[WATCH] Cop Beats 11-Yr-Old Child Because His Hair “Wasn’t Short Enough”



CINCINNATI — Young men are quite particular about their hairstyle and sometimes this becomes a point of contention in families.

However, with the Doziers, it seems, the argument went a step too far.

David Dozier’s 11-year-old son didn’t agree with how short his father his hair wanted his hair to be.

The older man, an officer with the Cincinnati Police Department, did not take kindly to being disagreed with.

In a reaction that was arguably way out of proportion, the cop slapped his son with such intensity that it knocked his tooth loose – not only this, it left Dozier’s handprint on the boy’s face.

He also punched his son in the stomach.

The Department has taken the matter seriously and issued a temporary protection order against the officer.

He has been stripped of his police powers, until a thorough investigation is complete.

In addition to this, he is not allowed to be in the company of two other minors – his relation to them is unknown.

He has also been prohibited from purchasing any firearms while the case is active.

The incident is disturbing on many levels.

First of all, the perpetrator was a man who was until last weekend in charge of protecting the community. If this is the kind of attitude he has towards his own son’s disobedience, one has to wonder how skilled he is when it comes to dealing with civilians.

Dozier was released on a $2500 bond.

With the anger management issues he has, one has to question whether it is safe for him to be out in the community.

If convicted the man faces 30 days in jail.

The public is already asking whether this term is enough to address his behavioral issues.

Watch the video below:

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  • Inc.

    If this was a white Seargent or higher nothing would have happened. But he isn’t. Cops lose this time bitch!

    • Kristen Nicol

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      • Tony214

        last Tuesday AND this coming Tuesday and every other day of the week , you are a POS , now gtfoh

      • Drakenfly

        Earn $500 by exposing this persons real name and address so I can beat the living shit out of them…

  • warrior

    $2500 bond? I have seen judges hand out bonds of 10k up to 50k for this very same charge all over the country. If this is not special treatment I do not know what is. I guess they didn’t want him to sit in jail while they collect roughly $62 a day for his incarceration. Nor did they want to have him fall behind on his bills and responsibilities outside of work. However, to hell with any normal citizen that gets this charge, cause you know fuck em.

  • NiteGoat

    I wish this was how these issues were dealt with back in the 80’s when I was ritually beaten and tortured on a daily basis for years by my then stepfather, who was also a Detroit Police officer at the time. When I told family, friends and teachers, and showed them my bruises, they all dismissed my claims. My stepdad said “Who do you think they’re going to believe ? A little kid, or a decorated police officer?”.

    • Dominic Blais

      and feminists never talk about why women like shit bags like that

      • NiteGoat

        My mom was also also a Detroit cop at the time. She just looked the other way. It took me until I was in my 20’s before I was able to have a decent relationship with her. I’ll never forgive her.

  • Dominic Blais

    he beat the kid for not being gay enough

  • Vic Lagina

    What a craptacular report. We don’t even hear what the grandmother witnessed and there are no links to the video.

  • he punched a 11 year old and abused his power. what other investigation you want to sue this mother fucker and but him behind bars?

  • Rod

    The mother fucker will walk instead of of a Domestic violence and having a gun and lose his gun rights. And I will bet he will walk.

  • Dep.chief

    He wont serve a day and will be reinstated as soon as this calms down. this is the way it is done now. That’s why we have so many socialist’s psycho’s on the FORCE. Now they don’t want the word FORCE used as it brings a negative reaction by the public. That’s what they use. FORCE

    • Mr. Wrestling III

      Sure, the tyrant police are all socialists. Where do you come up with this shit?