Cop Fatally Shoots Service Dog at 9-yr-old Child’s Birthday Party

IDAHO — A stunning video has surfaced showing an officer kick a dog and then shoot it to death.

The dashcam footage does not show the dog trying to attack or bite the officer, but he was barking and clearly afraid of the officer’s presence.

“It was growling at me,” said the officer, after he executed the dog.

The officer can be seen on the dashcam kicking the dog as the dog yelped.

The officer can be seen on the dashcam kicking the dog as the dog yelped.

The dog’s owner , Rick Clubb, says that the officer was trigger-happy.

The dog can clearly be heard barking after the officer pointed a gun in its face and kicked it.

The dog got out without a leash after Rick’s 9-yr-old son was celebrating his birthday party.

A neighbor called the police when they noticed the dog outside.

The officer can be seen on video aiming his weapon and firing at the dog despite the fact that the dog was noticeably alarmed after being kicked by the officer.

Hooch is a 7-yr-old black lab and has no history of aggressive behavior or attacks.

He was a gentle family dog, missed by his owners and residents in the community.

In fact Hooch was a certified and trained service pet companion, aiding Rick because he has Parkinson’s disease.

“He didn’t have to pull out his .45 and shoot my dog,” Rick said, adding “It was right outside my son’s bedroom.”

“My dogs, they’d get out, yes, but you don’t have to shoot them. There’s other ways around it besides shooting them. Maybe I deserve a ticket, but I don’t deserve a dead dog.” he said.


Watch the video below (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

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  • prince

    why do they let cowards and mentally unstable people be Police? those are the worst people to give guns.

    • locohammerhead

      What I find amazing is what they have to go through to become police in the first place. They not only know everything about you, they also know everything about your family and friends. They also put the person through several interviews but they also speak with every family member and friend. In my opinion I felt like my rights were violated. I did not sign any paperwork stating that they could do a background check on me that I recall. If I did it was a long time ago.

      Yet people like this still get through. I wonder if this is more of a self fulfilling prophecy. The people doing the hiring want people like them, so they use the extensive checks to ensure that.

      • altmartion

        is this something that your state requires? I have many friends who are now cops of a few different branches. I never was contacted about them. 4 of them are my best friends. 2 are troopers 1 is county sheriff and one is a small village cop. I also have a friend who is a sheriff and a village cop. all these guy’s, and 1 girl, are new York.

        • locohammerhead

          I honestly have no idea if the state requires it or not but it’s something the state troopers do. The whole process felt like my brother was applying to be in the CIA or NSA not the State Police. I learned the other day that the whole process was just to get into the academy! He went through yet another interview with higher up officers who then said they will be in contact. So if he doesn’t get in my entire family will be subject to that unnecessary scrutiny yet again…The entire process just reeked of “we want to make sure he will obey”.

    • Cliff

      Yes, but in America, it’s perfectly legal for the mentally unstable to have guns. That’s the fucked up part.

  • pauleky

    Simply outrageous. He should lose his job at the very least, if not face multiple charges.

  • PJ Edwards

    Until We The People start returning fire, this will never end…

  • David McIntosh

    I hope you rot in Hell you piece of shit pig!

  • michael92064

    The police chief is a piece of work

  • matt

    I do not know how many times I was charged by a snarling aggressive dog. stand your ground if you get bit THEN!! shoot the dog. don’t shoot first!!!!!! coward!!!! just cannot believe it. f****** sick and sad!! and these are the “brave” men and women of law enforcement.. keyword brave.

  • Simon Worman

    an eye for an eye, shoot this cop

  • JonEdHil

    He will probably be given a medal for “bravery” and a promotion. The owner should have shot the pig right there.

  • Daniel Brock

    The dog was “agressing” me? What the hell does that even mean? From the video of this cop actually shooting the dog, he was in no way afraid. He should be charged with the same felony that I would get charged with for shooting a police dog.

  • glorybug

    What a fucking loser. I hope the neighbor who called the cops out is happy.

  • Concerned

    What if that was a child instead of an officer? If my dogs are barking and alarming like that I would be outside in heart beat to see what the hell was going on!! owner was just as much at fault as the officer..We can all second guess what we would have done but if I was walking along with my grand kid and that happened, there would be two dead dogs!

    • Paul Ellering


  • JesseMace

    he could have peppered sprayed the animal.

  • to

    He proved he wasnt scared he walk up to the dog and kicked it ! he was playing tough guy and recklessly discharged his weapon. If a private citizen did this he would face charges,

  • Brad Barnhill

    He forgot the lesson from southpark … he didnt scream “ITS COMING RIGHT FOR US”. Just kidding but in all seriousness he should be fired and arrested for cruelty to animals. That dog was barking at him due to him being on their property and kicking at it. What a coward.

  • Democide

    That was horrible to watch, it’s no wonder cops are hated more and more.

  • JMan

    I’m on the cops side. The dogs should have been on a leash. The dog was aggressive before the officer kicked at it. If that dog would have attacked a neighborhood child, are all of you okay with that? There is no way to know if a dog will bite or attack. My nephew was attacked by a “good dog” and had to have stitches in his face and is scared for life. That cop was protecting himself. This could have been avoided if the dog was on a leash as the law dictated. Great job officer! Another aggressive dog off the street.

  • Tom Shaw

    Yeah, he should have waited for the dog to actually bite him and taken the chance of getting injured or even getting rabies before he shot the dog. What a selfish bastard for risking his life every day going against people who he does not know wether or not are out to hurt him or someone else for the publics sake and making a split second decision when facing an agreesive acting pair of dogs. That said, if he had pepper spray or a taser, he should have used it instead. But then people would have been outraged about that too.

    • Nicholas

      Except that he clearly kicked the dog and then continued to advance on it? I’m really not sure what exactly his thought process was, but he chose to go to the door after shooting the dog and watching it die, when he clearly could have either shouted for the home owner to come outside and deal with his animal or just gone up to the door, since the dogs weren’t in his path after he’d kicked the one. Additionally, he most likely did have both pepper spray and a taser, and chose to kill the dog instead of using non-lethal force. I understand that dogs are ~spooky~ when they’re barking at you, but that’s not a real reason to shoot one.

      This article has a few links regarding one of the officer’s prior shooting incidents, as well. It’s basically the same as the one here but raises a few good points, such as the fact that due to all the children in the backyard the firing of his weapon was a felony.

      Also, there’s really not much cause to be concerned that a dog is actually going to kill you. 2012 saw only 35 fatal dog attacks, most of which were on small children and the elderly.

  • Wesley R Smith

    If that was my dog, I’d do the same thing to the cop, uniformed or not. I’d kick him before shooting him dead center in the middle of his soon to be dead head.

    Shoot my dog, know this beforehand, I am going to shoot back for my dog. Matters not if it’s immediate, the next day or day after, but I will be coming for your sorry ass.

    Uniforms won’t mean much to me other than another way to separate you from the rest of us.