ppl and less blacks by population then yes the percentage is high. But actual dead bodies meaning how many actual ppl died the killer was white. Each year white ppl kill more ppl in the untied states then any other race. Show the whole chart where it explains that.

          • Davidicus Disraeli

            The statistics are represented “per-capita” meaning “per head”. What we have are whites, who make up a larger population percentage, committing less murders than blacks, who make up a lesser percentage of the population of the U.S. That’s pretty bad when you are a minority, yet commit a majority of murder. You don’t even have to know how to read statistics, it’s spelled out for you in big colorful graphs ffs. I’m not trying to insult you, but are you handicapped bro?


          • Aaron Braxton

            No its per every 100000 or did you not see that. Maybe you should go back and study that. You cant just say shit and think it benefits you. Obviously you cant read cus if you could you would have seen where its per every 100000. And since there’s more white ppl then blacks the percent is going to look smaller then blacks or do you know how math works? You better get some help understanding what you read there buddy.

          • Davidicus Disraeli

            Per 100,000 is per-capita (i.e. for each head) retard. Learn how to think. Just admit that if you lined up all of the blacks in the U.S., and all of the whites in the U.S…. there would be more whites… and the murder percentage of those whites is less than the murder percentage of the minority of blacks in that lineup. That’s terrible to say the least. Your ignorance, and persistence to remain ignorant is tragic.

          • Aaron Braxton

            Lol I need to say no more. Per 100000 isnt what per capita means. Per capita does mean head for head. But it doesnt say that it say per 100000 meaning for every 100000 ppl of the population of that race. Not per person dumbass. Seriously your only making yourself look stupid trying to make me look stupid. How bout this go take that info to the closet college and have them help you with those numbers there. You dont even have to tell me I was right as long as you find out the real.

          • Davidicus Disraeli

            Posting the same ignorant comments doesn’t make you look smarter… nor is a battle of wits won by the amount of swings you throw. The battle of wits is won by a knockout blow… and that blow came by me to you 10 posts ago. Learn how to read statistics, and learn how to think while you’re at it dum dum.

          • Aaron Braxton

            Shows how dumb you are we go go over the apples again until you get it that how we teach in school. You got 20 apples I got 10. You eat 10 apples which means you ate 50% of your apples. I eat 8 apples. Which means I ate 80%. Who ate the most apples? You did. Now who has the higher percentage of apples ate? I do Its basic fucking math and your calling me ignorant lol

          • Davidicus Disraeli

            The statistics aren’t comparing apples to apples retard. The statistics are calculated using the overall crime percentage (i.e. 100%), and establishing to what part of that each race contributes by the amount of perpetrators within each group… divided by the overall population of that group, multiplied by 100,000. There’s a difference between simple raw population numbers, and the actual comparable percentage that is proportional to those numbers… i.e. “rates”. By your apples logic, Whites being the majority, that would mean White people commit murder at a much higher count than anyone else for simply being the race with the highest majority of raw population numbers… but that isn’t how one proportionally determines the rate (ratio) at which a particular race tends to commit murder as compared with races of varying population count… but don’t let logic confuse you now.

          • Aaron Braxton

            I broke it down for you like a fucking kindergartner and you still dont get it.

          • Davidicus Disraeli

            You obviously don’t understand that one doesn’t compare crime rates of varying population percentages using apples logic… perhaps you’re just a kindergartner? Go back and reread my explanation of how you go about determining a ratio, based on uneven variables, and then understand that blacks commit more murder per their population percentage than any other race.

          • Davidicus Disraeli

            I understand we aren’t all bad, and may peace and long life be unto you as well.

          • Shanti Sena

            yeah what the fuck was the original article about ? lulz

          • Aaron Braxton

            Its ok man. No big deal think that if u wish. I jsut asj that you check it with somebody else. But I do want u to know we aren’t all bad peace and long life.

          • Davidicus Disraeli

            I understand we aren’t all bad, and may peace and long life be unto you as well.

          • your only issue is that those rates are not “per 10,000” or however else you want to break them down. That is the number of murders, apportioned out by which race committed them.

            Population size of separate races does not matter unless you plan on expanding the data to find out which group at large is more dangerous. It is irrelevant. We’re not seeing “how likely a black man is to be commit murder” vs “how likely is a white man to commit murder,” we’re seeing “how likely is a killer to happen to be a black man” compared to “how likely is a killer to happen to be a white man”

            This study is based on the number of dead bodies, not the number of living people in separate demographics.

            Do you understand the differences?

          • Aaron Braxton

            Obviously you don’t understand. Yes you do have to expand the numbers. You have to look at it as how many ppl were actual killers not the percentage which u guys keep looking at. Fuck the percentage look at the actual killers and there are more white killer then black. And as far as race goes im more likely to get kileed by a black oerson because im black and white are more likely to get killed by whites period. If u guys want to keep the lie going to make u feel better go ahead fear the black man all you want because if you get killed hoping you dont it would be by the white guy you never expected that dont have your view of what a thug looks like

          • A.B. Madyun

            You got it wrong, partner. Nope…it’s showing that anybody can commit a murder, and they do. See…arguing over apples and oranges, and numbers is baloney. The bottom line is people are being killed through violent acts of criminal murders, and that sticks out well ahead of numbers. Talking numbers ain’t nothing but bait for a race game. Life is not a game. It’s very serious. And no one ethnicity’s life is no less important than another. Life is sacred, and G’d entrusted all of us with the precious lives that he gifted us with, and entrusted us to honor the lives of our neighbors. When that trust is violated, it doesn’t matter who outnumbers whom. They are all violators.

          • Groter Richard A

            Buddy, just stop… if a man can’t or won’t what does it matter? This fellow can’t because he WON’T loosen an emotionally attached death-grip on every defense that he can muster in order to preserve what ever false sense of self, as well as others- that he may imagine up. This is America. This is typical.

          • Aaron Braxton

            But that what I keep telling you of course the murder rate is going to be higher by percentage because there are more whites so it makes it look like blacks are having a field day killing ourselves. But by actual murders each year white ppl kill the most and its there on kind that they kill the most. Meaning white on white crime is higher per capita meaning head for head. Lets do basic math. If you have 8 apples and I have 4. You eat 4 apples and I eat 3. Per capita your ate more. By percentage I ate more. Does that help you understand better.

          • A.B. Madyun


          • Aaron Braxton

            Do you realize ppl can read the charts and see where it says per 100000 and not per capita. Lies get you nowhere man. Damn why keep the lie going when you see the truth. Shame shame shame ha.

          • Aaron Braxton

            Your just like the media only showing what makes your story. Show the part that explains the graph lol cant take you serious.

          • Gen

            Similarly go to see the table titled “subregion” click on “rate” column and we can all clearly see that the murder rate in black* nations is 10 to 30 times higher than in “white”^ (Celtic-Anglo-Saxon) nations. (* Black nations being Africa, southern, middle, western & eastern; ^ white nations being northern, western Europe & Australasia).

          • A.B. Madyun

            They sold this Zionist what he wants to hear, bruh!! He not only ate it up…he wants to spread his venom around. Everybody needs to realize how the media pads their stories with inconsistencies that only an ignorant customer will buy. You can just look at his Zionist name and automatically realize who he represents…satan!!

          • Shanti Sena

            all these details reminds me of WOnka “you get nothing” but hey thanks for the info 🙂

          • Kuner1

            Never expect a negro to understand math

          • Guest

            @aaronbraxton:disqus that is a flat-out lie and I have the FBI statistics to prove it if you care to hear.

            According to the US Department of Justice, blacks accounted for 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, with whites 45.3% and Native Americans and Asians 2.2%. The offending rate for blacks was almost 8 times higher than whites, and the victim rate 6 times higher.

          • Aaron Braxton

            What the point of trying to explain that white ppl have more killer in the race per year as compared to black.

          • dkbnyc

            You really need to stop talking and look are the root causes of what you see, You cannot provide an inform understanding for “blk” people if all you see is the popped rubber band or the broken camels back. Your understanding seems to be “look at those people looting on national TV! They has no reason to do that! Nothing happened to them prior to them waking up one morning and saying Let’s act a fool! They don’t deserve justice.”

          • Crab Crabby

            thats the problem right there. we are too concerned about negative perceptions from folks that hate us. we know that a few do not represent the whole, yet we act as if we cant take any action in regards to cleaning up our own streets because of disagreeable elements. we do not need the approval of an enemy system to police our own streets, or to educate and empower people to facilitate self respect. to hell with what “THEY” think about us. there is work to be done by those of us who have knowledge of self and knowledge of purpose.

          • dkbnyc

            That’s the most ignorant thing I’ve heard in my life. When a people are suppressed, they tend to loose hope. What you see as self-suppression is the loss of hope. It’s a product of every day life. Depression. Look deeper and stop thinking you understand the book by looking at the cover.

          • Andrew

            If suppression and oppression are all you know, it’s not exactly easy to break that cycle. Like, if everyone you thought loved you (parents, significant others, etc.) treated you like shit and abused you, loving yourself is pretty freaking difficult.

          • Tika Lewis

            You have a very very very good point Andrew.

          • Uncle Arty

            so now we’re on this it’s not a black or white thing, let me just relate a little bit about my own personal experience, I’m a white man in my late 40’s, Long straight blond hair and full red beard, if I were tatted up you’d think I was an outlaw biker, the kind of guy most people especially white people cross the street to avoid me, and for the most part that doesn’t bother me. Now I don’t get fucked with by cops often, but it has been known to happen. And when it does happen those cops don’t even try being respectful. Just last year I was helping a friend of mine move, he’s more of your wonder bread kind of white guy, so when we got pulled over, the cop the was really cool, until he looked over at me, and just like that he went from being cool and collected to what we see on youtube everyday. So when he started asking me questions in a very authoritative and disrespectful manner I told him he could go fuck himself. He pushed his chest out and got in my face. when I held my ground and wouldn’t let him move me, he got even madder, and pulled out his taser, and threatens to shock me if I don’t show him my ID, after more shouting and calling me just about every insult he could think of he finally backed down. And that’s not the first time Police have harassed me over the way I look. Then I had an Epiphany. every time I was harassed by the police, I still came home that night, and If I couldn’t take some harassment and name calling, I could cut my hair, shave my beard throw away the jeans and cut up t’s and leather jacket, and put on some nice dockers or whatever it is those fucking yupper pricks in the A&F ads are wearing these days, and I bet you just like that the harassment stops. Yet black’s and latino’s they don’t have that option. So I still can’t say I know what’s it’s like to be profiled, because those things that set me apart are totally within my control to change. The point I’m trying to make is we are still racially divided in this country and until we and I mean mostly white people of middle and upper class influence are forced to face our history and own it. We will never be able to reconcile it

          • David Wilson

            Most white people I know just want black and white relations to be good and for blacks to do well in this country….then we get persecuted because of our police state….because we’re white. That breeds more racism among white people. Rinse and repeat. Sad.

          • Isha River Rose Wilson

            Not all, but a very large % of women oppress themselves too – but it’s still the patriarchy at work. Just because it worked on us from day 1 and got us thinking things that keep us down, and locked us into systems and behaviors that keep us oppressed doesn’t mean it’s our fault. Same for people of color – they might play the part of tools for the white supremacist classist patriarchy (kyriarchy) but that doesn’t make them the agents.

          • coptic777

            Of coarse your a black american woman saying this seeing how black women are the number one users of the courts of all women and use it against black men mostly because you know how your white daddy treats us. Thanks for the comment so I can show other black men that most black women are not with us but are with the system. Your actions as a group show thus. Black women 70% single? Gee I wonder why? Your the Norm among black women which is why so many black men like myself do not deal with you. Good luck when your white daddy does not back you up when you call the white knights in blue or he cuts your section 8 housing and food stamps. Its coming and don’t start talking how black men need to protect you at that point either. Watch.

          • Real4eva

            Self hating black people like you are the only black people oppressing black people

        • snoogins51

          She’s saying that Black Americans are abused and suppressed and will begin to be more than just fed up. The clue is in the fact that her comment was in response to capsulegangs. Not really that hard to understand, is it? Considering all the shit she’s got for those 4 words, I guess it must be..

          • Bill Bisher

            That feeling of more than fed up has been around for many centuries.

          • idesolate

            All people are abused by police… Turning this into “black lives matter” takes away from the whole of police brutality. It doesn’t matter what you look like, the police have a gangster mentality in America.

          • Tsavo

            Yeah, but black people are effected by police violence at a MUCH higher rate. In fact we are 32 times more likely to be killed by police than white people, and make up the majority of those killed by police. Look up unarmed killings of Americans by police, vast majority are Black. This is just a fact.

          • jgardner

            Your 100% incorrect!!!!! Of the 436 on average police killings a year 60% are white 18% mexican 13%black. Get the facts before you post shit

          • Tsavo

            There were 30 police shootings in LA last month, 23 were black and the rest were Hispanic. Black men are 21 times more likely to be shot than a whit person is. Whites makeup 75% of the country, so yes more of you are killed but not by such a huge number when compared to your huge population. Black people, who are 13% of the population, suffer a lopsided amount of police brutality. Get your facts straight before opening your hole.

          • walrus

            awww black people suffer the most… those poor black people with the right to have a chip on their shoulder because they suffer. The main issue you have is it’s white people doing it to the black people right? Cops aren’t a race. Some places they are all white. I doubt the cops are all white in LA.
            Anyways I wonder the ratio of blacks that are poverty stricken vs other “races” that are poverty stricken. The cops go after low hanging fruit and attack the people out in the streets etc.

          • sweetness saucysistah

            oh, so now black people are fruit?

          • Rusty

            low hanging I think there is a photo or story “Strange Fruit”

          • Tsavo

            Screw off, dumb cracker.

          • Kirk Lee Twist

            I’m not at all picking one side or another. There’s no point in it, each side feels they are right. I only have an honest question. Why is it OK for you to call a white person a cracker, and in turn get livid when a white person calls an African American the N word? Again I’m not trying to get in a race debate, I only want to know your reasoning behind saying it, not to attack you, or African Americans as a whole.

          • Joe Tucker

            they’re bigots and are full of shit. BTW the word in Nigger.

          • Duncan Cox

            “Cracker” is generally a term for food that is white. The term also has other meanings. There is only one meaning for the N word and it’s meaning is meant to insult. It’s a negative term, any way you slice it. No white person has ever used the N Word in a positive way and there is no positive way for a white person to use it. You’re really offended by the term “cracker”? I’m a pale white honky and the term never bothered me. Then again, I’m not an ignorant bigot. Black lives DO matter. You spouting your “All lives…” nonsense is only to downplay the importance of the black lives matter movement. Of course your life matters, but let’s not downplay the fact that BLACK LIVES ALSO MATTER.

          • mew

            Tell it like it is Mr.. Duncan Cox…

          • Cameron

            uh it has nothing to do with food being white and everything to do with former slave owners who used whips which make a cracking sound when used hence cracker. regardless of the usages it’s ment to be used as an insult. “no white person has ever used the ‘N’ word in a positive way” by the very definition of the word it can’t be used in a positive way no matter what the color of the mouth that’s spewing it.

          • Duncan Cox

            Hence me saying “the term also has other meanings.” I thought my dialogue AFTER those 2 quick sentence was far more important than further discuss a weak insult. In no way do I endorse the use of the N word. I think terms like honky and cracker are justified and actually “light” compared to the N word.

          • mew

            All African Americans do not have the same characteristics…

          • louality

            lick my cracker nuts

          • vlad the impaler

            yep I knew this spic was racist.i got your cracker right here.(crotch grab)

          • Xnelms

            Wow. You are a racist prick

          • fahku

            awwww white dude can’t handle someone has it worse

          • Rusty

            Cops are all the same race when on duty “Blue”

          • Archer Tuttle

            You are depressingly ignorant and self-righteous.
            Have you ever thought of running for the Republican Presidential nomination?

          • vlad the impaler

            oh hahahahahaha,you are so funny,i find you simplistic liberal ass lickers very witty indeed.

          • mew

            The reality is called root causes stupid ass…

          • Rusty

            Spokane Wa has had 7 officer involved shootings since beginning of year every one of them was white. But guess what they probably have in common …. economic status.

          • Timothy Czamiec

            Spokane Wa has NO black people moron.

          • Rusty
          • vlad the impaler

            Obama’s neighborhood diversification program will soon put a stop to that .he is bussing in welfare families into white suburbs to live in the same houses you do only subsidized by a racist that’s what whites get for trying to keep their kids away from their rat assed kids,now we have the govt force diversifying our neighborhoods.while black neighborhoods are left black and Mexican left Mexican and Asian left Asian,whites aren’t allowed their own neighborhoods according to this nigger.

          • mew

            vlad – you sound like a Romanian prick as usual. You continue to represent hatred and your blood stained racist rhetoric… typical of a pale faced white man…

          • Mr. Opinion

            According to the U.S. census (Jun 2015), just over 90 percent of Spokane residents are white, while just under two percent are black. About five percent are Latino — that’s the highest non-white demographic in the country — while just over two percent of Spokane residents are asian.

          • Goldfinger

            You are STILL wrong, moron

          • vlad the impaler

            you are wrong mr.statistics,learn how to do you care you aint black.

          • Mr. Opinion

            Sorry tsavo… national data does not agree with you! You cannot segment that out unless you are fair in the presentation. Since we are ALL involved, ALL must be counted, not simply segmented areas of the population like in the big cities.


          • Bones Bonner

            that was in one location, stop spreading lies

          • petulantes

            Oh dear. in 2012 popo killed just over 1000 people in this country .While only 50 popo died at the hands of .. people .
            As long as we allow the system to divide us , WE all DIE, they win ! WTFU sheeple

          • Rusty

            The facts are really hard to come by … I assume intentionally. 3 a day die in police custody or in the attempt to take into custody, Not all deaths fall into what is reported, some departments report deaths differently and do not even count in the 3/day. Some report deaths as suicides when it may be considered they took actions which caused their deaths and police were forced to kill them. Bystanders do not get counted at all be it shooting deaths or, vehicle pursuits or, drunk driving officers while on duty or, or, or …. vegetative state is not dead

          • Markell Seals

            actually your wrong theres over 18,000 police department in this country and only 750 have turned in there numbers reguarding how much excessive fore or deadly force is being used by police

          • Billy Crosby

            That is true, And white people don’t care if other white people are killed by police so there ya go….

          • Semaj Erah

            ….and where in the fuck did you get your stats full of “facts”? Fuck out here too

          • David G. Hlder III

            I do not know where you get those facts jgardner, I think you got it backwards. although white people make up the majority in this nation, the real state in that is quite the opposite. 60% of the people that are abused police are of African American descent, 18% Hispanic, and 13% white. Call it right!

          • James S. Patrick

            My question for you is would you like the white, asian, hispanic and other minority Americans standing beside you in this fight or would you like us to leave you and the rest of the black community to handle this one on your own while we go about attending to this same problem with out mentioning the abuses perpitrated against black Americans?

          • firstgenwhatryou?

            Stfu. Native Americans had it and HAVE it far worse. So sick of the black card.

          • Tsavo

            Shut the fuck up. Black Americans have always been the main target. Native Americans were at least free men.

          • Rusty

            wow you need a history lesson … they prairie niggers got it too whites killed millions. Being on reservation was not “free” by any means nearly like being in German concentration camps.

          • Goldfinger

            Blacks are their own worst enemy.

          • mew

            What percentage of American history describes Native Americans as being slaves???

          • C.J.

            Tell that to the countless white and Hispanic people who’ve been murdered by police as well… They are killing everyone and anyone, not just black people..

          • Tsavo

            I will tell them that because it is truth. We are killed at higher rates. It’s not a contest, it is reality.

          • Rusty

            No the Statistic say different, Twice as many Whites are killed by police as Blacks. HOWEVER there are 5.5 times more Whites than Blacks so there is indeed a “higher rate” but not nearly 32 times higher. more like 3 point 2 (3.2) but it would be nice to be even at maybe zero???

          • Jason Ur

            total population is irrelevant and what black lives matter people use… the only number that matters is police interactions… blacks have far higher numbers of interactions with police… whites have far fewer yet are killed twice as often… you cant count an entire population when the majority of said population never has any interaction with police… white death by cop is much higher than black death by cop.. it just doesnt sell news…

          • Andrew

            Yeah, but black people are the authors of their own demise. Pulease!! Hardly worth even mentioning. When a cop, black or white shoots a black person, blacks take to the streets looting their fellow man’s belongings and destroying their livelihood…such is the life of a punk assed thug!! 99% of blacks who are shot are shot by their own…not by a cop or white person.

          • Z

            And 99% of whites are shot by their own, so your black-on-black crime defense that is always thrown in for no reason is moot! But ALL of us need to do something about police brutality together!!

          • Goldfinger

            Check your facts, you are wrong.

          • David Lettinga

            Actually Native Americans are killed at the highest rate in the US, that is the fact

          • Jason Ur

            sorry, quit reading memes… blacks may be more likely to be harrassed by cops, but whites are killed at double the rate of blacks… considering the numbers of deaths to interactions with police which is the only number that counts not entire population, whites are killed at a much higher rate… blacks may be harrassed more yes, but whites are killed more… that just doesnt sell news…

          • vlad the impaler

            they also do the violent crimes at a much higher rate,and also never want to cooperate,they always get froggy or have a fukn attitude problem,trying to tell the cop what he can and cant do,nigga you aint no lawyer,show the cop your fukn id you little shit.but they never want to cooperate,all of sudden the constitution becomes important to them,all of a sudden they want to be American.if they don’t want to get searched quit making your drug dealing obvious,you never see white drug dealers running around at intersections leaning in car windows,they get fucked with cause they are guilty ,not because they are misunderstood youth just out enjoying an evening walk,hell people cant do that because of these fuck you more whites are killed by black cops every year than white cops kill blacks,your stats are niggerized.and are no where near being accurate.blacks think they can steal the situation away from the police by bullshitting and not cooperating,that just makes cops nervous and as many times they get shot at in black neighborhoods by urban snipers,you would hate these muthr fukrs too,they allow themselves to be controlled by gangs and wont confront them,so they are just as much to blame as the cops,if you want a safe neighborhood ,identify the criminals and beat them to death then hand their rotten corpses up for all to see,what happens if you fuck around.sounds midevel,but it works,then the cops wouldn’t even darken your doors.but you like playing cat and mouse it brings excitement to an otherwise pathetic existence plus you like destroying andundoing anything that white people try to establish or build,its just what you do,destruction,look at Detroit in the 1930’s now look at it after a generation or two of blacks.absolute apocalyptic landscape with you occasional black skinny running around.sort of like Mogadishu right here in Michigan.and another thing,how much you wanna bet whites are 32 more times to be murdered by black criminals than the other way around,wanna bet?i didn’t think so.

          • mew

            Sad ass Vlad… if you had it your way all of the African Americans would be killed and then who would you regard as being the next class to be exterminated?

          • Mr. Opinion

            2016 NUMBERS: In the U.S. a total of 509 citizens have been killed this year alone by police. The body count for the previous year stands at a grand total of 990 people shot dead. As the below infographic from Statista shows, most of those killed by police are male and white. 123 (or 12.4%) of those shot were Black Americans.


          • divina6

            Read Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.

          • Stacey Croxen

            When you just going to get it all we are saying is more so than others ok we aren’t taking away everyone else pain just stating facts about the overall picture yes there are those of you who stand up for everyone’s rights therefore risking your own but even if i don’t offend anyone it’s more than likely that if a fight broke out police come in just say it was the black guy who might have been in the bathroom jerking off at the time you’ll see they be quick to believe you and if there’s blood they will react very violently with out the facts try it you’ll see!

          • acyola

            BULLSHIT!! When whites and other races get killed on the streets on the level blacks do, then that’ll be true. Till then shutup with the b.s. White people are the real scum of society and the crazy thing about the truth is that it always comes to the light. Racism is always perpetrated by white people and people who give in to white supremacy. Fuck white racist white people.

          • Anna

            Your the reason US “Black’s” are stereotyped, talked about, downgraded etc,,, really, you do need to get EDUCATED about racism. NO ONE (Black, white, Native, Hmong, Hispanic etc) should Not be killed by the hands of the police Unless really needed.But if BLACKS have the same mentality as you then nothing is going to change, you seem to use the race card but you see just like others see you’re not winning the battle, what you need to do is LOVE ALL and be HAPPY. Your probably the kind of BLACK person that brings up SLAVERY, but has boo clue of what went on, you probably didn’t work the farm, get beat etc BUT keep thinking and believing the way you do you will experience those days. NOT ALL POLICE ARE BAD!

          • Linann M Singh

            If you can’t, or wont understand what BLM means, you’re part of the problem. The issues that people of color have to deal with, have not changed since they were forced to come to America in chains. Until our government is 40% white, this will always be an issue.

          • Che Black

            No, it doesn’t matter what one looks like. We are all the same in the eyes of the system. Keep telling yourself that.

          • Eddie Ramirez

            no when people like you start calling out Cops when they do hurt people. People like you only seem to care when they are white

          • James Edward Buchanan

            The police are very literally, ‘standing armies’, and are the last real gangs left… period.

        • pipes bitch

          I guess i will then, and what would a white person do as usual kill innocent people to assert power and if theres enough time rape to corpse and drink the blood. I guess at that rate black americans are monks

        • how so? are you living in a bubble?

        • Earl Grey Summers

          She’s saying that woman could’ve been Marlene Pinnock— the elderly Black woman who was sat upon and beaten in the face by an LAPD officer— and that crowd could’ve been the Black people of Los Angeles. The difference being, we’d be called animals and thugs and monsters, and the Chinese would be called resisting abusive authorities.

        • IQ

          GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • vlad the impaler

          stfu you libtard,hes right ,you cant handle that or what?you see how Chinese treat animals and now cops.why do you jump off with the racism accusations?is that supposed to insult him?racism is human nature,you cant change that,so quit acting like racism is worse than murder.people that make the accusations nine times out of ten are actually racist themsekves,like I said its human nature now get over the butt hurt,for some reason I suspect you are not even a poc,and that makes you an even bigger idiot.

      • Alec Dempsey

        You are right! we handle our shit…so sorry we put you out of your police job….Coward…….And you don’t have the balls to reply to that ….Do you now!

        • Dan Freeman

          Your white sheet is showing…

      • Jared Abdullah Garrison

        we have been going through what we are going through since we arrived on this soil, other than the few of us who were here BEFORE slavery…and just because the rate at which we were murdered dropped, doesn’t mean whites ever stopped. they just attached well thought and stereotypical lies to the dead black bodies. trust, me, i know black on black crime is high, but its just as high if not higher than white on white crime. white people can’t tell me shit until they dismantle the kkk like they did the black panthers…keywords…like they did the black panthers…killed off our best leaders with their secret organizations, yet we can’t have an open organization…yet I’m sure some butt hurt honky is about to drop some irrelevant and justification of a statistic…so come on, lets hear it…

        • Tyler

          You’re a funny funny man. The past 500 years is the epitome of which you speak. Before that, all colors were prone to slavery. And don’t forget Black Men and Arabs once ruled the world. Aside from that it isn’t the white mans fault, it’s the Jews and not all of them. You want to blame someone, blame the Zionists who look at the rest of us as what a Muslim would call an infidel. They’re the chosen people and us, well we’re a commodity.

          • Jared Abdullah Garrison

            and what skin color jews do you speak of? surely not the black ones. don’t forget black men ruled the world..thats funny funny man. you don’t forget, and stop your people from trying to make everyone else forget. jews didn’t bring the blacks to america, christians did. i can blame you for being another ignorant butt hurt honky passing more disinformation. all of that has nothing to do with what you whites have done to blacks IN AMERICA

          • Gen

            If not for the slave trade – which could only operate because Arabs and coastal black Africans invaded, conquered & enslaved inland Africans – you would never have been born, for your ancestors would not have been taken to American and obviously would never have met. So, in a sense, you owe your life to the slave trade.

          • Jared Abdullah Garrison

            logical fail…nice try ignoramus…since I’m part native american, i would have been born either way, but you would have been more poor and ignorant without slaves, for your people didn’t know how to cook or wash their ass before the slaves taught them how..try inventing something instead of stealing the patents for a change, indian givers.

          • ace1981


          • Gen

            The greatest slave trade was & still is being run by the Arab Islamic world. “Historians estimate that between 650 and 1900, 10 to 18 million people were enslaved by Arab slave traders and taken from Europe, Asia and Africa…” (See And from “Ronald Segal, in Islam’s Black Slaves, estimates the total number of African slaves shipped to the Muslim world at 11.5M-14M. This breaks down as follows…”

          • sickNtired

            you mean the fake jews right?

          • josh

            all of you are making one mistake your putting the word people after black if it wasn’t for the US taking them as slaves they would not even be over here sucking our country dry with their lazy welfare foodstamp ways no they would be in africa starving or died young as child soldiers. Lcky we brought you here to live off the fruits of the white man’s labor ANIMALS

          • Jared Abdullah Garrison

            actually, black ppl were here before slavery…and there are more white ppl on welfare and all forms of gov’t assistance. what “labor” did you do with slaves? how old are you? pretty young to be so racist huh? and so stupid…boy, go read a book. you too stupid to continue without you reading the actual numbers…ol stereotypical white slime

          • A.B. Madyun

            I’m a Muslim, and that term “infidel” isn’t even in the Qur’an..And as for the “chosen people” cartoon, it’s just that…a cartoon. If the Jews are chosen at this juncture of human history, then they are chosen by the devil. I’m not talking about all Jews. I’m talking about the Zionists gangsters who bullied land away from the Palestinians with this “cartoon” claim of inheritance. All Jews are not in support of these devils. These are the European fake Jews whom the British illegally turned these lands over to. These Zionists criminals are not really Jewish at all. They are the disciples of satan, and their actions prove it. Judaism is merely a disquise they use as a convenience. What kind of G’d would approve such atrocities such as the ones that they have committed against G’d and humanity? Here is their history starting with the Rothschild family in England:

      • Bilal Sabir

        No sir, blacks have never responded to police violence by killing them, no they just march and protest carrying signs!

        • ace1981

          In Staten Island there were a few officers killed years back. They lost the respect of their community and became targets. Personally, that is the fear officers need to have, that if they don’t do their job according to the people’s will, the people will revolt.

      • ChuckBob

        How about all Americans? Not saying that there’s not a disproportionate amount of attention focused on my darker skinned brethren, but the fact is that it’s far more about class than color any more. If the only people you see being oppressed are dark, you need to reexamine your focus.

        • ace1981

          Both race and poverty are issues, but poverty is an issue because the people are getting poorer and moving into minority neighborhoods where the cops have been out of control for decades and now non-minorities are starting to experience the attitude of these corrupt agencies first hand and how they have been acting like Nazi’s towards the people they are suppose to protect and serve.

          The poorest neighborhoods are still predominately minority filled, but the actions of police in these neighborhoods sometimes are color blind. Sometimes.

      • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

        seriously? if black americans would stop the drive by and gang bullshit, and stop using the past or poverty as an excuse to do stupid shit, things would be better. but NO there will ALWAYS be an excuse for them. Everything except THEIR own ACTIONS. I was raised in extreme poverty. it gave me NO RIGHTS to act the fool one bit, or to rebel against the system. Work WITHIN the system but NO use the race card, use the slavery card. Forget your ACTUAL HISTORY about how YOU BECAME SLAVES in the first place!

      • James Merman

        That is a certain arguable point, no group of “Americans” has the right to be pissed off more than the natives

      • Matthew Evans

        No, not just like black Americans. Black’s in America destroy their own neighborhoods, their own retail developments, and their own future. The only racists nowadays are those wielding the “race card.”

      • Michael E Clayton


      • dasy100

        I Hope yo have a bunker somewhere on the moon – because the “boogyman” is coming to get you!

      • jimbo

        Skanky KKK slag

      • Burt Logger

        Your an idiot. Every American that isn’t rich is what you should be saying. Quit being ignorant.

      • Guest

        Lady G, go fuck yourself

      • sweetness saucysistah

        Why the hell are we hated so much? You white bastards think you’re better than everyone with your Supremacy ass! WHITE POWER right? You’re the scum of the earth. Black people are tired of being mistreated by white people thats been going on for too long. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. What do you expect us to do, just sit and take the unjust and say yes massah no massah…your a fuckin’ retard. Get off your high horse bitch

      • John Bovenzi

        Pants Up, Don’t Loot… that will cut down on the shootings and harassment. 😉

      • Todd Sanders

        where is your black lives matter speech for black children shot by black gang members? You want respect? Fix the black community first.

      • ZeroHostile

        How about ALL Americans? Fucking nitwit, race baiting, trash…

      • Christian Kengen

        Attention Americanos Since the Day our Government went Bankrupt and started the Corporate Federal Reserve U Have All been born Slaves… hahhahahahaha Research Strawman and What a Birth Certificate Really is… fyi im worth 50k HY! to the CORPORATE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

        Date the US became officially bankrupt and still technically is… ah maritime law… love it or leave it.

        *Not responsible for you may learn

    • Police brutality is increasing everywhere. Thankfully society takes such brutality seriously when some women suffers… brutality against men still go unnoticed.

    • peace

      Most of you guys are complete morons.

    • Cedrik Thibert

      Can’t believe the West just censors it….

  • Human hive. o-O

  • jrsp

    God bless.

  • Sire Onesixone


  • N1V3K

    Cops need to know that their bullshit will NOT be tolerated!

    • cj1404


  • Jessica Coco

    In the US, police abuse is just tolerated! From TSA officers molesting children to Stop and Frisk which criminalizes all persons of color is the norm in communities of color. Why is this we must ask and the answer is quite simple, because we accept it. We have internalized abuse upon the working class as normal and justified. A child being molested, a black man shot, and old white woman beaten 1/2 to death-all these things should spark equal indignation as what happened in China. Sadly, we deserve the police force we have.

    • Unknown

      Then go do something about… Oh wait you won’t you’ll just bitch about online like everyone else

      • Mozey King

        This is not bitching about it, you unknown louse.
        This is called dialoguing about what to do about the
        police brutality and Injustice we face here on American streets.
        I think the American people are finally realizing how much we have been duped.
        I fear that something will happen to reverse this trend of police crimes.

        • kelly

          Lol dialoguing-bitching, what’s the difference, you want to make a difference, it starts with me and you. You see something, you don’t film it, you step in. If you’re not risking your life your not making an effort

          • Nicole Lynn Spengler

            Film is the only thing these fucks can’t twist around to suit them. So yes, most certainly step in but also film. and I don’t see you doing anything other than bitching yourself so get off your high horse

          • DaddiBluJr1

            YES finally SOMEONE who feels the same way I do. I’m tired of seeing videos of ONE cop ONE COP beating on some one and TWO or more people are just standing and watching saying ” omg what are you doing? He didn’t do anything.” WELL MO*#$%R F$&%&R jump in and HELP HIM/HER. I wish I could see ONE COP beating someone I bet you hear about a DEAD COP

          • nate

            your an idiot. if every person whose legitimately willing to fight cops dies or is arrested in isolated incidents because nobody planned or coordinated (dialogued, ya fuckin retard) events that would draw legitimate numbers and make REAL change, not the dramatized black and white bullshit your fantasizing about, then there wouldn’t be any dissenters left and shit stain country would just go about business as usual.

          • Markos Kokoletsos



            don’t call people idiots if you can’t use proper grammar.

          • futurewidow

            Correct ideas transcend correct grammar.

          • Montely Wilson

            Here comes a grammar cop!

          • Antigovt

            What the fuck are you doing here besides bitching? Why are you not out doing what you tell everyone else to do? Help out or get out.

          • Tchalla

            I think complaining or “bitching’ as you call it is constructive. Exposure is the key white supremacist always say white supremacy(w/s) does not exist. Shine the light on them and it and they scream and die like the vampires they are. Not all white people are white supremacist but more WP have practiced w/s over a longer period of time in more places than any other behavioral stereotype you can say about any people.

          • Debbie

            Sooooo…. what are YOU doing about it, Kelly?

          • Highintellect23

            So what have you really been doing. Oh wait nothing. Just sitting here criticizing everyone else acting like you making shit happen. Bitch please when you go out creating am Alliance like they did in the purge them get back to me until then keep you’re mouth shut.

        • dagobarbz

          For the past couple of years I have persisted in my suggestion that we need a nationwide plan to deal with abusive cops. State laws may vary, but the tactics don’t have to. Make a lot of noise and rabble at the city council level. I’ve found you can really impose change at the community level if you try.

          • LawrenceNeal

            The only thing that gets their attention is blood

          • Antigovt

            Violence is the only way to deal with violence unfortunately, so people would have to kick the shit out of a few and disappear

      • Nicole Lynn Spengler

        what exactly are YOU doing to make it better? What are you ADDING to the dialog that is of any value? Oh wait… NOTHING.

      • rholmans

        And you’ll hide behind the anominity of “Unknown”.

      • nate

        your an idiot. if every person whose legitimately willing to fight cops dies or is arrested in isolated incidents because nobody planned or coordinated (ya kno, actually raising awareness ya fuckin retard) events that would draw legitimate numbers and make REAL change, not the dramatized black and white bullshit your fantasizing about, then there wouldn’t be any dissenters left and this shit stain country would just go about business as usual. why dont you stop bitching and say something constructive sheep.

      • Hotep Yan Kenyatta

        You stupid. A textual post is doing something about it stupid person. Further, via text, a person can’t actually use that text in a physical way. Further, sometimes words of encouragement are enough to motivate others. But you’re probably a spy/plant sent in to TROLL and spread dissension or just an idiot that does it for free.

    • Nicole Lynn Spengler

      Jessica, I do have a feeling that we are at the start of a tipping point. We can only hope.

      • Jessica Coco

        I wish it were as equally true for us as for the Chinese. I think if there is going to be revolution, it’s going to be in China or South Korea. I have to say I saw footage back in 2010 of the South Korean military barracking itself against workers who had taken over tanks. They were peacefully protesting some NAFTA-like agreement with the US and the military came out in tanks and began beating protestors up & threatening to shoot them and the people weren’t having it and fought back. When workers go on strike in this country and officers beat them up or in the case of Occupy where police pepper-sprayed innocent young people, where were the riots or when members of Occupy like that woman were given like a gazillion years for resisting arrest though she did nothing illegal? Who was taking the pistols of the police and forcing them to retreat and form barricades.

        • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

          what gets me is they are fighting for one woman that was beaten by the cops. yet every day COUNTLESS girl children are killed or abandoned because they are girls.

    • ehcop

      You’re mixing true wrongs (TSA molestations) with required legal enforcement procedures (stop & frisk of members of certain demographics proven to be violence-prone). In other words, you’re all over the chart!

      • David Hassall

        Stop and frisk isn’t wrong?

        • ehcop

          Hi, David. S&F is, at face value, humiliating. Unfortunately, it has become a necessary evil. Let me explain, if I may. Just as we put sex offenders on lists due to their proven propensity to re-offend & question them first when a child in their area comes up missing, we conduct S&F on those persons/demographics who have either proven to be offenders or are statistically (emphasis on that word) more likely to commit an offense. Consider this, every terrorist bombing in the US in the last 30 years has factually been committed by Muslims/followers of Islam, bar none. Therefore, it stands to reason the police should be “profiling” Muslims more than any other demographic. Conversely, you rarely find the police conducting drug raids on mosques or homes of Muslims. Why? Because they statistically are not known for the drug trade here in the US. Blacks are statistically found to be more likely to commit murder (of most types), rape, drug offenses, assault, theft, etc. S&F policies are founded in what is called “black and white, no gray area” crime statistics. Likewise, whites are most likely to be robbed or have their homes burglarized. Why? Because statistics show whites are more likely to have larger sums of money at any given time, either on their person or in their home. If they don’t the assumption is enough to commit the crime against them anyway. So, you see, it’s the laws of probability that drive S&F and profiling. All people are profiled in one way or another throughout their lives, some more subtley than others.

          • David Hassall

            Profiling as a whole is wrong and it’s no excuse to violate the fourth amendment. It’s easy to single Muslims out as being a terrorist threat but what about White males? Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were white males, remember the Oklahoma City bombing? Should the actions of those two mean every white American should be a suspected terrorist? Certainly not. Stop and Frisk violates many parts of the bill of rights, we’re turning into a police state. Look at the militarization of the Boston marathon, compare that to the London marathon. Both cities have been victims of terrorist attacks but London didn’t turn their marathon into a show of military power.

          • Alex Wording

            your statistics are way off the mark. maybe you better go check the actual statistics again. also the statistics are drastically scewed due to the policies that have been in practice for a long time. guess how many blacks have been convicted of murders that were really committed by whites? stop and frontal does not actually protect the public good, it makes things worse, statistically worse too, provided you don’t examine individual stats in a bubble.

          • ehcop

            Alex, your refusal to accept DOJ/FBI stats doesn’t make for a reliable argument. I regret your anti-establishment/liberal agenda causes your myopic view of the world around you. Given blacks are 13% of the US population yet commit approx. 86% of all crimes, I’d hazard a guess there are very, very few blacks convicted of a murder committed by any other race. Conversely, stats show blacks are often wrongly convicted for a crime that was actually committed by another black (mistaken identity). I’m tired at this point of preaching doctorate-level talking points to you. Look me up again when you have something substantiated & germain to input.

          • Jay Hns

            Blacks and whites use drugs at the same rate, yet nonwhites make up a larger share of drug convictions. I could argue with you for hours about structural racism, but would get nowhere bc you would hear nothing that violates your poisonous white supremacist ideology. Again, kill yourself. You’re true scum.

          • Tom Prescott

            “Given blacks are 13% of the US population yet commit approx. 86% of all crimes, I’d hazard a guess there are very, very few blacks convicted of a murder committed by any other race. ”

            So because more blacks get convicted, more blacks must be guilty, therefore justifying the convictions!

            circular logic perhaps?

          • JerkChicken

            Lmao at thinking you can get away with blatantly false statistics just by name-dropping federal agencies. Link to the statistic that says black people commit 86% of all crimes (what crimes? Violent felonies? Drug offenses? White-collar crime?)

            You’re human garbage, and nothing you’ve said even begins to approach “doctorate-level”.

          • ace1981

            If whites aren’t under the same scrutiny and processed through the system the same way as blacks, the numbers are skewed. Blacks are under surveillance, constantly harassed, are railroaded in court, get longer sentences, pulled over more often, etc. Whites don’t deal with all that. So, blacks aren’t committing more crimes, they are being criminalized mostly for possession of drugs and weapons.

            Think about it now. Poverty means many of them can’t get the drugs through healthcare like whites do. The biggest addiction we have is prescription drugs, and whites are using all drugs at the same rates as blacks, yet blacks are incarcerated for it more. Whites often get to check into rehab, many blacks rarely can afford it. Weapons, come on, we know whites love their weapons. And it is often more difficult for blacks to legally obtain weapons, due to finances, background checks, etc. But whites carry knives, drugs and guns too, they just aren’t stopped and frisked as often. See, why the numbers are skewed? Let’s put whites under the same scrutiny and see what the numbers say. Let’s have entirely black police forces in white neighborhoods and see the outcome.

            *These are generalizations. Not all whites or blacks are criminals.

          • Jay Hns

            Haha kill yourself racist revisionist human garbage.

          • Darius Coit

            That’s inaccurate! The uni bomber wasn’t Muslim, neither was the Oklahoma City bomber! And quite frankly to say that a demographic is more prone to violence is the biggest load of bull shit! Whites, blacks, Asians and everyone else commit violent acts, it’s called human.

          • ehcop

            Darius, thank you for the correction as I stand corrected. Here’s a little sumpin-sumpin to chew on that might open your eyes.

          • Spencer Overcat Semien

            most terrorists in the us are not muslims thats a huge lie

          • Tom Prescott

            “Consider this, every terrorist bombing in the US in the last 30 years has factually been committed by Muslims/followers of Islam, bar none”

            Funny I had never heard that Timothy McVeigh was Muslim. the things you learn! And not forgetting many others.

          • ehcop

            Tom, I already corrected myself earlier in this string. Here’s something for you to consider!


          • David Hassall

            here’s something for you to consider, to open your closed mind.

          • ehcop

            Whew, good try! You almost had me until I realized your “article” turned out to be a blog citing incorrect stats. Additionally, the blogger is dubiously pro-Muslim. What made you think you could throw THAT into the mix? My background, training and education speak for themself. Seeing how you’re of mid-East descent, I will bid you ado and not entertain any further posts/replies from you. Instead, I will pray for your salvation! 🙂

          • Spencer Overcat Semien


          • Steven Smith

            Don’t listen to this Spence bitch, I called him out and showed proof of his ignorance, still fails to admit it!

          • Locked in

            Have to say old chum…USA has sponsored terrorism around for a long time now you all cry foul. Unacceptable terrorism because its on your own doorstep. Bomb their countries and reap what you sow. 911 wasn’t the start of terrorism chummy. IRA were sponsored by Irish septics and since 911 a saving grace. No more bombs and bullets killing innocent people in Northern Ireland. By the way your own people bomb too. have you forgotten these. Your people are terrified of their own government.. Home of the free …don’t make us laugh.

          • d12know

            Your response seemed logical until I saw Blacks are high for rape…I know this to be a flat out lie…this is why hardly anyone believes the Atlanta homosexual cannibalistic serial killer was responsible…though he may have been…it was highly unlikely due to his status as a Black man…just as the DC sniper was unable to be met since law enforcement and most others knew the profile was of a white man in his latter 20’s or 30’s…it is also quite indicative how most of us know this to be true…but your example for white crime is robbery of their home due to large amounts of cash…most of my friends who are white do NOT carry cash at all!!! Though, they are known for stealing excessively large sums of money from corporate activities…You know, what white collar crime is? Hmmm…your statement showed the leanings of your heart…by the way, blacks are high on the one one one murder rate…I totally agree…since how fair your analysis really makes…by the way, I love bootleg movies due to making it home from the likes of you and your persuasion…Hmmm….and you thought you were unbiased.

          • ehcop

            Who said I was white? LOL

          • Educate yourself

            I guess McVey wasn’t a terrorist. Oh, wait, white americans can’t be terrorists sans 2001.

          • ehcop

            “Sans” means “without” so I’m not sure what you meant to say. How embarrassing is THAT!

          • Yeah well profiling is unconstitutional! I don’t care what “cops” use to justify using unconstitutional tactics or what legislators use to justify unconstitutional laws (like the sex offender registry) THEY ARE STILL UNCONSTITUTIONAL! ALL people are different but ALL have the same rights no matter if you are black, white, green, purple, etc. The problem with this country is that people do not know how much power they really have because the gov violates the constitution all the time and we refuse to do something about it. Why? The government uses unconstitutional things like “statistics” to justify unconstitutional laws to make us believe that it is to “keep us safe” when in reality they don’t do anything. Then, when we are not looking they slip in a really unconstitutional law and we put up with it because we assume it’s for our own good! In reality, it’s to oppress us and dissolve the constitution. Finally, the reason why the educational system in this country is so bad is because the government wants us to stay stupid so we do not become wise to their scams!

          • FW190

            Ummm… Tim MacVeigh was a Muslim?? Agree with most of what u said except for the “fact” of who all the “terrorists” have been…. Tim MacVeigh was no Muslim, and bombed the Fed Bldg in Oklahoma….

          • Montely Wilson

            So, Timothy McVie was a Muslim? Where you get your statistics. I’m calling that BS! Columbine, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Sandyhook, etc. You forgot those, and yet I don’t see white people being stopped and frisked anywhere.

          • ehcop

            Grow up, please! I’e already corrected myself. The large MAJORITY of terrorist attacks worldwide are caused by Islamic extermists.

          • ace1981

            I didn’t read past your first few sentences, because you are brainwashed. First off, stop and frisk is unconstitutional. Demographics, is racial profiling. Also illegal. And… here is the kicker 🙂 whites were more likely to be found with contraband than blacks. Government can not harass innocent people because they fit some BS profile. We have rights.

            Further, by that logic, since whites commit the most rapes maybe their DNA should be collected at birth. Lol. The lunacy.

          • ehcop

            Be thruthful, now, the real reason you didn’t “read past my first few sentences” is because you are biased. I stand behind me research and the supporting stats. I went to your page and, after viewing your comments & posts, see a very disturbing anti-law/anti-cop pattern replete with pro-unlawful coduct sentiments. Sad!

          • ace1981

            Deflecting. Couldn’t argue one point I made. Anti-cop/anti-gov? Pro un-lawful??? Lol. How so? Enlighten me. I’d love to school you on the corruption. 😉

    • Antigovt

      I don’t think the corruption is directed at any one race more than any other. The tyranny and oppression is growing at a fast pace and the ones abusing don’t care what color age or sex you are they just want to beat up and kill anyone they can. It has become a game to them and unfortunately they are winning

    • Alec Dempsey

      Read the following comments to your post and you can see why America will always be victims to any police tactic as all we do is divide and cut our own down. The cops don’t have to do shit ! We do it for them. This country is fucked from the inside out!

  • Joe Torres


    • Judy West

      most people don’t realize that an angry mob is what their aiming for. It gives them a reason to kill and is justified by higher ups.

  • Logic Wins Again

    This is the most awesome thing I’ve seen in over a year. Good job to the heroic Chinese men who did the right thing.

  • dagobarbz

    Let this be a guide to all people being oppressed by cops, the fist of the oppressor… I hope this becomes a trend. Together with onboard cameras, this will put an end to police malfeasance and misbehavior.

    • Yo mamas kutchi

      By becoming the beast that we hate so much sounds like a vicious circle to me needs to b a different way of handeling things on both sides mr v for vendetta n by the by u underground fucks oh im srry cult isnt helping anyone u r just as much to blame for spreading hate and lies as the gov, police,ect why dont u fucks try to spread rrrreeeaalll understanding n not opposition,… misery loves company r u free or r u traped in ur own little confined computer rooms tryna figure out how Obama whipes his ass u ppl needa chill pill u will never b able to completely diminish evil it is impossable it is against nature yin and yang look it up im sure u have free time n for anyone who thinks killing someone in rage is just, u deserve to feel loss u deserve everything that is unjust in this world because u r apart of the sickness that ailes many u call ur selves free n humble but ur nothing but lost souls

      • dagobarbz

        We the people have been ground under by a succession of regimes we have failed to fight.
        Failure to fight results in oppression like North Korea. Revolution worked in France. I’d like to see Madame Guillotine rolled out here. People like you have argued that keeping the boot on our necks is the only way. It’s not. I can’t really respond to this post because it’s incomprehensible. Fight or die. That’s it.

      • Escobar1312

        You’re an idiot. Learn to write out your words completely when joining in on serious topics like this.

        • dagobarbz

          Slack, bro…might be English isn’t his primary language. Internets, global, all that.

      • Presto

        I agree with you yo mama people will always try to sound smarter by attacking someone else’s views. It’s immature but sadly that’s the world we live in. Change only truly happens when others realize your accomplishments and act upon it. WE WILL NEVER ELIMINATE EVIL! It’s the balance of what is right. Hypocrites need to go back to bed and wake up from there day dreaming of a perfect utopia.

        • ace1981

          Evil in the world will always exist, but we can fight against evil in government which is what is being referred to here. We can mold and change government if we all stopped waiting for it to affect us and stood up for eachother. They are criminalizing people, stealing children, violating rights, wasting tax dollars, and more. But no one cares until it directly affects them. Pay attention and speak/fight/write against injustice.

      • LawrenceNeal

        Is that in some kind of code?

  • Leo Becker

    ACAB! Great how the Chinese people handled this. Let this be a warning for PIGS all over the world.

  • Robert Burns

    this is how the America should be when their cops go rogue .. killing homeless men and women and pets !!

  • qikturbo

    Those cops committed murder,so their execution was warranted.

    • John Narayan


  • Adrien Marcel Drea

    cops like every citizen no one above the law exept north korean dictaure and their slavic neighbors ?

  • arno

    Yep what you Sow, you harvest, governments spread hate, it will turn against them, and many will turn around and help the people.

  • John Narayan

    Good! Fucking pigs!

  • Alan Williams

    Way to go fucking China! Wish I could bottle that and force feed it to the US lol

  • CF Fawkes

    fucking revolution ! Why cantwe doit here ???

    • roblosricos

      because americans are cowards – try fighting back and see how many people stand beside you. the only way americans fight is through overwhelming military superiority or against people who won’t fight back with anything more than words. that’s why rape is becoming commonplace in this country – our rapist military and police are showing the way! i hate what this country has become – wait a minute! it’s ALWAYS been this way!

      • Dylan

        It’s not because people are cowards it’s because we aren’t nearly as repressed as the people of China. If something like this were to happen in the middle of the street in the United States I know that people would be outraged. Choosing not to have faith in each other is exactly what the people repressing us want. They want us to be divided and not be able to unite if we were truly being taken advantage of. Please stop pretending our lives are horrible. Our quality of life is one of the best on the planet. Yes there are things that our government does that shouldn’t take place; however, overall our freedoms are very much still intact. The second any of it is actually taken away this country would flip out in a heartbeat because since we are born we have it subliminally inscribed in our brains that we are “the freest country in the world.” Despite that being a lie it would still cause a huge uproar in which the people would win because that “overwhelming military superiority” that we “fight through” will back us up because our military serves our people not our government.

        • Jessica Coco

          No, the Chinese are not more repressed than Americans as you can see from these photos. It is Americans who are beaten down physically, emotionally, and psychologically every day of our lives. This why we don’t rebel. That the Chinese are more repressed than us is a lie the US media tells working class Americans so they accept repression. Freedom, better standard of living? Compared to where Saudi Arabia? 2 million children are officially homeless. Nearly 50% of the US population lives at or near the poverty level. Of those who are included in the top 20%, a good percentage of them are on foodstamps. Want to know why? Because the official poverty line is $10,000 for one person and $22,600 for 4 before taxes. We also have the largest prison population in the world-larger than China which has over a billion 1/2 people.

          • Michael Manley

            Brilliant. It’s the same shyt here in the UK & EU. Yous Yanks got your ‘CNN Curtain’, whilst we got our ‘BBC Blinders’ on. ALL the western economies are suffering whilst the “middle-class”(HA!) and poor plebs buy the rubbish MSM propaganda like Dylan’s done innit: “Please stop pretending our lives are horrible. Our quality of life is one of the best on the planet.”(HA!!)

            Keep banging on and perhaps these tossers will finally get it. And if not? Then it’ll be

            E PLURIBUS RECTUM!

            You’re all buggered now..

        • Tom Prescott

          “If something like this were to happen in the middle of the street in the United States I know that people would be outraged.”

          Kelly Thomas?

  • Ruby Justice

    get your constitution and federalist papers out ……they are legal binding documents that can and should be used in any case against the state or fed gov…….they use them and adhere to them concerning each other… is up to the american citizens to join them using the same documents …..the federalist papers is the pure unadulterated interpretation of the constitution and is the interpretation of constitutional law between the federal and state gov…..the federalist papers is their guide bible to peace….tyranny….slavery…..freedom…..and war manual ……if u stick to them …..never submit to a court without a jury conviction/trial probably without an attorney …..u will win……the articles of confed……the constitution…and the federalist papers is legal law and if u know your unalienable rights …..through and through …..u can win any case against the state/fed gov concerning money…..whether IRS…TICKETS….OR EVEN WATER….SEWER ….PROPERTY TAX…..get your papers out and start practicing law ……

    • Damien

      hmm… not sure you know what the federalist papers are. If you did you would know they are not legally binding at all, they are just letters. Articles of Confederation too… not legally binding at all, the Constitution replaced the Articles. You are a perfect example of why paying attention in 5th grade Government class is needed.

  • Olof

    Disguisting, non-human behviour. Both by the police officers and the people who in turned killed them.
    Is this what humanity has come to? We are nothing more than savages.

    • Albert Nelson

      What humanity has come to? Do you think we used to be MORE docile? Drink some more flouride and take your prozak, pussy.

  • Ruby Justice

    cops should know and be taught with respect……we have unalienable drives even it results in a death ….

  • Bert Berw

    When did this happen?

  • Fred Spead

    the post said the people were beating the cops with “baseball bats”. The Chinese are not into baseball and do not purchase that many Louisville Sluggers. I do advocate keeping one in the back seat, however.

    • Chance Pemberton

      When you don’t have a gun, you use whatever you can get your hands on.

  • Mahony

    I would like to point out, that this is a perfect example of WE the people outnumber all of our military s, police forces and governments. if we the people don’t want something we have the right to tell the government, they are public servants it is in the fine print of there contracts, police are public servants. and should serve double penalties for any offence they are appointed to uphold, they should not be, and not consider themselves above the law, they should be below it, and when they get suspended they should not get paid either, its a free vacation when that happens. for these high egod officers i have one thing to Say, Karma BITCHES!!!

  • LawrenceNeal

    This is what I’m talking about! There are thousands of us for everyone of them, SMASH POLICE BRUTALITY! HUMAN WAVE!

  • Adam Brian

    Good. Americans should do the same thing.

  • Tunafish Ha

    I dun like cops but to kill all of them based on one mans actions is kind of barbaric. Its wrong and they deserve a fair trial

    • Swapster_com

      Actually, you’re wrong. Those other cops, at the very least, knew what type of cop that was and made the decision to allow him to continue. They are accomplices and as such deserving of the same punishment.

      • Tom Prescott

        In the UK they would be considered guilty of the crime too in law. You can get done for just being present when your friend commits a crime, they call it “Joint enterprise”. you don’t have to actually do anything, just be hanging out with someone who decides to commit a crime.

  • The time is ripe for revolution.

    • Chance Pemberton

      I know. Someone is pushing to make that happen and it will be the most bloody in the history of mankind.

  • Gabriel Alan King

    Ganging up on a helpless woman? I”m glad they were beaten to death! We need more of that here in the States !

    • Chance Pemberton

      You got that right.

  • Swapster_com

    If this happened A LOT MORE OFTEN… and let’s hope it does… cops would begin to think about what their real role is – to PROTECT and SERVE. As it is, we are their ATM and punching bag – depending on what sort of mood they’re in.

    • SpotOn_SpotOff

      They do seem to be converting the “protect and serve” motto to “keep people in line” as their duty. It’s dreadful everywhere.

  • Jordan

    Here in Toronto where I live, we have a cop who shot a killed a kid on a street car last July or August. The entire thing was caught on camera. He didn’t just shoot him once, he shot him 4 times with a 3 second pause(the kid was down and out after the first one) then he shot 3 more times with a 5 second pause, then shot him 2 more times!!!! Then they fucking tazed him!! After being shot 9 times!

    This cop was charged with 2nd degree murder, but he’s been on paid leave and now he’s back to work before his trial!!!
    This is absolutely disgusting!!!

    • Chance Pemberton

      What the hail is going on here, there and everywhere? What is driving this absolute insanity? Are we seeing an excuse to resort to some kind of New World Order or is it something else? No one seems to know.

  • Diane Crawford

    I am having a serious hard time not supporting the actions of citizens against abuse. I saw videos of police abusing and killing men and children… without a sign from other officers in the vicinity to stop the abuse or interfere with the act before harm comes to an innocent. I know officers who arrested innocent men and women just for cause that cause is they are black. I want to say YEAH! But, I am sadden that I cannot say a word of support for any legal system until I find that legal system willing to protect and serve the public not her wicked ignorant …cultural ideas which serves no one including them who choose to allow that thought to rule their direction their destiny…

  • LostOdyssey

    GOOD fucking kill the pigs

  • Antigovt

    Sad american people would never have the balls to do that. People see police abuse they turn their heads in america

    • Chance Pemberton

      Wrong. The time will come when the American people will have had enough. A police brutality will occur that will set off a nationwide chain reaction. Unfortunately the pot will boil over before this happens and because the pot is boiling over, the outrage will turn to protests, that will turn to violence, that will turn to blood that will turn to rebellion that will turn to anarchy that will turn to Marshall Law, that will turn to…well we’ll have to wait to see how this ends. Be ready, it’s coming soon.

      • Antigovt

        I have been fed up for years, but i cannot take on the government alone, i might take out a few then I would be dead. There is not enough people in this country that would ever become violent enough to take on the government, the government has made it clear there will be no more dissent, they will be killed on the spot. So the only option obama leaves the people with is a gun fight

        • yourface

          I am not advocating a rebellion, that’s illegal. But statically speaking, there are 200 civilians for every one of them.



    • Michael Manley

      Death before dishonour!!

  • LA

    Love it!

  • Michael Manley

    Black men are afraid of REVOLUTION simply because they are afraid of DYING.

    Whenever I hear a Negropean say, “And what are we going to do after we defeat the white man’s reign?” I know that he is a coward and thus afraid of DYING.

    Because if he were a TRUE Pan-African warrior, like say Frantz Fanon or Che Guevara, then he would not care what would be there “after”, just as long as our people got there. We have but one life to give to end White Supremacy after all…

    “I have been to the mountain top… and it was just meh.” — MLK, Jr.

    “This shit’s chess, it ain’t chinese checkers!

    Guess again…

    “I’m turning Chinese
    I think I’m turning Chinese
    I really think so
    Turning Chinese
    I think I’m turning Chinese
    I really think so
    I’m turning Chinese
    I think I’m turning Chinese
    I really think so
    Turning Chinese
    I think I’m turning Chinese
    I really think so

  • Og Law
  • Clear TRUTHS!

    System Has Created These Monsters it by design Us Vs Them the police systems were put in place to protect the elite Bastards whom believe they are superiority over the masses, In My Country The Bahamas Police conduct similar Abuses without impunity. People are getting tired of this action and inhumanity against every day citizens. Rebellion is on the horizon around the world. We must wake up and rise up!!! This Us not just a Black Amerikkka problem but a world problem against those most victimized by a CORRUPT systems. A System Gone Wrong!! The Masses Are Fed Up And Soon Rise Up!!!!

  • tman229 .

    Wow. So even china has more fire in them than us americans. All we do is either film it and either defend or complain about the hundreds of abuse that the police has done to citizens. We even believe that these action will make the police stop doing what they have been getting away with for decades now.

  • @lavarat

    Coming soon to the US. I agree with non violence but realize the Sociopath Police Officers in the US will soon follow fate…

  • yworld360

    Cops bleed just like you and me dont let them think there more powerful

  • Justice 🙂

  • Michael Mahoney

    So who were the troops and who gave them their orders ? They should be next !!!!!

  • Robert Zendejas

    Looks like the Chinese people have reached a limit to being bullied.

  • Robert Wood

    I don’t get why this has turned into a color thing, the incident described is not color related, and although black people may be discriminated against, so is everyone else that isn’t what a cop thinks a person should be. How no one else pointed this out yet I am shocked. Half my arrests were unjust. I get pulled up and searched for drugs and weapons just like everyone else. You look youthful and not military and you have a bullseye on your back when police are around. Shit if I’m in a low income housing area and the 5-0 are nearby automatically because I’m fucking white they assume I am there for drugs… I’m fucking broke, I should be able to be there peacefully. Speaking of racial bs… Maryland sucks period. Was on section 8 list for two years, beginning of this year got automated call saying we were like 3000 some in line. Called up again last month as we desperately needed a place and we got jumped by FOUR THOUSAND people! Due to the color of my skin I’m supposed to have money to support 3 people and pay all my debts, my girls, and pay ridiculous rent… People are people and in a shitty economy plenty of us need help. Finally got tired of not having my own and leased an apartment I can barely afford, can’t get any state help whatsoever. Anyone feeling bad and discriminated against this is just a reminder that normal white folk have it just as rough, no one helps us either. We need to band together as PEOPLE and get everyone out of office, both nationwide and locally as the fuckers there do not care about what those in the struggle are going through. Just feeding the idiots more lies that vote for them to keep their cushy jobs. . Just my two pennies at least, kudos China. Wish I could kill the unjust pricks roaming these streets, free to break the laws they hold us to >_<

  • thisguy

    in the last picture, is that the Iphone 6 ?

  • RUanAmericanSheep?

    I sure hope the people see the power they have when they wish to use it….

  • Joeyy.92

    This all is going to lead to something much worse, much bigger. Police around the world abuse their power.

  • Mykeesha

    Love it. Everywhere else in the world shows that people will not tolerate this abuse of so called power, except in america!!!

  • Guest

    NO NO NO…Respect ALL LIFE IS THE REAL LAW Karmas Gonna Get ya ALL..stupidity beyond you think you can fight bombs…ASK GAZA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Promoting this shit is digusting DO NOT CALL KILLING INSTANT KARMA !! WRONG WRONG WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    9 mins · Like
    Peter Briant Sorry Richard …RANT over …Namaste
    Unable to post comment. Try again

  • Indigo Priest

    NO NO NO…Respect ALL LIFE IS THE REAL LAW Karmas Gonna Get ya ALL..stupidity beyond you think you can fight bombs…ASK GAZA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Promoting this shit is digusting DO NOT CALL KILLING INSTANT KARMA !! WRONG WRONG WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    9 mins · Like
    …RANT over …ONE LOVE

  • Gary Dwayne

    This goes to show that it’s not about race but about class. The elite, who the police is really charged to serve and protect, might use the lower class who are people of color, as trials to make sure the tactics work but believe me, when they’re ready, every person who doesn’t share the elitist bloodline, will suffer. What better way to test martial law then to manufacture a scenario that calls for it such as what’s going on in Missouri?

  • Tracy Lynch

    Stop paying taxes, then there will be no more cops. Would Anarchy prevail? Would it be survival of the fittest ? Will we take care of our infrastructure or would everything disintegrate ? Should we take it upon ourselves to violently attack the violent attackers? How do we fix this mess we are in?

  • Hotep Yan Kenyatta

    The Chinese can get away with such justice. As crazy as it may read, Americans have LESS freedom to response. Now the job of a cop is actually supposed to be a noble one, help the community, protect it. But in a racist, sexist, imperial nation, cops (like most military officers, soldiers) actually work FOR THE financially rich and elite against the working class, minorities, etc. If black Americans tried to do what the Chnese did, the US govt would clamp down, kill many, jail many, and then call on their Koon sellout blacks (major celebrities, etc) to tel black folks to calmly go back to their plantation job or jobless line for free cheese. Now I am not advocating all out battles, and hurting innocent people. But clearly if anyone (cop, black gang member, Santa) is hurting a CIVILIAN, then that civilian or others, should protect the innocent. Same thing if a cop is minding his/her business and a civilian attacks them, that cop should be protected. Sadly, our world is mostly upside down and BULLIES rule the world and hire lower class ignorant BULLIES (military, cops, etc) to protect the BULLY puppet masters. When will we end the madness? Will the NWO keep us divided and fighting as they rape us all and our regions of oil, etc? Are people waiting for the sky to open up and someone save us or are most people under the belief that the problems we face are from a Devil and we should simply sit by and watch the planet destroyed and innocent people killed/abused? We are at SOS stage. Chine has more of a chance of surviving than the so-called FREE WORLD (which ain’t free at all). I have some solutions posted on my facebook and if you want to work together let’s talk. Some of us need to help unite and make the world a more peaceful place for this and future generations of homo sapiens.

  • unbreak Able

    The sad part is you never see the media publicize the “good cops” The just ones who truly want to serve and protect guided by a true sense of morality and a code of ethics. Its hard to believe but they do exist. The profession itself makes it hard to remain unbiased when you live a demographicaly diverse society, in which, depending on location; one or two race(s) which reside in the lower, poverty stricken class which w/e the race is in that lower demographic of class tends to associated more with crime and threat to officers life. But yes there is always bad eggs, so to speak that should not be on the force.

  • Mancave Heywood

    Hell yeah, us Americans can take this as an example from those little commie’s. They seem to actually not put up with any of the muzzie crap and now they are striking back against the NAZI thugs in uniform!

  • dagobarbz

    Looks like a good start to me…abusive pigs should die.

  • uuberdude

    Just another in a long history of police abuse that has a happy ending.

  • asante

    It’s time people

  • OneoftheNONRACIST

    I am sick of racist people, and just about every comment on here comes from a racist piece of shit. Get off your soap box white supremacist and black panthers. Hate doesn’t solve the issue at hand it adds to the fire

  • PGies Chan

    Americans are pussies. When this happens in usa people cry on twitter and #hashtag #fakesupport #slacktivism

  • OneLOVE

    a movement has begun in opposition to the forces of violence, aggression exploitation, abuse, etc against humanity that has permeated our world for eons… the movement seems to be beyond ‘race’. It’s about our humanity!! We were not born hating each other… it’s a learned behavior imposed on us by the same forces that have perpetuated the violence. It’s a force that demands control; be it the economy, religion, land, goods, services, etc. The black/white issue, the religious issue, male/female issue, sexuality issue, et al are all a part of the game of distraction. While some are fighting against gay rights (instead of working towards human rights) they are being stripped of so many of their sovereign rights, and they don’t even realize it. ‘Man’s inhumanity to man’ has been the way of the world for so long… we are tired; sick and tired of being sick and tired. The human spirit is moving into an activisim that demands a different way of Being with each other in this world. Before we are any of the labels that are put upon us we are ‘Human Beings’. Do we dare relate to each other in this way… one human being to another! We can continue to hate and fight wars with each other or we can find the love that is in our hearts and realize that we are not each other’s enemy. We are reflections of each other, and as we liberate ourselves we open the path for others to do the same. Nothing is isolated… let your eyes see a global picture and you’ll see the movement for change happening all around us.

  • DeAnna Rice

    They want you to believe it’s a race war…it’s not…anytime I…as a white girl see anyone abused or what ever wrong fully …I have seen cops beating on old white woman…I have seen them abusing children,,,,,white ones …I have seen it done to matter their race..gender..I am the one sitting here saying this is about them pushing us….all of us…I say unite ..Those people are like Icons to me…..They are strong enough to stand and unite…….they DID….they had the courage to throw back this time…and because of it more will start throwing back! The target should be the enemy not ..stores and stealing from people you deal with every day..stop with the looting…those people are in this with you…I am sorry for those of you who do not understand “Police State” I am sorry but it’s happening….and they are coming for you…they don’t care about you…they are “their” army..not here to protect aand serve us with nothing but warrants..jailtime…we are paying these guys to do this to us..think of it that way as well…your tax dollars are paying for them to do this…I’m sorry but don’t that piss you off?????

  • geoquip

    How the hell did this turn into a racist discussion?

    Some of you people are sickening to the stomach!!


  • Bruce Wayne Muhammad Jr

    If American law enforcement doesn’t stop their abuse, many that we heard of and many we have not heard of, they would be faced with the same problem. It seems that people are getting fed up with police brutality. It’s also strange that a lot of reports are coming to surface in abundance in a short period of time.

  • Jay

    this is not a post about black people or white people it is not a post on race crimes so black/white people get of your high horse and talk about the real issue which is police overstepping there bounds sick of this petty bullshit we are all people no matter what color our skin is the real enemy is the corrupt overlords who dictate our lives for their personal gain. grow up people

  • Unlicensed Dremel

    When did this happen?

  • American III%

    What this shows is that you must stand up for yourself. I’ve read a lot of comments about white folk / black folk blah, blah. That’s BS. If your people have been oppressed for years , it’s because you allowed it. Looting and burning your own community does nothing to hurt your ‘oppressors’. Ferguson protest/ half assed riots, wouldn’t happen in white neighborhoods. If white people feel there is no justice or legal recourse, they respond with overwhelming force of violence. Take the Bundy ranch incident for example. Armed government enforcers were met and faced down simply because there was no doubt of the outcome of an escalation. Ferguson, Mo. would be running knee deep in blood if it were a white neighborhood under the Stasi thumb. Period.

  • American III%

    People look down on ‘rednecks ‘ . They think ole Bubba and Billy Bob are just plain ,stupid, white trash. I have news for you, their necks got red from the hours they spent hacking out a living under the brutal Southern sun. They earned every, single, thing ,that they have in this world , by the sweat of their brow and ache in their muscles. Many risk their very lives, every day, for their pay. These men know the true value of what’s is theirs and will fiercely protect it. These men have been learned in weapons and woodcraft their entire lives. They own and maintain personal weaponry superior to that of the common LEO or military personnel. They are not only willing to die for what they believe in, they are willing to kill. Every, single, person that opposes them. The American hunter is a force of arms greater than all the world’s militaris combined. Think about why gun control is so important to certain political regimes. Get back to me on that.

    • tobyspeeks


  • zeke

    those cops shouldnt have beaten that woman.

  • SLM

    For sh!ts sake – leave it to aHoles to make this about something else – this isabout what happened in CHINA – NOT about race in the US. STFU all of you

  • Samantha

    You know it funny, because every time I read a article – Even if its about puppies! The comments always contain something about hate & racism. My grandfather always told me as a child “the eyes are the window to the soul” so why are we looking at the skin color and not the eyes of a human being & not trying to find peace and love for all humans beings? Even if they are showing pure hate, keep showing them love no matter what they say to you, because having love and peace in your life means you are stronger indiviual. Skin color is not important, the color of your skin doesn’t control your thoughts, Your brain does. I hope some people are picking up what I’m throwing down! We all need peace, no more hate!

  • Peter Gabriel

    This article is about Chinese People killing Chinese Cops. WTF is up with the sidetrack?

  • againstignorance

    just because you are a black women doesn’t mean your not ignorant. poor people were pushed into ghettos and government housing by the white rich people.
    white man job-payed more than everyone
    white women same job-payed less than white man but more than black women
    black man same job-payed less then white men
    black women same job-payed less altogether and needs to have straight hair extensions or gets fired- in majority of corporate americaca

  • gary triplett

    People have had enough of bad cops. I’m glad to see china taking a stand. The police are our servants, time they were taught that and learn how to do their jobs properly!

  • Trevor Peterson

    When this police state starts to get real bloody (and it will), Maybe all you cocksuckers can quit your pissing and moaning about how hard done by you are because of your skin color and we will all finally be on the same team..Every time on of these posts comes up TO EDUCATE US ALL about something really bad and intense that is happening, you can’t read more than three comments before some meatball has to use it for a platform to cry racism…Think we’re all gunna be effective and organized dealing with what is about to come down?? We can’t even get our shit together in a comment section on a web page without fighting with each other!! So if you want rant about racism, go to a fucking web page about that!! This page is about the police state and what we are ALL collectively going to do about that!!

    • Brian Mumford

      You said, “Think we’re all gunna be effective and organized dealing with what is about to come down?? We can’t even get our shit together in a comment section on a web page without fighting with each other!!” My suggestion to you would be to try not being so inflammatory with your remarks. I’ve read your recent comments and you called someone a “loser troll”, another a “meatball”, and you told me to go educate myself. It shouldn’t matter I did my undergraduate work in political science or that I studied public administration for my masters because nothing I said, when compared to your posts, should lead you to believe I haven’t educated myself. I am concerned about the police state, our 2nd amendment rights, and police brutality, so I think we’re probably on the same page about a lot of things and just failing to get along. You should ask yourself why and take some time to reexamine your netiquette. That’s my opinion anyway, because you were right, we won’t be effective organizing to deal with our problems if we can’t stop fighting one another.

  • Spierce

    Lol not just black people being abused. All races. Cops are out of control.

  • paul

    just wait Obama you will have your time as well

  • Miles Coleman

    What were those idiots thinking….that 4 of them could go into a crowd numbering in the thousands and beat a woman and kill another man filming , then think that they would instill fear in a crowd that far out numbered them…..what Idiots….they got what they deserved, and the people got justice…..

  • Gabriel Anglada

    POLICE BEAT A WOMAN, MEN BEGIN KILLING COPS ON THE STREETS. I think you’ve gotten a little off course here.

  • One billion three hundred and fifty million people, all sick of the cops.

  • Jack Hammer

    Seems to me that law enforcement really ramped up their belligerence after 9/11, using ” terrorism” as an excuse to deprive us of our rights . What happened in this story will eventually happen here.

  • Uncle Arty

    and we call ourselves the land of the brave, that took a huge sent of brass balls

  • Shanti Sena

    imagine if they all had guns

  • Kuner1

    This is what happens, when a homogenous people have enough of abuse. Sadly, this will not happen in America, because the Democrats would immediately turn it into either a race war, class warfare or women’s rights issue.
    They profit from people hating each other.

  • Kalehua Manuia

    Its not black vs white, its not people vs government, it is those who seek power vs those who seek freedom. You guys are all on the same side and arguing, unity ladies and gentlemen, Unity.

  • Boko Hos

    Perfect response. The forefathers of this country would be proud. Take a lesson sheeple.

  • Michael E Clayton


  • Bill Bisher

    Ferguson Gestapo Cops – choose – are you with the people or are you willing to pay the consequences for acting on orders from your Nazi-Police chiefs to gun down American citizens; look at this article’s photos very carefully and long and hard. Citizens will only take so much abuse before they just don’t give a shite anymore.

  • Andre

    Now I know that all cops are worthless and the abuse that they had doing for about 2000 years or so is now public open, but violence is never the answer. That sole fact is the reason the struggle has lasted this long.
    The psychopaths who rule the majority, want this. They thrive on violence.

    To revolt correctly, you must simply disobey. Stop buying the bullshit, stop watching the bullshit, and stop eating the bullshit.

    So many people want to do something but are just too lazy or don’t know what to do. In fact they got it more right than any one else. You don’t have to do anything! That is the whole point, do nothing. Be zen.
    Grow your own food, build your own shelter, and help out your fellow man.
    We are in this together, and only together we will prosper.

    When the “government” comes along and tells you “You can’t do this”, tell them to fuck off and continue with the flow of what ever you were doing. This will not work unless the collective mindset is the same, otherwise it’s Us and Them, and that never got us anywhere. Separation is really what the fighting is all about.

    • Andre

      I shot the sheriff,

      but I swear it was in self defense.

  • Patrick Pasterski


  • Anon

    I think american could learn a few things from these citizens. They stood up for justice. The justice that those cops deserved after their act of violence. The same justice that hundreds, IF NOT THOUSANDS, of cops in America avoid everyday because they wear a costume. It wont be long until Americans realize they CAN stand up for themselves. —EXPECT US– )anon(

  • Charles Vella


  • Nenad Aninexus Savanovic

    Good. Fucking slaughter every last pig standing. If they truly work to protect the peace and the people, they will take off their uniforms.

  • Shh

    Holy fucking shit. This post is about what happened in China. How the hell did it turn into America. Self centered fucks.

  • adolf hitler

    Just “wow”

  • Rico

    Race supremacy is a Jewish belief. since they are the chosen people they believe themselves to be superior to other races. Racism is a tool of decision and distraction used by Orthodox Jews to turn us against each other why they rob us blind. Bring and end to Israel and Judaic teachings, they are pure evil.

  • Asante Collins

    . Google EXTREME POLICE BRUTALITY. These men are raping, women, beating children and the elderly. Killing the homeless. Throwing bombs in houses with children. Beating and murdering the mentally ill. they are no different than terrorist in middle eastern countries. They lie they steal they corrupt . They come to low income neighborhoods and destroy what little these people have. All while being paid by american citizens. If they come to your home chances are they come to kill you, your children and your dog, not to protect and serve. the very thing that they are to protect us from they perform. They are bullies abusers and cowards .and they need to be stopped immediately. If this, were any other country with this type of police brutality. Our troops would be deployed to protect. What about us. Who is protecting us from these criminals with badges.

  • Joshua Labo

    Lol the chengguan is an elite police force now?

  • James de la Boursodiere

    USA politicians and corpeorations> made billions off the SLAVE LABOR of the Chinese over the last 30 years, do not think the Chinese will care when your own government represses their own

  • misdirection

    China want to keep a note of this: 4 police officer vs billions of chinese. Fugget about it. Likewise, USA should keep note of this too.

  • Tee Jay

    You sir are a dumbass!

  • SRD

    Small sampling of audio/video of Fort Worth, Texas Police Department making
    harassing phone calls to victims/investigators who discovered PD had
    been helping a theft and burglary team at Antique Mall burglarize
    their tenants for around 15 years. The police were caught fabricating
    evidence on police reports and witness tampering to help the

  • Jack Modena

    We need that in America

  • Jay Manzanilla

    Chinese people, get out of that situation. Be free!

  • Sick At Heart

    So now the Chinese have more freedoms than Americans. All Power To The Great Chinese Citizen!

  • anthony g

    idgaf if your black,white,or fucking purple shut.the fuck up with this black american bullshit. i mexican and Italian and i got my ass beat by cops. and a good friend on my shot and killed. stop the black american shit everyone is effected by his no one realizes it.

  • Cupcake

    Bully punks with badges.

  • Fabian Vasquez

    This is what Americans should do if they see pigs abusing the innocent because its not gonna stop untill we the people stop them

  • Carlo Martell

    wake up AMERICA . . THIS JUST RESPONSE will keep the bullies and rednecks in uniform in line !!

  • ccarl

    Why don’t we get over the ridiculous black versus white debate and join forces… just like all those Chinese people did? Then we might be able to accomplish something similar to what they did — a major statement to the powers that be that we will not tolerate their abuse and killing our loved ones any longer. We need to JOIN FORCES, not as the black race or the white race, but AS THE HUMAN RACE to turn this tide because our strength is in numbers. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL! C’mon people, join THE HUMAN RACE — black, white, yellow, green, red, and purple shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, not in passive protest, for which they simply mace, taze, and/or kill us, but violence to violence… turn it back on them with speed and viciousness so they don’t have time to respond, just like the Chinese did. It’s the only thing that will get their attention at this point. This is the only way we CAN and WILL turn the tide on these low-IQ, low-life bullies who engage in unnecessarily brutal encounters because they think a badge and a costume make their lives superior to ours and their weapons give them the authority.

  • Bowzer

    Just because she said the word “BLACK” rite? Is that what upset you?? Get over it!!! Those cry baby days of crying “racist” are finally coming to a hault because of overly sensitive idiots like you. Everyone feel safe standing behind the word “racist”. Just yell out the word “fire, or rape”!! You’ll get the same mass panic response from a group of people, I promise you!!

  • Marcus Frazier

    First, lets make a long story short. True we use to and still get target from the police more than white people and the entire world knows this. Now, its time we see and understand whats really going on. Its a very simple system that was produced over a period starting in the early 1920’s when police/kkk arresting minorities pretty much for nothing. Back then it was all about murdering and hanging people. Now its all about the $$$$$$$$ CASH..OK This is how the new system works, first off if you catch a case rather if its a small traffic stop or drug case your in the system. Now depending on how much your tickets are determines if your going to do one or two days in the city jail . Say you have a $1,000 worth of tickets, this how the new system makes billions and billions off arresting all of our azzes. First the City keep u for a few days and then the County get their chance to get their bread. See they ship us to the County to keep from over crowding the City jails. The sad thing is the Fed is funding this hold operation. See the City and County get paid from the State and the State get paid from the Fed and the Fed get paid from our tax dollars. Thousands of people is being arrested everyday in each big and small Cities. Think about it ? Bond, Lawyer, Court Cost, Fines and yes Parking (BILLIONS) ..See the very system they built to house us after slavery has turned the jail system into a multi billion dollar a year industry. Now its all about arresting any and everybody to keep the money train rolling lol. At first they were only coming to the hood and arresting blacks and mexican’s. Well sorry my white friends but they’re now looking pass your skin. I say that because WHITE male and female national arrest rate shot up these last two years over 36%. U talking about millions of white people and guess what your uncles and aunts using to get yall arrested ? PRESCRIPTION Med’s and Meth. At the rate they arresting you guys it might be all white prisons soon. REAL F*CKEN SAD ISNT IT….America is going to sh*t over Greed and dumb azz rich people thats building all the new schools of higher learning. Im moving to Africa its no peace on this land we all targets.



  • Cani Lupine

    You go, China. We need this kind of spirit in America.

  • Allen

    As an ex combat soldier it would be very hard to restrain myself if one of these bullies did that to one of my loved ones, I am the quite get even kind of person.

  • Garry

    This thing that I read daily… “Blacks are the victims of police brutality more frequently than whites…”

    What the hell is the point?

    Those who ignorantly propagate this garbage are waging war with the only allies left that blacks have— And that is “non-police and non-blacks”.

    All of Americas population including black, white, Asian, Hispanic, and every other race for which make of the population of the United states, need to stop now with all this divisional ignorance and focus as a single unit to CRUSH police brutality, no matter the color of skin, no matter the race, no matter the gender, no matter the political or religious belief.

    United, we shall stand. The opposite is to fall. And it is most certain that we shall, when we, any one of us, continue to engage with those who should continue to ignorantly divide and invoke race.

    Pass it on…. Wake up and know this. Those who would claim exclusivity to that which has and is affecting us all, can only be one of two persons; a traitor who is compensated to stir the pot using the race card, or one who is truly ignorant of the true threats of racism and the division it is creating among all people.

    I challenge each and ever man and woman, no matter the color of your skin, focus and unite as in one, with one cause, to SHUT down Americas corrupt criminal policing enterprise and eliminate abuse of every kind and at every level against the American people. That and that alone, is all that should and must matter, else we shall all, direct and indirectly succumb to more of the same and worse.

    You may share this text just as it is written if you would like. But no matter, understand this; the most important asset we have, which happens to be the most dangerous threat to their system, is us, WE, the people!

    Be Free!

  • segregated together

    listen,I believe the day that white police patrol white neighborhoods,black cops patrol black hoods and latino/hispanic puercos do the same in barrios we will all be safer and connected.

  • DavidMacko

    It is ironic to see justice being administered in Red China, which we (correctly, based on Mao’s record and subsequent events) perceive as one of the least free and most unjust countries. Hopefully, this will teach the Red Chinese cops a lesson in behavior.

  • Jack Hoffman

    let go of the racial bias. as long as there is tension we are divided, and THEY know this. if any ONE race was not able to make change before now, then it’s especially important to be united now more than ever. focus on the more important issue. its not about who, where, or when its about the what (period)

  • Margaret Love

    stop arguing, people are fed up with Police Brutality end of matter what colour you are…this has to stop, individual police and police departments are becoming disgustingly corrupt and vicious…this is not a world anyone should have to live in…i can understand anyone of any colour reacting this way….suppression of freedom and rights….thats the argument

  • geust

    good so glad those cops were killed

  • Not a single store was looted.

  • HajjFredHMinshall

    These Chinese citizens showed more courage and dignity than most Americans. This is what should happen to these miserable cops here.

  • HajjFredHMinshall

    Chinese clearly know how to respond appropriately to police brutality. The good citizens of Wenzhou deserve an all-expense paid trip to Ferguson, MO to show us how it’s done. WTG!

  • Coen Filips

    i hate them cops, but killing people aint my thing either. they have a brain, so why dont they just use it?

  • order followers beware

  • Padge Vounder

    Hope this happens in the states when the thugs in blue start beating a person

  • Poetre

    China don’t play that crap and shouldn’t.

  • Eva

    This has nothing to do with black or white and yet some people can’t help but to turn it into something it’s not. The races will forever stay divided due to simple minded people like those commenting on this post. EVERY race deals with police brutality and racism. I have mixed children and I deal with racism from both sides. I’m either a nigger lover or im the cracker bitch stealing yalls black men. I have dealt with racism from a black state trooper who had to slow down to get behind so he could pull me over. What most of you don’t even know, the first people to be slaves where white. Whites were a lot cheaper than blacks were. This is so ass backwards, if people from all walks of life would pull together and fight for a common ground such as abolishing our government and making them work for us which is in our “declaration of Independence” instead of us working for them we could make our country be the way it’s suppose to be “The Land of the Free” we are no longer in the 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900 so why are we living like we are? Not all white people are racist not all black people are racist either. The best way to deal with racist people are to out number them, put it in their face. The government wants us to stay divided cause they know if we unite we will gain control so they race bait and everyone falls for it which keeps us divided. #UnitedWeStand #AllLivesMatter

  • YeaRight

    They tried it…

  • Heather Hilburn

    why do comments from america just talk about police killing black or white? we are humans they are attacking. We can’t continue to be seperate !!

  • uuberdude .

    It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.The French did it up right. Now the Chinese are getting it. Could the US hypermilitary police meatheads be next?

  • rick s

    its gonna happen here too!

  • Teresa Roberts

    Today I am submitting my petition against police violence to the DOJ because it topped 500 signatures.
    At 1000 signatures it goes to the International Association of Police Chiefs as well. Please sign.

  • ThatsmagsMakesMeHateChina

    This was not an “elite” law enforcement unit. These are not even police. The Chengguan are a bunch of barely trained, unarmed thugs that are in charge of making sure hawkers don’t sell shit on the sidewalks. The Chinese people hate them with a passion because they don’t have any authority to arrest or fine citizens, so they often resort to violence. Mobs forming and acting out against them with their own violence is fairly common in China.

  • Sue

    Wow. You guys are all missing the point, aren’t you? People, this happened in CHINA! The police brutality is not just in America, or in Palestine, or in the Middle East. This happened in China, where society has been under strict control for decades. Remember the peaceful protests in Tienanmen Square? Remember how that was crushed? Look what’s happening now? Look how humans are not going to take shit any more. Look how people are coming together to say, “No more!!!” If this is happening in China, do you know what this means? It means history has turned a corner — for the whole world. Ever heard of the hundredth monkey? This is historically and evolutionarily monumental!

  • endlessgrowthdoom

    this is from ~april 2014. why no date on your articles? thats fundamental

  • dxsmopuim

    “The citizens killed four police officers”
    THAT has a very nice ring to it ! I LIKE IT !!!!!

  • mirdad

    Chengguan are not “elite law enforcement”, but low level municipal code enforcers widely despised for their corruption and abuse of residents including street vendors and small business owners.

  • Sandeep Sehbi

    THats insane.

  • ThaReal

    Great!!! So, I hear China will be ‘teaming up’ with Africa,,, I can’t wait to get my ticket to go to Africa… we have back up!!! #backstothewest

  • fred munter

    Perfect poetic justice for these dirty stinking pigs. Americans need to learn something form the Chinese, and follow suit.

  • Disqusted632

    Cops are in on the type of bullying called gangstalking and people are fed up with the abuse and bullying.

  • David G. Hlder III

    This is the wrong room for me. Too many people that lack education in here. Cannot argue with ignorance and do not intend to.

  • Phillip Murray

    Maybe we need to try this method.

  • Max Biggs

    This is such a lie. They didn’t say this, nor fight and kill for it. Such bullshit. Someone trying to provoke and incite rebellion here…. – they did say this.. “chanting “Kill them! Kill them for what we just saw them do!”

  • Franklin Radcliff

    If that would happen in america from time to time we wouldn’t have an issue with thug cops.

  • William Aldridge

    Good for them.