Cop Charged With Official Oppression for Beating Entire Family & Kicking Their Dog


HARRIS COUNTY – An officer has finally been indicted on official oppression after he was caught on video beating an entire family and kicking their dog.

It began when David Scherz Jr. pulled into his driveway — according to reports, police began harassing him on his property and accused him of speeding.

Scherz’s mother was home at the time and saw what was happening.

Several individuals have complained that Drummond went "bezerk" when he pulled them over for traffic stops.

Several individuals have complained that Drummond went “bezerk” when he pulled them over for traffic stops.

She approached the scene in order to be a witness and assist her son.

That’s when the cops started harassing her as well, threatening to arrest her for being outside.

“Ma’am, either wait inside or wait in the backseat of my car. I’m not going to ask you again,” said one of the officers, according to ABC Houston.

“It’s my property,” replied the mother.

“I’m not worried about it!” the officer sneered in response. He then tried to arrest the mother.

At this point the father came to the scene and asked the cops “What is the charge? Why are you arresting my wife?”

The cop responded by telling the husband that the mother was “interfering” in an investigation.

“Investigation of what? You are on our property, sir!” the husband replied.

That’s when the police became violent with the family and began beating and arresting them, according to reports.

Officer Drummond, who appears to weigh about 400 lbs, can be seen on the video waddling over to the restrained son and kicking him repeatedly.

Then Drummond can be seen driving his knee into the son, using his weight to crush the son as the son lied face down in the concrete.

At one point the video shows the officer grabbing the mother’s arm and dragging her across the concrete like a rag doll, eventually throwing her to the side.

A small white dog belonging to the family then runs out of the house and begins sniffing around.

Footage appears to show Drummond kicking the dog as it walked away.

The son’s ribs were broken and the father and mother suffered severe injuries.

His ribs were fractured and he suffered cuts and swelling from his face being pounded.

His ribs were fractured and he suffered cuts and swelling after his face was pounded.

According to the attorney suing on behalf of the family, other individuals have complained about Drummond.

“There have been no less than six individuals who have come forward to me since this incident and said they also had problems with officer Drummond,” said the attorney.

“I had several law abiding citizens. I checked their records. They had no crimes on their record whatsoever. “They have come to me and said they have run into Jimmy Drummond on traffic stops and he has been swearing, going berserk and crazy on them as well,” added the attorney.

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Now, several months after the incident, Drummond has finally been indicted by a grand jury on a count of official oppression.

He will get only 1 year in jail if he is convicted, and will possibly have to pay $4000.

He is currently on paid leave, according to reports.

Local news report on the incident:


Watch the raw footage (warning: graphic content)

UPDATE: Court “drops the charges” Against Officer Drummond

Despite video proof of the beating, a Houston judge has dropped the charges against Officer Drummond, ruling that the statute of limitations has run out on the charge.

The result is that the prosecution against Officer Drumond was basically barred on the night before the trial was set to take place.

Brian Rogers, reporting for Chron, provides the following summary:

“It’s extremely disappointing,” said Randall Kallinen, the attorney who filed the federal lawsuit for the Scherz family. Kallinen blamed prosecutors for not filing the required paperwork on time. “They messed up. I don’t know if it was purposeful, but they messed up.”

State District Judge Denise Collins agreed with Drummond’s attorney, who filed a motion two weeks ago arguing that prosecutors did not indict Drummond before the two-year statute of limitations had run out. Prosecutors filed a criminal complaint, charging Drummond with the Class A misdemeanor, a day before the time limit had expired in 2013. Drummond was indicted three months later.

Collins ruled against prosecutors who argued that the criminal complaint was sufficient to keep the case viable, or “toll” it, until a grand jury could investigate and hand down an indictment.

He said the allegations came to his attention in early September 2013, which did not give prosecutors time to thoroughly present it to a grand jury.

Officer Drummond’s defense team is pleased with the result.

Officer Drummond remains working and is now a police Captain for the Montgomery County Constable.

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  • Jason O

    This is why the framers gave us the 2nd, use it.

    • Lloyd

      Yeh then end up in a body bag within minutes.

      • Jason O

        It is better to die a Free Man than to live as a slave. Are you scared to exercise your Rights?

        • DS

          Not to mention the law would be on your side in shooting that officer;

          “State Police Power extends only to immediate threats to public safety, health, welfare, etc.,” Michigan v. Duke 266 US, 476 Led. At 449:

          “Failure to obey the command of a police officer constitutes a traditional form of breach of the peace. Obviously, however, one cannot be punished for failing to obey the command of an officer if that command is itself violative of the constitution.” Wright v. Georgia, 337 U.S. 284, 291

          “Courts are not bound by an officers interpretation of the law under which he presumes to act.” Hoffsomer v. Hayes, 92 Okla 32, 227 F. 417

          “An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.”
          (State v. Robinson, 145 ME. 77, 72 ATL. 260).

          “Each person has the right to resist an unlawful arrest. In such a case, the person attempting the arrest stands in the position of a wrongdoer and may be resisted by the use of force, as in self- defense.”
          (State v. Mobley, 240 N.C. 476, 83 S.E. 2d 100).

          “One may come to the aid of another being unlawfully arrested, just as he may where one is being assaulted, molested, raped or kidnapped. Thus it is not an offense to liberate one from the unlawful custody of an officer, even though he may have submitted to such custody, without resistance.”
          (Adams v. State, 121 Ga. 16, 48 S.E. 910).
          “These principles apply as well to an officer attempting to make an arrest, who abuses his authority and transcends the bounds thereof by the use of unnecessary force and violence, as they do to a private individual who unlawfully uses such force and violence.”
          Jones v. State, 26 Tex. App. I; Beaverts v. State, 4 Tex. App. 1 75; Skidmore v. State, 43 Tex. 93, 903.

          “When a person, being without fault, is in a place where he has a right to be, is violently assaulted, he may, without retreating, repel by force, and if, in the reasonable exercise of his right of self defense, his assailant is killed, he is justified.” Runyan v. State, 57 Ind. 80; Miller v. State, 74 Ind. 1.

          “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529.

          Sure I MIGHT get taken down in the process as well, but hey, if I take down at least one crooked cop with me then I believe my life to have been worthwhile. At least I know that’s one less dick-with-a-badge running around “writing the law” to their benefit when dealing with the public.

          • sky black

            Do you remember what just happened last year with the DORNER guy???
            He even was a Police officer and they HUNTED HIM DOWN like a dog, burned
            him to the ground… you don’t remember that???

            Good luck in your Jihad against Police.

          • Justsomeguy151

            “Jihad”? You must be an idiot.

          • James Michael

            Probably one of the treasonous felons with badges….

            Do this at my home…You will have your offending limbs broken and will be arrested yourself….and I pray you refuse to come peacefully….
            NOT My GOD….
            NOT my Master ….
            Just a sworn servant….
            Breach that sworn oath YOU will pay….

          • Nathan Thedford

            Jihad?? Go back to school dumbass.

          • Kris

            The literal translation for jihad is ‘a struggle’ or ‘crusade’. I think he used the word correctly

          • Matthew Evans

            The literal translation is not the commonly accepted one. Keep making excuses.

          • jwclark

            No he didn’t. JWC

          • DS

            What’s your point?

            Dorner just went on a spree kill, everything referenced above is talking about situations in which a person assaults an officer while trying to stop the officer from violating another’s rights (when the officer is acting outside their oath to the us & state constitutions).

            I would rather fight and die with integrity than submit to someone else and live my life as a little bitch. So Mr. Black, have fun taking it in the ass from Johny Law

          • jimmy T

            Dorner was 1 person and his hunt and pursuit occupied several hundred police officers for over 1 week, imagine what 100 Dorners could do to a city police force? Police wouldnt even show up to work anymore being too worried a “Dorner” is going to find out where their families lived. Police wouldnt answer 911 calls being afraid its an ambush. Just about every hunting rifle penetrates police body armour like a hot knife thru butter why do you think the govt is trying to take rifles out of the hands of citizens? 2 million of our best troops cant even keep the streets of Iraq quiet and you are worried about unintelligent out of shape untrained clowns who cant even shoot accurately?

          • jwclark

            Good point. Out in the backcountry in my county the sheriff’s never come out after dark. You can guess why. JWC

          • jwclark

            There are just a few critical points in this topic. You make one of them. Thanks. There are many who do not see this. See my point just below. JWC

          • cori

            What seems to be the problem? Do you have eyes full of sparkling stardust for the so-called law officers that you simply cannot see what is going on? And you know what? They were in the wrong. Tolerance breeds acceptance breeds compliance. WE have to stand up for what is right! If martyrs are created, then the general populace will outrage against the government that has let the ignorant, the sociopaths, the psychopaths, the abusers, and the molesters onto a force supposedly created to protect and serve us in the first place. Just because you are content to be told what to think, doesn’t mean that the rest of us are. WE know right from wrong…do YOU?

          • jwclark

            Sky: You make people weaker rather than stronger–just like the cops and the courts. JWC

          • This is awesome!

          • Kathie Blackwell-Wright

            Thanks for this information!

        • Assholes

          Are you completely fearless?

        • Sandy

          Pulling a gun on cop and getting killed by him is not living as a free man, its DYING as a SLAVE. Use your head. If you want to be free, fight for your rights, don’t be an idiot who is remembered as an attempted cop killer, giving anti-gun activists more incentive. Or are you scared to do something more productive than idiotic?

          • DS

            You have a pretty twisted idea of “free” if you have to ask other people for permission to do things which should be naturally respected; Things such as life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, etc.

            I would rather die fighting, on my feet, than live on my knees begging someone else for permission to do something they said I couldn’t do.

            Have fun being a piece of property…

          • Jason O

            I am proud to call DS my countrymen. The rightful rulers of the United States are the people. Never bow to kings even ones that present a badge. If an agent of the Government is violating the law they have committed a wanton and willful act of treason.

          • James Michael

            Killing a treasonous felon in the act of a felony against you …is EXACTLY why we have the 2nd amendment…..

      • jwclark

        If the only issue were ending up, or not ending up, in a body bag, no one would ever fight back. But history tells us that on occasion a whole people will rise up. Look at our own Revolution. The likelihood of winning was very small. And yet they fought.
        Your position only weakens people Lloyd. JWC

    • 1Conservative1

      And the use of the right would have been justified.

      • sky black

        AHAHAHAHAAA Yeah! Providing that you stay alive after killing a COP! Ahahahahahahaaa

        • Bubba Jenkins

          Glad to see you like to lick the boots of your police state masters, slave.

          • Bubba’steacher

            Sky has a point they would open fire on you and say suicide by police

        • Bubba’s daddy

          His name’s bubba hahahahaha

    • sky black

      serioulsy?! AHAHAHAHaaaa.. First off.. COP KILLER… that right there is a sentence on it’s own… so yeah Use your guns to Kill the Cops, I can’t wait to see on the news how that works out for you all.

      • Some people will die but so do the cops. If it happens enough, cops will start to show a little respect.

        • Sandy

          Happens all the time, it just makes them MORE trigger happy and makes their actions look justified in the media.

          • Pretty sure it’d make the news. Not seeing it.

          • It’ll start to happen soon as people get more and more fed up with this. There’s always a tipping point.

      • russ1776

        May your chains set upon you lightly.

      • Nathan Thedford

        How do you decide what words have a capitol letter, and what do not??? Your seriously have grammar issues. But yet, you want to appear intelligent…. BAHAHAHAHA

        • Tyler

          If you’re going to correct the grammar of someone, please make sure you’re USING CORRECT GRAMMAR. Your use of ‘capitol’ is incorrect. It’s actually spelled ‘capital’.
          Have a nice and educated day!

      • Jason O

        May your cowardice and ignorance get someone you know and love hurt. I will defend my loved ones till death.

      • Stoney-Browning

        Fertilizer for the Tree of Liberty! You are only as compromised as the power of your scope! Reach out and touch a pig today!

      • James Michael

        You are pretty thick…a cop that breaches his sworn oath…. abandons his office and is just another criminal moron..Try learning some law domestic enemy….and coward…

    • Alantar

      This is the sort of abuse that is going to get a lot of police officers, prosecutors, and judges killed.

      It’s understandable that judges and prosecutors are hesitant to punish police officers – it’s tribalism that is part of human nature and it can be counterproductive to group unity and effectiveness if small errors are punished when substandard behavior could be corrected by other means.

      But this is taking it too far. In clear cases of a pattern of abusive behavior like this, there can be no coddling for the criminals involved. A beast like Drummond might be quietly dismissed or asked to resign, but he cannot be allowed to remain in law enforcement if members of law enforcement value their own lives.

      Allowing him to remain on the force establishes to the community – the employers of the prosecutors, judges, and police officers involved – that these employees have no concern whatsoever for the health of their community or the rights of their fellow men. Promoting such a beast is a way of telling the community that the prosecutors, judges, and police officers involved are not merely neutral parties looking out for their own interests, but are active enemies of the people.

      They may get away with it for a while – they have gotten away with it for many years and falsely believe they will never be held to account for their actions – but the world is changing. At one time a police officer’s word was presumed to be more reliable than that of the accused, but with cheap cameras and an interconnected world where everyone can see and judge for themselves, that is changing. They will not be able to commit or tolerate crimes under color of law much longer, and if they do not police themselves they will find someone else enforcing the law against them.

  • FreeMan

    Gutless pieces of shit, You dumb cunt cops, you are all going to die, the public will take you out, why don’t you idiot’s get this. People you are part of a corporation, corrupt and controlled by the dollar, you don’t have a country, get out while you can, once they realise they will stop you from leaving, 2014 is the year of rise or fall.

    • unknown guest

      they don’t get it FreeMan because its quite obvious the public isn’t going to do shit but cry on the internet this has been going on very badly for about 10 years now its doubled in the last 5 but yet here we are still only bitching on the internet saying “oh man if that was me I’d shoot that pig” blah blah blah… oh look obama fucked us again better go bitch about it on the interwebs and say what we should do instead of doing it because i’m a gutless peon…

      • Jeretta Angeline

        And you’ve done what exactly, besides complaining about others not doing anything that you yourself aren’t doing, either?

        • unknown guest

          And you’ve done what exactly, besides complaining about others, complaining about others not doing anything? Look I can act like a moron also, look how easy that was.

          • Michael Smith

            Jeretta does have a very valid question I noticed you didn’t even try to answer Unknown. What DO you do besides this? Anything? It might not be a lot but if nothing else bitching about it online at least raises awareness. I personally have begun filming and educating people I come in contact with on how to exercise their rights without being beat to death by the police and how to help raise awareness.

  • Frederick Mullis

    Everty one of those cops need to be removed from the police force and loose their certifications. The Chief also needs to loose his certification and go to jail for neglect in his duty for not canning that fat SOB before this. The State Police need to do a full investigation

    • Robert Raimondi

      Part of the problem is that the POLICE police themselves. The county should have a meeting, show the evidence and then do a vote to remove them based on that evidence. Too many police officers, and other police like agencies, are protecting their own above anothing else. They look at it like “Them vs US” when they should realize that they are us, and should be helping not oppressing people. After hes been removed from his job he should THEN be taken to court to face charges and further punishment.

      • Richard

        You know part of the reason cops see it as them vs us is because we see it the same way

  • Yo daddy

    What a bogus charge…class C mis? At least a felony…

  • michael92064

    The other cops watched the rage and did nothing

    • Berker Yıldırımer

      Because there NO such thing as a good cop. Their job is to terrorize the public in order to get people to obey the unjust laws of tyrants, plain and simple.

  • Rex

    Uhhh… 1 year and $4,000 dollars? THAT’S IT? And what about the other accessories to the crime? The ones that did NOTHING to stop him, and apparently assist? Nada? Nothing? ZIP!

    • sky black

      ‘MURIKA! We’re #1!!

      • PigChoker

        Fuck outta here you weedy twat. I hope one of your family members kills you for being an invalid.

        • matt

          A little angry, pigchoker? Get a sense of humor, or at least take some anger management classes.

          • PigChoker

            quiet bitch. it’s soft motherfuckers like you who say laugh it off and don’t take it so seriously, or calm down. go sit on your couch and take some mushrooms you faggot.

          • cori

            if you must label him as a homosexual…don’t use faggot. It’s actually a bundle of sticks used for kindling a fire, you uneducated hypocrite… As for skyblack…yeah….#1 in complacency in allowing people like you to speak. Your ignorance amazes me, skyblack. Feel special…not much amazes me these days.

          • sky black

            For fuck sakes! DO you people not understand sarcasm?? I am fully aware of the world I live in, I was being SARCASTIC… but I guess it is a bit hard to “get it” when you are only reading something and it is subject to your own interpretation based on your OWN ideas and points of view and prejudice.

          • PigChoker

            I use the word because it’s ignorant. thanks you faget dictionary bitch

          • sky black

            Seriously PIG fucker.. you need to take your medication because your ASSumptions are getting in the way of your reasoning.

          • PigChoker

            eat some shit..

          • matt

            wow look at you. You must be hard as nails talking like that. So I assume getting all worked up about shit you read on the internet has really made a difference in the world. Good for you, standing up for the oppressed, and choking pigs. SSSQUUEAAALLLLLLLLLL PIGGY

          • PigChoker

            eat some shit

          • PigChoker

            lol nice

          • PigChoker

            I see you wasted time replying to me. Thanks 🙂 faget

        • sky black

          What the fuck kind of stupid and psycotic repsonse is that you PIG… Yikes! First..SUCK A DICK and second CHOKE ON IT.
          You mental midget

          • PigChoker

            eat some more shit

      • James Michael

        You aren’t American you are a freedom hating traitor…you proved that with earlier statements….

    • Andrea Brand


    • matt

      This is seriously FUCKED UP. All over the U.S. people get years in jail for having the audacity to experiment with altering their conciousness. People who have never harmed a single person get thrown in with killers and rapists. Yet a violent, corrupt, officer shithead only gets a year and a measly fine. This isn’t even the first incident! How the hell does justice in our country work? I hope he is popular among the inmates.

      • Grayson Thacker

        Sadly, they keep former “law enforcement officers” out of gen-pop. He will be well protected. The best we can wish for is that someone in the kitchen pisses in his oatmeal or something.

      • Alantar

        Nope, he didn’t even get a year in prison and a fine. They promoted him.

        That tells you what they think of the people in their community.

  • Vapemans

    and that is when a Gun Should of been shooting 2 pigs.

  • JonEdHil

    I’ve heard some folks are actually setting up ambushes to get cops…?

    • Anthony Quatroni

      I’m in!

      • sky black

        SSSStuuupid! are they? First off, that’s just awful instead of using
        their money, voices and votes to do something about it, they are using
        violence to “do something” but not really about the way police behave
        because that would just give them [police] more excuses… sooo DUMB as
        Second… Good luck staying alive and/or free after KILLING
        A COP… I assume you are all aware of how we as a society and
        specially the police think of COP KILLERS….. Can’t wait to see these
        dumbfucks on the interwebz with their mug shots and a big headline that
        read COP KILLER. and the story goes: a person was detained/killed after
        they murder a police officer in what seems to be a plot to kill police
        the individual Had several guns and apparently a mental problem.

        Do you remember what just happened last year with the DORNER guy??? He even was a Police officer and they HUNTED HIM DOWN like a dog, burned him to the ground… you don’t remember that???

        Good luck in your Jihad against Police.

        • PigChoker

          Sky you’re a bitch. we get it. Go play world of warcraft or something.

        • your a sheeple enjoy..

          Plenty of murders go unnoticed kill the oig then keeo your mouth shut dorner went al out and said he was launching a war avainst the police a silencer and no witness and that dirty pig will burn in hell while we laugh at their demise

    • sky black

      SSSStuuupid! are they? First off, that’s just awful instead of using their money, voices and votes to do something about it, they are using violence to “do something” but not really about the way police behave because that would just give them [police] more excuses… sooo DUMB as
      Second… Good luck staying alive and/or free after KILLING A COP… I assume you are all aware of how we as a society and specially the police think of COP KILLERS….. Can’t wait to see these dumbfucks on the interwebz with their mug shots and a big headline that read COP KILLER. and the story goes: a person was detained/killed after they murder a police officer in what seems to be a plot to kill police the individual Had several guns and apparently a mental problem.

      • JonEdHil

        I would NEVER recommend this or participate. I just know that a lot of people are getting seriously sick and tired of watching this kind of behavior go either unpunished or seeing the guilty cops receive only a slap on the wrist for offenses that would put a citizen in prison for a LONG time. To address your specific points, who has the money, voices loud enough to be heard, or even the votes to stop this? I can almost guarantee you the sheriff of this county will be reelected again and again because these kinds of things don’t (usually) happen to those with real clout, and most people still believe for some bizzare reason that all cops are heroes and therefore beyond reproach. You are right about one thing. Law enforcement personnel are not known for their introspection, self-examination not being taught at the academy, and if ambushes were to become commonplace, they would in all likelihood simply double down on their brutality instead of asking themselves where all this rage and hatred was coming from. I have family members who are in law enforcement, and while I love them dearly and worry for them, the job does seem to harden a person to a point of cynicism and suspicion that is simply not normal. And when you add to that the low requirements for getting a badge, the reasons many cops go into that line of work, and some serious mental problems like this Drummond character obviously has, you are asking for trouble.
        Now, your characterization of someone who might do this may or may not be accurate, but I’ll tell you what I fear: The grieving father, mother, other relative or close friend who suddenly doesn’t care whether they live or die, who “snaps”, walks into a police station heavily armed and just starts blowing people away or starts picking them off at shift change. THAT’S scary. Violence is rarely a good way to handle things. Someone needs to tell the cops that.
        P.S. Did you actually watch the video? Do you see the guy’s face? Just curious

  • HpPavilion22

    texas cops make too much money,, u gotta spend 100 grand a year to eat enuff to weigh 400 pounds..

  • Rajaat99 .

    It’s nice he gets a paid vacation for beating up an innocent family.

  • Ken Campbell

    I would LOVE to have at least 5 mins with FAT ASS Bitch BOY ! No I would not shoot him I would Slap the bitch down an then ALL HIS FRIENDS will know WE WILL NOT TAKE THIS ANY MORE! I sayt That We start Doing to them like they do US ! Next time you see some one getting treated like that DEFEND THEM ! ( HELP THEM ) ! Show a SPINE!
    bitch boys like that can not defend themselves they need a Group … look around you You have your own group

    • Anthony Quatroni

      Go find him and show up at his house at 3 in the morning dressed all in black, and beat the shit out of HIS family. See how HE likes it.

  • wut

    This is fucking disgusting, not just what this porker of a cop did, but the repercussions hes been given as well. “he will ONLY get ONE year IF convicted and will POSSIBLY have to pay (ONLY) 4,000″…. really? if i did the same actions to this fat piece of shit they hired to protect, it would be a whole lot more than just maybe one year and possibly a 4,000 dollar fine. “Police” who break their code of honor to serve and protect should get a much harsher punishment than a citizen, not less…

    • Berker Yıldırımer

      Police never break their “code of honor” to serve and protect. They have been protecting governments and corporations from the wrath of the people ever since they existed. They are NOT there to protect the people.

  • IHateFatChicks

    He’s a fat donut eating piece of shit. We can hope for some street justice here. ALL LE is comprised of narcissistic sociopaths, pathological liars, violent psychopaths and troglodytes. No surprise there.

  • willie capps

    …as long as YOU pay YOUR TAXES, this won’t stop.

    • sky black

      Noooo, as long as we continue to not say anything and vote against our ow interest and not pay attention to our elected officials and our public servants this SHT will not stop.

      • Andrew Kurdziel

        Black you are one naive SHEEP

  • Donald Bly

    Did the family sue this guy into the poor house?

  • MoBetter2

    That tub-of-crap in uniform might think about developing the ability to sleep with one eye open. If he had done to my family what he did to this one he would need that special skill…

  • Edward Saint Anger Finley

    The victim should have the right to do the sentencing and fine not the court, That’s their free speech being taken by not allowing the victim to have their say in the sentencing.

    • sky black

      uuhhh…. Then why even have a court and laws and police and a legal system in the first place???

      Government? What Government?

      • you’re a sheeple…

        Lol there is no government you moron its a facade to keep you believing that who evers in control is there to help the government doesnt care about you only its fucking profits from big buisness they keep the cops around because then they abuse and extort the masses into being nothing but idiotic drones much like yourself who more or less repeat the same old bullshit believing that with a regime that only understands violence you can throw a flower in their gun and everyrhjng will change fact is vote for who ever put all the fucking thought in the world into what they do watch them all you want but the same people no matter whos in charge of your government are the ones calling the shots and they learnt long ago that by bullshitting people like you they can make people believe anything for instance how about the change from george w to obama that was supposed to be a huge new change turns out obamas just bush with another name its called big buisness open your fuckjng eyes…

        • matt

          Holy Jesus! That was the longest sentence I have ever read. Maybe try putting a period here or there, just sayin…

          • You’re a sheeple…

            Im not about to waste time punctuating a sentence that cunt wont even see. But thanks mr grammar nazi nice to see you’re still around to point out the obviouse 😀

          • matt

            I’m not a grammar nazi, I’m a punctuation nazi thank you very much. And is that a period I see?

  • Joseph Von Zipper

    This is why cops will be the targets of mass police shootings when Civil War erupts here in America..It shall be fun.

    • sky black

      Are you hoping for the collapse of the Nation in to complete disarray like Syria?

      • Joseph Von Zipper

        The United States is on a slow decline.Dont you see anything happening missy black??

        • sky black

          Oh I see it!
          I see people being violent and acting like we are in the same situation as CAR, Syria, Egypt and are just ITCHING and BURNING with excitement to start shooting people in the name of liberty and freedumz.
          But they won’t in a million years inform themselves, accept facts, use their VOICE not their GUNS because it sounds more fun to be under siege and fight the US military.

  • Elk

    The social function of the police is to protect the interests of the corporate and financial aristocracy. The decay of capitalism has increased the brutality of police to workers, who are embued the fear and hostility of the ruling class who regard them, correctly, as the sole revolutionary force which can overthrow their tyranny. We must fight for socialism, quickly.

    • Scare Crow

      So you’re saying he did it for WalMart?

      • Elk

        I’m saying they are trained this way to see all working class as potential terrorists, are given the most far reaching abuses of force to suppress and brutalise them with no consequences, in order to protect the class privileges of the corporate and financial elite. Under this system workers are not regarded as human, but commodities that mimic human behaviour.

  • Andrea Brand

    the other police are just as guilty, they were involved, did nothing, they acted like wussies. Fat bastard kickin that guy. You are an insult to hard working respected policemen.

  • John Massey

    Every officer who participated should get indicted. They each had an obligation through their sworn oaths to stop this illegal action. And the ringleader should be charged with treason against the American people. Then, the department should be financially obligated to the family, not just for actual, but punitive damages as well. And finally, the head of the department should be relieved of office, for allowing such abhorrent behavior to be conducted by those under his watch.

    • John Massey

      Then, the entire case should be widely publicized throughout the nation and the world. As a lesson to other would be oppressors concerning true freedom and how real Americans view threats against it.

  • Janie Poe

    people when you see this shit>grab a gang and beat the shit out of them

  • Orwell

    These excuses for human beings are nothing but disgusting pieces of shit. They are trained for this now…. what does that tell you…. they need stringing up !

  • Christine Dee

    I can’t wait for them to win that case!

  • Eric Hord

    now that the Criminal suit is over…Now for the Civil Suit that will add more Jail time and Award the family with Millions!

  • dw

    this is why we need large magazines

  • Andrew Kurdziel

    Those that live by the sword shall die by the sword. OPEN SEASON on PIGS

  • Terry Paul Buholm

    I see nothing but thugs beating a family and taxpayer will pay for it disgusting. The good guys sure.

  • Paul

    Make the fat bastard go on a diet. That would be the worst punishment for him.

    • Garnette

      Bad cop! No donut!!

  • Bill Morrell

    This is why I don’t call the cops for anything! Let alone trust them and their mob mentality! They are nothing more than thugs with guns. They deserve no respect at all!!!

  • tailpipe05 .


  • hardtruth00

    This bull$hit of giving officers a paid vacation for shooting and beating people has to stop. Their incentive is to brutalize people.

  • Rex

    OK, that’s nice he was charged. But I see a LOT more then one officer out there helping Officer RoidRage and not doing SHIT to stop this. What about them?

  • Chris Sebok

    and why was only one scumbag charged in all of this??

  • Matthew Freedom

    Why do they always get paid leave (vacation)?

  • Wendy Collins


  • stacell72

    I can’t wait to read the wonderful news that Officer Drummond is dead..

  • Heavensmile

    fuck Houston I’m glad I left. It’s so fucking backwards.

  • Mr. George

    What a piece of shit fat whale and his lowlife buddies in uniform, this guy live in a Donuts shop, probably has a 68 IQ

  • Jamaal Brown

    AND he still has a job as a policer officer….WOW.

  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    There is no justice.

  • Real Justice

    Am I the only one, or there others who are sick and tired of these psychotic fucked up criminal pigs, getting away with their putrid vile crimes, time and time again. FUCK THIS ROTTEN SYTHEM !!!!!!

  • James

    400 lb knee on your neck for 40 sec then a kick to the face

  • jim

    how can the statute of limitations has run out if the charges were already made?
    wouldn’t that allow all criminals to just delay the trail until theirs ran out ?

  • Perez

    SOOO glad We don’t live in that country!!!

  • Phasung Baccam

    Fat fuck need to be in jail be ass kicking by other inmates

  • Whitepig is your leader

    LOLOL look who your leader is toilets


  • Adam Mcculler

    Officer Drummond is not one officer,he is three.His heart attack will happen today…

  • KhaleesiBlaq

    I hope he catches a bullet with his face.

  • ben dover


  • Wendy Colby

    He didn’t do this alone nor in a vacuum. Why did other cops assist him and why aren’t they charged with him?

  • crazytrain2

    How much of that 400 pounds is mustache?

  • June

    Dear God, these are law abiding citizens. He is a monster. I hope they never rehire him, he does not belong on a police form. Maybe he will get his comeuppance in Jail!