Cop Charged With Groping Woman at Traffic Stop, Trying to Kiss Her – “Don’t Tell Anyone About This”

officer selders

BATON ROUGE — A woman never expected to that she would be pulled over by a cop, only to be groped.

Officer Michael Selders pulled over a a woman for a “traffic stop” on Saturday morning near Port Hudson Pride Road, according to reports.

The woman was driving home after work and said that Officer Selders had already been a customer where she worked.

It’s possible that he had his eyes on her for a while and followed her when she left.

Once he pulled her over, he commanded her to exit her vehicle.

She got out of her car as instructed, and that’s when Officer Selders began using his hands to grope her body, according to reports.

He is reported to have fondled her breasts and her vagina, then trying to lean over and kiss her.

When the woman realized what was happening she quickly turned away from him moved away.

She went back to her car to leave, and that’s when Officer Selders walked up closer to her car and said, “Don’t tell anyone about this.”

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The woman immediately reported the incident.

Officer Selders said he had just pulled her over for “running a red light.”

But his story about the traffic stop was found to be inconsistent, and he also never documented it by calling it in, which is a violation of protocol.

Officer Selders has been granted paid administrative leave while an internal investigation is conducted, according to reports.

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He has been charged with sexual battery and malfeasance in office.

Watch the video below:

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  • wildman

    and yet these tin star thugs don’t understand why AMERICA hates them and doesn’t give 2 runny shits if they are killed, I’ll bet the woman was white

  • oooorgle

    Installing the Akismet Plugin for WordPress will stop John J. Cox from spamming your site with his bullshit.

  • Nat Turner

    He gets a paid vacation and it will all fit nicely under the rug with the rest of the shit the worthless bastards do.

  • Jamaal Brown

    But the coplovers say we should simply do as we’re told and all will be well. If you didn’t do anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about.

    Any wonder why people have a problem with being ordered out of their vehicle? It’s because you’re more vulnerable outside the vehicle and the cops know that.

    Get dash cams for the front and rear of your vehicle and keep the cameras rolling.