Citizen ERUPTS on Cops as They Kill Suicidal Man

via RT

Spokane, WA — (RT) Police in Spokane, Washington have released footage from an officer’s body camera which shows police fatally shooting a man earlier this year.

Officers Chris Lequire, Ryan Akins and Brandon Lynch were responding to a 911 call from a man threatening suicide. The footage, some of which has been redacted by the police, shows the officers arrive at the scene on State Street and attempt to start a dialogue with the man.

“Hey partner, my name’s Chris why don’t you talk to me?” Lequire calls out to the man, later identified as Michael Kurtz.

Kurtz starts moving towards the officers, holding a knife to his chest and shouting “Kill me!” as police ask him to back up and put the knife down.

One of the officers uses a stun gun as Kurtz slowly advances, but it appears to have little effect. The cops stand back with a police car in between, but when Kurtz slowly moves past the car one of the officers is heard saying, “take it”. Akins and Lynch open fire, striking Kurtz in the left arm and head and fatally wounding him.

The officers attempted to provide medical aid to Kurtz, but he died at the scene.

After the shooting, the body cam footage shows another man having a vocal confrontation with the officers and accusing them of shooting Kurtz “in cold blood.”

Spokane Police later said in a statement that Kurtz was suicidal. The police report also said that bystanders caused a disturbance after the shooting and two people were arrested, one for assaulting a police officer.

The Spokane County Prosecutor ruled the officers were “justified in their use of deadly force” under the circumstances, according to a statement from the office in June, and no criminal charges were brought against them.

Police in the United States have killed over 800 people so far in 2016.

Watch the video below:


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  • Ben Fleming

    He tazed him and had no response from the tase.. the man was advancing at him with the knife and was most likely prepared to harm anyone or anything untill they killed him. he wasent going to just set the knife down and let them help him. they had 3 choices. risk there lives trying to save a man who dosent even want to be alive. (which ya i know its there job but you go be a cop and then come back when you dont kill someone for advancing at you with a knife in a threatening way.) he said multiple times he just wanted to help the guy and asked if he could talk it out but the guy just kept getting closer and screaming kill me. i honestly belive this was justified. now he might not have been an imidiate threat to the cops life since he wasent charging him. but how fast he was advancing towards him he would have been soon. he would have stabed and choped at the cops tell they shot him and we all know it so… not really police brutality.. like say what you want but if i see a man in the street with a big ass knife walking around wishing he was dead. if he wishes he was dead i dought he cares about alot of other people. its called suicide by police and sadly it happens. but thats just america…

    • disqus_vU1klyrdjb

      Wow, this comment and though-process is why the police get away with murder. It didn’t need to escalate to 3 shots with an assault rifle. If the taser didn’t work, try again. If that doesn’t work, fire a non-lethal round or aim at a non-lethal part of the body.

      • Torian Richardson

        I agree with the premise of your comment but it’s not that simple when you are out on the street dealing with this type of stuff. This is not like the videos where police just come and shoot on sight. They did genuinely try to help this individual before using their firearms.

        • disqus_vU1klyrdjb

          I don’t know… Hard to say from the video. The video shows him being shot at around 1 minute from the start. He wasn’t holding the knife menacingly at them like he was going to attack. A cop did reload his tase gun, but before he could try again, another cop shot him 3 times with an assault rifle.

          Where are the beanbag rounds or rubber bullets? None. Where is the pepper spray? None. The cops tried one time with a taser and then went straight to lethal force when their lives weren’t at risk as the victim was yards away and walking, not running.

          • Torian Richardson

            But again this goes back to their training and equipment. Not every police office is equipped with beanbags and even in those who are, not every officer is given them. Back to their training, they are trained that a person with a knife is deadly within a 30 ft radius. It is a proven fact that within that range it is VERY hard to react if someone with a knife suddenly rushes you. They are trained to use lethal force when someone with a weapon comes within range and is “threatening” their safety. The problem here is that they were ill equipped and ill trained to handle this situation any differently. That is something we should be pointing fingers to much higher up in the chain.

        • Not pro Israel

          it is that simple you idiot. You cops you suck your peace OS. YOURE a bunch of pussies pussies. You have to go into the schools to teach kids how to lay down because you’re such a pussy that you can’t handle your job. You cops are horrible you’re disgusting you’re the monsters you’re the dregs of society you cops are just evil monsters the police are just disgusting and you think it’s okay to walk up to a citizen with an AR-15 and a cop’s hand and put it to his head and shooting head off? Because he’s suicidal and it might be hard out there on the street for a cop will get that f****** cop off the street and put somebody out there with the God damn brain.

          • Torian Richardson

            When you were writing this you must have been like, “Fuck the English language and its rules of grammar”.

          • Not pro Israel

            Grammar police!

    • Torian Richardson

      I don’t blame this on the police but on those who are responsible for providing the necessary equipment and training for them to deal with this type of incident. They don’t realistically have many options outside of the tasers they have. It’s sad really but imo they tried to help the man the best they could and at least tried to render aid after they took out the threat. That’s more than they did when they shot the unarmed therapist who was trying to deescalate the situation with his autistic student.

      • Not pro Israel

        the officer walked up to the man with an AR-15 and shot him in the head he walked up to him and shot him in the head a suicidal man you moron. All the officers had to do was back off even if they had to turn around and run away that’s what they should have done. And then the guy with an AR-15 in his hand that walked up to a suicidal man in from 2 feet away shot him in the f****** head didn’t have to shoot him in the f****** head because shot him in the f****** leg he was two feet away he chose to shoot a man in the head and executed on the street. And you are a piece of s*** you’re a piece of s*** you little f****** apologize mother f***** and it’s people like you are going to be at the End of the Road next to the f****** pig and you deserve it and you deserve it now but you’re going to get it later so enjoy it while you f****** can.

        • Torian Richardson

          Can someone who understands this mentally ill garble translate this into legible English?

          • Not pro Israel

            Grammar cop!

          • Torian Richardson

            That’s like saying someone who expects you to be able to count to 5 is the “math police”.

    • Bryan David Hale

      shut the fuck up stupid.

    • Not pro Israel

      You want to talk about some s*** like this you mother f***** I’m so sick of pieces of s*** like you you f****** apologist mother f***** you think it’s okay for a cop to walk up to somebody with an AR-15 and put it to their head and blow their f****** head off because they have a knife to their own chest because they’re suicidal? A man who suicidal needs a police officer to walk up to him and shoot him in the head at point-blank range with an AR-15 you mother f*****?

      I want you to know I promise you we have more guns than all of you pigs we are coming for you Pigs we’re just waiting for the right time and waiting for the right day when enough people wake up and there is going to be nowhere you dirty little pigs can hide and we’re going to f****** Slaughter you little f****** pigs like a little f****** pigs that you are you’re going to be slaughtered and you’re going to deserve it and like Genghis Khan said there is no Greater Joy in this world than seeing the tears regret roll down the cheeks of the people of the souls that I vanquished for there he must have committed a grave transgression against their God for their God sent me to punish them.

    • r briedwell

      Good lord,,,let’s weigh this out, man with knife, cops with guns, who’s life was the truly one in danger,,,, I read one comment someone saying the police don’t have other means of protection, let’s see , they have clubs, spray, numbers in force, shot gun bean bag, tazers,hell a good rock in the hand will work, but like the guy said the man wanted to die anyway, he had no value and it was easier to just shoot to kill,,, other country’s their police don’t even carry guns, and they handle stuff like this without killing,, I understand a small portion of cops get killed in a criminal encounter, , but the most that are killed in line of duty is from car accidents, so why all the fear for lifes,, seems like they would fear the cars,,, J.S

  • Not pro Israel

    a suicidal man with a knife in his hand is not a danger to a person with an AR-15 assault rifle in their hands. End of story… This cop decided to walk up to a suicidal man who had a knife to his own chest and pulled an assault rifle out and as he walked up to the suicidal man he shot him out of fear for his life he walked up to him. That’s suicidal man was walking around the car with a knife in his hand yes indeed. But the police officer who shot him in the head came from the right side of the frame and walked up to him and shot him in the head with an AR-15 assault rifle. The same officer who did that could have shot him in the leg. Or could have tried to shoot them with the knife in it. But he chose to walk up to him and execute him by shooting him in the head. It is an extra judicial execution. I’m going to find out who has Cops name was I’m going to post it on this story I’m going to find out everything I can because that was a murder that was a murder.

  • James Hesslegrave

    They could have shot him in the legs. Advance stopped. End of story. If you can’t understand that, you’re an idiot and part of the problem.

  • Member548

    “Blah blah blah pussy made up tactical bull shit about how dangerous a knife is”

    Actually, the danger radius is 15ft, and that’s only IF your weapon is holstered.

    If anyone would care to try, I’d be happy to shoot you in the face repeatedly with a paint ball gun while you try to reach me from 15ft away with my weapon already up and aimed.

    Matter of fact, I’d be happy to shoot you all day giving you a chance to draw a pistol and get a shot off before I could.

    Every time a cop shoots a knife holder that isn’t very close in and rushing full speed = puss

    Every time a cop shoots a person because he thought he was getting a gun, but there was no gun visible = puss

    The main thing that invalidates everything these cowards say is the fact that European police regularly disarm knife wielders with out killing them.

    A person with their fire arm up and at the ready has ALL of the advantage.

    Advancing through a hell of bullets with an edged weapon is movie bull shit.

    The odds of facing someone that could quick draw from a holster and beat a person with a pistol already up and aimed is so improbable as to be less likely than dying by falling out of bed.

    • Maryjbarton1

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  • Mia

    Yes cops murdered this man who obviously needed mental health help.the shot him dead in front of people.suicide is illegal but the cops are now killing people who express they want to die.
    I wonder if they maybe could learn to do their job without murder? There were like 4 cops there and the only way they could stop him slowly walking is shooting him dead.maybe they could of tried talking to him without pointing a gun at him.
    Cops are allowed to murder the people they are paid to serve.
    Fuck you.