Cop Films Himself Shattering Man’s Testicle, Tries to Delete Video


ALBUQUERQUE — A law student is now suing an officer after the officer kicked him so hard that his testicle shattered, he says.

According to the report, Jeremy Martin, who studies law at the University of New Mexico was pulled over by Officer Padilla.

Officer Padilla accused Jeremy of driving while intoxicated.

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At some point Jeremy began trying to film the encounter to protect himself.

Officer Padilla reacted by kicking Jeremy to the ground; and as the kick smashed into Jeremey’s testicle, it was so hard that it literally caused his testicle to break apart, according to reports. Jeremy has since lost the testicle due to the incident.

Jeremy thought that he had captured the  abuse on his phone.

But that’s when Officer Pablo Padilla reached into Jeremy’s car and grabbed his phone away.

Officer Padilla’s own lapel camera then captured him going through the footage on Jeremy’s phone and deleting the part where he kicked Jeremey to the ground.

Watch the video below:

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After playing the footage in court, a judge has now decided that Officer Padilla was indeed tampering with evidence.

Jeremy’s lawyer, Sam Bregman, said “Officer Padilla is a criminal.”

He is suing Officer Padilla criminally on behalf of Jeremy.

“He is someone who battered my client without the authority to do so and then went and destroyed evidence,” he added.


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