Cop Films Himself Shattering Man’s Testicle, Tries to Delete Video


ALBUQUERQUE — A law student is now suing an officer after the officer kicked him so hard that his testicle shattered, he says.

According to the report, Jeremy Martin, who studies law at the University of New Mexico was pulled over by Officer Padilla.

Officer Padilla accused Jeremy of driving while intoxicated.

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At some point Jeremy began trying to film the encounter to protect himself.

Officer Padilla reacted by kicking Jeremy to the ground; and as the kick smashed into Jeremey’s testicle, it was so hard that it literally caused his testicle to break apart, according to reports. Jeremy has since lost the testicle due to the incident.

Jeremy thought that he had captured the  abuse on his phone.

But that’s when Officer Pablo Padilla reached into Jeremy’s car and grabbed his phone away.

Officer Padilla’s own lapel camera then captured him going through the footage on Jeremy’s phone and deleting the part where he kicked Jeremey to the ground.

Watch the video below:

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After playing the footage in court, a judge has now decided that Officer Padilla was indeed tampering with evidence.

Jeremy’s lawyer, Sam Bregman, said “Officer Padilla is a criminal.”

He is suing Officer Padilla criminally on behalf of Jeremy.

“He is someone who battered my client without the authority to do so and then went and destroyed evidence,” he added.


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  • Enrique Elizondo

    Death is so sweet for these assholes

  • Bill Ketchersid

    Pigs have no balls so they have no problem destroying another mans

    • Alex

      Sounds like you know a lot about pigs’ balls

  • Patrick Terrill

    At least the guy still has one ball. Cops wear their courage pinned to their chest, and their balls strapped to their waist.

  • philly

    What’s fcked up is this is an illegal alien and or son of an illegal has power over people who are citizens–born and raised….

    • Kirk McConnell

      How the hell do you know if they are an illegal alien or not? You think anyone with a Spanish sounding name is an illegal alien? The cop is an a-hole and you sound like a racist. Maybe you two can be friends.

      • philly

        hey dick weed I said son of an illegal—DO YU KNOW FOR A FACT HE IS NOT? –iF NOT SHUT THE FCK UP PUZZY…how do you know he is not/? apparemtn;y you are just as ball less as they are trying t akme us—the motherfcker does not even speak english with out an accent just as you…..liberal s like you will give this country to anyone who come here illegaly or not—do me a favor and crawl ba k up into the hole you crawled out of AND DIE

        • cp

          You really need spell check and a class on the proper use of punctuation. You accuse someone of being an illegal yet you yourself have trouble with the English language. So stupid it’s laughable!

          • philly


          • cp

            Your reply continues to illustrate my point, your ignorance is apparent. Stop eating the paint chips, the lead has clearly affected your thought process.

        • useless eater

          You’d make a ‘good’ (read; typical) cop yourself, Fuckstain. Just like them, you suspect all kinds of people of wrongdoing (or a status you don’t like, or the sound of a name you don’t like, or descended from a people you don’t like,etc,etc) based on absolutely ZERO evidence. And just like them, you defend your own bigotry.

          • philly


          • useless eater

            You continue to make my case.

          • philly

            do me a favor and crawl back up into the hole you crawled out of and die

          • useless eater

            I can’t think of a reason anyone should feel inclined to do a person such as yourself favors.

        • Kirk McConnell

          I know exactly what you said, and it didn’t come from anything based on knowledge. It’s based on your racist assumptions. And yeah, everyone misspells things and makes typos, but your first grade level writing and ignorant opinions are clear indicators of your lack of education. Now you can choose to be angry about that and hate on everyone (like your racist and likely skinhead friends), or you can do something about it and educate yourself. If you can’t afford classes, read some books.

        • Rikk

          I kniw they have public schools in your neighborhood. Get yourself to one.

          • philly

            LMAO at you and the rest of your inbred kin….perhaps you should look in the mirror at your schooling and misspelled reply. ..While you’re at it ask your daddy|uncle why the IQ in the family is so low and why he and his sister had mentality challenged children like you as being a paid and ignorant troll is befitting of who you are

          • Kirk McConnell

            I hope you catch a nasty disease from the dirty needle your skinhead friend used to give you your latest swastika tattoo, you racist ignoramus.

          • philly

            and I hope your mother get ebola while standing on the corner trying to sell that old ass pussy

          • Tan

            chances are, “philly” this is kid is a law student, well over the age of 18. So any law student would know that if their parent is an illegal immigrant staying here illegally,as long as the child of the illegal applicant is over 18, the parent is then granted a green card then given a chance for citizenship after applying, the steps are pretty simple. however there are some other criteria’s that have to be met. However from the looks of the video he does look like he was an american. so chances are, this law kid’s parents probably aren’t illegal, and if they were, they shouldn’t be/probably aren’t now had he done the right thing to protect family and set them up.
            Anyone one can blindly scream dumb remarks to get attention, but you’re just following the line of the mass amounts of idiots before you, Why feed that?
            Shut up, Grab a book and READ. (preferably a book without pictures)

            It’ll do the world a favor, and mostly yourself by educating yourself.
            It’s a shame to waste a brain by filling it with assumptions, gossip, and false facts.

          • philly

            What an asshole you are. The parents are still illegal, broke the law and are not entitled to a green card—you need to educate yourself dummy—you are the one making assumptions and contridictions just by your stating “chances are he may be a law student” at 18? What world do you live on? Or does your inbred mind even function on a high enough level to comprehend immigration laws as well as educational requirements to enter law school ? SMH @ Such a hateful loser who is more than likely an illegal yourself

          • jenna

            The only one being hateful is you. How do you have any idea of this mans heritage or that of his parents?


      What’s fucked up Is you with your assumptions goofy ass

      • philly


        • cp

          You sound like you’re about 13 years old, no intelligent person would ever give your viewpoint the time of day. Grow up.

        • useless eater

          i rest my case.

  • gary triplett

    What a sick fucking cop! the guy was behaving yet the cop wouldn’t listen at all. This cop needs jail time over this!

    • David Fearnow

      Were we watching the same video? The “Law Student” was a complete a-hole. He was constantly disobeying the officer and NEVER stopped mouthing off and arguing.

      • wolftimber

        that’s why he got his ass kicked LOL!!!

      • windchaser73

        Do you swallow? Or spit it out?

    • wolftimber

      he was behaving? by refusing to sit as ordered?

  • Kat Ford

    The rat bastard cop needs killing…slowly… in the town square at high noon on live TV. This Gestapo BS gotta stop, needs to be a revolution against the status quo. The voters did a Lil bit yesterday but I’m afraid it ain’t gonna be enough. This happens to indoctorinate the younger generation this is acceptable. I fear for the well being of our grand kids/great-grand kids future, if they have one.

  • Neu Ron


  • Phoenixx Bey

    Fuck these demonic “police”…soon all their chickens will come back to roost. KKK in blue, except now they lynch EVERYONE .

    • Sick-of-it-inGREENBAY

      injecting Racism into this ???? I knew one of you race card throwing Liberals would be along soon….. THIS IS A POLICE STATE, CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ISSUE…NOT A RACE ISSUE… STUPID OBAMA WORSHIPERS..

      • Tex

        Hey dumba$$. Re-read her comment. She was AGREEING WITH YOU.

        But, I guess, since she’s black, she must be an race-baiting Obama worshiper, right?

        Guess who the kneejerk racist is this time. (Hint: that would be YOU.)

      • jenna

        You have no idea of this woman’s political affiliation. That has nothing to do with anything. There are so many of you trolls who have to insult liberals and anyone who used their freedom to vote and chose to vote for a man who happens to have dark skin. You are so ignorant you can’t even comprehend when someone is making the same point as you, but actually doing it in an articulate, coherent manner. Thanks for showing everyone another example of willful ignorance, aka being a fucktard.

  • Pigs Suck

    Death to all piece of shit cops like this. Fuck you all I wish you all a bullet in your head and one day you will get yours all you piece of shit mother fuckers that think their hard and abuse their powers just wait till the masses turn on all of you and the good ones are no fucking better for letting it happen. Fry Piggies Fry!!!

  • Phasung Baccam

    Take him off the street file criminal complaints ake sure his loose his pensions

  • Neil Allen
  • Uncle Arty

    first of all people you need to stop talking to police under any circumstance. The reason being is anything you say can and will be used against you, but nothing you say can ever be used for you. When the cop claimed the guy admitted to having 3 beers, it becomes his word against the cops word. If you don’t talk to them at all they can’t twist your words around on you, and make you incriminate yourself.

    • Dawn Wolfson

      They can still make up lies.

      • Uncle Arty

        yeah but it’s a lot harder to outright lie, when there is no record of a conversation than it is to twist your words. And if there is no audio or video confirming their lie, then anything they say is hearsay

        • NAME

          It’s not hard to lie at all – even though the police officer’s testimony could be hearsay, the law treats the officers word as gold. After all, without evidence to say the contrary, the police officers word is always taken as gold.

  • Patrick Cloward

    hardly…. this progressive starbucks whore needs to have his balls shattered for being a grade one dick.

  • Elisabeth Dunagan

    POS cop needs to be in jail for a long, long time.

  • De Logik

    The human testicle can survive a little over 600lbs of pressure before popping (even though a flick alone can make most men’s eyes water), I highly doubt he “lost” his nut. If he had shattered his nut there he would be convulsing in pain, not pleading to stand up. It’s not right what the cop did with the nut shot, but please don’t mis-advertise the articles, it takes away from the point your trying to make.

    • Dirrin

      I’m gonna have to call bullshit since the femur (the bone in your thigh) can only withstand 300lbs of force before it will break. Since his adrenaline is pumping, in combination with the fact that he’s drunk, he probably wouldn’t have even noticed until the situation had calmed down.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    look at the pic of this douche!! anyone with half a brain should be able to tell at a glance that this prick is psychotic! the real criminals are the ones who are hiring criminals. these are the real terrorists, and they know it. they protect them until it becomes a matter of public knowledge, and then, and ONLY then do they become “outraged” and decide to “do something about it”. the other cops, their sgts., chiefs/sheriffs, union thugs who are mainly retired psycho’s, city council, mayors, should all stand trial for releasing these terrorists on the American people!!!

    • Buck Kracker

      YOu forgot judges and prosecutors.

    • Jack Daniel Jenkins

      The picture of the “douche” you’re talking about is Jeremy Martin, the drunk-driving law-student with the missing ball.

  • David Wilson

    No love for cops…….but this guy deserved it. What a fucking loon. Just sit down and shut up…how fucking hard is that?

    • Buck Kracker

      Not hard at all if you are a coward who submits to other men.

      • David Wilson

        I have no doubt that if that were you…caught drunk driving that you would sit down and shut up. I guess you’re a coward as well.

        • Buck Kracker

          I have no doubt you need your master to kick you in the balls a time or two so you will get the message that you are the slave and slaves are to remain silent and OBEY!

          • Pop

            So you need to prove you’re not a coward, but a man, by subjecting yourself to a violent vasectomy? I’m glad there are people like you so I don’t have to.

        • he wasn’t caught drunk driving . the officer had no proof that he was drunk . the man didn’t exhibit drunkenness . but that police state cheerleader skirt looks really darling on you

          • Alex

            How do you know he had no proof? Why did he stop him? Besides, the guy admitted he had 3 beers. Thats enough for him to sit down and STFU.

          • i suppose, then, that shattering the man’s testicle was warranted, eh? smh

  • Seth R Hazen

    Add that asshole to the list.

  • Woodstuck

    POLICE = Professionally Organized Liars In Criminal Escapades (period) – You could fill every day with watching the videos and reading the stories of crooked cops – (But there are so many ‘good’ cops Skip – NOT!)

  • Woodstuck

    “We have zero tolerance for bad or crooked cops when witnesses are present”

  • Heavensmile

    Wow that’s fucking sick!

  • Kêñńÿ Frédèrîčk

    I agree 100% that the shot to the ball was uncalled for but he was drinking and driving. He was busted…he escalated the tension by doing what he was doing. He even said he would live for the cop to mace him…this guy doesn’t deserve sympathy.

    • fuck7

      The cop had no reason to do such and he was a law student. Of course you fucking apologist.

      • Jack Daniel Jenkins

        He was a law student you say? Damn, you should let him rape your daughter then, since being a law student suggests he’s above the law.

    • Jack Daniel Jenkins

      Agreed. The moment the guy stood up (after being told to stay seated) and put his hands in his pockets, I’d have maced or tasered him. I’m no cop & have no love-loss for shitty cops who go through bullets like tic-tacs, but from the video above, this cop showed an extreme amount of patience with a noncompliant, belligerent fella.

  • Rachel Flanagan

    So many stories about law enforcement gone wild. Poorly trained, low IQ, and an attitude that says. if you don’t do what I say, it gives me the right to maim, torture or kill you, because I can with impunity.
    New Mexico is really shining when it comes to police abuse, I know I’ll be skipping any road trips or vacations in NM.
    Who wants visit or retire in a state where the police are so dangerous. Not me.

  • Kevin

    difficult to watch


    Keep on giving your gun rights away ! this will happen to you fuck the cops ,

  • Joel Crataegus

    You expect (if you have any sense whatsoever) for drunks to act like drunks. I could have talked this guy down and cuffed him in 5 minutes. Expecting a drunk to be immediately compliant is just stupid. He is obviously not a threat to anybody but clearly intoxicated and needs to be arrested. I would have had much more respect for the cop if he had simply maced him though it would reflect his inability to handle intoxicated people with his words though that admittedly is an acquired skill. Drunks can be stupid and they can be dangerous. This guy was transparently stupid and not dangerous. Incompetence and/or laziness and/or likes to bully other people.

  • “Stop resisting!” the mantra of the fascist.

  • Entropy

    Another “officer” more corrupted and criminal than those he’s charged to protect us from. Disgusting.

  • Kip Hartwell

    I am not one to cut cops any slack, but this video does not do what was advertised. It does not show destruction of evidence. It does show a drunk fool resisting and yelling that he was not. Good people have gone to jail for resisting less than that. The comments here are not helping.

    Police come, shut up, do what they say and cal a law talking guy.

  • Pop

    the guy was being a fucking loon, though. if a cop tells you to sit down, standing your ground does not necessarily guarantee freedom or a pair of testicles.

  • Pstoffnhowlin

    The P.I.G.G.S. will have to pay for their crimes against HUMANITY just like all the other scum that think they are above the LAWS OF GOD!!

  • Sick-of-it-inGREENBAY

    COP needs to be castrated for this & given 20 years in prison ……. WE HAVE RIGHTS yet the police don’t care about our rights because they have impunity and immunity… How can we have rights but at the same time the police can VOID our rights when even they choose to… IF the police can just do what ever they want to us then we actually don’t have rights ?????????

  • lungfish

    No Video, No Justice…. without video these guys get away with murder and are defended by their chiefs and unions…. how many cops have been caught because of security cams they didn’t know were there? Why would this cop think his lapel camera wouldn’t damn him while he deleted the victim’s camera?

  • Chip Southard

    why can’t a college student of all things learn to just shut up and sit down???? I feel for the guy but dumb is dumb– n not much need in explaining SIT DOWN

  • Hawk Bailey

    For anyone who may take pics or video of officers in the performance of
    their public duties should print the following Legal ruling and present
    it too any officer who objects to you filming/taking pics of them in the
    performance of their public duties thus putting them on notice that
    they are breaking the law….
    United States Circuit Court of Appeals
    Glik v. Cunniffe, 655 F.3d 78 (1st Cir. 2011) …. the
    United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit that held that a
    private citizen has the right to record video and audio of public
    officials in a public place, and that the arrest of the citizen for a
    wiretapping violation violated the citizen’s First and Fourth Amendment
    The above case held “this First Amendment right to publicly
    record the activities of police officers on public business is

  • ME

    STUPID all he had to do is listen tot he Officer!

  • fritzzz24

    You play with the bull, you get the horn. Sit down, shut up and co-operate. If the cop did something wrong, make the complaint after, when you are alive and uninjured. The roadside is not the court room.

  • Owlisen

    Hope they get this S.O.B. he shouldn´t be a police officer!!!
    Just loved that his OWN equipment worked against him 🙂

  • Blunt Doctor

    ALL POLICE OFFICERS SHOULD HAVE LAPEL PINS AT ALL FUCKING TIMES. If you don’t have video, your arrest doesn’t hold up. end of discussion.

  • Bob Manke

    sigh, this lawyer wannabe took his case the wrong wrong wrong way to a cop. when that cop is in the field and you repeatedly refuse his arrest… he can and might kill you. You could be an innocent man and be dead right. It is classic drunken behavior to insist on conversation with a cop during arrest… are you fucking Crazy? do not do that. I want to side with the guy, but that cop is to be disobeyed very carefully people. in other words, don’t. you need that blood alcohol value to fight him and lacking that? you can get very hurt very quickly… I want to know the blood alcohol level. it is totally relevant to crushing this cop.

  • Jeff Barber

    It’s a fucking brotherhood they lie for each other. Time to stand up and act like a man. Root out the bad ones. If you don’t it tears down your own name.

  • Dee Queen

    Devil Pigs, sick of this shit. And they want People to trust them.

  • Nina

    You people who defend the actions of theses officers are crazy, you have a right to speak,not the right to be abused.

  • madmax80


  • David Fearnow

    I feel bad for the kid that he got his testicle smashed and had to be removed, but… WHAT THE HELL is wrong with this “Law Student”? He is constantly disobeying the officer, constantly arguing and mouthing off to the officer even swearing. Honestly. What did the “Law Student” expect to happen when you act like that while you are detained for a DWI?!?! I’m on the cops side on this one. The “Law Student” was a complete jerk.

  • wolftimber

    soooo how MANY times did the cop direct him to SIT DOWN and he refused? he brought this all on himself

  • Michael Tondi

    Maybe post a follow up of the outcome? Did He sue, did he win? Why post something from 3 years ago without that information?

  • Ricardo Castillo

    Until the Supreme Court wakes up, and dismantles the ruling from 1969, Frazier v Cupp, the brutality, and criminal acts will continue.