Master Sergeant Arrested for Disobeying Unconstitutional Orders, Found “Guilty”

BELL COUNTY — BREAKING: Active duty Army Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham has been found “guilty”  after a cop stopped him for carrying firearm and illegally detained him, even though Grisham was licensed to carry it.

The police accused Grisham of “rudely displaying” his weapon. Officer Ermis can be seen in the video grabbing at Grisham’s firearm and holding Grisham face down on the hood of the police vehicle.

CJ Grisham described the incident as follows:

“This past weekend while on a 10-mile hike with my 15-year old son to complete requirements for his eagle scout rank, I was illegally detained, stripped of my weapons, and arrested when I refused to voluntarily surrender them. I am a licensed CHL holder in multiple states, an active duty Master Sergeant and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. My only charge was “resisting arrest” though I was never placed under arrest until I was charged with resisting it. Confused? Me too. We were hiking down back country roads away from homes and businesses outside Temple, Texas, when the police claim they were responding to a call about a man walking down the road with a gun, something that is legal in the state of Texas.”

Grisham uploaded the video footage which went viral:

Video of the original incident:


The jury ultimately found Grisham guilty for “interfering with police duties,” according to reports.

On his facebook page, Open Carry Texas, Grisham states:  “I WILL be appealing the finding. This was a kangaroo court from the beginning. – CJ”

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  • But_Who_Will_Build_The_Roads

    FTP and the police state.

  • Difster

    Go get ’em Grisham. This will not stand.

    And when you’re all done, run for Sheriff of Bell County and fire every coproach loyal to the current one.

  • Kevin

    Hopefully the cop gets hit in traffic!

  • Mike Rebel Carman

    If a cop tells u to turn over your weapon & u don’t comply, that is illegal. I’m not saying it’s right, but that is the law!

    • anonakon

      let a cop try and take my gun. i guess we both will be dead…

      • Michelle Beaber

        So you would rather be a murderer then follow the law? Another wacko with a God complex I see

        • Michael Sciortino

          No Michelle, he has something you neither have nor can comprehend. Belief in his convictions and the willingness to stand up for them. Further, is not wrong to oppose an illegal,unjust law.

    • Phillip Cantu

      Oh, so you KNOW it’s not right, but you’re saying “that’s the law”?! Fuck you. You are blindly obedient to authority and you are the reason cops get away with bullshit like this.

      • Mike Rebel Carman

        I am merely telling people what the law is. Ask an attorney if the law has anything to do w/ what’s right or wrong, & they will tell you it doesn’t.
        The cop could also charge the guy w/ failing to tell him he was carrying a concealed weapon.

        • Ed Yoder

          The fact that you cite some stupid policy or even some silly legislation as “the law” tells us that you really have no idea what The Law really is.

          • Mike Rebel Carman

            You believe that laws are not policy or legislation? You can easily look this stuff up if you didn’t pass your govt class in grade school. The law that I stated about notifying a cop of a concealed weapon is covered in the CCW class.
            However, maybe you will enlighten us on “what the law really is?”

          • Will Pelton

            I am a firearms instructor and have signed off on more CWP certificates than I can count so yes I am an expert. That being said notification of CWP and a weapon are state by state specific. If you are going quote a law, ruling, code or ordnance then specify which state you happen to be an expert in.

          • Mike Rebel Carman

            That is scary that you are an “expert”, yet you can’t spell. Then you tell me to do something that you failed to do yourself.

          • Anonymous1

            You sir just demonstrated a textbook case of the fallacy of ad hominem. Congratulations, you just completely lost ethos for your point of view….

          • Will Pelton

            I did not fail at anything Mike. Only trolls point out typos. I am correct in my assertion and you are not, subsequently you are noticeably upset. If you find me “scary” that is your problem. .

          • Mike Rebel Carman

            You FAILED to tell us which state you are an “expert” in. Then you told me I should say which state I am an expert in, even though I never claimed to be an expert.
            Yes, I am a troll because you can’t spell.
            I don’t find YOU scary. I think it is scary that someone that can’t spell simple words has the authority to give CCW training.

          • Matt

            Once again ladies and gentlemen, a case of the fallacy ad hominem. May we all take a logic lesson away from this.

            Debate the points, not the man you fool…

          • Mike Rebel Carman

            Do you know what your slogan means? I noticed you use it very selectively. Nevermind the others that put me down personally, including yourself.

          • Matt

            Yes it is latin for “to the man”. It is the logical fallacy when one attacks the personal character of an opponent, i.e. spelling mistakes, in order to attempt to detract from the weight and validity of their arguments. And I use it selectively because you are the only one using this fallacy regularly, and as a justification for your points.

          • Mike Rebel Carman

            The spelling mistakes take away from the weight & validity of a person’s arguement. It shows lack of intelligence & laziness.
            You called me a fool, so you are violating your own phrase. That is like claiming you are pro life while killing people.

          • Matt

            No, they in fact do not. that is incorrect. Whether someone makes spelling mistakes has nothing to do with the validity of their point. If you believe it does, then I encourage you to go read any textbook on logic or public debate, which will show you how you are incorrect.

            And no, I did not violate the fallacy. I simply called you a fool. I did not detract logic from you points by doing so, and calling you a fool was not an explanation for why I believe you are wrong, so I did not violate the fallacy. I merely gave you a title. If you’re going to argue semantics, I will win. Before law school I was a Communication Studies major, so I’m not just throwing around jargon.

          • Mike Rebel Carman

            You sound like a typical republican. When you feel you are losing a debate, you pretend to be something you are not, such as a business owner, rich person, etc… You believe this will detract from the mistakes you make in your arguements. However, your poor grammar says otherwise. I would expect a law student to have a much better grasp of the English language.

          • Matt

            Well here’s a newsflash, I’m a Libertarian, not a republican, nor a member of the tea party, but a Libertarian who believes in the principals of freedom.

            And please outline my grammar mistakes, and show me how I am something I am not. Literally, I want you to copy and paste and show me my mistakes. I truly am confused as to what you are trying to accomplish by using comparisons that have no ground in this discussion. I never claimed to be something I am not, nor am I pretending to be someone I am not. And please, if I’m making mistakes in my argument, you have YET to show me where or how I am making said mistakes. So stop attacking my character as I have not done so to you.

            If you want to debate the facts let us do so, keep attacks on character and claims of nonexistent grammar errors out of it. I’ve made several points with errors in your argument and you literally have produced nothing of substance about mine.

            Quit making logical fallacies as well, it’s irksome.

          • Mike Rebel Carman

            If you want me to tutor you in basic English grammar, I will need to be paid for my time. Otherwise, you can finish grade school.

          • Matt

            If that’s all you have to reply, then you have resigned yourself from this discussion. You have just made the fallacy of argument from silence, and burden of proof.

            If you’re going to sit there and make claims about my grammar, be able to back them up. You are either scared, lazy, or a fool, because you refuse to support your points, however asinine they may be.

            Get off your high horse and stop patronizing someone because you cannot contend with their logical arguing.

          • Mike Rebel Carman

            You are obviously a child that has no clue about what you are talking about. I have merely pointed out the law to you. Now you claim this & that & expect me to grade your comments. Ok, you get an “F”. Copy & paste your comments to a word document, print it out, & show it to your grade school teacher. She is paid to correct your mistakes, not me.
            You also like to hold me to a higher standard than yourself. Typical GOP style.

          • Matt

            You made claim of a law, to which you gave no evidence. I made claim of law and gave evidence.
            You made a claim that I have incorrect grammar and gave no evidence, while I made a claim against your views and gave evidence.
            I never expected you to “grade” my work, nor asked for any such favors. If you’re going to make a statement grow some damn balls and back it up. And never once did I hold you to a higher standard, as a matter of fact a level of standard was never established by myself. If I obviously have no clue what I’m talking about, then why was I able to cite references, whereas you did not once do likewise?
            I have been as polite as possible, but I end that with this. You have made accusations and claims with no reference or evidence, you have attacked the character of myself and others in an attempt to damage their arguments, and you are acting like a teenage girl. So either grow a pair and learn how to intelligently debate, or fuck off.

            Oh, one last tidbit: Since it’s “typical GOP style”, give me some examples. Typical, in this case, implies notable so it should be easy for you to rummage up some examples. Give me an example, I dare you…..

          • Mike Rebel Carman

            Obviously you not only have trouble with spelling, but reading also. Scroll up & read my posts vs yours. You will see that I have cited where I got my info.
            You have failed to answer anything that I asked you about.
            The first time you called me a fool, I won the debate.
            Try telling someone to “fuck off” in a courtroom & see what happens. I doubt you ever graduated from high school. You talk & write like you are still in grade school. Your mentality is that of a child. Isn’t it past your bedtime?

          • Matt

            What?!?! There is no place in which you cited anything. You made reference to, but never cited a single law, case, trial, etc…..
            You also never asked me any questions, unless I simply missed them.
            And I hope you sleep better at night believing that you have won, because me calling you a fool has nothing to do with it. That is a completely erroneous and false assumption.
            And I’d never tell anyone in a court room to “fuck off”. And given that this is not a courtroom, that is a red herring argument, and invalid to this discussion.
            I’m fairly certain that no grade school aged student writes like I do, I challenge you to find one that does such.

            Pray tell, how is my mentality like that of a child? Please, to do tell me.
            If you wish to keep at this, that’s fine by me, I’m fairly certain my resolve to continue such a “discussion”, if it can be called that, will hold.

          • Bill Bligh

            Your law school training doesn’t seem to have taught you how to argue convincingly. Maybe you should go back to torts and contracts.

          • Jgorish

            Standardized spelling is a modern creation. Shakespeare didn’t even spell his own name the same way every time! If this were a spoken debate, you wouldn’t know what spelling the person might have used. Also consider that someone might be posting from a mobile device, which can make corrections difficult.

          • Florida tells their police via radio when someone is pulled over if they possess a concealed permit. Once the cop reads the Driver License # to dispatch is all it takes. ALL STATES should be required to do the same. And if they don’t then SUE THEIR SILLINESS until they get it right…

          • Ed Yoder
          • Ed Yoder
        • Sean Hinchliff

          mike are you fucking stupid? he told him at 2:13 in. the more people that are like you that go around KNOWING the law is wrong and blindly obeying the longer it will happen! u need to stop being a blind pussy and step up then. its time we took our country back! the police are going to arm up with a select force of national guard and march on us! The american people! we need to expect this and be ready because they will be coming to dissarm and kill us… i kno this sounds crazy but do ur own research and ill be astonished if u come to any other conclusion!

          • Mike Rebel Carman

            He told him after he was handcuffed & the rifle was taken away.
            I know all about what is happening in this country. Again, I am merely telling you what the law is. It doesn’t mean that I follow it, condone it, etc… The answer is to organize. However, this was tried in the 90’s & nobody trusted each other. Therefore nothing got accomplished.

          • Sean Hinchliff

            ok ok i shouldnt have been so quick to snap, u have my apologies.

        • The “heat” already knows if one possesses a concealed permit via their little walkie-talkie unit…

          • Mike Rebel Carman

            Yes, but that doesn’t mean you are carrying @ that particular moment.

          • Matt

            That is irrelevant. Cops have procedure they are required by law to follow if they have the knowledge that one owns a concealed permit, period. This man’s case actually should have been thrown out because the cop did not follow the proper legal procedure in finding and securing the concealed weapon.

            Ignorance is not an excuse for action or inaction, another textbook fallacy. You’re just full of them today.

          • Mike Rebel Carman

            You obviously don’t know the law.

          • Matt

            Actually yes I do,
            I’m a national and state constitution law student, this is my bread and butter. There are certain procedures that have been put in place that are required by Supreme Court ruling, which in case you didn’t know is the highest court in this nation, for law officers to follow when one is stopped by police. Period. I don’t care what you think you know, Supreme Court ruling supersedes what you think you know. There are at least 2 cases where these procedures were established by the SC, go educate yourself….
            I cite Terry v. Ohio and Deberry v. US.

          • Mike Rebel Carman

            Ok kid, if you say so. LOL.

          • Matt

            Seriously, if you want to argue what the law is, I’ve given you examples of what the law says as observed by the SC. If you want to discuss this, know the back story. Otherwise, my words fall on deaf ears.

          • Bill Bligh

            “supercede,” with a “c,” got it?

        • Eli Jackson

          Ok, now we are getting somewhere, now we trust “attorneys”? Where did they appear from? Thanks, oh, and what is the purpose for this great organization? Thanks again.

    • Matt

      Actually no it’s not. I cite the Supreme Court cases of Poe vs. Ullman.

      Also, no property can be seized by any officer in any state when no crime has been committed, is being committed, or there is overwhelming evidence to suggest is about to be committed without a subpoena or a warrant. In most states, an officer cannot require you turn over your weapon if you are acting in a legal manner. He may request to see it, and you may either oblige him, or maintain that you do not consent to searches or seizures under the 2nd Amendment.

    • it’s unconstitutional for a cop to do this . laws are unconstitutional if they are in direct conflict with a constitutional protection . a leo has zero authority to abduct or even give orders to anyone without cause

    • Eli Jackson

      ….until you don’t “comply”. Mr. Carman, what is…exactly…”the law”? Thank you.

  • Guest

    Amazingly, almost every single day we see this crap with “law enforcement”….fat, d out of shape pieces of shit that have a gun and badge to hide behind!

    • Thomas Dobbins

      Not just LEO’s, our Judicial system is a joke too!

  • Terry Malone

    A few bad apples make all of law enforcement look bad

    • But_Who_Will_Build_The_Roads

      No, a lot of bad apples spoil the few good ones.

    • It’s a whole lot more than a “few” sheep. IT’S THE MAJORITY WHO ARE ACTING LIKE FOOLS. There’s a minority of “so-called” good cops still out there but they’re getting harder & harder to find…

  • Klif Farr

    everyone loves the system, until it turns against them

    • The “system” has never done me any good so I dispute what you say…

  • So much for “Don’t Mess With Texas”. If Texans actions were as loud as their words, half the town would be down there arresting these thugs – Stand up people.

  • Greg Landers

    Unfortunately the appeals courts are the real courts these days. Local judges and circuit courts are buddy buddy to the cops and DAs office. They do corrupt shit for each other and don’t give a shit about the constitution.

    • Ernie Menard

      Around New Orleans, Louisiana, the appellate courts are pretty bad about applying the law. They’re unlikely to do it if a lower court judge is going to be made to look particularly stupid.

  • Maxx Grape Juice Welches

    Ignorant sheep in pigs clothing.

  • Spelunker4Plato

    This makes complete sense. One fascist is giving another fascist issues.

    They’re both doing such a great job protecting our freedoms….

  • Spelunker4Plato

    “In this day and age…”

    It’s brilliant. The cops just said they’re exempt from the law right after. It’s perfect.

  • Wolfy Wolf

    Fuck that fat pig of a socialist cop!

    • Bill Bligh

      Please explain the term “socialist cop.”

  • Andrew Kurdziel

    PIGS need to be treated like PIGS, perhaps if a few of them had some unfortunate accident.

  • jpaul

    I should then feel threatened by those cops with guns. What a bunch of jerks.

  • The judge is the guilty party here. Allowing a jury to convict without evidence to support the convection.

  • AintMizBahavin

    unbelievable that he was found guilty. but the truth of the matter is they took his firearms so they can keep them for themselves. there’s a lot of that going around especially with pretextual stops even with cars the cops now stop you and if you refuse to be searched they will arrest you anyway with the lie you’re acting suspicious and once arrested. they are allowed to take your car, money and any other valuables and keep them. research it. its lot of it going around. especially in texas.

  • Bill Bligh

    What kind of paranoid whack job needs to carry a firearm while out running with his son?

    • Ian Cochran

      Name calling…always an indicator of a superior intellect.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      he doesn’t need to explain it to you or the fat ass cop. it’s his RIGHT to have one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why can’t you ppl get that through your heads???

    • Jgorish

      Spoken like someone who has never been assaulted while out in the boonies.

  • 1*

    liberal gun grabbers

  • Scott Pfotenhauer

    Government is a big ugly monster here in our country. I am afraid of a government that wants to take our weapons.

  • Justin Waffle Taco

    this guy knows his shit

  • JadeSpartan


    “You aren’t exempt from the law!”

    “Yes we are”

    WHAT!? NO.

  • Belle Chang

    The Sheeples have been conditioned to be afraid of anyone carrying a gun or any weapons. I’m all for open carry and I DO NOT agree with the idiots who thinks they can strip us of our rights to bear arm. Dumb idiots. It’s not guns that kill. People kill people. Take away guns. There’s knives. What. They’re gonna outlaw knives, too? Take away knives. There’s forks. Point is, anything can be used as a weapon, yeah, right down to a pencil! WTH are they gonna do, take everything away from us then?!! When are you dumb idiotic “gun control” arses gonna see how STOOPID you guys are?!! There’s NO POINT in tryin to control guns when humans can turn ANYTHING into a weapon! IDIOTS.

  • kditty

    why is it that the military vets always get the shitty end of the stick? cops are allowed to carry ANYWHERE… the people we trust to fight for us cant even carry a gun without someone calling the cops. i think the cops have small dick syndrome. they didnt fight the taliban so they will fight the soldiers who did. they cant make it in the military look at that fat slob he shouldnt even be a cop. he should have to pass boot camp once every 3-5 years

  • Jackass

    Wow, this is just unbelievable, he was stopped for no reason whatsoever…, I could understand it if he was black and unarmed looking at the cop in a suspicious way. But heavily armed middle aged white dude, disgraceful.

    • Christina Woodruff


  • Guest

    You know guys, we gave our lives to the people of this country, unconditionally, I served for 11.5 years in the military, not all full time, but nevertheless, I not only took an oath to defend, but that oath also involves protecting everything we believe in. Are we, no matter what belief system, going to put up with anymore of this? Obviously, for me, no.

  • Eli Jackson

    You know guys, we gave our lives up for the people of this great country for what we believed in. I, for one, have found truth about what and where this “great nation” is headed. Let me say this once, Democracy, or any other form of governance is not the answer, this lies in only your heart and nowhere else. Please take the little valuable time to think this out, not much time. Yes, these people took an oath to be responsible for their actions under “color of law”, it seems to be not working, why?

  • Carla C

    Why don’t you “boys” go put your testosterone away and leave the board for intelligent people to interact.

  • aztecace

    wow, in Texas, wouldn’t expect anything like this in the Lone Star state, they’re so pro-gun you could probably walk down the street with a hip holster and nothing would happen to you except maybe some hats tipped in your direction.

  • Alhazred

    He said it best at the end “these guys aren’t bad guys unless they get embarrassed” Which is anytime anyone tries to stand up to their bullying with knowledge of their legal rights and accusations of illegal police actions like this one.

  • Christina Woodruff

    That poor kid was crying!? Jesus, I feel bad for him having to see this. But at least he has an excellent role model of a father. Guy knows his shit, and was smart enough to not get belligerent about anything. I fail to see how a jury could’ve convicted him of anything if they had this video. It’s ridiculous. They clearly had to amend the charges, seeing as interfering with police duties isn’t resisting arrest though. I will be praying for this family.

  • mrpuffy1

    ” Anyone with a firearm is dangerous” ??? If the Temple Texas cops will treat an active duty Army Master Sergeant with a carry permit, what would they do to you or me?

  • Diane Bitburg

    Juries usually side with the cops, figuring the defendant has a reason to lie.

    • Joe Clam

      That’s because most jury members are as dumb as fucking rocks. It takes a principled person to stand up to a roomful of stupidity and hang a jury like that, but it can be done.

  • Derka

    I think he only got arrested because he threathened with a lawsuit, Now he cant do this because he got charged.

  • Derka

    Woops, Reacted a bit too fast.

  • Martin Howard

    Pains me to say it… but clowns like our chubby MSgt are going to be the ones responsible for us loosing our right to carry anything, anywhere. Let’s keep giving the cops and the straights a reason to bitch about guns morons. Carrying a “wanna-be” M4 open is asking for trouble. Let’s go ahead and make cops more nervous than they are, then blame them when we don’t agree with their actions.

  • Iva Sue McCoy

    Homeland Security Classifies Returning US Veterans as Potential Terrorist Threat