Cop Arrested for Child Exploitation and Sex Act With a Small Dog: Reports



A nauseating report has emerged according to which a Harris County, Texas, sheriff’s deputy has been arrested and is now without a job.

The crime he committed is reportedly the rape of an innocent animal.

Deputy Andrew Sustaita, Jr., is facing criminal charges.


Footage of Deputy Sustaita allegedly shows him having sex with a small dog.

Because animals do not have the higher-order conscious capacity to rationally deliberate and consent to such acts, this would be considered rape by any reasonable standard.

When he video emerged allegedly showing Deputy Sustaita in sexual relations with the dog, investigators were summoned.

“The possession of obscene and illicit material is made even more troubling when a sheriff’s office employee is found to be involved,” said Ed Gonzalez, a Harris County Sheriff.

He added that  Deputy Sustaita would be held accountable for any misconduct.

Watch the video below:

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  • Butch Taylor

    I thought cops didn’t like to be filmed.

    • Malcolm Harper

      Well apparently this one did

  • upagainstthewall

    I don’t get what the ruckus is. Texans never bothered to get up off their asses to make bestiality with animals against the law. So why should it be illegal for him? Afterall, it’s the norm in Texas and several other states to show affection to their pets without it being a crime.

    • MetalTeK

      Is that how you show affection? By cornholing your cat?
      Then again, I guess if your dick’s that small, what other choice do you have?

      • upagainstthewall

        No, I was being snide and I’m allergic to cats
        The facts are that there are several states that do not have laws against bestiality. IMO I think our country as a whole should have laws against depraved acts such as bestiality, but the sad reality is that there are nearly twenty other states that only consider it a misdemeanor…so my point is, if you don’t agree with bestiality, then get up off your asses and make sure that there are laws against it in the state you live.

    • disqus_vU1klyrdjb

      Californian spotted

      • upagainstthewall

        Good guess … But you’re wrong. How about you, do you live in a state where you can bask with cattle?

        • disqus_vU1klyrdjb

          I moved outside of the USA many years ago

  • PhilT McNasty

    Laughing out loud….”Woof woof!”

  • Hawk

    “Because animals do not have the higher-order conscious capacity to
    rationally deliberate and consent to such acts, this would be considered
    rape by any reasonable standard.”

    Well then by that logic, no one should be allowed to own pets since that would be considered slavery by any reasonable standard!

  • TroothFairy

    This is one more reason why ALL rational people hate ALL cops.

    • Sharondstuart

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  • Bryce Trillo

    Sometimes I hope there is a hell.

  • Wendy Colby

    Why is he free on bond? I don’t think anyone else would be.