Cop Defends Stealing Property from Citizens Because “It’s Been Around Since the 1700s”

William Grigg | Pro Libertate

Joe David, a former California Highway Patrol officer, has made a considerable fortune by teaching police officers how to steal under the color of “law” through his “Desert Snow” consulting firm.

When he arrived in Meridian, Idaho for a two-day “asset forfeiture” seminar on August 10, he probably didn’t expect to be greeted by protesters. It is to his credit that he took advantage of the opportunity to speak with them, especially in light of the fact that the conversation couldn’t have been a pleasant one for him.

“You come up here to Idaho teach teach our officers to be more effective at a very bad concept,” complained activist Daniel L.J. Adams, who helped organize the “No More Road Pirates in Idaho protest outside the Peace Officer Standards and Training academy in Meridian.

“What do you find `bad’ about it?” inquired David, pretending that summary confiscation of money and property from people not charged with an offense somehow abates the menace posed by criminal cartels.

“It’s stealing people’s stuff!” exclaimed Adams, mildly astonished at the need to state a self-evident truth. “How do you get the sense that stealing stuff, through whatever inverted legal means that you can, make it morally legit?”

“It’s been around since, like, 1700,” David responded, ignorant of what he conceded in that blithe reply – and what it says about the role he plays.

“Civil asset forfeiture,” as practiced by contemporary American law enforcement officers (and taught by the likes of Joe David to officers both here and abroad) is close kindred to many of the abusive practices of his colonial-era antecedents who confiscated property and harassed innocent people in name of the British Crown. Acting through specially constituted “admiralty courts” in which due process rights were ignored, and the plundered property itself was prosecuted, colonial customs agents would routinely seize shipping cargoes, store inventories, and money as “deodands” (things “given to God”).

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  • Gary Williams Jr.

    as if more proof was needed to show that cops ARE CRIMINALS

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  • Travis Worthington


  • Teresa Roberts

    Please sign my petition directing the DOJ and elected leadership to improve hiring
    and retention standards for police, who no longer command the respect and trust
    to function effectively as peace keepers. We don’t need armed bullies with
    badges running our towns, but increased accountability and better qualified
    police in uniform. Please revise standard HR screening tests to attract
    smarter, more emotionally stable, physically fit and caring police. A fit
    peacekeeper is less dependent on weaponry. A more caring cop defuses rather
    than escalates a situation. A smarter cop will think things through before
    profiling an innocent citizen or pulling the trigger in an emotional scenario.
    We deserve real protection, not bullying. We deserve competent intelligent
    police educated to implement ethical standards, sworn to protect and serve us.
    We look to our elected officials to address this national crisis through hiring
    & training improvements.