Cop Breaks 12-yr-Old Bikini Girl’s Jaw and Ribs at Pool Center


FAIRFIELD — Video footage continues to make waves online after police broke a 12-yr-old girl’s jaw and ribs.

The incident began when the girl and her family were at a swimming center.

For some reason, staff at the swimming center singled out the family over a “problem” with their bathing suits.

The mother of the family became frustrated after the center would not issue a refund, according to reports, but finally decided to leave.

Because of the dispute, however, police asked for the mother’s ID before she left.

Seeing no reason why she needed to provide her identification, she declined the request.

That is when things really escalated. The cop took it upon himself to start laying his hands on the mother.

The video shows police resorting to violence against her and her family.

When her children saw what was happening to their mom, they did what any child would do and they tried to pull the attacker off.

But that is when police used violent force against the children too.

violence on girl police

In the video the police can be seen pulling a young girl by her neck and shoving her up against a car.

They can be seen using pepper spray on the other children for “not letting go of a fence.”

Strangely, another customer who did not appear to be an officer began also attacking one of the children, ramming his elbow into the back of the child’s neck.

For some reason police did not appear especially eager to stop this other customer from joining in the attack.

The mother believes that racism was involved.

Her child was hospitalized with broken ribs and a broken jaw.

All four family members including the children, ages 12 and 15, were arrested.

Two of the adults were charged with “resisting arrest” and “disorderly conduct.”

In all, four people were arrested, including two adults. The children taken by the police were only 12 and 15-years-old.

The family is planning to sue while the footage continues to go viral.

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  • Robert Comstock

    We might want to start comparing photos of these unidentified strangers who keep appearing from nowhere to help the police. It seems strange that most of the time the cops are yelling for everyone to stay back but, these people must be known to the officers.

  • cosmopolite

    Taxpayer’s money will be paid to this family, in exchange for releasing all officers from liability and agreeing to keep the settlement confidential. Nothing will change.

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  • Patrick H.

    I stand behind the mother on this one. I see nothing wrong with any of the swim suits. Which sould have been seen when the money was taken. So the question I ask is what was the real problem here. Seems she was leaving when police prevented that. And I would have asked for my money back too. If those officers get hurt I will not feel bad for them.

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  • facethefact

    Cops look totally in control and I see no unreasonable actions by them in this video.

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  • baruchzed

    I’d like to see these cops fired, lose their pensions and benefits, publicly exposed name face everything, and then if sued they should have to pay the damages themselves, not out of the public coffer. A good beating for each of them is also in order. . Sociopaths are hard to stop, you have to make it worth their while to stop, and a good beating may serve as that deterrent.