Cop Caught on Video Groping Restrained Woman’s Breasts and Genitals, Woman Cries

cop gropes woman

LOS ANGELES — A video has surfaced online showing an LAPD officer literally groping and fondling a handcuffed woman’s breasts and genitals.

The incident took place when residents of Los Angeles gathered and protested against police on Saturday night.

Police often use what is called a “snatch and grab” maneuver on protesters.

This occurs when a group of officers targets a random protester from among the crowd, then swarms in, grabs the protester, and places him or her under arrest in front of everybody.

Officers often pick the most peaceful protester as a target of “snatch and grabs” and display the protester being arrested for all to see.

The reason behind doing a “snatch and grab” is to intimidate the rest of the protesters, causing vexation and fear.

If even the most peaceful protester is singled out at random and arrested, it often prompts other protesters to fear that they could be next. When the protesters are in this state of fear and confusion, officers gain an advantage over them.

It appears that this woman may have been a victim of “snatch and grab,” but we cannot confirm at this time.

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But it’s what the video does confirm that is even more disturbing.

Once the woman is fully restrained with zip-ties on her wrists, fully cooperative and compliant, an officer is seen approaching her from behind.

The officer is seen in the video reaching around the woman’s chest and then running a hand up the woman’s body until the woman’s breasts appear to be tugged and cradled up and down.

The woman can be seen hunching her shoulders and shrieking as her breasts are squeezed.

That’s when the officer is seen reaching lower down the woman’s body, all the way down until the woman’s genitals are groped.

The woman at this point can be heard screaming and saying “I’m not consenting to this!”

“Do not touch my breasts or my vagina. Do not touch my private parts.  I don’t have any weapons!”

The person filming the incident can be heard gasping in shock “Ohhh….” at the moment the woman’s body is violated.

Another officer, presumably a “good cop,” stands by silently and scans his eyes back and forth, guarding against any Americans who might have tried to intervene in what was happening to the woman behind him.

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Shortly thereafter the woman begins crying, realizing what just happened to her.

One commenter remarked: “That was no pat down, that was a serious grope.”

The woman’s identity has not been confirmed.

This article will be updated as more details are made available about the officer’s identity and whether any charges will be pressed.

Watch the video below:

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  • IHateFatChicks

    Most LE is comprised of narcissistic sociopaths, pathological liars, violent psychopaths and troglodytes with double digit IQ’s.

  • De Logik

    the “snatch and grab” is an illegal tactic. It really is called kidnapping, and those cops can be sued.

    • Jason Wyman

      I thought they called it “grab the snatch”.

  • Kevin Hurley Following a car crash on Sunday, a Scranton, Pennsylvania woman suspected in a burglary of a local inn was found to not only have over fifty bags of heroine in her vagina, but cash as well!

    A Tennessee woman being booked for driving with a suspended license was slapped with weapons charges after cops found a loaded gun in her vagina.

    Gun found between woman boobs

    Cop have his rights to secure any illegal items from a woman or mans body.

    • Walrus

      there is no ‘right’ designated to police

    • Y-lee Green

      If that’s how you really feel, that they have a right to search you at random, without suspicion, in that manor to attempt to retrieve something that you probably don’t have then I feel sorry for your mama, and if you have any, your aunts, sisters, daughters, cousins, nieces, girlfriend, wife, or any female friend you might have. Heck, by your logic, if they pull you over, they could cavity search you just to make you’re not hiding anything, right?

    • RandyBoBandy

      You say cops have a right to secure illegal items from a woman’s body, so you’re okay with cops doing cavity searches in the middle of a public street surrounded by onlookers with cameras?

      I’m sorry you didn’t get a college education, I really am. But not everybody can have one. That’s just the way it is. Do yourself a favor and, when you have a thought or opinion, immediately discount it before deciding to contribute to any discussion.

      Fun fact: grasping and jiggling boobs in the palm of your hand is not standard pat down procedure

      • Nico Demus

        And this officer didnt grab and jiggle her boobs; She ran her hand across the protestors chest checking under and over each of her breast from right to left. They do it to men too. STANDARD PROCEDURE

    • Ferd

      Perhaps they could ask if the women have a Concealed Carry Permit before any, ahem, “pat down”.

      Finding a gun in a bra does not equate to illegal items.

      Illegal search and seizure comes to mind.
      There is no sane reason to do this to any peaceful protester.

  • Buck Kracker

    Do any of these women have husbands, fathers or brothers? Oh, that’s right…they are all sitting at home watching sports and swilling beer – they don’t have time to protect their women.

    • criticalthinker

      Are you stupid? You do sound very very stupid with what you just said. Surrou ded by cops an you want someone to help her yea lets hust start more riots why dont we. Actually id be totally ok with riots if it means getting rid of the tyranny.

      • Buck Kracker

        I am stupid because I don’t agree with women not being protected from sexual assault by the men in their lives???
        I couldn’t understand much of what you wrote, but I get some kind of gibberish about wanting to riot. Why would you riot when you don’t support protecting the women in your family? What would you be rioting for, more police to abuse your women? Talk about stupid!

        • Lee4u

          So just how would you protect your woman?.Jump on the frisky cop that’s doing the dirty deed?.That would be smart..You’d have about half a dozen moron cops tackle your ass, handcuff what’s left of you after they finish teaching you a lesson and haul you off to jail..Everyone should know by now cops do what they want..They know they’ll never be charged with any thing..Including murder..

      • Johnny Nieves

        he was making a point, you Americans get so offended when someone calls you out for your sheepish behavior and your sports team. at least the Romans knew why the state was holding the games, you guys actually believe its for your entertainment, its hilarious.

        • TyL

          Funny you say “you Americans” when you yourself are an American or does your facebook lie about you living in Chicago? Your not bright are you?

          • Johnny Nieves

            right… cause Americans cant say ” you americans” referring to other Americans. also “you’re not that bright are you ” is the proper sentence. but thanks for checking out my profile! hit me up on you tube and google +!

    • Jara Matthews

      women dont need protecting.
      only victims need protecting.
      and victims are better off violated so they wisen up.

      • Buck Kracker

        The woman appears to me to be violated. If you think she should be violated “so [she will] wisen up”, then you have some serious issues.

      • Dumb Jara

        You made the dumbest remark ever. You’re stupid, so we should whack you up side your cranium so you can wisen up.

    • Intellectual Intercourse™

      That’s mostly true because most Americans have become too lazy to care about anything besides sex, drugs, alcohol, TV shows and football games.

      • Keith Mattia

        Yes this is so true everyone vents there frustrations but nobody stands up and does a dam thing. It isnt until its you or someone close to you ends up having a situation where they are treated unjust or experience tyranny of this magnitude that the truth sinks in and you realize how repressed we really are as a nation. I have seen it fitst hand and its very scary i am only releaved that my time here on earth is almost over as i am middle aged i would hate to see what this nation will be like in another sixty or so years.

    • d-bo

      Haha. That’s the dumbest ish I have ever heard. I’m not American, but you are so far from reality it’s not even funny. It’s always the biggest pussies that talk like this online. Lmao.

      • J-Red

        Do u even know what ur even talking about ? If ur not American then ur bitch ass is part of the fucking problem !! Do urself a favor an take ur bitch ass to some other country who actually gives a fuck about ur stupid ass

        • d-bo

          I don’t even know what you are talking about. If I’m not American then I’m part of a problem? What problem is that? I don’t really understand what the fuck you are talking about.

  • SirTerrance Murphy

    Time to fight back .

  • Monte_Diaz

    Shut up, you silly bitch. It’s only a bit of fun. – Mr. L’Equator

  • Mitch Mitchell

    They need to be stopped.

  • bill

    Sic cop, why do you Americans allow yourselves to be treated like this by your own Police force. You have become a sick joke.

    • Christian Kyllonen

      Fuck off you cunty goddamn troll.

      • Yep, because “fuck off” is a great, logical and intelligent counter-argument.

      • bill

        My point entirely uneducated morons who like to cry when you let your own police force fuck you around. Go and do something you low life’s, you are just the worlds joke now. We can tell that by your words. loser.

        • DudeOnBillsMom

          Were so awesome you have to troll us on some website your shitty country doesnt have because you have one computer for every 4000 people and your moms currently emailing me nude photos with one of them. America Fuck ya, you can lick my but and suck on my balls.

    • phil

      I’m an American, I’ve never been abused by the Police. Your argument is now invalid have a nice and if possible, slightly less bigoted day.

      • Fall of America

        I am American and hate what this country had become. How does the government control the poor, by being uneducated, unhealthy, and scared of the police. I can’t wait for our democracy to crumble and I believe we are the laughing stock of the world. And putting another country down cause every person doesn’t have 4 computers in one house hold you are an idiot who can’t do anything for yourself. I have lived off grid for three years and learned valuable lessons about life and how to be self sufficient without a computer telling me how to wipe my ass. We need to wake up America

        • kevin

          What are you using right now? two sticks?

          • Fall of America

            As you can read I said lived which means in the past, unfortunately I live in America and have a decent job in Texas so I’m using my phone. I wish I could stay off grid but being an American means you have to pay out your ass for bullshit freedom that comes with fine print. We need to stand up for a new nation America has failed. Nice idea but after 239 years we have moved far from a free nation just exploited by our own government. And if this is a free nation why do so many people get attacked for expressing an opinion. Just get back in line and the raping will be with you shortly.

      • BobTrent

        So you support out-of-control thug cops? OK with you if cops gangrape women out in public? Must be one of them or a member of a LEO family.
        Too many cops were the nose-picking booger-gobbling schmucky kids that got picked on and teased. Or were the school bullies. Other cops tell stories about them.

    • Rework Oh Ryan

      Couldn’t agree more. If people realizes the power of numbers, it would be over. However, protesters just sit by and watch as their fellow protesters are victimized, and do nothing.

    • BobTrent

      Because cops can get away with almost any abuse of non-cop-associated people. The worst mistake a cop can make is to abuse a family member of another cop, especially a superior officer, or a powerful politician.
      People connected with judges, powerful lawyers, the wealthy, and other people with power pose a risk also.

  • Ray186

    So this is what happened to that OWS protester in NYC who was convicted for assaulting a police officer.

  • Nico Demus

    Dont remove my comment

  • Nico Demus

    Maybe this is an ignorant thing to say… but the only reason why I found this situation intially disturbing was I thought she was being assaulted by a male officer. But now I’m conflicted because its a female officer. You can tell its a female officer, and the woman clearly refers to her as a lady. I understand the shaming in public of doing such a search but its common to be publically frisked for weapons in our genital areas and our body as a whole. As a protestor its a risk you’re willing to take when taking a stand against adversity. Violation of your own human rights. Disrespect from those opposed to your beliefs and thoughts. Violence and sometimes tragic events will follow. Let us look at our past and acknowledge that not every peaceful protest is accepted nor met in peaceful manners. People have been murdered by bombs, beatened by pressured water hoses of firetrucks, weapons.This woman’s reaction starts with humor and cockiness in her voice… and quickly takes a turn for the violated and shamed. Duely noted and valid; and if you look further, the head officer in command is called to the situation. The initial officer is removed from the scene, and the woman is left isolated by the vehicle. Where she waits quietly, TEARLESS, and calm. She voiced her discomfort and expressed her concerns and they were not only received but respected.

  • Jara Matthews

    this is NOTHING. i cant believe u posted this. its NOTHING. Its a female cop making sure she doesnt have anything stuffed in her underwear. no harm, no foul.
    but shame on you for sensationalizing!!!!

  • Michael Fuson

    if you did that to a woman you be charged with rape.

  • Cop Caught on Video Groping Restrained Woman’s Breasts and Genitals, Woman Cries @FilmingCops

  • ProudBULLYMomma

    It appears to be a female cop patting down an arrestee. I saw no illegal “groping”, it was quick grabs to feel for weapons before placing her in the back of a cop car. Completely required and legal. You are just trying to sensationalize this incident as if there were something inappropriate. If it was a MALE officer, then yes. If it is indeed a female officer, legal search.

    • Keith Mattia

      If the femal cop is a self proclaimed lesbian does it then become a sexual assault? Without permission nobody has a right to touch grope fondle your personal body parts If the protestor was a man and a male cop groped fondle touched a mans private parts in an inappropriate way is it ok is it not a sexual assault?
      We are taught from the time we are children and hopefully we teach are children that ITS NOT OK TO BE TOUCHED FONDLED OR GROPED!This situation did not call for this tyoe of response from ANYONE MALE COP FEMALE COP OR ANYTHING IN BETWEEN!

  • Maxwell Rodriquez

    this all stems from the great farce of our second pearl harbor. we have been lulled to sleep believing that the police ultimately had our best interests at heart. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

  • Antonio Buehler

    I keep hearing all these fairy tales about how most cops are “good.” Please point out which one of the half dozen cops in this video is “good.”

    • Lee4u

      Of course You are exactely right You good-lookin’ Hunk of a Man..Mmmm..

  • Farmer Anthony

    If everyone carried a bottle of lsd with them and any time they felt threatened they would spray the cop or bad person with lsd it would cure all issues

    • Lee4u

      Sure would..We’d all be in jail or shoot..

  • sirNite

    Was a female cop, they can do that

  • AnneMarie Howe

    Its a female officer searching a female protester. The female officer has the right to search the suspect if she feels that there might be weapons or drugs. She barley gropes her breast and genitals. Yes it is invasive but cops are there for a reason and I doubt the female officer was doing anything other than her job. Legally she could have done a cavity search. The cops don’t need your permission.

  • adolf hitler

    Sick cop in a sick people ruled state

  • adolf hitler

    That chickenshit cop need to be executed

  • ayo

    by officers you mean public servants right?

    • Lee4u

      Don’t let a cop hear you say that..They’ll laugh at you until they are sick..They don’t even believe in ‘protect and serve’ any more even though it is still on the cop cars..Cops should have to be able to read..

  • ayo

    see cops where im from cops dont treat you like that because if they did, they know they would get their teeth knocked out. safe to say im a lucky one

  • Buck Kracker

    Pop up says: “Sign up today to get our e guide.” I signed up. Where’s my e guide?

  • Phasung Baccam

    There are time coming for dirty corruption cop we are getting to fight the aggressive

  • Matthew Evans

    Her word that she doesn’t have any weapons is not adequate. She is just another self-entitled feminazi bitch. And I am 100% anti-pig.

  • Arianna Marie

    I don’t think all the name calling resolves anything, or proves anything. I would not likely be at any protest therefore witnessing this, it is from a complete impartial point of view. I heard at least 4 times from the woman being groped ( I do not consent to someone touching my breast or vagina) Past that nothing else matters. Race, reaso for being there, religion, sexual orientation, alleged IQ level, WHAT SHE MAY HAVE DONE, SHOULD HAVE DONE,COULD HAVE DONE, WOULD HAVE DONE, OR IS LIKELY TO DO, None of it matters past ( I do not consent to someone/anyone touching my breast or vagina) Debate ended.

  • Andrea Barriffe

    Ohhh noooo poor girl. I feel violated just reading this story….why wld he touch her there!!!

    • Lee4u

      Because He can..

  • Hoof Hearted
    All arrests are followed by a complete and thorough search. I bet she loved the more extensive search at booking.

  • wakeup

    That happens to be a female officer frisking her….wake up people….your fighting the wrong people!

  • Joe

    The only good cops have memorial funds

  • Jojo

    That’s a female officer!!!
    What’s wrong with that? Once that chick gets to jail, they’re literally gonna look into her anus and vagina to check for stuff. The pat down is nothing compared to what will follow in jail.

  • Lee4u

    Cops do whatever they want to do knowing that they will never be charged for any crime..

  • Patrick H.

    I wonder what happens in the paddy wagon.