Community Looks For Answers In Police Shooting Death of German Shepherd

Jean Strong |

Residents in Wyckoff, New Jersey are looking for answers from the police department in the shooting death of a five year old German Shepherd named Otto.

Patrolman Kyle Ferreira responded to a burglary call on Lawlins Road. The call was for 621 Lawlins Road and Ferreira went to 622 instead. The Vukobratovic family who live at that address spoke about the love both they and their community held for the dog Otto.

“Otto was more than just our dog, he was this community’s dog,” said Igor Vukobratovic. “I just wanted to let you know that I’m sad, and I was hoping someone would do something right. I have nothing against the police, but I don’t know how an officer shooting his gun and then no investigation is done.”

According to the police, Ferreira went into the backyard of the home through an unlocked fence gate. He saw an open window where he surmised the burglar had entered the house. He claimed that a “large, growling” German Shepherd leaped through the window and attacked him. He said the dog bit his right boot and would not let go. He drew his weapon and fired four times, missing twice and hitting Otto twice. Otto didn’t die on the spot, he suffered until he was able to be taken to the veterinarian and euthanized.

Police Chief Benjamin Fox acknowledged that Patrolman Kyle Ferreira should not have been on the Lawlins Road property at all. Mayor Kevin Rooney spoke with state Senator Kevin O’Toole and asked him to assist in the investigation of the incident. The Vukobratovic family and several witnesses have a very different story than the police do. According to the Facebook page Justice for Otto:

“During the late afternoon on Wednesday, 4/29/15, the owner of 621 Lawlins Rd. noticed some unusual damage to a window in their home. Having a newborn in the house and not wanting to cause any immediate alarm, the neighbor visited the Wyckoff Police Department in order to file a report. He was told to expect an officer within the hour.

When patrolman Kyle Ferreria and his partner arrived at the scene, they responded incorrectly to the dispatch address of 621, and instead pulled up in front of 622 Lawlins Rd., the Vukobratovic residence. The neighbors, quietly waiting for the police, knew something was wrong the moment they directed their attention to the incorrect house. They were unable to get the attention of the officers before patrolman Ferreria proceeded down the driveway, entered the gated backyard, and fired four times at Otto, who had entered the backyard from inside the house once he heard the gate close.

Patrolman Ferreria missed two of his shots, and the other two hit Otto in the side and back. Otto limped across the yard, leaving a trail of blood from where he was shot to the side of the house, where he laid, desperately trying to get inside to protect himself. He was taken to Oradell Animal Hospital where despite the efforts of the doctors, he succumbed to his injuries and died.

Following the incident, the Wyckoff Police Department have made no effort to apologize or offer condolences to the Vukobratovic’s, going so far as defending the officers actions as necessary as he was in “great danger.”

Otto was not a trained “attack dog” – he was an obedient family pet with a loving, playful, friendly disposition.

The ever-changing excuses of Wyckoff Police Chief Benjamin Fox claim the officer observed an open window, believed a burglary was in progress, and therefore drew his weapon in preparation for an intruder. However, casings found at the scene show Patrolman Ferreira made all of his shots from the first few feet of the yard, a vantage point that makes it impossible to see any windows of the home.

Witnesses, having an unobscured view of the yard, corroborate this discrepancy, stating the officer went from his car to the yard to firing his gun within a matter of seconds, hitting Otto before he ever got close to him, making an “attack” on the part of the dog impossible.

Chief Fox wrote a letter to county prosecutor John Molinelli, saying that he and his department have been accuse of the covering up the facts and that the incident had left him distraught. Social media has also responded to the incident. Many Facebook users are sick and tired of instance after instance of police shooting and killing family dogs, sometimes with no provocation or reason. Activist groups estimate that a family pet is killed on an average of one every hour. These pets include cats, birds, and miniature horses.

“These pieces of human excrement killed an innocent dog and are doing everything in their power to cover it up,” a user posted on the offending department’s Facebook page.

The Vukobratovic family has received letters of support from people all over the world. A Justice for Otto Facebook page has been founded as well. As of this writing the family has received no justice and no answers.

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  • michael92064

    A witness saw the whole thing. The cop lied in multiple ways. A little diligent reporting by CBS would help.

    • James LaCroix

      Diligent reporting… I’m betting I’ll hang out with the Easter Bunny before we’ll see THAT kind of reporting!

  • Clive

    Shoot a cop’s dog in self defense and you just killed a cop. A cop kills your dog and it’s “just a dog.” Then again, cops kill humans like dogs so it’s to be expected.

  • Nine Inch Nail

    This is what happens when you hire slobs that never learned how to read.
    “…the incident had left him distraught.” Poor thing. Him got his fwweings hurt. Aaawwwwww.

  • Gina Riedel

    When will people learn to stop calling the police? If you think someone has broken into your house the cops will more than likely show up and kill YOU. So, if you’re that worried then purchase a gun from a reputable shop, learn how to use it and store it safely and protect yourself. All a cop is is a person with a gun, YOU can be that person yourself.

  • Elisabeth Dunagan

    CBS lies, cops lie, it will come out in court when they sue.

  • Donna

    Does it
    Matter to You?
    By Donna Earley

    What I am about to ask you….has nothing to do with being a male or female, black or white, gay or
    straight, Christian or atheist, young or old, rich or poor….democrat or
    republican. What I am speaking about is something that many of us have in
    common, a family pet….a dog. This is not about an old dog or new puppy, a big
    dog or little dog, a black one or brown one. It is not about stereotypes of pit bulls or
    poodles, pure bred or rescues, show dogs or mutts. This is about a dog…one that
    is not “just a dog”, but a beloved family member. A part of our lives each and
    every day! I hope that you have had the experience of loving and being loved by
    a dog. If not…you have no idea what you are missing. If you have or have ever loved a dog then
    this should matter to you!

    Currently in our country our beloved family members….our dogs….are being shot, injured and
    killed when encountering an officer of the law.

    Does it matter to you? It matters to me!

    In many cases these encounters are wrong addresses, suspect
    chase, or no knock warrants. All of these situations catch our dogs on alert.
    Is that not why we have a dog…to alert us to a stranger? Some of these
    encounters are because our dogs are barking….is that not what dogs do? And yes,
    some encounters are dog at large calls….yep….even good dogs get out of their
    fences, off their chains, and away from their owners. Are any of these reasons
    for a dog to be shot, injured or killed on the spot? It is happening! It is
    happening in every city and state in our country. Pets are being shot inside
    our homes, within their fenced yards, on their chains…and yes…in our streets.
    They are being shot in front of us and our children. They are shot, not
    once…but in many instances 4-5 times. This is devastating our families, traumatizing
    our children and creating chaos in our communities. Those who we pay to protect
    and serve by honor, those who are sworn under oath are losing our trust, our
    respect and their dignity. Our Law Enforcement Agencies are becoming the enemy and
    we are becoming less dependent on them in emergency situations. A cop is no
    longer considered a “Peace Officer” but a killer, a destroyer and a call many won’t
    make because we are putting our dogs at risk of being shot.

    Does it matter to you? It matters to me!

    There are solutions to the problems we are having. Training
    is a good source to help cut down on the shootings of family pets. It helps an
    officer to know the dogs’ intention which in most cases is curiosity and
    territorialism. But training does not cure corruption. As hard as it may be to imagine you need to
    know there are those out there in law enforcement who care less about our
    family pets….I mean, they are “just a dog”….right? This mentality has to require
    more than training. To a corrupt cop…the training will just enhance their
    ability to cover their actions. These cops need to be exposed and though body
    cams are becoming a must in law enforcement….there are plans to keep the camera
    footage from being made available to the public for viewing. And…even when the
    film is released to the public through a “Freedom of Information Act”, it is
    only after those who shot the dog have viewed it…and there is speculation that
    the film has been edited or altered in ways to cover the act. So…what good is
    it? It actually becomes a tool against us…instead of for us. Law Enforcement does not approve of being
    videotaped….why? Because it could prove liable. It could show that they did not
    act appropriately and within the confines of the law. The only way we will stop
    this problem is through accountability. Yes…holding the shooter accountable for
    their actions.

    Does it matter to you? It matters to me!

    When you think about it…the tax payers of this country are
    paying the law to shoot and kill our family pets! Our tax dollars pay for their
    wages, benefits, their uniforms, their badge, their gun and bullets. When a
    shooting takes place our tax dollars pay for any administrative leave
    (glorified paid vacation) while the shooting “may be investigated”. If there is
    question of the shooting being justifiable then our tax dollars will pay for
    any defense action of that officer in the court. Then if a case ends up going
    to civil court as a violation of the victim family’s 4th Amendment
    Rights, and a judgment against the department is rendered … guess what? Yep…our
    tax dollars will pay the award judgment placed by the judge against the

    Does it matter to you? It matters to me!

    So… our family pets are being shot and killed, our families
    devastated, our children traumatized. We are being held accountable for the
    actions of a person who is sworn to protect and serve. The person who just
    killed our dog. We are paying the costs of their actions. The shooting officer
    gets a paid vacation, a slap on the wrist and walks away. Meanwhile, in their
    locker rooms we become the topic of their next laugh, their bragging rights.
    The Departments learn from this….in how to better cover the next one up…to save
    themselves embarrassment, disgrace and public scrutiny. You try violating the
    law! Commit a crime….then ask your local police department to send you on paid
    vacation, hire your defense team and pay any fines or judgments handed to you!
    Ain’t going to happen! So then why are we letting them get away with doing this
    to us…the tax payer?

    Does it matter to you? It matters to me!

    Animal Cruelty is now a felony in 50 states. It is not a law
    that is currently being enforced…because those who enforce the laws are
    currently committing the crime! So a family pet is shot by law enforcement who
    is nothing more than a human with a badge! The intentional injuring or killing
    of an animal is an act of abuse regardless of who does it or why. It is against
    the law…it is a felony! So if a crime or the possibility of a crime is
    committed….this cannot be determined without a proper investigation and trial.
    This is not happening. Once an officer shoots a dog they call in to have the dead
    dog’s body quickly removed from the scene and it is usually disposed of in a
    landfill with no chance at recovery. That is destroying evidence! The officers
    will not let the dog owner near the body of their dog and in some cases have
    threatened distraught owners with arrest and/or tasers, etc. The officer then completes a report and
    submits his version of events to his superior officer for review. In 99% of
    these cases the shootings are found to be justified before it hits the desk! By
    who? The very department whose officer just shot the dog! These cases are not
    handled as a potential crime, evidence is destroyed and no investigation takes
    place. There is no court…no trial! So this is how they are justified.

    Does it matter to you? It matters to me!

    Folks….what is happening to our dogs is wrong and the
    killing needs to stop. The FBI has determined that a person who abuses animals
    can become a serial offender. It has been proven that some of the country’s
    most notorious serial killers abused animals early on. Abuse holds no
    prejudice…anyone can be an abuser and an abuser can even hide behind a badge.
    In many of these cases the officer’s background history shows that they have
    shot and killed more than one dog in the line of duty. Such as a detective in Buffalo
    New York, Brian Kiefer. His past 3 years in law enforcement he has shot and
    killed 23+ dogs (in his career, over 100). As more studies are being conducted it is
    apparent that these trigger happy cops have killed before and will most likely
    kill again! Will it be your dog next? Does one of these officers, dog killers
    work in your local law enforcement agency?

    Does it matter to you? It matters to me!

    I don’t’ have all the answers but I do see the problems. I
    have researched several of the thousands of shootings of dogs by police and it
    is the same story over and over again. It is the same outcome over and over
    again. “He charged me”, “he came at me”, “he was aggressive and I feared for my
    safety.” Statistics show “zero” deaths to officers by dogs since back to the
    late 1800’s and then was due to rabies with no vaccination available. No
    documented cases of a dog attacking and killing an officer of the law.

    Recently video footage from dash or body cam has been
    released to the public under the “Freedom of Information Act” (FOIA). This
    footage…one involving a dog named Lexie, a barking dog on her front porch
    wanting to be let inside. The officers dispatched pre-meditated killing this
    dog before arriving on the scene…simply because the one officer did not “do
    dogs”. Officers killed Lexie…shooting her 8 times though she ran and tried to
    hide from them. Then a puppy named Maximus…seen on video tape being called by
    smacking noises by the cop. To a dog this sound replicates the call of a treat
    or pat on the head. Maximus responding to the call was seen wagging his tail
    seconds before being shot 3 times and killed. These shootings were not
    justified in the public eye, but the officers were not held accountable! You
    can bet they will shoot and kill again. Officers are entering our private
    property without cause …encountering our dogs in their yards….and shooting them
    dead. Many of the shootings through
    necropsy reveal that the dog was shot in the back…clearly showing the dog was
    retreating, running away from the officer….not charging them as claimed in
    their reports. Our dogs are being shot inside our homes…as our doors are kicked
    in, only to find out the cops are at the
    wrong address.

    Does it matter to you? It matters to me!

    Dog Encounter Training although a great tool in reading a
    dog’s body language….is not the answer in itself. Recently after Canine/Officer Encounter
    training was implemented in the State of Texas, it failed miserably as Officer Sam
    Mayer who instructed the training course shot and killed a family pet. So how
    is teaching encounter training going to solve this problem when those who teach
    the course fail? You teach by example…right?

    With the implementation of police cams this will only show
    us what they want us to see. Even though
    the tax payers will pay for these cams, there is already talk about not
    releasing the footage to the public….something to do with privacy? In other
    words, we are not allowed to see our tax dollars at work! So considering the implementation of training,
    use of police cam and the failure of enforcing the law…the only thing that will
    most certainly put a stop to these police shootings is holding the shooter

    Does it matter to you? It matters to me!

    Holding one accountable by charging the shooting officer
    with the crime that any citizen would be charged is key. Proper handling of the
    evidence is a must in any shooting. There must be a thorough investigation from
    an outside source followed by a fair and just trial. Financial restitution
    should fall solely upon the shooter and not be a burden to the tax payer. When
    accountability is enforced and the officer is held responsible for his actions…then
    and only then will we see a decline in these shootings. Accountability in the
    shooting and killing of a family pet, destruction of private property, invasion
    of privacy, devastating a family, traumatizing our children and unsettling the
    community. When the cop is responsible…and held accountable for the crime he
    commits….only then will he /she stop and think first before using lethal force
    against our pets.

    Does it matter to you? It matters to me!

    Many concerned citizens, dog families, victim families, rescues, animal activists and
    advocates are taking that stand by marching and protesting in the nationwide “Freeze
    Don’t Shoot-National March” on State Capitols. We will march until change
    comes….when laws are written and enforced and when the killings cease.

    Does it matter to you? It matters to me!

    Donna Earley,
    Founder of Freeze Don’t Shoot
    [email protected]

    Freeze Don’t Shoot on facebook

    • Dimitri Theodosakis

      All Pigs aka Police are not Christian

      • Donna

        Not quite sure of your reply to my post….I think I made it very clear in my article that what is happening has nothing to do with race, sex, religion or any personal preference for that matter. Does not say all police are bad…just the ones who senselessly kill our family pets.

        • James LaCroix

          Thank you, Donna!

  • Ned Velcro

    What the hell is wrong with you people? The cop said the dog attacked him. What the f**k would you do? Pet it?

    • *C-Ro*

      The cop had no buisness in the dog’s yard, the cop was tresspassing in HIS yard !

      • Ned Velcro

        Cops have the right to go where they want, when they want, within their jurisdiction, except into your house without a warrant or probable cause. The cop made a human error and went to the wrong house. That is not the first time a cop has made a mistake, certainly won’t be the last. And it’s irrelevant to the dog shooting. Please learn a little bit about the law before getting involved in conversations like this. Otherwise you join the rest of these knee-jerk reactive idiots with few facts, and little knowledge of the boundaries of the law. All you have is your uninformed opinion.

        • Ned Velcro

          All your eyes see is that a cop shot a dog. That’s all you concern yourself with. Don’t be concerned with the events that led to the shooting. Just knee-jerk react to a cop shooting a dog. Bad cop. Ignorance is bliss, yeah?

          • *C-Ro*

            I dont give 2 shits what happened, point is is that someone’s pet is dead for being in its own yard .. The problem is cops have to much “jurisdiction”. Saying sorry isnt going to bring this family’s dog back .. Many people revere their pets as family .. How would u feel if ur child was playing with a toy gun in the backyard and a cop made a “human error” and shot them ? There have been stories of kids being shot for having toy guns. Im not implying that all cops are bad, im implying that some are to fast on the trigger. And i could give 2 shits about anything on this side, my comments are of my own mind and opinion.

          • Ned Velcro

            Ok, so Einstein, the cop should have just let the dog gnaw on him till he bled to death. Is that what you’re saying? So you don’t give 2 shits about a human life, but a dog should not be shot when trying to kill someone. That is what you’re saying.

            And you are what’s wrong with America.

          • *C-Ro*

            The cop was in the Dog’s yard where he had no real business, the dog was doing his job, so why should the dog have to pay for the cop’s mistake ?

          • Ned Velcro

            How do you know he was fast on the trigger? How do you know he didn’t try his best to avoid shooting the dog before coming to a point where he felt his life was threatened, and had no choice but to shoot it? HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS????

            I don’t give 2 shits how much people revere their pets. I have two dogs of my own which I love as much as my children, but even if one of my children was threatening the life of a cop, if he gets shot for it, nobody is to blame but my child.

            You obviously do not have any ability to be objective, or see things with fairness and reason. God I hope you never end up on a jury. I’m sure you would never get picked due to your extreme ignorance and inability to reason.

          • Ned Velcro

            Morons like you just make assumptions, know no facts, and because he’s a cop, you’re ready to execute him. You’re not an American. You’re an ignorant “don’t give 2 shits about anything but dogs” who forms opinions based on your own rage, and not on facts. You’re welcome to your opinion, no matter how stupid it makes you look.

          • James LaCroix

            Please dude, leave my country out of this. As an American, we’re guaranteed the right to be secure in out homes. Our possessions are NOT to be freely seized without cause. Killing a pet, in the most basic form of thought, is DEPRIVING THE OWNER OF THEIR POSSESSION, BECAUSE CAUSING DEATH IS A SEIZURE, AS RULED BY THE COURTS.

          • James LaCroix

            Ned, I could explain the reasons why just about everyone is fast on the trigger, and why they pull their gun, even when they mean to pull the Taser, but your ignorance level is just too high to comprehend the concepts. And damn… I’m betting your dogs pee in your coffee when you turn your back…

          • James LaCroix

            Quick Ned, how many cops have been killed by dog bites?

          • *C-Ro*

            The real thing that is shit is that if a police dog attacked me “accidently” and i shot it dead to protect myself, u can bet your ass I would be in jail. You can say cops have this right and that right, but in reality they should have no more rights than us.

          • Ned Velcro

            Again, HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU WOULD BE IN JAIL???? You are just throwing out random assumptions base on your bias fueled by a few videos that go viral!!!!

            FUCKING THINK DUDE! Stop the ignorance!! Stop the knee-jerk reactions and THINK FIRST. You’re just blurting out assumptions of shit you don’t know. It plays no part in the reality of this situation.

            And the situation is this: You morons see a video of a cop shooting a dog, you have no facts, you don’t know what really happened, and you’re ready to hang a cop based on a biased article you found online.

            Only idiots with no objectivity, reason, logic, or common-god-damn-sense do that.

          • Ned Velcro

            Sites like this give guys like me an idea of just how many non-thinking knee-jerk reactive unreasonable morons are in America these days. Sites like this only creates more dumb followers who WANT to hate cops because they see a few videos online.

            Imbeciles. Real imbeciles.

          • James LaCroix

            Sorry Ned… it’s not about hating others in uniform. I despise BAD ones only. Cranking off four rounds in this case isn’t a mistake. It’s incompetence…

          • James LaCroix

            Ned, you need to think also… You’re going spastic at those who think pet dog shootings are wrong… “Only idiots with no objectivity, reason, logic, or common-god-damn-sense do that.”

          • James LaCroix

            I am VERY concerned with the events leading up to the shooting… especially “wrong address”. I am sick and tired of “Ooopsie, my bad… meant to go shoot someone else’s dog…”

        • Not pro Israel

          Get the copkok outta your face.

        • James LaCroix

          Sorry, Ned. The property of a citizen is also off limits without a warrant, invitation, evidence of a crime, reasonable suspicion, or probable cause. Entering the wrong property because you’re an imbecile does NOT constitute probable cause. Although my reasonable suspicion is that this cop graduated near the bottom of his Academy class, with particularly bad marks in geography, and courage…

          • Lisa Trudell

            Also, witnesses state that they tried to tell the cop he was at the wrong address, but he couldn’t be bothered to hear what they were saying!

    • *C-Ro*

      If I come in your yard uninvited and un announced and your dog attacks me on your property, i guess it would be ok for me to just shoot it ?? The dog was doing his job, the cop was not.

      • Ned Velcro

        An officer of the law, acting in his jurisdiction does not need to come announced into your yard or on your property. An officer of the law acting in his jurisdiction is exempt from trespassing during an active investigation. Have you ever made a mistake in your life? Well cops make mistakes too. In this case, he went into the yard next door to the one he should have. Ok, he should be disciplined for that mistake. HE DIDN’T DO IT ON PURPOSE. If you think he did, you’re paranoid. Did he make a mistake? Or did he have an arbitrary evil plan to go shoot someone’s dog? Did he say to himself, “Gosh, before I go deal with the problem next door, I think I’ll go to this house and see if they have a dog I can shoot.”

        You obviously have no ability to reason anything out. You just read a story on a lame-ass website, and instantly become judge, jury, and executioner.

        So let’s not even consider WHY he was in their yard. That is essentially irrelevant to the dog shooting. No cop as an evil plan to go dog hunting before he answers his call of duty. If that’s what you think, you’re an idiot.

        So, thinking he’s at the right house, he sees an open window, thinking that is the point of entry of the burglar. According to his testimony, dog jumps at him and attacks. Why would that be so hard to believe? People have dogs in the house for protection. Why WOULDN’T a dog attack? So that cop’s testimony is not at all far fetched. It just makes perfect sense. What DOESN’T make any sense is a random, arbitrary urge to go kill someone’s dog for no reason. The more believable story is the story that the cop told. Because German Shepards are protective dogs, one of the best watchdogs to get. So it all makes perfect sense to me. I’m sorry you have little to no ability to be objective and reasonable.

        If a large dog is attacking me, there’s not a very good chance of calm and stillness. If the dog’s jaws are locked on my shoe, I’m not going to aim for the head and shoot myself in the foot. You might, because you’re obviously not too bright. But I sure wouldn’t. I would be trying to aim for the body, AWAY from my body. And while a dog attack is going on, nobody is going to be very still to take very good aim.

        To a reasonable person who is not poisoned with cop-hate, the whole story makes absolutely perfect sense. Cop mistakes house address, gets attacked by dog, defends self by shooting attacking dog.

        So he’s a bad cop. Only cop hating biased idiots would come to that conclusion

        This site isn’t about truth, it’s about making cops look bad. And it’s working on the idiots of America. And the dumbing down of Americans is working beautifully for most of you.

        So few can F**KING THINK FOR YOURSELVES. Everyone just jumps on bandwagons and follows whatever they find on Facebook.

        That’s why I left America. You’ve all gone NUTS.

        • Lisa Trudell

          I guess if we don’t think like you, we’re idiots. And some cops don’t need help looking bad – they do it all on their own.

          • Ned Velcro

            No, but if you just DON’T THINK, that is what makes you an idiot.

          • James LaCroix

            REALLY??? And how much thought have YOU put into this shooting, Ned? You said yourself that all you care about is “the outcome of the trial”. Failing to analyze available evidence and blindly accepting whatever a bullshit investigation determines is being an idiot…

        • James LaCroix

          First, he’s a dumb ass for responding to the WRONG ADDRESS in the age of laptops in patrol cars and GPS on cell phones. Second, if the only response is deadly force, yet a cop hasn’t been killed by a dog since the 1800’s, he’s a pre-programmed robot….

    • Lisa Trudell

      Still trying to figure out how he missed his first 2 shots and hit the dog’s side and back with the next 2. If Otto was biting his foot as he claimed, the dog’s head was within 2 feet of the cop’s hand and gun. He’s either a worse shot than I am, or he’s lying. You decide.

      • Ned Velcro

        go provoke a dog to attack you, then see how perfect your aim is while being attacked by a dog. As far as cop said, witness said, why should I believe one or the other? The witness is just as prone to lying (especially if he’s a fan of this site) as a cop might be. That’s why we have a court system Einstein! That’s a system where all parties come together before a jury of UNBIASED citizens, and a judge. THEY determine what really happened. NOT A BUNCH OF COP HATING IDIOTS FROM A LAME WEBSITE.

        • Lisa Trudell

          You’re the one who said the cop said the dog attacked, like it was gospel. I simply presented the possibility of an opposite point of view. As a prior trainer of military dogs, I DO have a clue about attacking dogs. The cop said the dog bit his foot and wouldn’t let go – sorry, that’s NOT an all out attack and it shouldn’t have taken 4 shots. And yes, there should be a trial, but probably won’t be because the police will investigate themselves and find themselves not quilty.

          • Ned Velcro

            No, I said “the cop said the dog attacked” Not hard to believe that a dog would attack a stranger attempting to enter. So it’s not a far fetched claim. It’s believable.

            Secondly, you cannot find yourself not guilty. Only a jury of your peers can. Shows how little you know about the justice system. An investigation is not a trial. You are only found guilty or not guilty in a trial, not an investigation. If the dog owners don’t agree with the investigation, they are always welcome to file a civil lawsuit, present their evidence contrary to the evidence in the investigation, and hope for a guilty verdict.

            And that is my whole point. You idiots are here being judge, jury, and executioner before the cop has had a fair shake in a court of law. NOTHING COULD BE MORE ANTI-AMERICAN THAN THAT.

            Why not wait until ALL FACTS are revealed in a court of law or at least after the investigation, before trying to sway a negative public opinion on this public servant? Have you ever heard the term “INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW”? If you haven’t, and if you don’t live by that, then I hardly call you an American.

            And with all the FACT-DEFICIENT videos being spread around solely for the purpose of making non-thinking idiots who don’t know anything about due process develop a negative opinion, how is anyone supposed to get a fair trial by an UNBIASED jury of their peers?

            These videos do nothing but create negative public opinion of cops before investigations, before trials which could very well prove the cop was completely innocent and acted within the boundaries of the law.

            You people have a mob mentality. It’s Frankenstein all over again. And you obviously have NO RESPECT FOR THE CONSTITUTION, OR THE JUSTICE SYSTEM of the United States. Making things harder for cops to get a fair trial by a jury of their peers, as the constitution states.

            You’re not Americans, you just angry mobs with little to no information, just a knee-jerk opinion.

          • Ned Velcro

            So because you train dogs, you know this dog did not attack in this particular case. Great, case closed! HANG THE COP!

          • James LaCroix

            How many dogs have YOU trained, Ned?

        • James LaCroix

          Soooo…. you’re saying the cop PROVOKED the alleged attack? Hmmmm…

        • Donna

          Neddy….I am concerned about you. So much pinned up anger! Why is that? Looking through the comments…I see that you are the only one who is extremely agitated here. Please…understand that most of us are not anti-cop….a friend of mine on this thread is actually in law enforcement. You are screaming for us to give the cops a break…that they have rights….to not judge. What do the cops offer to our pets? They judge them in a split second and shoot their brains out….not one bullet…but in many cases…empty their guns. That dog was judged and executed. Another point to be made here…a mistake…we all make them…but when you are loaded for bear…with a gun….you cannot afford to make a mistake when your finger is on the trigger. People are put in danger….innocent people….like children…and Autumn Steel….a 35 year old mother killed by an officer….shot in front of her 4 year old child cause a trigger-happy cop wanted to shoot the dog. Bad mistake…very bad. What is even worse…no doubt he killed her….and even though it was not intentional…(I hope)….he still killed her…he can’t take that bullet back. Then he walks…does not get charged with involuntary manslaughter! Nothing!!! Is back at work with gun in hand. This is what the American Idiots are tired of seeing….and yes…even if it is the pet who is a very big part of our family. This is a very controversial topic….and those of us who you think are anti-cop…could very well see you as an “badge-kisser”.

    • Targetdog

      You believe EVERYTHING the cops say these days?

      • Ned Velcro

        I believe them a whole lot more than I believe uninformed idiots who become judge, jury, and executioner BEFORE a thorough investigation and BEFORE a fair trial by a jury of his peers.

        You people are just a mob, with a mob mentality. Armed only with your knee-jerk reaction and opinions, with very little facts, if any. You have come to the determination that this cop is guilty of arbitrary dog murder, and you’re going to join the rest of the NON-THINKERS here because you love riding bandwagons. Fuck the U.S. Constitution, Fuck due process, HANG THE COP! Nothing can be more anti-American than that.

        That is what this website and all it’s mindless, knee-jerk reactive fans are all about. You’re not Americans. If you were, you would allow due process and the courts to decide if the cop did wrong. You’re not Americans, because you have abandoned INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW.

        Ignorance and following is what you do. Why are Americans so fucking dumb?

        • d skyer

          Your answer indicates you DO NOT live in the United States. Why do you even care. Obviously you’ve spent the better part of the last years with your head up your a&& ignoring the news. Got it!

          • Ned Velcro

            I didn’t know Americans who are working and living in other countries are no longer supposed to care about their country. Sorry, my bad. Idiot.

            I do watch the news, but the only news that really concerns me about THIS subject is THE OUTCOME OF A TRIAL. I make no judgement based on a fucking cell phone video. I am not the judge. My taxes pay professionals in the justice system to do that. I leave it up to the best justice system in the world to make judgements. Is it a perfect justice system? Of course not, but it IS the best on earth.

            If you’re trying to force me to behave like a fascist dictator like you, forget it. I have too much respect for THE U.S. CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS.

            I’m sorry you don’t. And I’m sorry I don’t give a knee-jerk reaction to everything I see and read in the news, LIKE YOU. I use logic, reason, objectivity, and wait for the outcome of A FAIR TRIAL. I don’t jump on BANDWAGONS of hate mongering, LIKE YOU.

          • AlvinBr

            Stay wherever you are, please do not come back.

        • Targetdog

          The question was do you believe EVERYTHING the cops say these days? The question obviously hit a nerve given your rant. It has become clear these days that the cops DON’T always tell the truth, are dragged kicking and screaming to tell the truth and when the truth finally does come out any wrong doing by the cops goes unpunished. Folks like YOU Ned are just blind to what is going on around you. I have a dog, and his well being is my highest priority. My dog eats better and has better insurance than most people. Dog owner’s treat their canines like members of their own family. We are all too keenly aware that anytime a dog meets an adrenaline fueled undertrained gun toting cop the dog LOSES IT’S LIFE and the cop suffers no consequences. PERIOD END OF SENTENCE.

          And another thing Ned, YOU don’t get to decide who are and who are not Americans here. If you were as “American” as you claim to be you would be out in the streets protesting that “BlackLivesMatter” along with “AllLivesMatter” and also “AllLifeMatters” but instead you choose to armchair quarterback this canine killing cop and belittle those that choose to call him out on his incompetence. Way to go little man…

          • Ned Velcro

            So, essentially, you want to be called American while you violate one of the very core American principles called INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW. You want to do what you are accusing cops of, and feel good about yourself, all smug and call me little man?

            I DO get to decide who are Americans, and who are not. Americans are people who uphold the Constitution. You are not. You are violating someone’s constitutional rights, THE VERY THING YOU ARE ACCUSING COPS OF, BEFORE A FAIR TRIAL.

            And it’s pretty fucking sad when a dog’s life become more important to the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.

            Nope, you’re not an American, no matter how much of a tantrum you throw. You can kick and scream all you want, you can deny all you want, but bottom line is, if you cannot uphold the U.S. Constitution, which is what makes America America, then you’re no better than what you accuse the police as being.

            And if you cannot see the simple logic, reason, and common sense in that. You’re an idiot too.

          • Targetdog

            Looks like you’re the one having a tantrum here. Don’t enjoy having your white male privilege challenged? You might want to release the pressure of that sphincter or yours before you explode, or do you prefer being full of it?

        • James LaCroix

          Gee Ned, what makes YOU so damn smart, anyhow? You say everyone here has a mob mentality and are idiots? Well, Ned, how about someone working the OTHER side of the “Blue Line” for over 21 years? News flash, buddy…. most of these comments here are spot on, and the attitudes are created by the BAD cops who give the rest of us a bad name. YOU need to pay attention to what is being put on YouTube and LiveLeak. Yes, many are complete crap, and simply anti-cop drivel. But some, some are chilling in what they portray. I have a badge. I do NOT have a license to act in any manner I please.

        • Targetdog

          Here’s another stupid cop you can spend your days defending.

        • Donna

          Now Neddy…..”uninformed idiots”… really….you are the one who is uninformed…or misinformed here. Of course i would not refer to you as an idiot….just someone who speaks of something he obviously knows very little about. Are you not American???

    • Donna

      Ned…if these cops who are brutally attacked by our family pets…would show us proof…injury…tore shirt…anything…I might have to think about it. Like I said earlier….sir….you need to do some googling….educate yourself on what is happening….then come back and talk to those of us who see what is happening….

  • Ned Velcro

    Incidences like this are not on the rise. They are occurring no more frequently than they ever have. What is happening is a campaign of hate toward police. These days, everyone has a video camera in their pocket. So now we see more and more videos of police doing their job. Unfortunately, POS websites like this are out to sway public opinion of cops to the negative. What’s worse is, everyone who sees a cop doing his job, rightfully, legally, and with dedication are all too quick to be the judge, jury, and executioner, because they are clueless as to what the COPS rights are under the law. Do you think it’s easy to try to maintain control of a crowd of combative, disrespectful idiots who are fans of lame sites like this, provoking police to use force so his buddy can film it and submit it to this site?

    Thanks filmingcops . com for making police work so much more difficult.

    Are there some bad cops out there? Of course! Always have been, always will be. But why won’t people film the police being heros? Why won’t people film the police dying selflessly to save a citizen from a home intruder? For every “bad cop” video that shows up on this pathetic site, there are 10,000 heroic, good cops who won’t think twice about putting himself in harm’s way for your safety. You ungrateful vermin. Shame on you!!!!!

    But when your home is broken into in the middle of the night, they’re good enough to call to come help you out, right?

    • Bill

      Your first two statements “Incidences like this are not on the rise. They are occurring no more frequently than they ever have.” are the best proof AGAINST your argument . Its not a “campaign of hate”. Its a cry for justice. This is the norm as you so helpfully pointed out. It is because ” These days, everyone has a video camera in their pocket.” we are able to finally PROVE it. If ALL police were doing their jobs rightfully and legally we wouldn’t be here talking about this. In most cases those officers who are acting in accordance with the with the law and its intended purpose shouldn’t have to worry about being video taped. In answer to your question “Why won’t people film the police dying selflessly to save a citizen from a home intruder?” I believe the obvious answer would be that to show it publicly would be disrespectful to the officer and his family. I’m sure such videos do exist but they aren’t shown on public media but are probably used as evidence in the courtroom. The reason videos are shown portraying police acting illegally is because the police are public servants. Yet they lie, threaten, intimidate, and destroy evidence as a group to protect themselves. It is to bad that we cant afford the citizens who are affected by these illegal act the same respect we do to the officers and their families who deserve the same. I would even go as far as to say some of our citizens are even grateful that someone was present to shoot the video evidence that proves not only that their family member(s) did not provoke an incident but that it was in fact the other way around. You ask “But why won’t people film the police being hero’s?” my answer is, they DO I have seen postings such as you describe on social networking sites and have even reposted a few myself. We do not dislike all police, just the ones who are breaking the law. We want them to quit murdering our citizens. We want them to use their gun as a LAST resort NOT FIRST. We want them to quit lying on incident reports and lying to cover for each other. We want them to quit breaking the laws that they are sworn to uphold and to protect the citizens they are sworn to serve. This is not a lot to ask. All of the things we want them to stop doing are thing that are ILLEGAL. As I understand it police officers are put through rigorous training prior to being put out on the streets. They should be well aware of the laws and their duties. They should be well aware of the dangers they face and how to properly respond. If they cannot handle the job they signed up for, they should leave. As far as your bad cop to good cop ratio (1-10,000) goes, I say even you cant be that stupid..? Finally in response to your comment “But when your home is broken into in the middle of the night, they’re good enough to call to come help you out, right?” the answer is NO, why would I call a person to my home, who’s sole interest is in protecting himself, to my home when I already have a thief rummaging about? Odds are he’s just going to shoot everything that moves, kill or wound everyone, lie to justify his actions, get his partners to help evidence disappear, get his superior to help hinder any investigation and go on their merry little way. I like our way better

      • Ned Velcro

        Well there you have the very effect this campaign of hate has on the public. You want justice? We have justice. It’s call the “The court system”. It’s not called “filming cops . com”. You want anarchy. I want the the best justice system on earth (I said best, not perfect).

        Out of 10 videos that are put up to make a cop look bad, I can break 9 of them down to show how the cop had every right to act as he did. Just because you don’t understand the law, and the legal rights of operating procedure of cops, doesn’t mean cops are bad. It just means that you saw a video of a cop tazing someone. Nevermind how it got to the point of tazing, he tazed someone, therefore he’s a bad cop, therefore, you’re an idiot.

        Thank god we don’t serve justice the way you idiots want it. Thank god justice is served in a court of law. If you have a problem with the courts, take it up with them. Don’t take it out on cops. Idiots. You call yourselves Americans, yet you are f**king clueless about our justice system and due process.

        • James LaCroix

          Funny thing, Ned… I break down those videos as well. And i’m kinda well versed in Use of Force Policy… I believe that about 7 out of 10 can be shown to be justified, based on the apparent circumstances. But what if it’s only one cop that has acted badly out of ten? Couldn’t this non-map reading moron be the “10th video”?

      • Ned Velcro

        “We do not dislike all police, just the ones who are breaking the law.”

        Before filming them, make damn sure you KNOW what the law is. Don’t assume. Half the videos I see that are trying to make cops look bad, depict a loudmouth, disrespectful, combative idiot interfering with an investigation. He’s given a command to move away, he does not comply, he’s warned if he does not comply, he will be subject to force. He still does not comply, force is used, video goes up on this lame site and you all paint that cop as bad, when the cop was COMPLETELY within the boundaries of the law.

        Sites like this only fuel hate toward cops. Sites like this make people seek to provoke cops to use force so someone can film it, so they can put it on this site, to further fuel hate for cops, while under the disguise of seeking justice. We already have a justice system. The best on earth. Why don’t you leave it to them?

        I am 100% for cops tazing physically combative idiots. I don’t want the cops to go home to their families injured or worse, dead. Taze the asshole and protect yourself. I want you in top condition when I need you to protect me.

        • d skyer

          Are you a cop? Do you even know what you’re babbling about? ” I don’t want the cops to go home to their families injured or worse, dead.” This is asinine. Its hunky dory for cops to go home alive but not anyone else not in the police department? Every 98 minutes cops will kill a companion animal in this country. Are you okay with that? YOU will be singing a different song when YOU call the cops and they arrive at your home to shoot and kill you. How about leaving your real name so I can be watching the newspapers?

          • Ned Velcro

            Let’s talk asinine. So when I call the cops, I can be sure they’re going to shoot and kill me. Wow, now that is not only paranoid, it’s asinine. An opinion formed as a direct result of a few cop videos online.

            Let’s talk asinine……

          • Ned Velcro

            You are obviously incapable of reason. Every 98 minutes cops will kill a companion animal BECAUSE IT’S THREATENING THEIR LIFE nitwit. You gonna sit and let a dog eat you while you hold your gun and try to talk the pet out of eating you?

            You use no ability to reason in your statement. You just throw up a statistic, and BAM! cops are bad. Fuck the events that lead to killing the animal, just only look at the animal was killed. Reasons don’t matter.


          • d skyer

            Either a cop or cop apologist. Either way you are full of it “Ned Velcro”. You are so convinced of your convictions you use a fake name/profile. You moniker is apropo, however, you stick to cop stories as if your life depended on it. I will laugh my a&& off when you end up in the emergency room or morgue because you have such devoted faith in corrupt cops. How vicious can a 5 pound chihuahua be to be shot 5 times? How vicious can a large cat with a broken leg be when cops unload 16 rounds into it? Put your name out there, idiot, so I can be checking the newspapers for your demise when you call the cops to your house. Someone said it best…Id rather call someone on drugs than cops who pretend to help

          • Ned Velcro

            Convinced of my convictions? DAMN RIGHT. And my convictions are to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES AND BILL OF RIGHTS.

            Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Ever heard of that concept? If not, you cannot call yourself an American. It is a core American principle. And you want to violate that….the VERY THING YOU ACCUSE OTHERS OF DOING. Hypocrite.

            Doesn’t matter how desperately you try to weasle out of it. Bottom line is, you are playing judge, jury, and executioner without all facts, and without a fair trial. That is exactly what is happening here, and I find it pathetic.

            YOU are what is wrong with America. Because without the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, you get angry mobs out to hang people before a trial. Keep going this way, Americans will be regressed to Neanderthals. Nope, you cannot call yourself American if you refuse to uphold the very documents that make America what it is. tsk tsk tsk.

            Argue with that Einstein.

          • James LaCroix

            No one here is playing any part of the justice system, Ned… it’s called “airing our grievances”, another one of those pesky rights that YOU would have taken away simply because YOU disagree with OUR opinion! WE THE PEOPLE have EVERY right to demand an impartial investigation, or a review of the facts. I don’t know what ISIS family YOU come from, but in MY country, WE have a voice!

          • Donna

            Ned…if you truly upheld the Constitution of the United States and Bill of Rights… would be eating your words right now. What part of the Constitution is violated when a cop comes onto our property and kills our dog….then…. oops!!!!! Sorry….we are at the wrong address….so we really had no business being here on your property….oh….and my apologies for killing your dog…he was such a cute little chihuahua!

          • James LaCroix

            Hey Ned… still waiting for the number of cops killed by dogs….

          • Donna

            Ned Velcro…..get educated….then come back and let’s have an intelligent debate.

          • Ian-rex

            go lift some more weights you fucking cop-loving pos who probably got kicked off the force

    • James LaCroix

      Wrong again, Ned. I’ve got MANY of my friends on Facebook posting the heroics of Officers who truly Protect and Serve. From buying food or shoes for the homeless, paying a shoplifting mother’s grocery bill so she can feed her kids, climbing onto the edges of structures to save a dog, or going into the water to save one. There are MILLIONS of awesome Officers, Troopers, Deputies, Marshals, Correctional Officers, Probation and Parole Officers. Those that simply do their job each day, or those who make the ultimate sacrifice, they are ALL heroes. But NONE of these heroes deserve to have the bad cops, the inept cops, the racist cops, the abusive ones, any of these, tarnishing THEIR badge! If many of these people you see posting on this site also have me on their friends list, that proves they don’t hate Law Enforcement in general. Why shouldn’t good citizens expect more from the ones who are supposed to be serving them? You need to lose the attitude and research some of these incidents.

  • Targetdog

    At this point in my life, and with a dog in the house, I’d feel safer calling a crackhead than the police…The crackhead may lift a few things on the way out the door, but at least me and the dog will still be alive!

  • Näthatarn’

    Is retardness and/or psychopathy a requirement for entering the United States police force?

  • Bob Prong

    4 months ago a cops attak dog who lived down the street went into a garage going out of its way to kill my cat. Animal control was called and said they would take the dog. Later after they found out it was owned by a cop nothing was done as he claimed he needed it for protection against criminals that may find where lives and attemp vengeance on him. Of course therevwas public outcry. 2 weeks later the same dog got loose again and attacked a terrier that was on a leash on a neighbors property. This time there was nothing he could do to save his stupid azz and the dog was taken and euthanized. Why did it take attacks on 2 innocent tame animals to get a vicious animal like that that no one should train to be that way or own taken?

  • Not pro Israel

    2 sets of rules.

    1 for the 1% and their attack dogs the police

    1 for you and I.

    You shoot a police dog that is attacking you, and you feel you’re innocent or threatened, you go to jail.

    Police come to your home, uninvited, wrongfully and mistakenly and shoot your beloved best friend and the joke about it and go home, maybe get a paid vacation on your dime and then come back to your neighborhood to do it again when they get back. Every 98 minutes a pet is killed in the USA by a cop. How many have been arrested and jailed for it?

  • James LaCroix

    Well, I must say, publish a story about a senseless killing of a family pet, and there will be at least ONE troll jump on board. Ned Velcro, I have no doubt that you are affiliated with Law Enforcement in some way. Maybe not directly, but you definitely are. I have over 21 years of service to the public. I find YOUR version of force escalation to be flawed, and I hope you NEVER end up working in my area. The immediate use of a firearm against a threat MAY be acceptable. So is a loud verbal command , such as “NO”. Works wonders with dogs! Or the classic “retreat”… there is no shame in AVOIDING a situation, because the dog ISN’T going to run tell his buddies you were a pussy! Ned, I suggest you review the effect these shootings have on the FAMILY who lost their companion! We have eight dogs, and they are FAMILY.

  • Stryfe2010

    My question is even if the dog had a hold of his shoe why didn’t he just fire a round into the dirt? Wouldn’t the loud noise have scared off the dog giving him (The officer) plenty of time to back out of the yard and disfuse the situation instead of jumping straight to lethal force? or taze it maybe even pepper spray. Why is the answer seem always seem to be lethal force. It doesn’t make sense

  • Anyone kill my German Shepherd including a cop and they will die.