Cop Charged With Lewd Molestation and Abuse of 3-Yr-Old Girl, Lit Child’s Clothes on Fire

Staff photo by KEVIN HARVISON of McAlester News

PITTSBURGH, PA — A police lieutenant has been charged with three felonies involving child sexual abuse.

Lt. Stites faces a count of lewd molestation as well multiple charges of sexual abuse.

The victim is said to be under 12 yrs old.

In fact, reports say that Lt. Stites assaulted a 3-yr-old girl multiple times.

During his hearing, Lt. Stites remained silent.

An Advanced Practice Registered nurse performed an examination on the child and determined that there was sufficient physical evidence that a sexual assault occurred, according to reports.

Investigators then traveled to the location where the sexual assault is reported to have occurred.

What they found there, is downright scary.

The little girl’s clothing had been burned, according to reports.

They were “unable to collect the pull ups that [the child] was wearing due to Martin burning them outside of the house,” said the incident report.

What kind of sick person would engage in lewd molestation of a child and then demonically burn the child’s clothing afterwards? The case is truly terrifying.

Martin Stites has been a cop for over 22 years.

One wonders how many other children he may have come into contact with during that time, and what kind of treatment they received.

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  • Craig

    He’ll walk. They always do. The court will spin it so that the kid lured him into the situation and he/she will be convicted on a prostitution charge and end up in Youth Authority.

    • Lane Culpepper

      No, he won’t walk.

      • Craig

        Bet that he does.

      • Ben Steinke

        Ohhhh, yes he will. Cops are above the law, remember? Pigs protect their own.

        • Cadence Wallace

          That’s an insult to pigs, who are indeed very protective and of course tasty.

    • B A Dragon

      A 3 year old. I don’t think they can make a prostitution charge stick against a 3 year old. They will have to find another way for him to walk.

  • traveler25

    He’s innocent, he feared for his life and that little voice inside his head told him to do all those bad, bad things. Case dismissed.

    • Ben Steinke

      Response of the month!!!!!

  • Stian Pettersen

    Kan we kill that bitch?

  • Brandon L

    PIGS. Don’t trust any of them… don’t trust any teenager that wants to be one.

    • Rita Garza

      Lol why not trust the teenager? The newer generation will do better. We just need to shed the old prejudices.

      • Mike Mesa

        Wrong! The system is corrupt and horribly trained.

        • Ben Steinke

          Yeah, and trained by the Israeli Defense Forces, to boot. The new generation will not do better. In fact, if these cops get any younger, they’ll be WORSE. The young’uns gotta show how macho and butch they are.

  • TednDeb Paulk

    Will he go to trial or will his union intercede?

    • LawrenceNeal

      They’ll talk about his years of honorable service..

  • withavengeance

    Yes, they always walk.

  • Baron

    ” What kind of sick person would engage in lewd molestation of a child and then demonically burn the child’s clothing afterwards?” Demonic or trying to burn the DNA evidence? He’s a sick evil monster alright for sure. It never ends does it.

  • Tj Timberlake

    They will say it was the kids fault. She should not have been turning the cop on and giving him a hard on, she will be arrested for interfering with the police , he will get a paid vacation !!!

  • Chuck Catchpole

    No I would bet on conviction no jail time and ten years parole because he served so well as a cop for 22 years he will lose his job but be back at policing in another town within a year

  • I’m getting fecking tired of these scum bastard no dick coppers!

    • SacJP

      Seriously right? How the f— is a grown-ass man gonna sexually assault a 3 year old? Unless he’s hung like a hamster the anatomy just doesn’t work. Poor kid. Hopefully she’s young enough to forget about it.

  • snaker67

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  • Ellie_Light

    Use your brains. He burned them to destroy semen evidence.


    Duct taped to a chair in front of a mirror and made to watch as the skin on his face gets cut and peeled away – that would be justice.

  • Natty Hill

    he needs tying to a tree and burning alive like all paedos do….they are sick f.ckers with power and a badge

  • Natty Hill

    o yeah how can a 3 year old be charged with prostitution….that is unreal they just start to ask about body parts at that age not selling there bodys….we all no he and all like the others will get away with it….if you jailed all the corupt people like them it would be one hell of a job and one massive tax bill.thats why they are all let off with a pat on the dirty backs and under hand tricks…put them in a real jail and see how long they last

  • Tiffany Lynn Miller

    its a three yr old craig theres no luring there they dont even know how at that age

  • Dj.A.K30

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  • Barbara Richardson

    There was nothing demonic about him burning the child’s clothes afterwards and how do they know it was afterwards. This was a three year old child that he had control of and could take his time and do whatever. What he was doing in burning the clothes was making sure non of his DNA could be found on them.

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    With 22 years as a Cop he knows which Judges like cocaine and pretty girls, which Cops are ‘on the take’ , which Police Chiefs are pill popping alcoholics who defecate themselves, etc . . . He’ll blackmail his way into a ‘sweet plea bargain’ while Cop Culture promotes him as the real victim.

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  • Art

    demonic? No. This is the kind of psychopath they have in crime thrillers. Smart and sick. Burned evidence. This is the 1% sicko stuff. Very damaged and damaging.