“I Unloaded on Your Dog” — Cop Says to Family After Executing Their Dog

PASADENA — A family is mourning the death of their pet after he was killed by a police officer.

“I unloaded on your dog,” said officer Price.

The department claims the officer was “investigating a burglary,” roaming around in the neighborhood.

The dog, a 4-yr-old Bay Retriever named Vern who was described as friendly by neighbors, walked outside and toward the officer.

The officer opened fire, shooting Vern twice and executing him.


Tim Reeves, the dog’s owner, was nearby when his girlfriend and indicated that she’d seen a cop lurking in the front yard.

Tim ran outside and approached the cop.

“He looked at me and said ‘I unloaded on your dog. Your dog attacked me, and I killed it.'” said Tim.

“It’s the most tragic thing that’s ever happened to me in my entire life,” Tim said. “My initial reaction was, ‘Oh, my God, there’s a gaping hole in me.’ It’s devastating. And for no reason.”

The police officer claimed that he was being “attacked” by the dog.

Police officers are trained to deceive people.

Neighbors report that Vern was gentle and has never attacked anybody.

“Everyone in the neighborhood also knew and played with Vern,” said Tim’s father.

“He wouldn’t hurt a fly, he really wouldn’t,” he continued. “The whole thing is wrong, and I don’t want it to happen to an innocent dog, or family or child.”

Unfortunately, officer Price was the only one there as he killed the dog, and he was not being filmed, so nobody has been able to show that he’s lying.

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Neighbors are deeply saddened and continue to insist that the dog was a friendly, loving dog and had no history of aggression.

“It’s devastating,” Tim’s mother said.

“He was a member of our family,” she continued. “It’s no different from it being a person.”

The officer has not been named but has been given administrative duties.

Police Chief Kevin Davis said Sorry that the dog was shot and assured citizens that an investigation would be conducted inside the department

Police Chief Kevin Davis said Sorry that the dog was shot and assured citizens that an investigation would be conducted inside the department

On Saturday, Chief of Police Kevin Davis met with reporters and answered questions about the incident.

He said was sorry that the dog was killed, and assured citizens that the department would be conducting an investigation into the incident.

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  • Cromwell

    I am so disheartened when I hear endless stories about thugs with badges killing people’s pets. When at the same time law enforcement demands tougher laws for people who defend themselves against dogs they turn loose to harm people. A “judge” in Pittsburgh today set bond at 1 Million dollars for a man who killed a police dog that was attacking him.
    “The district judge who set a $1 million bond for the man accused of killing a Pittsburgh police dog last week said that he set the amount that high — at least in part — because he considers the victim, Rocco, a German shepherd, to be a police officer.”
    Utter BS
    Total police state

    • pgeller

      Amazing isn’t it? Bond at a million for a police K-9. Wonder what charges the officer will get who just killed 2 K-9s by leaving them in the car? Probably won’t even face charges. And have you noticed that almost any excuse is acceptable for them to kill a dog? Even when they miss and kill innocent citizens they are still excused. Hard to believe that all the people who deliver mail have so much more courage than law enforcement….

  • Kitty Wolf

    Another lie , All the cops do is lie, Nothing is ever done about the thug mentality we are seeing on a daily basis , In fact they cover for one another,,,This only adds to the distrust of law enforcement! How low can they go??? They kill humans with the same disregard ,,,,Time to make them pay, One way or another

  • kill all pigs

    honestly you people need to form organisations to start going to the homes of these pigs and executing them in cold blood in their own homes.

    • Helena_Handbasket

      While you sit here and dictate from teh intewebz?

    • SafetyDave

      I so much agree with you! People are sheep. I have NO FEAR to take action. WTF with all these people just taking this shit?!

  • Todd

    You are all full of shit! I see a cop lurking around my neighborhood my gun will come out to protect my family just as if I had seen a burglar. I can’t trust the cops anymore than the hoods, you never know what they’ll do or what’s on their mind. License to kill is what they have and that’s why I don’t trust them as far as I could throw em. Sad state of affairs we live in today when the cops feel they have to shoot everything that is a perceived threat, generally everything breathing that gets in their way, like a toy poodle even, assholes!!!

  • Tenny Emmert

    Do cops not have a way of protecting themselves from a dog IF a dog actually attacks them?? Just a thought.

    • JonEdHil

      Why should they bother? Bullets are cheap and it doesn’t take a brain to use them.

  • The Hippie Hound

    Why do mail men know how to handle dogs better without killing them than pigs do? It just shows you what sociopaths these f*r’s are.

  • Dutch Van Alstin

    This is why people shoot cops.

  • Jason O

    28th Amendment the right to defend your life and property from Criminals and Criminal Cops.

  • SafetyDave

    Somebody kill the pig

  • SafetyDave

    Why become a cop? Because they are natural bullies and want victims and have immunity.

  • Hearseman

    The lesson in all this is that if you see a cop in your front yard you should fear for your life and unload on him!