Citizen Easily Passes Through Checkpoint Without Saying a Word, by Using a Plastic Bag?



Jeff Gray, an activist in Florida, has a smooth, effective system for avoiding harassment at checkpoints.

At the start of the video he makes a great point: if you roll your window down at a checkpoint, cops can claim to “smell” marijuana or other illegal drugs, and if you talk, they can claim that your speech is “slurred.”

They do this in an attempt gain justification to search your vehicle.

Jeff avoids all of this with a simple plastic bag.

The officers in the video can be seen waving him forward, even though he keeps his windows up and doesn’t speak a word to them.

The video surfaced online over the weekend and has been going viral.

It is likely that many citizens will be following suit after seeing this idea.

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By doing this, cops have no reason to search the vehicle.

Unless, of course, they are mad at you for defending yourself and search the vehicle unlawfully — and that is why you have multiple cameras rolling.

Note that Jeff had at least two cameras recording — possibly three — and most likely with the ability to livestream or upload footage online immediately.

Cops are running an extortion racket: they know it and we know it. And checkpoints are just another tool in their arsenal for generating revenue and boosting their records.

Jeff shows a great no-bullshit way to travel through checkpoints without being hassled by officers hoping to extort money over minor infractions.

Watch the video below to see how he did it:

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  • Woodstuck


  • I don’t foresee this working very often. I have seen plenty of video of officers smash the glass out and/or shoot at citizens for not opening a window “on command.

  • David

    That scum bag deserves a wooden pole shoved up his ass!!! I hope they rape and beat him in prison what a coward

    • David

      Wrong comment box I was replying to the officer raping a female

      • ArmyChick

        LOL I was wondering why you were al angry…

      • Bob Pineo


      • Tommy Olsen


      • Cromwell

        I just thought you were Patrick Lynch.

        • veebierens

          Patrick Lynch is one sick ugly sociopath,and should be remove immediately from his job,that he is clearly unfit to have.

      • Matthew

        Haha for a second there I thought you were a cop replying to the original video, thanks for the clarification.

  • Tommy Olsen

    So owned, sad that is has to come to this. USA? Land the the free and brave? Now that’s the JOKE of the century !

  • Dale Parkes

    Why not just turn around before the checkpoint? That’s what I did once in Seal Beach, California. I just went home another way and nothing happened.

    • Tommy Olsen

      Let me know when your brain starts to work, if that is the only way home from where you are coming from…?
      You would leave your car and walk?

      • Dale Parkes

        No I turned north onto Seal Beach Blvd from Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). I saw the sign for the checkpoint and saw a left turn pocket where a U-turn was also allowed so waited until the green arrow, executed a safe and legal U-turn and went back to PCH and continued north to Studebaker then got on Studebaker north and routed myself home using other streets.

    • I believe courts have ruled that turning around before a checkpoint is probable cause for whatever they do to you next.

      • Dale Parkes

        I thought the deal was if checkpoints were allowed that there was supposed to be an opportunity to turn off or turn around beforehand. At least that is how it is in California. Perhaps some other states are different.

    • Chipsahoy

      Apparently there’s now an app which shows you where checkpoints are located.

  • Cromwell


  • carma

    the best way to get past a DUI checkpoint is to not drink and drive.
    Also, you can be arrested for “Failure to Comply” with law enforcement.
    Maybe not convicted, but still a pain.

    • Oberon123

      You’re not getting the point. Once the window is open, the cops can claim a lot of things having nothing to do with a DUI.

    • Stark

      “Failure to comply” is like “resisting arrest” -WHEN YOU HAVE COMMITTED NO CRIME-it is a violation of your Constitutional rights.
      People that are too cowardly to assert them deserve what they get.
      But please, go ahead and be a good little lamb for your masters.

    • Matthew

      The best way to survive a German holocaust while Jewish is to follow all of the orders of the SS and hope they declare you to be one of “Their Jews”.

    • Crisi Skammel

      Way to COMPLETELY miss the point! DUI checkpoints are completely unconstitutional,I should be able to drive down any road I want,a road that my tax dollars help maintain,in my car that I have a license to drive,pay registration and insurance for,without being stopped by police who have no probable cause to stop me!

  • Oberon123

    I think the camera had as much to do with this as the letter in the bag.

  • Joe

    Dumbest video ever. Grow up

  • toma kay

    After that I would have driven over all the remaining cones.

  • ItsRoni

    Black people, DO NOT TRY THIS!

    • Matthew

      To the shame and disgrace of this country your warning is correct and well founded.

      • Christopher McLellan

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    • corey

      because black people are the only victims……. the only thing worse than policy brutality is that the fact that you people do not care and refuse to acknowledge it when it happens to anyone that is not black…….the problem is not the way cops treat black people and its not the way cops treat white people..the problem is the way Cops and the government treat people..and untl all these crybaby” pity me because im black” people stop making it all about them, nothing is going to change….did u know a black cop shot and kill an unarmed 20year old white guy in salt lake city 3 days after Michael brown was shot and the cop was never charged…..same situation with races reversed and nothing is being said about that

      • justj

        Corey, the situation is UT was a total lie and those printing the story and quoting Rush Limbaugh knew it and yet if you search this inflamed headline, it still appears. The officer was NOT BLACK but Latino/Hispanic and the shooting was justified, if you read the entire article and watch the video, it will show why the officer shot the young man and will also show the officer’s remorse.

      • MoNtereyCouNty_8dirty1

        If it takes “crybaby, pity me cause I’m black people” in order for the media to start paying attention and speaking up, then so be it, the issue isn’t race, im mexican and i find that the cops that harass me the most are mostly Hispanic, the police force and how they abuse their power and harass the very people they are meant to protect is the problem(s). Not everyone is a criminal, so then why are we all treated like one? This was long over due, and if it wasn’t for those “crybabys” as you so put it, the news probably wouldn’t be reporting the brutality and those cops that are doing all this would be running around care free doing it over and over again instead of always looking behind their back, shaking in their boots cause they’re scared one of their victims will speak up and expose their dirty little secret. Sometimes it takes being a crybaby in order to get things going and getting the ball rolling. What matters is getting rid of the abusive police tactics, not what race the victim was.

      • KD

        “You people”…
        You’re an idiot, Corey.

      • MarkStolzoff

        They aren’t the only victims, they’re just the ones most often victimized,

  • Notorio

    Cops are just slaves to the politicians who propose and pass all these stupid illegal/unConstitutional laws…no victims, no damage = no crime!!!

    If you want to end these stupid laws, or have been victims of stupid law, you need to find out who proposed them, and pay them a visit!!! 🙂

    • SMH

      Exactly, it amazes me that people think patrolling cops can arbitrarily decide to set up a checkpoint… Come on people, whatever side of this issue you are on, know the source of your irritation – politicians!

  • Willy3232

    These dirty rotten pigs. How dare they try and get drunk drivers off the road. This is insane. What has drinking and driving ever done to anyone? Oh I can only think of one thing. Killed my 4 year old cousin now her parents won’t be able to see her first dance rictial or see go off to school for the very first time. Her mother doesn’t get to talk to her about boys or her father doesn’t get to walk her down the wedding isle. But that’s about it. Those fuckin cops trying to make our streets safer.. What mutiny

    • Erika Domnick

      Willy, everyone they are assaulting is NOT a drunk driver. Sorry about your loss, but…we don’t all need to lose our fucking constitutional rights because you lost a kid in your family. Doctors OD’d my son on anesthetic and I don’t see anyone doing shit about that…accidents happen. I don’t get to talk to my son either, but…I don’t want ANYONE’s rights to be erased because of that fact. Why do you?

      • Sonia

        I am deeply saddened by your loss. My condolences, Ericka.

        • rtwnger

          No condolences for the family whose four year old was killed by a drunk driver?

    • mark mcgoveran

      Outlaw cars stop drunk driving. Outlaw children so they can’t be killed. I am sorry for the cousin, but her dad he has a job? Does he drive to it on time? If the cops held him a few times he could lose that job, being late. That won’t bring back his daughter, or feed any children he has now. We already have nigger shooting skin head cops, at least they have to have probable cause to hassle blacks poor people and old people. If you let them stop people at their whim they would abuse this.

    • Brad Canelo

      So why try and get drunken people off the streets anyways, right willy 3232, what purpose does THAT serve anyways if they’re gonna get behind the wheel regardless of the outcome!!!

    • MoNtereyCouNty_8dirty1

      @dr sarcasm, okay, you lost some one very dear to your heart due to a drunk driver, so needless to say, you are completely against drinking and driving. But as fucked up as this may sound, your cousin isn’t the only person ever to be unjustifiably and unfairly taken from this earth and from their loved ones, she’s not the first and unfortunately she probably won’t be the last, but that’s life, I have a similar experience as yours, I am against drunk driving or even buzzed driving, most people watching this video are probably also against d&d-ing, but the checkpoints,which are supposed to catch drink drivers, aren’t, at least speaking for myself, what I have an issue with, it’s the harassment, the violation of rights, the illegal searches, and of course, the racial profiling that come with the checkpoints, which I have also experienced first hand, I got profiled and stopped as I pulled in to my driveway just a few days ago, on Saturday the 3rd of January. Why? Because I happened to be a Mexican driving in a less than stellar neighborhood, to say the least, and I happened to be wearing a beanie with California republic stamped on it and it happened to have a few red stripes. They wait until I pull into my driveway to flash the infamous red and blues, and up until he asked me, they were unaware of me being on probation, which did not include gang terms so i was allowed to wear red, so, no probable cause to stop me, I wasn’t speeding or swerving, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have even made it to my driveway before getting blurped. I didn’t have my music loud, my stereo was actually turned off, and both my tail and headlights are working and functioning. I didn’t even act spooked when I saw him make the u turn and pull up behind me. Can you tell me why they stopped me? Because according to them, I looked like trouble. So needless to say,once they found out I was on formal probation for my first and only time being arrest for selling weed,which is virtually legal here in California, they wasted no time in getting me out of the truck to pay me down and get inside my truck. I have no illegal items at all, I’m in my driveway, I’m not worried about it,so I do wat the tell me to any play their little game. While his buddies are tearing my truck apart, officer Fernandez of the Seaside PD, whom I recognize from my childhood memories of probation and gang task turning the inside of my house into a mini landfill every year from when I was 7 up until I was 16 and my older brother finally moved out, is trying to get some info from me pertaining to some recent murders and shootings this past week. I know they are gang related, the cops probably do, it’s a no brainer. But for some reason the news don’t wanna talk about the gang problem. Just another young mexican or black man dead, but he was probably a gang banger or a dope dealer so it’s not front page or breaking news worthy, probably better off, right? So as a result, 9 times out of 10, these murders will go cold and remain unsolved. My friend got shot on new years day, in broad daylight, around 1:30 or 2 pm, on the biggest and busiest street in the entire town, and is confined to a wheelchair, has been since 09. His case is still open. The police that arrived at the scene actually searched him for drugs and weapons as the waited for the ambulance and add he slipped into a coma. But he’s Hispanic so there has to be some narcotics or weapons on his person, no way he was walking down a busy street in the middle of the day. Anyway, I tell officer Fernandez that I don’t knw anything, I don’t know who did it or why it happened, and for like the thousandth time, I have no affiliation, I am not a part of a gang, I don’t care who my brother sided with, I’m not my brother. So he’s asking me the same questions over and over again, until they finally finish searching my truck, with nothing. So I’m good to go inside my house now, right? Probably fuckn not. They ask for my cell phone, and now they are just fishing. No incriminating txts on my fone or anything so he just goes thru my recent calls, and wants to know why I called my little brother at 9:35 pm. Uhm, because he’s my little brother? He’s never even Jay walked, so I don’t even know why that would even matter, but anyway, they get a call finally, and give me my shit back, along with memories of being profiled, harassed, nd just plain out being fucked with by the local pd, il never get those 30 minutes of my life back. But thass just an everyday thing in my hood. Police abusing their authority is an epidemic nationwide, it was been for as long as I can remember, only recently has it been attracting the media’s attention . I wonder what it took for reporters to finally open up their eyes to what’s going on all over the nation, perhaps maybe they got profiled? harassed? Possibly even experienced police excessive use of force, brutality? Who knows, but most of it doesn’t make the nightly news. If the average law abiding citizens first reaction when seeing the police in their rear view is panic, then there’s probably a case of police abusing their authority. The police is supposed to serve and protect the law abiding citizens, if the police are feared by those who they supposedly protect, then something is really wrong. This is a problem that should have been addressed a long time ago. But better late than never, rite? Oh and you should join the sarcastaball team with all that sarcasm. For those of you who didn’t get the reference, it’s an episode of South park where randy accidentally creates a new sport due to his inability to stop being sarcastic, it’s actually a pretty decent episode, definitely worth looking up. Well that’s my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own. I’m out.

  • Michelle Hawkins-Hazelwood

    Do that in Texas and expect to spend all the rest of your nights.. in a coffin. Total immunuity for cops in Houston. Constitutional rights do not apply here.

  • Dave

    That seems like it would be considered as suspicious causing reasonable doubt that there is a crime being committed… I’m not saying it’s right!!! I don’t think checkpoints should be legal at all. This just seems to easy. It might have worked that night because they didn’t feel like messing with it, or looked at the driver and assumed he looked sober… If they want to make something up, they can still say the driver looked intoxicated.

    • Dana Davis

      Well, watch the video, this woman is obviously slurring her words because I couldn’t understand anything she said. “Busted.”

  • Perye Maher

    Is it possible to obtain the equivalent of what’s posted for FL for each of all 50 states?

    • Perye Maher

      Please contact me at Perye Maher on Facebook. Thank you.

  • Aaron Vorbau
  • If Im the cop, I just don’t want to deal with this. Obviously, putting this much thought into something and having multiple people in the car isn’t something somebody drunk or stoned would do. Show me a video of you getting hammered and high and then go pull this off…

    • Dana Davis

      Exactly. Really cool if you’re wasted, otherwise just a retart move. Who has the time for this kind of idiocy?

  • John

    The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of DUI roadblocks in Michigan v. Sitz in 1990. It determined that DUI checkpoints were not illegal searches and seizures. The Court deemed that the intrusion was justified due to the public interest in reducing the incidents of driving under the influence. These checkpoints were specifically permitted to detect DUI cases.

  • John

    Therefore they just didn’t feel like dealing with a toolbag

  • Dana Davis

    I think this might be a very reasonable response if you’re wasted. Otherwise? You have to roll the window down partially to retrieve your license, and so, “busted.”

  • phoneman68

    We can only hope that one of you assholes loses your entire family to a drunk driver, then maybe you’ll wake up and realize that if you have nothing to hide, a 30 second DUI check is a blessing!

  • DredgeAnon

    It’s tyranny vs. us. The sooner everyone accepts that, the sooner we can fix the problem. I can promise all of you, the only color that matters is blue(or green) and whether or not you are with that. Let’s put race aside for once, quit helping them divide us, and work together for the sake of everyone. This is bigger than just the color of our skin. I wish everyone could see that so we can start making some progress. You can’t fight racism with racism anyways.

  • laura

    Would have been hysterical if he knocked down some cones on his way out. LOL

  • your-nightmare

    if I was a cop, you would be pulled over until you opened your window…if you have nothing to hide, you wouldn’t have a problem with talking to them