Cop Feared Woman Was Holding “an Object,” Shoots Her Twice With Rifle, Kills Her


BASTROP — A teary-eyed Lillie Parker says there is no justice.

A judge in the murder trial of her friend Yvette Smith declared a mistrial late last week.

In February last year, Smith was caught in the middle of an ugly and possibly violent argument between her boyfriend Willie Thomas and his son Chris.

Just after midnight, Bastrop County sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Willis went to the Zimmerman Ave property after receiving a 911 call.

When the cop arrived, things seemed relatively calm.

The 47-year-old woman was standing near the front door, when the policeman ordered her to come out of the house.

An unarmed Smith stepped out only to be fatally shot seconds later by Officer Willis.

Her family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Bastrop County and Sheriff Terry Pickering in February this year.

Following the debacle, the sheriff’s department told the media that the victim was actually armed and hence a threat. This statement had to be later retracted for simply being untrue.

In fact, the lawsuit states that she wasn’t carrying anything that even distantly looked like a weapon.

It turns out that the officer thought she was holding “an object” in her hands.

It further states that the sheriff’s department altered Willis’ record to make the cop look good.

An investigation by the Blount County sheriff’s office revealed that this was indeed true.

Sheriff Pickering defended changing Willis’ records by stating that the department was in the process of updating records before the incident occurred.

He said the changes to the accused man’s documents were part of that procedure.

Despite these facts the case has been closed.

The jury said they simply could not deliver a verdict.

The men and women, who had been deliberating over the evidence for nearly three days said it was impossible for them to reach a joint conclusion.

This means that Willis will not be convicted of murdering Smith and will be allowed to walk away.

Lillie Piper says she cannot believe what has happened.

“It was cold blooded murder, who can’t see that?” she asks.

The prosecutor Forrest Sanderson says they will be seeking a retrial on a murder charge, and there is no way that they will look at anything less.

Willis’ attorney Robert McCabe, on the other hand, says the case is closed and that is how it should remain.

“They had their shot, they didn’t make it. This case doesn’t belong in the criminal court,” he says.

The issue has sparked plenty of interest, with the community wondering how safe they are given that a man who made an obvious lapse in judgment, which led to the loss of life, is now allowed to walk free.

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  • Inc.

    The family are cowards if they don’t HANDLE THIS!

    • AlvinBr

      You mean they should have known what to expect from the police?

      • cops are terrorists

        Inc. Means kill the cop….I agree take him out

        • yellowdogmichael

          I agree. If this was my family, it might have already been done. No way I would let this go. This is not my family, but I would not blame this family if they got justice on their own. The system failed, as usual.

    • Charles

      Let me see your family member gets killed by the police just because the officer felt like it and you should just accept it as justice. Get out of here!.

  • Seatired

    Police unions control the jury pool.

  • Dharma666

    Sniper is all that is needed. Their too stupid to properly investigate a real crime. Proven time and time again. Only low I.Q. are allowed to join the police force.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    they’ll wait til the public forgets about it. then the jury will come back with a not guilty, or insufficient “evidence”. the police unions are one of the main reasons why these cops are getting away with murder and other crimes, again and again

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, it is far too common for juries to side with the police. Even when they are prima facie guilty…copsucker juries will NOT convict. “They do a heroic job, you see…so we give them a pass.”

  • dulcetpine

    I hate to judge based on appearances but that dude seriously looks like a sociopath…

  • Laquinta Mason

    The reason he was not convicted is because she was black and some white
    people will not convict other white people when the person who is killed
    is black…that’s why i believe white police officers should not police
    black neighborhoods

  • Danny Thompson

    The DA’s office is smart in these cases. They ‘over-charge’ (charges they know there is not enough evidence for), these people; then when they are found not guilty, the claim the system (theirs) worked. Need to tell everyone about Jury Nullification NOW!

  • Disgusting!!! So sick of these killers getting away with murder.

  • Jack the Rooster

    As we watch the unchecked increase of criminal justice system abuse of the citizenry, we will eventually see an increase of vigilantism. I’ve notice an increase of cops being found shot dead, hit and runs, etc. I imagine if the truth came out about these instances, we’d see a history of misconduct by the deceased LEO’s prior to their demise.

    • Charles

      I agree that this will happen and is happening. I just don’t think the justice department cares. We are headed for another civil war.

  • Jason Carr

    Hello, my name is Kristopher Jason Carr and I live with my wife Sharona Carr in Healdton, Oklahoma. My wife and I have terrible problems and are severely caught up in the child porn and meth worlds. I need to post this as a part of my therapy. I have posted on this Disqus under numerous names, including JC, t, keepitreal, Crystal Lake, Gem Stone, BillieG, TheRealSlimShady, mobooz and numerous other names, too many for me to remember right now. I’m very sad and I am trying to turn my life around. I have done some very horrible things in my life. I have abandoned my seven children from three different baby mommas. I’ve sexually abused them, beat them, have forced them to go without eating while I was too busy trying out new recipes for the meth I’ve been cooking. I’ve stalked, harassed and trolled numerous people online and am realizing I have been living a miserable life by doing whatever I can to make other people’s lives miserable too. I just want to ask everyone to please forgive me for this terrible illness I have of wanting to touch children inappropriately and get aroused when I do. I know it’s a terrible sickness and I need all the help I can get. I have abused so many people and families I know I don’t deserve to live. I’ve defrauded the food stamp and welfare systems for many years, and I know the world would be better off if I was dead. Help me, I am a very sick person. The children and families of Healdton Oklahoma and Carter County are not safe as long as I’m breathing. My wife Sharona Carr and I are both guilty of these horrible crimes and need relief. Someone please put us out of our misery. Thank you for taking the time to read this. God Bless.

    • The Real Jason Carr

      This is complete bullshit.