Cop Breaks Into Man’s Home, Tackles Him, says “You answer to ME!” and Reaches for Gun

breaks into mans house

JEFFERSON PARISH — A disturbing video has surfaced online showing a police officer breaking into a man’s home and tackling the man for no apparent reason.

The man, who has not yet been identified, appeared to be startled in the video when the cop showed up at his door.

He can be heard asking “Why are you here? What did I do wrong?” and similar questions throughout the video.

To which the cop yells things like “I don’t answer to you, you answer to ME!”

The cop has the man pinned down and at one point appears to reach for his sidearm as the man screams “Please don’t shoot me, Sir! Please don’t shoot me!”

Details from the police department are forthcoming as to why the cop was there in the first place.

What is clear is that the man did not pose any threat to the officer.

Yet he had the nerve to tell the man in his own home: “you answer to me!”

It’s bad enough for a cop to think he’s God when he interacts with people on the streets.

But to enter someone’s private home and do it is downright unnerving.

Did this cop have a search warrant? No.

Was he in the least bit respectful to the home owner? No.

Was he protecting this man? No.

Did the man break any laws? No.

Did that stop the officer? No.

This is yet another example of someone who evidently believes that the costume he wears gives him the right to treat other humans like scum.

It doesn’t matter if you obey the law. It doesn’t matter where you live or how obedient you are. If they can do it to others, they can do it to you.

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  • Tom Birmingham

    i think that is entry without a warrant. Probably charged with resisting arrest as legitimization for the arrest.

    • James Dore

      which makes the arrest bullshit to begin with. to be resisting arrest you must have been arrested for something as resisting itself is not a cause for action because it is logically impossible to resist something that has not occurred.

      • Dirk Hamilton

        That’s what “disorderly conduct” charges are for.

  • James Dore

    perhaps the public should use a show of force against this pig to show him who he really answers too.

    • Ben Dover

      EXACTLY. The time is now.

      • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

        Exterminate white fkkk !!!

        =D~~~ pigs, meathooks, polio eradication

  • Gabe

    I would’ve shot that armed intruder, that’s xactly what he is. damn cops are over steping the boundries little by little each and every day and its not going to stop until we FIGHT back and by that I mean resist, become more knowledgable of OUR rights and exercise our freedom before we are stripped of these choices we take for granted today

  • Pamster

    The worst thing is that this dickhead cop will have no repercussions!

    • making_pie

      You know NOTHING about God.

      • Keely Shaper


      • Bobbie Jo Justice

        useless imaginary being. where was the sky daddy when this pig was breaking into the guys house?

        • making_pie

          You’re going to find out, the hard way. Moron.

          • Michael Smith

            You believe in an imaginary being and you’re calling someone moron? There are 5000 gods worshipped on this planet, how do you know yours is the only right one? Fucking moron!

          • making_pie

            Because…. God, is going to break both your legs….by the power of the Holy Ghost. And these words are sanctified by the Almighty God, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, A-men.

      • ANationWLiberty

        Which “god”(read: invisible man in the sky) are you referring to? There are quite a few and many have been around much longer than the ones that happen to be popular today. If you’re referring to the christian god, he wouldn’t be very happy with your attitude, and the way you’re talking to people. Love thy neighbor remember?

        • making_pie

          lol fukk off you brainless, Satan-serving Libertard. Your two dads didn’t educate you that well, did they?

    • Bobbie Jo Justice

      he’ll be investigated by his buddies in internal affairs, while he’s on paid vacation.

  • Adam Brian

    Yeah shoot this armed intruder. This is outrageous for real. I’m so tired of this shit.

  • Adam Brian

    As usual home invasion and all. This is rediculous.

  • Robert Clark

    The thing is. I think something happened..then they play innocence on the camera I didn’t see the whole story so I can’t make a judgement in for this video to be posted the way it is with like halfway through something that happened we just don’t know so I can make judgement

    • ANationWLiberty

      No question the cop didn’t follow policy. He entered the house without serving a warrant. That much is clear from the video. When the kid asks why he’s being arrested the cop says it’s for “resisting law enforcement.” They can enter a house without a warrant in certain situations but this wasn’t one of them. It’s good they were recording video because the cop could’ve made up some exigent circumstances. Even if the kid was running from the scene of a crime and ran in the house, the officer still needs a search warrant or consent to enter it and arrest him, unless he suspected him of destroying evidence, which obviously wasn’t happening since the kid was in plain sight, or someone may be hurt or killed, which is also clearly not the case. This cop over stepped his boundaries and the willingness of people to always give them the benefit of the doubt is why they keep getting away with shit like this.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    I would have my assault rifle aimed at his head, and say, no, you answer to ME

  • Jim Zubkowski

    fight force with force

  • appalachian

    He shouldn’t have ever opened the door. As a teenager I had a party at my house. When I saw the police coming to break it up, I locked all the doors and turned off all the lights. The cops beat on all the doors , shined flash lights through windows and checked for any open entrance, but they left after 10-15 minutes. We do still have some property rights, for now.

  • Roscoe

    Put 1 or 2 in the pigs brain pan. he is a home invader.

  • Fuck Jews

    this is fake as shit they are just sitting there spooning on the couch for like 10 minutes are you guys fucking kidding me???

  • livewire

    citizens arrest. If a officer is using unjustly force and arresting someone without reading them their rights or letting them know why they are getting arrested. this man is going outside the law.
    Don’t hesitate to subdue cops with the rights you are given as Americans and all your might and ability..fight back in likeness

    • ANationWLiberty

      Just an FYI so you don’t get hemmed up. They never have to read you your rights. The only time miranda rights come into play is if they plan to use the things you say against you in court. They also aren’t obligated to tell you what you’re being arrested for before cuffing you, and almost never do. It’s a tactic they use to keep people calm until they’re actually in handcuffs. I wouldn’t advise resisting arrest on those grounds.

  • Leslie Hernandez

    This was the nightmare I endured for many years. Cops forcing their way into my home without warrant… violating my civil rights so they could perform “welfare” checks called in by my stalker…

  • Chance Pemberton

    If the police come knocking, say nothing, do nothing and remain calm. They will leave and you will be fine but if you open the door it is all over.

    • ANationWLiberty

      You can open the door but that doesn’t give them the right to enter. There must be exigent circumstances, like someone being harmed or killed, for them to enter without a warrant.

  • Ben Dover


  • Ben Dover

    So…. we have the video… but no “details” about why the cop was there? HOW ABOUT ASKING THE DUDE THAT MADE THE FUKING VIDEO IN THE FIRST PLACE?

  • JPH

    This has been going on and evolving over the last 10 years. The police are compartmentalised in such a way that they have no idea that they are working for that 1% we keep hearing about the same guys that are at bildeberg. Unfortunately the only way that this will subside is by the people waking up out of their stupor which is basically impossible they have made sure of this by poisoning our water food and TV so our brains don’t work as well as they should so ultimately we will probably never get together as our forefathers did and revolt and crush them we need to come together and pound these cops into the ground because they think they are above the law there is no law for them it’s out of control

  • Crotalus

    No warrant or probable cause: You would have been perfectly within your rights to kill this home invader / burglar.

  • guest

    never open the door

  • Dylan Hendrix

    As much as I want to all this cop a prick for violating a mans rights we have no actual clue what the arrest was about or why he showed up on scene. Wait for details before jumping the gun people.

    • ANationWLiberty

      You make a good point but the cop actually says the arrest is for resisting when the kid asks. Either way, there were clearly no exigent circumstances that would call for the cop to force his way in without a warrant.

  • Pistov

    This is a major part of the reason why that officer was gunned down in texas, bullshit like this. And you whine about the silent majority not standing with you, how can we when POSs like this pull shit like this?!

  • Christopher Wallace R.I.P.

    This was not manly at all. Why open the door in the first place? why not knock him the fuck out for assaulting you? You can’t “nicely” ask a pit bull to stop biting you. Better get off that “hands up, don’t shoot” bullshit. Defend yourself

  • Lee Allen

    and Donald Trump promises more power to the Police

  • Laura W

    And cops wonder why they are being targeted, shot and killed and then
    whine and complain because no one really cares….

    Their own actions have desensitized everyday people and actually make
    them (cops) look more like a civilians terrorist than someone that is supposed
    to Protect and Serve. Protect and Serve—now that is a joke. The only ones
    they Protect and Serve is themselves. Judges, Da’s , Grand Jurys and any and
    everyone involved should be held accountable as well for their actions related
    to allowing a cop to get away with proven illegal activities. Keep Drawing
    those TARGETS on your back and one day someone is going to take advantage of

  • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

    White fkkk pederast child rapists pOlice failures stalking me as the only terrorists on earth trying to blame me and Muslims now just like the pig polio nigger babies PEDERAST CHIKD raping police white fkkk gOvt elite and their tOilet slave mOnkeys are!!!


  • Strongest Hero

    Damn americans pieces of shit racist scums