Video: City Rallies Behind Huge Athlete Who Challenges Bully Cop to MMA Fight, Cop Chickens Out

byrnes mill rich stephens

BYRNES MILL — Residents of Byrnes Mill tried again and again to report police misconduct in their town by “filing complaints” with the department, but they never seemed to get the justice they wanted.

A long-time resident of the town remarked: “Having lived in or near BM for almost 20 years, I concur that the whole department is corrupt…”

One of the cops that residents specifically point to is Officer Tim Walker.

Multiple residents have complained that Officer Walker has abused or bullied them to various degrees.

“I have been pulled over by this officer recently and thought to myself that I have never been pulled over by another police officer that acted like this officer. He was surely having a bad day and I did not like the way he was talking down to me. He claims I ‘did not use my blinker’ while making a turn onto the highway,” said one citizen.

Another resident added, “I also got pulled over by him, he was riding my ass on lower byrnes mill with his brights on and then pulled me over for barely swervin and searched my car…”

When asked about what Officer Walker looks like, one resident replied, “He is a short little fat fuck with warts.”

And another remarked: “Byrnes Mill, MO is a speed trap disguised as a town. The police force lives off traffic tickets. I was stopped by the same fat, ginger-headed cop while traveling through Byrnes Mill during Memorial Day weekend in 2009.  There is a law in MO that is supposed to limit what percentage of a town budget can be funded by traffic tickets.  It isn’t enforced.  My guess is that Byrnes Mill is over the limit.”

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A “speed limit” sign is placed right above the Byrnes Mill City welcome sign.

After so many citizens complaining about being bullied by Officer Walker, it seems that Officer Walker finally picked on the wrong man.

Rich Stephens towers at about 6’5″ and is in excellent physical shape. He used to be a pro-football player for the Oakland Raiders.

He reports that Officer Walker pulled him over for a minor traffic infraction and began harassing him.

Apparently when he tried to get the officer to calm down, he was placed in handcuffs. At some point while in handcuffs, he says that Officer Walker purposely kicked his feet out from under him in order to trip him, and he was then taken to jail for absolutely no justifiable reason.

Not being one to accept bullying and injustice, Stephens did something nobody would have expected.

He took out a full-page newspaper ad and openly challenged Officer Walker to a mixed martial arts fight.

Proceeds from the fight would be donated to charity and the fight would be refereed.

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“I just want his head on my hand,” said Stephens.

He then took the additional step of placing a huge sign on his pick-up truck, reading “What is short, fat, and round all over? A Byrnes Mill cop!”

He did it to call out Officer Walker in the most visible way.

Upon hearing of the challenge, the city poured out massive support for Stephens, rallying behind him in the hopes that he could neutralize Officer Walker’s bullying once and for all.

“I think it’s great,” one woman said, praising Stephens. “Most people don’t have that kind of nerve.”

When asked why he was taking such an action instead of filing a report with the department, Stephens replied “I’m just calling him out. He’s a tough guy behind the badge and gun. He needs to drop it and see how tough he is.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Officer Walker backed down from the challenge.

What do you think about this method of publicly shaming abusive cops and challenging them to a legal fight? Should more men begin doing this across the nation? Let us know your opinion after the video…

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  • Mark Kennedy

    formal complaints will be investigated by police dept … is that an oxymoron?

    • Griff

      No, just the fox guarding the henhouse… 😉

    • jahpdq

      Sort of like the Justice Department or the IRS investigating themselves. This is what lawyers call a facial conflict of interest. Human nature is such that people cannot judge their own conduct objectively, no matter how much they try to do so.

    • Cathy McMahan

      we can go before the grand jury just the same as them

      • Modelcitizen

        Yeah, and the prosecutors bring known liars to testify, we aren’t fools, but if you still think that’s justice you are most certainly the fool.

        • 7LibertyForAll

          They all lie because they are all corrupt. THEIR Grand Juries are controlled by them as are trial juries because these people do not know what their REAL rights and responsibilities are. A Citizen’s Common Law Grand Jury is accountable to the people and the judge goes back to being a referee–it ain’t HIS court and it never was. He keeps his corrupt nose out of things that do not concern him. Same with trial jurists……no judges allowed to tamper or lie to the jurists–they judge the law, dispense justice and mercy. Lawyers are not allowed in Common Law courts. Let’s bring back our Common Law courts & Citizen’s Common Law Grand Juries; and learn what you were never taught. Become a participant in true freedom and bringing back our Republic.

        • Cathy McMahan

          All I said was you can take a complaint before the grand jury. they are not the only ones that have access to them. The prosecutors are not allowed, this is just you and them with your evidence.

      • 7LibertyForAll

        THEIR Grand Juries are controlled by them as are trial juries because these people do not know what their REAL rights and responsibilities are. A Citizen’s Common Law Grand Jury is accountable to the people and the judge goes back to being a referee–it ain’t HIS court and it never was. He keeps his corrupt nose out of things that do not concern him. Same with trial jurists……no judges allowed to tamper or lie to the jurists–they judge the law, dispense justice and mercy. Lawyers are not allowed in Common Law courts. Let’s bring back our Common Law courts & Citizen’s Common Law Grand Juries; visit and learn what you were never taught. Become a participant in true freedom and bringing back our Republic.

      • James George

        Your problem here is the religious indoctrination that man is a guilty fallen sinner as a default, truth comes from higher authorities, not facts reason and evidence. The deck is already stacked in the Kangaroo Kourts favor. Why religion is a handmaiden to Governments, hence the tax break and a necessary aspect of getting the ignorant serfs to sacrifice their own children to the elites war profiteering schemes.

        • I disagree.. only with the wording.. in my concept religion is merely belief in GOD, it is the man’s developed churches that promote discrimination and abusive gov’t statutes.. people should realize the churches had wine throughout prohibition and so did doctors.. propaganda is real, discrimination is real, bad cops are the result of a complacent society.. they work for us so we need fire them and those who are obligated to hire, train and supervise them.. RECALL PETITIONS only take 3-5% of voters to file and only 1 to Request a Cease and Desist Order”.. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL, locally, state, nation and globe.

    • Vapemans

      oh they’ll investigate. They ll investigate the person filing the complaint.

    • margova

      “We have investigated ourselves and have found ourselves innocent of any wrongdoing” lol

    • 7LibertyForAll

      I believe you’re right about that, Mark.

    • Chris Thrash

      i lived in that area and no they won’t, that is one of the most corrupt police department around

  • James

    Of course that pussy backed down. Now Eric frein his ass lol

    • ken

      I live in Pa. He is my personal hero lol

  • martymarsh

    The corrupt chief protecting the corrupt.

  • Guest

    I love what the newscaster says at the end……All Byrnes Mill police cars are equipped with dash cams but unless Stephens files a formal complaint, the city has no reason to review the video from the incident. Hmmmmm……not many people would go as far as challenging an officer to a fight so openly….seems that would maybe give reason to just take a peek at the video real quick…to verify what happened? (sarc on) I mean, it’s not like wasting tax dollars on REAL priorities….. is it? (sarc off)

    • Eva King

      OR….if it didn’ happent to ‘malfunction’.

    • TheFlashingScotsman

      Dash cams also only show one view of the situation. A cop like this knows exactly where to take his victim so that he’s not on camera.

    • Chuck McCoy

      After all the complaints about this officer, you’d think his supervisor would want to review all the video from his cruiser just to be doing his/her job, wouldn’t you?

      • Guest

        That is exactly what I mean….. I think that would be the first thing to be done, regardless…with or without a “formal” complaint. Looks like there already is… it would behoove them to take a look.

        • bccrn

          The video is irrelevant as far as they are concerned because THEIR cop is NEVER in the wrong. Corruption starts at the top. Did anyone else notice the appearance of this cop? typical butch haircut and couldn’t be bothered to remove his “cop” sunglasses to speak to the reporter. “Don’t mess with me. I’m tough.” LOL. I can tell you without even speaking to him that he is an arrogant asshole.

    • idafoxyqueen

      Thank you! I was wondering if anyone was going to comment on the dash cam remark. A formal complaint isn’t necessary. Anyone could make a FOIA request. And, yeah, they’re lying. They watched it.

  • Gun toting cracker

    “We investigated ourself’s and found we did nothing wrong.”…..

  • SlimJim

    Apparently the police chief has never had a meeting with the city attorney to talk about 18 U.S.C. 242 ( and if it’s multiple officers or city departments involved, throw in 241 ( The chief is using his position and the color of law to deprive Rich Stevens of his right to free speech. Harassment, what a pathetic pussy response.

    They should also look up the MO laws on citizen arrests regarding failure to abide by the law requiring a limitation on the budget percentage funded by traffic citations. Watch this, you WILL enjoy it. (nothing has come of it, but the point was made)

    • 7LibertyForAll

      This was done in Albuquerque also? Were they successful in reigning in their corrupt arrogant slime?

  • Chris Adams

    Right, because we have all seen how effective it is, to file a report on them to their buddies. You might as well start practicing falling face first into gravel or pavement, because the next time you see the corrupt bastards, that’s what you will be getting. A face full of gravel or pavement. It’s time… No, it’s way PAST time, that we started fighting back.

  • Travis Judah

    Pussy ass cops! I would pay good money to watch him man handle that pig!

  • TJHillgardner

    Macho BS. That cop’s ass should be fired. That is the right remedy.

  • Samantha Joseph

    Too funny how the punk cop punked out when it came to proving his manhood without a gun strapped to his fat ass and a license to kill issued by the state. Typical cop. The only people they get tough with off duty are their wives, girlfriends and kids.

  • Cam

    The police chief think’s it’s borderline harassment and threatening a LEO…like stopping people for no reason and threatening to haul them off to jail? Then the idiot goes on to talk about officers losing their jobs if they were challenged to “fighting matches” but completely ignores the fact that his officers are allowed to run amok and assault people as they please, but if someone dares to fight back they’re resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. Anyway, Mr. Stephens has the right idea and I hope he gets his day in the ring.

  • duane mccrary

    I love it…pretty obvious what kind of person this creep is….I would fly there and pay to see the match..

  • ChuckAnanda

    Chief of police has about an 90 IQ. His foot soldiers likely have less.

    • TheFlashingScotsman

      You’re in an awfully generous mood, aren’t you?

      • Chris Adams


  • Phasung Baccam

    Now that how you do it

  • Megatron

    thanks officer walker for proving that all cops are just pussies with guns in their hands

  • Bendy Bentley

    Aw, the poor little assholes have their feelings hurt? Too bad, and good luck getting respect from anyone in your town now, Tim Walker or police chief.

  • John Oliver

    Bullshit… He needs to file a freedom of information act. I managed to get all the info I needed from an incident with the cops in my town, without having to file a formal complaint. That’s just the pig’s way of copping out! Pun intended.

  • Ricardo Castillo

    Man, I would pay good money to see that

  • Damien Cross

    The Fat Fuck Pig will never accept the challenge of a fight because without the badge & gun, the pig is NOTHING but a Fat Bully little cunt!

    • corinna dewar

      ..Fat Fuck Pig…. Fat Bully little cunt… on earth did you find out what his mama used to call him?

    • Chicho Blanco

      Obese men have lower than normal levels of testosterone than non-obese men. This explains why fat cops act like bitches.

  • Gary Kimsey

    PPV the fight I’d watch it !

    • Chris Adams

      Me too! An donate all proceeds to some type of kids charity.

  • Chris-B

    Take of that batman belt and badge and man up. Cowards without their batman belt, bade and their gang.

  • Jim Zubkowski

    hahahaha border line harassment the first thing that cop says hahaha i think the cop should accept the fighting match

  • Michelle Lee

    Yea in Florida its a town called Waldo, the funnist thing is, the police station was shut down…. bu by ha ha ha ha

    • Kllrjo Anastasia

      Waldo was notorious for YEARS!

  • Andy Pugsley

    Yes I think this is an effective tool in putting these bullies in their places.

  • TheFlashingScotsman

    Maybe Stephens knows how much good it does to file a formal complaint, and doesn’t want to waste the time.

  • Don Talley

    So next time I am speeding and get a ticket I will judge myself and give myself a fine? Cops investigating cops?

  • Doug Hedges

    Way to go Richie! ! !

  • Oscar TheGrouch
  • Aaron

    Do any of you realize this took place over 5 years ago? And that ed Locke hasn’t been there for over 2 years

  • Zach von Behren

    Cause cops are a bunch of cowards without their guns.

  • Samuel Kirkland Smith

    Right on! This should be a public policy for filing your complaints with a fist sanwich !

  • Mulekicker

    If this was a black guy I doubt he would have the same support

  • Tomfom

    I fail to see how challenging someone to gay sex proves manhood, but whatever gets you through the day without killing yourself I suppose.


    I think it was a great idea one that I would have no problem following through with…. ….. Don Rocco!

  • qwkinuf

    Have you seen Officer Tim Walker? He is a little fat f*** with hemorrhoid warts. Sooner or later he won’t be able to hide behind his plastic badge / secret decoder ring and he’s going to get his dough boy pudgy a** kicked big time.

  • Stefon Scott Loch

    I would too….. i hate bullies and cowards.. obviously the two are one , sometimes .

  • wildman

    And yet these tin star thugs don’t understand why AMERICA hates them and doesn’t give 2 runny shits if they are killed

  • Vapemans

    Is it the Criminal Justice Department, or the Just Us Criminal Department?

  • margova

    Typical bully-coward cop. BMF’s w guns, tazers, clubs.. and fighting in numbers like wolves, baboons.. and well…. other baboons. Chicken-shit candy-asses w/o all that crap. I would have to get myself back into good physical condition.. but, wouldn’t mind having a “dance” w a slime-ball cop who thinks hes a bad-ass. And I’m a female. The ass-whipping he would receive would last a while due to his recovery time but, the humiliation of having the stroke put on him by a female would last a life-time.

  • David Schwartz

    poking fun at the police department goes to far….oh poor babies, it’s not like they are getting shot while handcuffed in the backseat.

  • Eric Slafter

    Trial by combat should press for this right to be again common in courts.

  • magormissabib

    “borderline harrassment and making a threat”. NOT. -loser.

  • magormissabib

    police pigs harrassed me in Key West Fl and I made a sign like this (MY icon) and put the KWPD and picketed the police dept. They did not like it but too bad. the whole city saw it and if they tried any retaliation people would have known why.

  • Danny Thompson

    That’s right, they do not check themselves unless he files a complaint. Trouble is, when he does file one, they will ‘investigate themselves’ find no wrongdoing, and the fat turd still won’t step up to the plate because he is relying on the departments balls, and lack thereof on his part.

  • chris9465

    I love it and would gladly put my MMA skills up against any cop….they last about 2weeks in my krav Maga/haganah class then quit out of embarrassment….

  • medcannabis1

    just throw some donuts into the ring… and the fight is on..

  • Irish Lass

    READ AND SHARE: How to disconnect from the Strawman. Why are we seeing so much corruption? BECAUSE IT IS ALL FOR PROFIT!

  • dagobarbz

    Shorty Warty ran away…

  • Mark DellaBarba

    Hide behind the badge.. lol

  • Nat Turner

    I saw that someone mentioned a grand jury_ _ _can’t decide who is more corrupt the grand jury or the cops?

  • Douglas Clearwater Henson


  • Sgt. Killgood

    The only way that punk cop will fight him , is if he can bring 26 of his punk ass friends with him to the fight .

  • Don Mullican

    They usually don’t have the balls to fight anyone who isn’t handcuffed.

  • Erika Domnick

    Is anyone surprised the cop hasn’t taken him up on it? Let’s face it, without all the weapons and their gang members backing them up- bullying cops ain’t shit.

  • Erika Domnick

    I would however, drop anything I was doing, to drive to MO to watch the fight, in the event that GingerCop grows a pair. lol

  • T.j. Learnihan

    Cops don’t like the idea of people challenging them to a fight, they should shut their mouths and lose their abusive and aggressive attitudes!!!!! Wah, Wah, Wah,…” This might be considered to be threatening a police officer”…If LEO’s weren’t threatening the public on a daily basis people wouldn’t have anything to post you, badge wearing fucks!!!!! Chief Ed Locke Is to stupid and whiny to be chief of anything…Byrnes Mills isn’t even a real police department!!!!! If every officer who pulled someone over would stand up to getting their ass kicked by the person who they are abusing there would be NO COPS!!!!

    • grim3per

      you mean, oink oink oink, don’t you?

  • Chris Thrash

    that is one of the most corrupt police department around i am from that area they will pull you over for no reason at all. and women have it worst if they see that they are good looking women

  • Poor guy, as soon as the media stops paying attention they’ll bust him for something.

  • Patrick H.

    They should be reveiwing the cams on their own. And Im sure they have. They can see for themselves and have done nothing. What if in the background they saw another crime they’d have been on it. Just not on this guy. Advise file a formal complaint, and still offer to fight him.

  • Patrick H.

    I kinda wanna see the footage.

  • mark

    ahhh the fat little piggie wont accept what a chickenshit

  • Finneas

    Wait wait wait,,, calling cops short and round is,, threat of violence??? AHHHAAHAAAHAHA,,,, keep hiding behind the glass shield bytches

  • Constitutionalist #47

    Cops are fucking pathetic.

  • Ben Dover

    WHY is there no pictures of this pig on-line?
    Not a very good public shaming without his picture out there. Doesn’t anyone in that town have a camera or a cell phone?

  • kriss515

    I’ll be frank here. There is a list of cops I would love to have a fair even up fight with. You will never get it. Beating the stuffins out of a brash dick of a cop would make my day. They know that. They also know without guns, tasers, the whole blue community behind them, that ass would get kicked on a regular basis. If any cop wishes to test me you can. I don’t believe a citizen would get a fair fight. They would kill you. Plain and simple. Hell just touch one and see what happens. I think he will have an obituary soon and it will be deemed justified. js.

  • Bill J Janack

    So the police chief thinks thats harrasment and threatening law enforcement huh? Well now you know what its like and you fear for your life lol

  • Yoshi Cooper

    Once a few years ago a cop responded to the wrong house for a domestic violence call.
    He and his buddies handcuffed me and farted in my face.
    Then told me he trains at a gym, so before he let me go, I told him I’ll come by after work.
    Took three guys to get me off the badged fuck.
    Broke his nose

  • Jimmy L Aldrich

    Typical coward cop, who isnonly tough when he has the blue custom on and at home.

  • Riley Long

    WOW I can’t believe it. Another PUSSY cop. What s surprise. And the broken down cop on crutches is a pussy coward as well.

  • Cliff Nytko

    Fucking cowards! ALL of them!
    They should be pilloried in the public square and hung. Thereby helping to cleanse the genetic pool. Additionally, you bootlicking, cop loving trolls are just as bad.

  • Cliff Nytko

    Maybe the ex football player is too much for him. I will fight him instead. I am 55 years old with suspect knees (hockey in my younger days) and real dislike for cowards. Contact information will be provided upon request.

  • T.j. Learnihan

    Police Brutality and Abuse is no Longer the Exception, It is the Rule – It Is NOT A RACE ISSUE, BUT AN ABUSE & BRUTALITY ISSUE!!! COPS ARE JUST CRIMINALS IN A UNIFORM!!! NEVER-NEVER-NEVER-NEVER-NEVER-NEVER-NEVER, TRUST A POLICE OFFICER!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!! POLICE OFFICERS ARE CRIMINALS-BULLIES-LIARS-THIEVES-RAPISTS-MURDERERS-THUGS!!! Police Unions & Judges “On The Take” Are As Much To Blame As LEO’s!!! The Police Will Lie, Cheat, Deceive, Steal, Rape, Abuse, Harass, Entrap and otherwise do everything in their power , Legal Or NOT to make your life a living hell “I don’t remember the last time a cop ever helped me out of anything!” If you don’t have a device with video capabilities, GET ONE TODAY!!!! VIDEO EVERY SINGLE THING THEY DO AND SAY-TO YOU, TO YOUR FRIENDS, TO YOUR FAMILY, IN THE GENERAL POPULATION & PUBLIC!!!! THEY CAN’T HELP BUT DIG THEIR OWN GRAVES !!!! They will incriminate themselves just like they regularly attempt to get you to do!!!! Police Are Trained and Encouraged To Exhibit Severe Control & Dominance At All Times!!!! They have NO TRAINING in Mental Health or Physical or Mental Disabilities Interaction!!! They are trained and taught to Abuse, Dominate, Threaten, and Scare You!!! NEVER GIVE A POLICE OFFICER ANY INFORMATION – DONT ANSWER QUESTIONS-MAKE THEM PROVE EVERYTHING!!!! EVEN IF THREATENED WITH ARREST OR ARRESTED. THEY WILL USE EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE AGAINST YOU!!!!! If They Threaten You or Your Family or Friends, Shoot Them & Shoot To Kill,…..They Would!!!!!!!!

    • steve

      It is coming to that 5 have been shot already,,,,,

  • steve

    Local citizens should be the ones to hear complaints about cops not them,make up a panel of people and rotate them often,each time a complaint is filed with the board of citizens they can take action and do what they need to do to see what happen and apply the correct punisnhment,but no cops on cops judging,,,

  • Frost Spire

    Fuck…….I would go into the ring to kick the living shit out of a cop and I am not an MMA fighter. Fuck cops. A bunch of pussies who hide behind the imaginary power of a badge.

  • Matthew Child

    haha way to go. I support you 110% One the Raiders are my favorite team. 2 I believe cops should be held accountable for there actions. and they abuse it way to much. it’s time they learn

  • PRECISELY why cities and towns need a civilian review board or committee with ‘summary dismissal powers’ for all public employees, any and all public unions need be disbanded.. term limits for all forms of public employment, elected, appointed and employed.. we also should remove all medical benefits for public employees and place all medical needs with the VA hospitals.. two reasons.. availability nationwide and would improve the treatment our soldiers, the real heroes, receive.. “JT” Thompson, National Naturalist List

  • Douglas Steward


  • Robert Comstock

    I sure don’t wanna be the next guy that cop stops after he sees that sign. He’s gotta take it out on someone.

  • Padge Vounder

    I would pay good money to watch people beat the living shit out of pigs

  • FollowerOfFreedom

    wont the REAL MEN please stand up?! this guy is setting a good example to follow!

  • Nick Lahti

    In Ironwood, MI, there are several officers like this one. Matthew Sterbenz comes to mind. Has a tendency to lie under oath or use his power to go over warrants. Uses that same “tough guy” approach. Any ideas as to get him reported? Other than to another local agency.