Cop Brought Underage to a Cemetery and Sodomized Her


ALBANY COUNTY — A startling case of police misconduct has occurred, leading to the indictment of Officer Joshua Spratt on charges of sexual contact with an underage girl.

Officer Spratt was working as a “school resource officer.”

Many today are concerned about the presence of police on school campuses, because police often treat students as criminals, searching them and treating them suspicion, at times arresting them for frivolous violations of school policies.

When children are treated as criminals in this manner, it conditions them for a life of prison. It conditions their minds to believe that “this is how they are.” Thus many of them engage in actual criminal behavior when they get older, and they land in prison.

The situation with school resource officers is even worse when an officer begins sexually taking advantage of school children, as appears to be the case here.

Officer Spratt is reported to have brought underage girls to cemeteries near the school and began sexually contacting them.

One of the minors was sodomized, according to reports.

Sometimes the criminal sexual acts would take place in the parking lot of the elementary school, according to reports.

Officer Spratt was married at the time.

Officer Spratt faces multiple charges, including four counts of third-degree criminal sex act.

He was also charged with counts of child endangerment and official misconduct.

He was subsequently released on $50k bail.

But Officer Spratt may not have been the only cop engaging in such crimes.

Sgt. Martin F. Zaloga Jr., from the same department, resigned shortly after Officer Spratt was caught.

Evidently Zaloga was connected to some degree in Officer Spratt’s crimes, according to reports.

Investigators found that Zaloga had been sending sexually explicit text messages to underage girls, according to reports.

Zaloga’s resignation is thought to have happened as investigations surrounded Officer Spratt’s crimes, reports say.

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  • Jamaal Brown

    50K bail for raping elementary school children? #bluecrimesmatter

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  • Bryan Rubalcava

    50k is bullshit. That means he really only had pay about 5k to get make bail. cops need to be held accountable just like the rest of us

  • Scipio

    He’ll get 2 months probation and no register sex offender list.

    • Betty J Rousey

      If they don’t put him on a sex offender list, he can continue to be around children as much as he likes… “resource officer” for him had an entirely different meaning.

      • Scipio

        its the injustice of it that makes peoples skin crawl. Meantime 18 year olds are getting on the registered sex offenders list for having a 16 year old girlfriend

        • Betty J Rousey

          Exactly. And when they do end up putting those 18 yr. olds in with the truly serial pedophiles, they “dilute” the list… if enough “technical” sex offenders get on there, it will become meaningless. And then they leave off the predator who got a job at a school with little children… because…?

  • Mike

    One of these girls dad or boyfriends needs to put 2 bullets into this cop, one at his crotch, and another up his ass, see how he likes getting sodomized by a gun & bullet, then just let the POS lay there and bleed out!

  • Beau Brennan

    Cops protect their pedophile bothers-in-blue better than the Catholic Church protects ‘priests’

  • Whitepigs rape little boys

    Lol get to work white pig and toilet vassals

  • Denton Young

    Cut his dick off and let him bleed to death.

  • Lisa Dawn Cheney

    I thought socialism was a good thing? The libs will feel sorry for this guy. Shameful.

    • Phillip Marsh

      BULL! Liberals will NOT feel sorry for this piece of crap! They will be wanting his head!

      • malaka_eneuresis

        You probably give head!

    • Fred

      You just won the “Stupidest Post on the Internet”. An extraordinary accomplishment considering the wealth of stupidty on the net. Please head down your nearest mental health facility to collect your prize.

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  • Jahosaphat

    humans being sexually motivated?? Who knew. So when will they bring in the nuclear powered robot police to make the haters miss human police. Or maybe the robots will be better. The ppl will not like the robotic officers but well the animals must be kept in line if the farm is to keep working. Cattle we are. THX1138 is an interesting movie