Citizens Attempt to Smash “Police Brutality” Pumpkins, Cops Arrest Them and Confiscate the Pumpkins

Photo via St. Louis Post Dispatch

Photo via St. Louis Post Dispatch


CLAYTON — Three peaceful protesters who wrote the words ‘police brutality’ on pumpkins and planned to smash them have been arrested, according to reports.

Police were seen confiscating the pumpkins by force and hauling them away in a wagon.

Other pumpkins had the words ‘racism’ and ‘hate’ written on them, which the protesters also planned to break apart.

Derek Laney, the protest organizer, was displaying the “police brutality” pumpkin for witnesses to see.

His plan was to smash it as a political statement condemning the murder of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, according to reports.

“We are going to smash these pumpkins symbolically…” said Laney, while speaking out against racism and police brutality in the US.

“It’s another way to let people know we will be heard,” Laney continued, as crowds gathered to watch.

Photo via St Louis Post Dispatch

Photo via St Louis Post Dispatch

The protest took place at the Clayton Justice Center, as organizers believed there were prosecutors in the building who had the ability to seek justice for Michael Brown.

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That’s when police began arresting the activists for “littering” and taking away their pumpkins by force.

Another activist was arrested and charged with “assault,” according to reports.


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  • Rebecca

    So you can be arrested for littering? Last I checked that only means a ticket. You’d think the Cops would be all over that to collect taxe… I mean reve… I mean to write people up.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      most of them probably aren’t smart enough to write the ticket so they just arrest them instead. they’re lucky the cops didn’t shoot for them carrying concealed pumkins

  • Ruthie DeHoag

    Isn’t littering a fine? Littering is not a criminal act.

  • squire

    They were arrested because it looked like they were thinking about smashing a pumpkin. To these filthy maggot fascists thinking is a crime. Just like the movie Minority Report.

  • Jason

    The only reason the police are stopping things like this is because they don’t want us to join together and revolt, even though that’s what is eventually going to happen anyway

    • MichaelP

      It’s starting to happen NOW…….it’s just off to a slow start….but watch over the next year and a half to two years… will pick up steam…..because the cops aren’t going to back down or honor their oaths.

  • Grim

    Welcome to the good ol’ USSA.

  • Liberty4me

    Littering is only applicable if the protesters left the smashed fruit after they have left. If the protesters and smashed pumpkins are still there together, then nobody has littered.

  • Brandon

    It’s only littering if you LEAVE it there. If they were arrested prior to leaving the scene then they had not yet committed a crime!

  • Marc Robinson

    the police had a gun ! So that’s armed robbery !

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      and if they “impounded” their cars that’s car jacking too.

  • Unbelievable

    I guess the protesters used their vacation time from work to protest. Good for them. 🙂

    • MichaelP

      Some people place freedom over material things….some people believe that tyranny in any form is worth fighting and standing up against over making car payments……

  • DJ


  • Jason Carstens

    It’s only litter if you leave it.

  • mrod

    Cops are just angry, they people who hate their job usually are

  • Andrew

    Was this in Clayton ohio?

  • David L Grabill


  • Bockculaca

    Fuck the police!

  • John Vairo

    its good they did that, shows they are scared of pumpkins