Cop Caught on Video Groping Restrained Woman’s Breasts and Genitals, Woman Cries

cop gropes woman

LOS ANGELES — A video has surfaced online showing an LAPD officer literally groping and fondling a handcuffed woman’s breasts and genitals.

The incident took place when residents of Los Angeles gathered and protested against police on Saturday night.

Police often use what is called a “snatch and grab” maneuver on protesters.

This occurs when a group of officers targets a random protester from among the crowd, then swarms in, grabs the protester, and places him or her under arrest in front of everybody.

Officers often pick the most peaceful protester as a target of “snatch and grabs” and display the protester being arrested for all to see.

The reason behind doing a “snatch and grab” is to intimidate the rest of the protesters, causing vexation and fear.

If even the most peaceful protester is singled out at random and arrested, it often prompts other protesters to fear that they could be next. When the protesters are in this state of fear and confusion, officers gain an advantage over them.

It appears that this woman may have been a victim of “snatch and grab,” but we cannot confirm at this time.

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But it’s what the video does confirm that is even more disturbing.

Once the woman is fully restrained with zip-ties on her wrists, fully cooperative and compliant, an officer is seen approaching her from behind.

The officer is seen in the video reaching around the woman’s chest and then running a hand up the woman’s body until the woman’s breasts appear to be tugged and cradled up and down.

The woman can be seen hunching her shoulders and shrieking as her breasts are squeezed.

That’s when the officer is seen reaching lower down the woman’s body, all the way down until the woman’s genitals are groped.

The woman at this point can be heard screaming and saying “I’m not consenting to this!”

“Do not touch my breasts or my vagina. Do not touch my private parts.  I don’t have any weapons!”

The person filming the incident can be heard gasping in shock “Ohhh….” at the moment the woman’s body is violated.

Another officer, presumably a “good cop,” stands by silently and scans his eyes back and forth, guarding against any Americans who might have tried to intervene in what was happening to the woman behind him.

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Shortly thereafter the woman begins crying, realizing what just happened to her.

One commenter remarked: “That was no pat down, that was a serious grope.”

The woman’s identity has not been confirmed.

This article will be updated as more details are made available about the officer’s identity and whether any charges will be pressed.

Watch the video below:

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