Cop Charged With Second-Degree Sex Crime on 14-Yr-Old Boy


SUMMERVILLE, NC — A now-former police officer has been charged with second-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Officer Michael Paul Norton, 29, committed the sexual crime on a boy who was only 14-yrs-old, according to reports.

Officer Norton was employed by the Hanahan Police Department for nearly three years, but was terminated for reasons that were never disclosed to the public.

europeans-using-new-techOfficer Norton evidently used a smart phone app to get to the child, according to reports.

In April, Officer Norton took the boy to a secluded area in a wooded lot off of Folly Road, according to reports.

After the sexual act was committed on the boy, the boy went to his mother and told her what happened.

The mother then contacted investigators.

Investigators were able to use the boy’s phone to track down Officer Norton, according to reports.

Officer Norton was at some point driving from Virginia to North Carolina after the sexual crime, and was considered to be armed and dangerous, reports say.

Investigators finally found him at a home supply center in the parking lot, loading things into his truck.

He is currently being held in Guilford County Detention Center and is due to be extradited to South Carolina.

His bail has been set at $700k.

Watch the video below:

WCBD-TV: News, Weather, and Sports for Charleston, SC

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  • Flint Beastwood

    Why is your fucking 14 year old child on Grindr. Wtf

    • George Moore

      At first I thought it was one of those parental/spousal kinda locator apps, but the article never mentioned he was related to the kid. Then I looked up this Grindr you mentioned. Awwwh, makes sense now. I don’t like pedophiles and I think they should be locked away; even if they are cops. However, (and I know I’m gonna get electronically thrashed for typing this) these teens should face some type of punishment too! Some young teens look older and some of them “lead” people on. I’ll admit when that judge (in that case of the teacher and student) gave that guy 30 days in jail and told the teen that she was just as much to blame for the assault, I applauded him. Yes, I did!!!! It was time for someone to place the blame on both parties. I believe there are some downright, dirty child rapists out there that should be castrated with the rustiest scissors around, but I also believe there are some guys that are locked up and negatively labeled that shouldn’t be. I’m speaking of those guys that hooked up with a teen that lied about her (or his) age. If an adult asks her/him for their age and they say “18” when they’re actually 16/17, he should not be labeled a sex offender and thrown in jail. On the other hand, if a 13 or 14-year old tries to pass her/himself off as being 18+, the adult should use a little common sense and back away because there are noticeable clues.

      • Kim Bak

        adults are experienced (in life) enough to make decisions about sex. Kids and teens are not mature enough yet they run on impulsive that have yet learned to controll that’s why society put age limits on adults to keep them from taking advantage of kids.

    • K_Nalalan

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    • Ben Dover

      FAGGOT, that’s not the point you disgusting, evil freak of nature.

      • Flint Beastwood

        First off. Not a queer, secondly, i hope someone dear to you gets colon cancer you idiot supreme with all the toppings.

      • Mason Young

        oh Buddy…there is definitely something wrong with you…
        Trolling is only the tip of the iceberg here.

    • Mason Young

      because he was cruising…(I know that was rhetorical…but..remember being 14? I do)
      I’m compelled to make a statement here…
      At 14, I was was already incredibly sexually active (and had been for some time)…but that’s another story.
      There was no ‘social media’ when i was growing up, and as a male, always attracted to other males, I had a few other guys in my neighborhood, that I had sexual activities with…most of them were “heterosexual”…they just liked to ‘fool around’…which was fine with me. (There are many heterosexual males around…that like to fool around, even at my ripe old age (my 60’s)..but there was/is never a shortage…it’s just not talked about.
      I suspect it’s just an ‘unspoken rule’ of heterosexual men…to not give it a just ‘do it’…I don’t know…I’m not heterosexual…not completely homosexual either…I’ve been with a few women…married a couple…it didn’t work out, but it wasn’t anything to do with sexuality…
      My point, even though the ‘Boy’ was underage…he was a consenting and willing partner for this guy..which at 14…so did I…Married men, my Sister’s boyfriends, neighborhood men…Men I’d meet hitchhiking…
      When there is sexual energy around…it’s picked up by anyone receptive to it…
      I suppose it was up to Norton to make the adult decision, to abstain from acting on a minor…but I assure you…
      I knew I could be provocative, and Norton would have been a target for me too..he’s an attractive guy…
      So, Norton may have been legally delinquent in his actions…But …he didn’t force himself on the kid…
      So…the Kid’s precociousness had a lot to do with it too.
      BTW…just as an aside…to this day, I’m not attracted to anyone younger than me…and have been in a mutually exclusive relationship for 13 years…married in fact a person of the same sex.
      It’s just one of those things..that most people can’t understand…but harm was ever done to me through it…and I doubt any harm was done to this ‘Kid’…
      Our souls have no age…and sometimes we come in old…and aware, sometimes too aware for our own good…in regard to the Law.
      Overall…I would never have a relationship like that with anyone that young…but I was always appreciative of the Men that did with me…way back when.

    • GladysCLogan


  • washing65
  • Bella.roy

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  • Jeff Lagemann

    Shouldn’t this be TRUCK DRIVER Micheal Norton? Cause that is clearly what the news article says he was at the time of this act. No information as to why he is a former officer. Here is the thing. When you stretch the truth as has been clearly done in this article you destroy your credibility.

    • Ben Dover

      I enjoy bashing cops… but most these hating cop sites distract from the truth in the same way that the police do in a “press release”… but if the cop bashing sites aren’t being straight up or are being purposely evasive,.. it destroys their credibility… and that’s happening more and more.. and THAT is tragic.

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