Cop Arrested for Domestic Battery – On Same Woman He Had Previously Tried to Murder


Max Chantha | October 27, 2015

LOUISIANA – In another apparent case of officer recidivism, one New Orleans officers has been charged with beating a woman he had previous interactions with.

Those interactions were, namely, him attempting to murder her.

Robert Hurst injured the unnamed woman countless times, but the latest involved him pushing her, punching her in the face, and even biting her before she was able to pepper spray him and call the police.

It is likely that deputies only believed her because she was in fact at his house, and had clearly visible injuries.

Though it is unclear why the woman would return to this clearly abusive beast of a man, it is clear that he was both manipulative and physically threatening, and the woman a victim.

It seems Hurst had lorded his position over the woman in order to intimidate her against complaining or testifying against him.

His threats were both physical and psychological, abusing her and then telling her that any complaint she fielded against him would end in her arrest, and subsequent jail time.

Even last year, Hurst’s violent behavior was well-known to his fellow officers, following his suspension for attempting to choke the woman to death during the fight.

However, the charges were eventually dismissed after the victim conspicuously was unwilling – or unable – to testify in court.

What is amazing is that the officer, after having been exposed as a violently exploitative monster to his coworkers, was not only left uncharged but also allowed to return to his job as an officer.

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