Cop Caught Taking Pictures of Little Girls at School, Zoomed In Under Their Clothes

CHARLOTTE — Police officer Thomas Allen has been charged with four counts of secretly viewing another’s body or underwear with a camera, and four counts of possessing images that violate the peeping stature.

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Investigators discovered that Officer Allen had taken photos of under-age girls who attended a local school.

He was charged for using his camera to capture portions of the underwear of girls at school.

He was charged for using his camera to capture portions of the underwear of girls at school. Image via WBTV News

Allen is reported to have used a camera to zoom in underneath the girls’ clothing while they were doing pushups and situps for physical training.

He was able to capture pictures of their underwear without their consent, according to the report.

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“We’re talking about physical activities where people were wearing loose-fitting clothes,” the police chief said, in an interview with WBTV News.

The girls had no knowledge of what Allen was doing to them until they were approached by detectives.

Allen is set to be terminated by the department.

He has worked as a cop with the CMPD since 1996.

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Investigators found several thousand photos on his computers at his house and at the office.

He is reported to have worked with over 700 people who participated in the youth programs.

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  • Chum Lee Jr

    I’d like all of the guys heading to prison in the next year or so to remember this pigs face, and please, smash it to bits while you cut his dick off and stick it up his own ass. Personal favour, I will remember and thank you w/ commissary $, and a shout out every day for your service to humanity.

  • ElDouchee

    HE KEPT THESE PICTURES ON HIS **WORK** COMPUTER!!! If that’s not the very definition of disdain for law, I don’t know what is.

  • Melissa Supersaiyan Earthseed

    Oh, the irony. Cops are dumping information from everyone’s cell phones and spying in on computers, but somehow misses the fact that one of their officers has light-grade child porn on his WORK pc? Nice.

  • Tegan Switzer

    Just fyi (to those of you who REALLY want something to be pissed off about,) in Massachusetts, a court just ruled that it is legal for someone to take upskirt photos. Because, you know, you shouldn’t expect privacy while in public…and that makes total sense.
    “Well, if I don’t have any ‘expectation of privacy’ while inside my clothes, I suppose I should ALSO not be expected to HAVE TO wear them in public. Since my vagina isn’t private even if I *am* wearing clothes.” – Shaun Adams

    • BeamerSmith

      That presents an interesting logic arguement.. I guess they can charge you now for “public indecency” because under your clothes you are naked …
      Therefore the judge Must recuse themselves because they are naked under their robes/clothes and therefor cannot be impartial…


      (I make no statement about how decent you might be naked however) 😉

  • BeamerSmith

    “set to be terminated”??? Why not Arrested charged and terminated all in the same hour??

    YOu KNOW if this was anyone else they’d be tarred and feathered right away.. Just hearing that you Might have done such a thing would get you canned from most jobs…