Cop Fired for Challenging Child to Fight Also Threatened to ‘Blow Up’ a School

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

Social Circle, GA — A cop has been fired and is already appealing after his dashcam showed him challenging a 17-year-old boy to a fight while threatening and cursing at him. The Free Thought Project has also learned that this same cop threatened school officials, saying he would give them anthrax and ‘blow up’ the building.

On November 23, Social Circle Police Officer James Sanders was conducting a traffic stop when a black jeep, driven by the 17-year-old boy, passed him and admittedly yelled, ‘F**k the police.” Sanders immediately halted the stop to pursue the jeep.

Sanders had absolutely zero probable cause for the stop. However, he tried to claim that the jeep crossed a white line, but, as the dashcam shows, that was only after Sanders sped up behind the teen’s car.

When Sanders pulled the jeep over, all hell broke loose.

In the dashcam footage, Sanders is seen leaving the original stop to pursue the teen. Sanders also did not radio in to dispatch to notify them that he was conducting another stop.

Immediately after pulling the teen over, Sanders gets in his face and begins threatening and intimidating him. “F the police, huh?” yells Sanders. “If you want to fuck the police, I’m right here,” he tells one teenager. “I’m giving you every opportunity to fuck me up. Come on.”

According to the police incident report, Sanders offered to show the passengers “how big of an asshole police can be.”

When backup arrived, the other cop was more cordial and admitted that the teens had done nothing wrong to provoke the stop as yelling, ‘F**k the Police,” is not a crime. However, the teen’s jeep was still searched — without a warrant.

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