Cop Charged With Poisoning as Many as Six Dogs With Brake Fluid Chemical

Jean Strong |

An Ardmore, Oklahoma police sergeant accused of poisoning dogs has pleaded no contest and been ordered to perform community service at his own police department.

Barry Antwine set out plastic bowls containing a toxic chemical found in antifreeze and brake fluid, ethylene glycol, which can be fatal if ingested.

Children and dogs sometimes eat it because it has a sweet flavor. Antwine has to complete fifty hours of community service.

As many as six dogs were found dead after the poison was placed outside.

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The charges against him were filed in May of 2014 and he was given a paid vacation, but he has returned to duty.

It seems the height of irresponsibility to give a sociopath a gun and a badge, which is basically a license to kill.

If he has already tried to poison dogs, what on earth makes them think he won’t shoot them?

It is a well-documented fact that those who kill animals for pleasure have very little trouble transitioning to humans. Jeffrey Dahmer, Herb Baumeister and Ted Bundy, among countless others, began their killing with animals. It is a huge red flag.

Ardmore needs to pull its head out of the sand and strip this particular exalted one of his badge.

He was scheduled to have a jury trial, but he entered a no-contest plea, which means that he does not admit guilt (of course not) but doesn’t dispute the charge. (Oh those pesky facts.)

The judge gave him a one year deferred sentence, unsupervised probation and a fine of $1,869. Animal cruelty is a felony in all fifty states.

Had a civilian done this, the penalty would almost certainly been much harsher. This is yet one more in a long string of offenses by those who are supposed to serve and protect.

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Antwine has been with the Police Department since 2004. For the past 4 years he has worked as the resource officer for Ardmore Public schools and that assignment is up in the air, pending an investigation.

When he was in high school he was accused of inappropriately touching a fourteen year old girl. He entered plea deal in 1997 after he admitted to lewd molestation and second degree rape. He was eighteen and was given deferred prosecution.

He recently sued the city for not promoting him to sergeant! He claimed it was racial discrimination.

From the looks of it, this man clearly has a narcissistic sociopathic personality. It’s not HIS fault that he wasn’t promoted, SURELY it had nothing to do with his past actions, HE’S the victim here, poor, pathetic, picked on baby.

The nagging question remains: Who hired him and why? That person is culpable and should be held responsible as well. It is unforgivable for such lenience to be applied to someone who has absolutely no honor and integrity, and it appears, never had it even when he was a “child”.

The hate and distrust of police is only going to get worse as long as these sorts of events keep occurring.

The most infuriating part isn’t even the horrible acts themselves, it’s the appalling lack of accountability and perversion of justice that makes people so angry.

Then the cops have the gall to whine about how dangerous their jobs are and they are now scared to do their jobs. Ya think?

The responsibility for this lies with the cops and the supervisors and the city officials. If they keep on refusing to hold these guys accountable and throw the book at civilians for much less egregious offenses, they have nobody but themselves to blame. Man up! Take responsibility and FIX IT!

We must warn you, the video you are about to watch is incredibly disturbing. It shows the final moments of a dog’s life after it was poisoned. The owner can be heard weeping as the animal lay suffering, gasping for its last breath.

Author Bio: Jean is an advocate for accountability for all lawless actions by cops and civilians. She lives in Alaska with her dogs of uncertain heritage and an occasional cat or two.

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  • yellowdogmichael

    (580) 223-1212 This is the phone number to this police department in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Please call and demand that they fire Barry Antwine, the admitted dog murderer! He also admitted to lewd molestation and second degree rape in 1997. He is still on the streets with a badge! Please, let’s ring this phone off the hook until they fire him!

  • Mr. Hand

    It’s Oklahoma. Our complaints won’t matter.

  • Max

    Personally, I have NO problem with force-feeding rat poison to this piece of [email protected]….. none.

  • Max

    Personally, I have NO problem with force-feeding rat poison to this piece of [email protected]….. none.

    • Amelie Wood

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    • Cadence Wallace

      Don’t blame you

  • Tee Jay

    That pig should be gasping for air!

  • Tony Velez

    POS pig hope justice is served on this lowlife with a badge

  • Inc.

    How does a cop plead guilty to 2nd dgree rape and still keep his job among many more problems he caused? Gangbangers handle this in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

  • deforge
  • Cromwell

    Amazing how law enforcement is up in arms over the recent activities in Waco and other areas, yet they all seem to have no problem working with a piece of garbage like this. I have said it before, I have absolutely no problem understanding why people are now actively targeting cops.

    • TomKi

      Good point, and they have no problem with working with those of their “brothers” who have blatantly murdered people.

  • Lee gregory

    I just invited him over for some really sweet tea. here’s where…

  • mdouglaswray

    23 S Washington St
    Ardmore, OK 73401
    Ph: 580-226-2100

  • Laura W

    And cops wonder why they are being targeted, shot and killed and then whine and complain because no one really cares….

    Their own actions have desensitized everyday people and actually make them (cops) look more like a civilians terrorist than someone that is supposed to Protect and Serve. Protect and Serve—now that is a joke. The only ones they Protect and Serve is themselves. Judges, DA’s , Grand Jurys and any and every one involved should be held accountable as well for their actions related to allowing a cop to get away with proven illegal activities.

  • `An Ardmore, Oklahoma police sergeant [Barry Antwine] accused of poisoning dogs has pleaded no contest and been ordered to perform community service at his own police department. / Antwine has to complete fifty hours of community service.` … how is this even a punishment?

  • Donna

    Jean…thanks for helping to expose this killer….and I for one am pissed that he got a years long paid vacation, they call administrative leave. So now if a cop wants a year long “PAID” leave…just go kill a few animals. I wrote the petition on this idiot….guess that did a hell of a lot of good?

  • Kaos Havoc

    Another Thug from the Blue Gang gets away with it…..

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  • Mike

    Someone please kill this piece of shit, you would be doing the world a favor!!!!

  • Jason Douglas Saville

    I vote to have this officer sentenced to death penalty. We have already voted and called for a death penalty on President Donald Trump.