Cop Chokes 14yo Child at School, Knocks His Teeth Out



CHURCHILL, PA — Disturbing footage has been released showing a Woodland Hills High School student being brutally attacked by an officer.

The student does not appear to be fighting back against the officer, who is much bigger.

Officer Steve Shaulis can be seen confronting Que Chawn Wade, who is only 14-yrs-old.

Wade was seated before the confrontation.

Officer Shaulis twists his arm behind his back and appears to initiate a chokehold.

He then forces Wade into a separate hallway, where Wade is then slammed down into the hard surface.

Wade says that during the attack his teeth were actually punched out, and has provided photographic evidence.

His front tooth required surgery to be re-attached.

Officer Shaulis has been reassigned to other tasks as an investigation into the case is conducted.

Watch the video below:

Here is the complete version:

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  • B D

    He steps out in the hallway to make sure the coast is clear before he conducts this premeditated assault.

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  • Merl Seeker

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