Cop Enters Woman’s Private Yard Without Permission and Shoots Her Pregnant Dog in the Head Three Times, Executing It



LA PUENTE — A Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy is facing criticism after entering a woman’s private property without permission and shooting her pet dog to death.

Rosleen Banner considers her dog family, and has always been a responsible pet owner.

She had signs posted on her backyard fence reading “beware of dog.”

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Her dog, Tata, was pregnant and was due to give birth to a newborn puppy the next day.

But that never happened.

Warning: the image you are about to see is graphic. Discretion is advised before proceeding. 


The officer — whose name has not been determined — was “responding to a call” but went to the wrong address.

Despite going to the wrong address, and despite the “beware of dog” sign posted on the fence as a clear and visible warning to keep out, the officer waddled into the private yard anyway, without making contact with the homeowner, without a warrant, and saw the dog.

The officer pulled out a gun, aimed it at Tata’s head, and fired three bullets into her skull, executing her.

Rosaleen heard gunshots in her yard and ran out, only to find Tata’s dead body lying in a pool of blood.

The babies inside Tata have perished.

The Sheriff’s department claims that the deputy was “attacked” by the dog, and “deployed pepper spray” before shooting the dog.

“In order to stop the attack, they deployed (pepper) spray which didn’t stop the dog and when the dog charged again that’s when the deputy actually fired to stop the attack,” said Captain Timothy Marakami in an interview with CBS.

But Rosaleen says that her dog never attacked the deputy, according to the Free Thought Project.

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And even if the dog did act aggressively — it didn’t according to Rosaleen, but just supposing for the sake of argument that it did — it’s a dog’s natural instinct to protect its owner from intruders. This means Tata would have been executed by the officer simply for doing what dog’s do when an intruder startles them.

Because the intruder, in this case, puts on a costume and claims to be a member of a privileged class called “government,” there will likely be no charges for criminal trespassing, negligence, and animal cruelty.

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Rosaleen has started a Facebook page called Justice for Tata. Please show her your support.

Watch the video below:

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