Cop Found “Not Guilty” After Beating Man in Wheelchair

DULUTH — Officer Jouppi has been found “not guilty” of all charges in connection to a video showing him attack a citizen in a wheelchair.

The 50-yr-old citizen, Anthony Jackson, was rolled into a detoxification facility by police.

A staff member at the facility can be heard instructing Anthony that he was to surrender his jacket.

Being unable to walk normally, Anthony sarcastically asked, “Do you want me to throw it at you?”

beat man in wheelchair

The staff member also responded with sarcasm, “Do it and see what happens,” and then instructed Anthony to just leave the jacket on the chair.

Anthony started taking his jacket off.

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That’s when officer Jouppi can be seen grabbing his arm and twisting it back.

Immediately Anthony said “Hey you can’t do that” and weakly swatted up at the officer to defend himself.

That’s when officer Jouppi began pounding in his face.

Anthony’s head can be seen snapping back after officer Jouppi punched him the first time.

But that wasn’t enough. Jouppi followed with a combination of punches until Anthony appeared to go limp.

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The video then shows Jouppi grabbing Anthony by the throat and ripping him out of his wheelchair.

As Anthony’s limp body hit the ground, officer Jouppi can be seen kneeing him in the torso.

The staff member was visibly shocked by the officer’s violence and said “Dude…!”

The officer replied to the staff member, “Stand back or I’ll arrest you. You think people in wheelchairs can’t assault people?”

Despite beating a man who was obviously vulnerable and defenseless, officer Jouppi has been found “not guilty” of all charges, according to a report by The Free Thought Project.

He originally faced charges for 5th-degree assault and disorderly conduct.

Watch the video below (warning: graphic footage).


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  • Dutch Van Alstin

    Gutless turd

  • Tracy Miller

    Beating up a drunk cripple; What a badass!

    • Jim

      Next up for this officer? Babies in their strollers, Old people on ventilators, and quadriplegics.
      “I’ll arrest you too.” WHAT A F*#$ING D!C#

    • Tony Capo

      sorry but jackass’ in wheelchairs think they can get away with murder cause theyre in a wheel chair . So a nasty pig cop beat up a nasty drunk . its a win win.

      • Michael Kammer

        I see I can’t “down thumbs” this…but it will mistakenly take an, “ups thumb”.

      • Ole Wiseman

        fucking idiot…its obvious your only handicap is mental..

        • Betty Clouse

          Shut your mouth up you are showing your ignorance the fool you are!

        • magormissabib

          your little sissy fits don’t phase me Ive seen assholes in wheelchiairs think they can get away with murder.

          • Jimbo

            you’re a fuckin idiot….kill yourself.

          • Tom Prescott


          • magormissabib

            Good , you learned a new big word. Now try using it in a sentence.

      • Michelle Butrick

        Tony I don’t mean to piss you off, but I am from Duluth and I know this officer, he is an asshole and a bully he only picked on woman and the disabled. He is mean and hateful and a bully he won the case only because for some reason no one can locate the guy in the wheel chair, he disappeared before testifying huh go figure. the cop however was fired from this job

        • Tony Capo

          I get it. but I still have no sympathy for disorderly drunks. wheel chair or not.

          • eli

            You don’t have to have sympathy for disorderly drunks to see there’s a problem when cops can get away with beating someone up who wasn’t a serious threat. If you went and beat up a drunk guy in a wheelchair, I bet you’d have been found guilty.

        • magormissabib

          I believe you , but I said I have seen both sides. People in wheel chairs push their luck and know cause they can cry foul if anyone responds. Same way women can strike a man and when the man responds they cry abuse casue they are a woman.

        • Patrick Borush

          the cop was fired form this job yes but it doesnt stop him from applying to the local sheriffs office or to the next town over… This criminal needs to be removed from the streets for everyone elses safety def needs some rehabilitation in a nice prison with mandatory permanent therapy and mood stablizing drugs…. The man is a loose cannon with a short fuse and is a danger to anyone who come into contact with him..

        • richardruscoe

          Thanks Tony. At least the cop lost hisjob He should be in jail. After reading the comment before yours I so needed to see, an adult response. Peace…

        • Enrique Elizondo

          Thank u for the follow up

      • George

        I hope it happens to you next,..if you think it’s ok for that cop to do it to that man, then it will be ok for any cop to do it you.

  • Byberrian

    Wow, the guy didn’t even do anything yet. So the cop leveled him because? Oh wait, the cop “controlled him” because?

  • Spinne

    And who are those cowards who found this dirt bag not guilty? This country is going down the drain fast. We best arm ourselves to defend ourselves against dirt bag cops like this piece of sh.t

    • Stazzy

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a no jury trial, where the judge decides. The judges protect the cops too :/

      • anna

        every county official protect their own that is why you take it out of the hands of the county by placing it in the hands of the state by this action in this incident so did the family do an disabled elderly abuse report , instead of filing police report next time do an elderly disable abuse report, and this facility should have done a report so that facility is neglecting an elderly disable person , so file a report through Division Of Aging social services in the state this incident occurred, again use State government against County government

    • stacell72

      Cause that jury was either bought off, or they are chicken shits…. Oh what a blessed day it will be when they get killed, hopefully in the same manner!!

    • Mark Malone

      People like Jason Childress would be morons that would not indite this pig. These typical ignorant sheep cunts are too god damn chicken shit pussies to actually stand up and fight for justice.

      • Jason Childress

        You’re a small minded idiot acting like you are apart of something you know nothing about. Poser, that is what you are.

        • Mark Malone

          Really? I know nothing about Anon? Actually I know everything about Anon. Unlike you, I don’t walk arounf with my head up my ass pretending the world is perfect and cops are here to protect us.

          Sheep cunt. That’s what you are. Baa Baa Baack to your flock.

          • Jason Childress

            You are a complete idiot.

          • Mark Malone

            BWAHAHAHAHA So says the fucking twat waffle that thinks Anon hasn’t done anything.

            Go ahead and shove your head back up your ass bitch.

            Oh, BTW. We’re watching you.

          • Jason Childress

            It takes a really intelligent person to use a phrase like twat waffle. Moron. And no, anonymous has done nothing.

            Keep watching stupid. Good luck with that. Tell me, where am I and what am I doing? You’re so stupid it’s sad.

          • Mark Malone

            “And no, anonymous has done nothing.”

            Keep telling yourself that. Shit, even the Main Stream Media has acknowledged the help Anon has done. Christ man, you are a fucking loser.

            You know where you are and what you are doing… and so do we. Don’t worry. You will see us soon enough.

          • Jason Childress

            Well, Smart Guy, name one thing that group has done to help anyone. You can’t. All you can do is go on a rant and talk shit, call people names, and act like you know and are apart of something and because of that, you are better than others, and they others are merely sheep.

            You are the sheep; you’re just following the herd right off the cliff.

          • Mark Malone

            “Well, Smart Guy, name one thing that group has done to help anyone.”


            Oh, an the revolution of Egypt was started by Anon. The people fighting against police brutality are Anon members.

            DAMN, enjoy that crow twat waffle.

          • Jason Childress

            Are you still running your stupid comments. You are by far the stupidest person I have ever come across.

          • Daniel Petersen

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          • Jason Childress

            Yes, I did call him stupid, because he is. I do not know what a “fuck-ton” is, nor do I understand the rest of your statement; it doesn’t make any sense.

          • Daniel Petersen

            Why come you no have tattoo?

          • Jason Childress

            That makes even less sense.

          • Daniel Petersen
          • Jason Childress

            Modern day documentary. But I still do not understand your reference of it.

          • Jason Childress

            And that proves what, exactly, you moron? Nothing. It’s a time lime associated, but does not demonstrate a single thing the fake group has done. Go play videos games you want to be. You are the epitome of what is wrong with this world.

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          • Jason Childress

            Come on loser: tell me where I am and what I’m doing, since your watching me. You can’t, because all you do is spout out nonsense. You are a mindless idiot with no thought process of its own.

          • Mark Malone

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          • Jason Childress

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            Jerking off in front of your mom in the basement is nothing for me to be scared of. Not sure why you think that is a threat.

          • Jason Childress

            You are without a doubt, one of the dumbest people I have ever come across on the net. Anonymous hasn’t done a thing and neither have you. All you know how to do is run your mouth like the ignorant illiterate waste you are. You are pathetic.

          • Mark Malone

            “You are without a doubt, one of the dumbest people I have ever come across on the net.”

            Then you have not read any of your own post.

            “You are without a doubt, one of the dumbest people I have ever come across on the net.”

            Really? Then what about all the stuff I listed above? Oh and I have done plenty bitch. Unlike you, I don’t just sit in my basement and play keyboard warrior.

            “All you know how to do is run your mouth like the ignorant illiterate waste you are. You are pathetic.”

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          • Mark Malone

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          • Mark Malone

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            Yeah ignorant people normally think that intelligent people are twisted. Einstein was thought to be crazy too.

          • Jason Childress

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  • Bob Pineo

    That spineless fucking cocksucker. Here’s to him getting his worthless ass kicked some night in a dark alley…….

  • Trish Owen

    this is fucking disgusting. This shows how fucking weak the cop is. Was your mother not there for you !!?? mother fucker

  • Usurper

    I would have an orgasm if this guy rolled his cruiser and pulped himself and had a long painful end.

  • Darrell

    What kind of idiots would find this sociopath not guilty?

    • Michael Kammer

      That’s exactly what scares me. What feeble minded jury funds this shit ok? As a 13 year flight attendant I fly all over. I sometimes see polls and think that they must be wrong. Then, I fly to Little Rock, Birmingham, Jackson, anywhere in Texas,.and then I realize, holy Christ shit, the polls are real…the statistics are real…the people are real. We’re surrounded by fucking backwards lunatics. The zombie apocalypse is upon us. Lol.

  • Spoiled Bunny

    They would charge that disabled man with felony assault but the cop with only a misdemenor assault… just goes to show how assholes come in all uniforms. I think someone should sue his pants off… He only got off bcuz he’s a cop. I say make his life a living hell. Freedom of speech still exists. Put signs outside this cops home saying he’s a beater of the lessor human. Run him out of public places like restaurants n stores etc. Thats what I’d do.

  • Quantumcode2014

    Time to fuck alot of cops up. I hope the 1/2 million gets what they deserve. There is more fucking people in this country than Law Enforcement officers. Id be real careful because its going to set a chain reaction through the whole country and everyone will be killing everyone because of their loves ones on the line.

  • LFord

    It’s called an inciter. Like when someone stands an inch from you to menace you. The jacket was off and could easily have been moved away. The cop bends his arm far back. The guy reacts reflexively, fight or flight. He is being attacked. And then excessive force. All could have been avoided by just moving the jacket. As of the threat of tossing a jacket was more than a pretext. It’s sad that this mentality exists. American cops want to beat people and go high five each other about it later. There is something very wrong in police culture. And when stuff like this gets before a jury they usually simply cannot see past the blue suit. It is a shame what this says about America. Until it is cleaned up, the US has no moral credibility in the world.

    • Scott Etec

      mere cowards who will never survive a true assault.

    • TwinkleStar2

      All cops should be sufficiently stable they can overlook snides and barbs because they are certainly going to get them, from sober as well as drunk people. This cop just wanted to prove how bad he was to the drunk and the jailer. What a moron.

    • Scott Downey

      I agree that it was excessive. But the jacket was off AND trying to be thrown at that woman.

      • Hector Rainbow Barbossa

        And what was she worried about? That she might break a nail trying to catch the jacket?

        C’mon it’s a fucking JACKET! Thrown by a drunk guy in a wheelchair. How the hell is anyone else going to get hurt by this?

  • olaler

    Must have a lot of crooked police and judges in Duluth, Minnesota. I guess sorry, cold places attract that sort of people.

  • dappledgrayarabian

    Real tough cop….Big Man. Disgusting. The guy was obviously drunk, and not going to do nothing….. Found not guilty? By whom, may I ask? Not much justice today, let me tell you. Men like this one give good cops a bad name… Of course, not sure there Are many good cops…

  • dappledgrayarabian

    The job attracts bullies. Frustrated bullies. Very good that it was on camera. DId he Know he was on camera? Probably not. They get away with just about everything they do… And see–he got away with it even ON camera ! Hope his boss is sincere and will not let him work as a cop again. EV-er. But he will probably move to some new town, and bully a new set of people…

  • Scott Etec

    they cuffed me and beat on me after i barely managed to survive a car wreck… for their own safety they said and charged me with assault. PLEASE HELP!

    • altmartion

      is this the whole story?

    • Scott Downey

      video or it didn’t happen. Serve them with a FOIA request for the dashcams.

  • Paul Effinger

    What a pussy

  • Cody Allen Putnam

    why dont people do something about this, as much as these police sicken me, im more ashamed of the people that stand by and watch. so what if he was going to arrest you too. stand up america.

    i can see it now

    convict: “so whatchya in for?”
    convict 2: “protecting a drunk cripple from a POS cop”

    • Scott Downey

      Actually, the woman tried to stop him. He threatened her with arrest.

  • america the brave

    hell yeahh beat the shit out of that good for nothing drunk fuck

  • Tony Capo

    Hey drunks are violent.

    • Daniel Hunt

      yes. That cop was certainly drunk or high.

  • Donald Scobie

    Wow what a hero, guess he goes home and slaps his wife and kids around.

  • TwinkleStar2

    There was a time in this country when someone was physically abused, his/her whole family would come to the rescue. Too bad this guy in the wheelchair does not have three or four big brothers who could put the bully cop in a wheelchair in retribution. Cops are a$$holes.

  • Kenneth Shostad

    what a fricking punk azz cop…

  • David Middleton Edelen II

    Ina wheel chair or not, the man was drunk, threatened to throw something at the girl, then tried to, the cop stopped him by holding his arm, and then the man slapped the cop in the face. The drunk got what he asked for!

    • YanaBanx

      He was never going to throw the jacket and the cop didn’t need to hold and twist the mans arm, all that was necessary as to take the jacket. Problem solved. The “threat” has been removed, simple as that. Stop trying to justify the excessive force used. Yes, the guy swatted his face in self defense. If you’re being attacked you’re going to defend yourself. He didn’t hit him in a manner that warranted being knocked unconsious with three-four vicious blow directly to the head.

      That wasn’t “detaining” that was just straight up fighting. I’m pretty sure they don’t teach the cops to repeatedly strike a suspect in the face until he passes out. You can tell the cop obviously acted out of anger which is 100% unprofessional. If you were defending yourself in a fight you would STILL get arrested for fighting, the cop should have the same charges. If he can’t control his anger in a situation where you deal with all types of people and attitudes all day, then he needs to be behind the desk filing papers or looking for a new career.

      • Scott Downey

        Oh he was definitely trying to throw his jacket at her. Watch it again. I can’t argue with the rest of your comment though.

  • Write In Vote

    One of the most important things you can do is to take part in jury selection. The case could have been lost by the prosecutor and defense teaming up their skills to pick jurors they thought had the best chance of sympathizing with the cop, but in a case involving the police some of these jurors may not have been randomly drawn into the pool of potential jurors. Starting in the late 1970s, some cases allowed for juries to remain anonymous which would supposedly make it harder for jury tampering to occur, but also would make it harder to investigate the jury should a bizarre outcome like this one occur.

  • Ole Wiseman

    hey officer jouppi come fuk wit me you asswipe! im in a wheelchair too! i’ll kick yer ass though you son of a bitch! you dont work as personal security for celebs without unique qualifications,. and i have,. and i come on you fucking coward!! I’ll even give you first swing…

  • Kathy Prewitt

    wow that is incredible he was found not guilty! I bet the lady there dare not testify against him or she will no longer have a job or she is already gone.

    • altmartion

      I doubt that. he knew he was on camera anyway.

      • Scott Downey

        They don’t care if there’s a camera. They know they will get off scottfree anyway.

  • altmartion

    normally I find more fault in the criminal or see justification for the cops actions. this one, not so much. he sure did use excessive force. he didn’t need to go that far. granted, the guy was threatening to throw something and did assault the cop and resisted. I don’t think the cop needed to go into a rage like that. but again we don’t know the entire story.

  • Jon Reid

    I know for a fact that the cops use steroids that make them unstable as well as some being on antidepressants. Couple those with DHS hate everyone training and you have a loose cannon waiting for their next victim. They like the feelings of superiority. They are not too smart to see that the masters they are serving will destroy them in the end.

    • altmartion

      I don’t doubt many use enhancements. but you can’t say all. many of the criminals do as well and that clouds judgment at both ends. if both are irritable, situations similar to this happen. it’s unfortunate.

      • Jon Reid

        I never said all anywhere above. I know that criminals use drugs, but I am talking about the illegal, immoral, evil actions that SOME cops take

  • poppyw

    What kind of manhood is this police officer coming from? Who raised him? The chilling thing, from my standpoint as a wheelchair person, that ever since I became an Infowarrior years ago, Alex has shown over the years these cops assaulting wheelchair people on this website. It made me cry to watch two DPS officers, near Austin, throw that paraplegic driver onto the concrete road. At least this Deluth, Minnesota Police Chief was enraged and fired this absolute coward. But, generally there seems to be no apologies by those who control the employment of these cops. These police associations, police chief associations all close ranks and so the insane assault on people in wheelchairs continues. I’m a veteran of Korea, an infantryman who got polio shortly after discharge, 3-limb impaired. I became totally dependent on a wheelchair 30 years ago and now 80 years old. If I had to deal with today’s type of cop, I would be terrified thinking this guy might want to harm me just because he can and, most likely, he’ll get by with it. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

    • Willy West

      No offense, but Alex Jones is a retard who’s been debunked numerous of times with his conspiracy theories that often copy from Flat Earther conspiracy theories ect. He’s either a nutter, or some asshole profiteering on ignorance..As in like way of the master videos, Ancient Aliens, and other crap that has made ignorance into a profitable commodity. I don’t think you realize the info warrior crap is about selling ignorance.

      However, this cop and those like him are cowards.. I would have found him guilty..

      • poppyw

        Alex Jones begs listeners to verify his reports, claims and commentary. He makes available the sources. I find him more trustworthy than all mainstream media. In my book, he is a great American.

        • Willy West

          Your an idiot then as the man has been a well known crank for quite some time.. If you find him trustworthy, this tells me you haven’t ever really bothered to look into his nonsense. And even most common knowledge is that mainstream media, to which he is a part of, is strewn with bs.. Fox news being one of the worst. Everyone knows to take that with a grain of salt.. Worst of all, Alex Jones has a bad habit of quote mining, especially academic peer reviewed papers to which he clearly has no understanding of. One example being his claim we are in a simulated universe by an intelligent designer based on a science paper of a holographpic universe.. Hence the idiot knows nothing of quantum physics or what the paper on the subject actually states. He then tries to claim it’s a conspiracy of our government to keep us from finding out.. Yeah, he’s a crank.

          He’s what is called a hysteria crank who profiteers on this and the spreading of ignorance. And your key flag is that he spouts doom and gloom, doom and gloom! Everything is doom and gloom and a conspiracy.. He’s an asshole preying on people like you..

          Flat Earthers make the same sort of conspiracy arguments.. I’m not impressed.

          • poppyw

            Alex Jones is a Christian family man like myself. There is nothing you can say that would detract from my admiration of Alex and his show. I wish there were more men like Alex. I’d be proud to have him as a son. This terrible fixation you have on Alex just causes you to burn up more energy than necessary. Do yourself a favor and stop listening to his show.

          • Willy West

            So what.. Do you suddenly agree with people mindlessly if they are “Christian”? That is a sheep argument to make to which shows lack of independent thought and critical thinking.. If Alex Jones told you Gravity was a conspiracy and said you can fly by flapping your arms, would you meet me at the cliff to demonstrate your trust and faith in Alex Jones because he’s “A Christian family man?”..

            The only real big threat to us right now is those who are seeking to undermine the secular government and install dominion theology, or what we can call a totalitarian theocracy to which evidence actually exists for (see my next post for details).

            Moving along here, this isn’t a fixation of Alex Jones, your are the person who brought up Alex Jones into this discussion. Hence this fixation is all on you buddy..I’m merely the guy telling you he’s a Crank with zero intellectual integrity. Lastly, I don’t listen to his show anymore since I realized he’s full of shit.

          • poppyw

            Good grief! How did our discussion of Jones lead to all this anti-Christian bitterness? Son, I don’t have the time to run down these rabbit hole, nor the inclination. You believe what you want. It’s still a free country.

          • Willy West

            That’s not anti-Christian.. It’s anti-Christian Fundamentalism / extremism.. Most Christians aren’t like this poppyw. It’s important to know the distinction here. And the reason I brought this up is because what I presented is real vs the crap Alex Jones spews out. Hence, I am empirically supported.

            Now look, if it were Atheists trying to install an Atheist state, we wouldn’t be discussing Christian Dominionism, we would be discussing Atheist nutters and extremists instead. I’m a moderate poppyw, I try to stay near center.

          • Willy West

            So lets go over this dominion theology in which is the actual threat.. First lets me outline the purpose of separation of Church and State by Madison:


            “The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe in blood for centuries.”

            ― James Madison

            The founding fathers knew very well why this issue was extremely important, and just looking at the strife in the middle East ect, I would imagine the point Madison makes to be rather obvious. But if we need a home grown example to make the point I would suggest watching this video:


            This includes indoctrinating the military recruits as missionaries, and soldiers of GOD.. Hence this is not by any means a small problem to which has become a real growing problem:


            It’s by definition dominion theology:


            This is a ministry that thinks the Republic is a Christian republic / nation, and that the constitution was to establish a christian nation. And essentially they are at the moment trying to use the Democratic system against itself thinking they can vote in a theocracy and get rid of the secular government. Part of that is undermining the government to make it appear weak while grand standing themselves as the solution. This should sound very familiar …:


            It’s not the Nazi’s but the process of how they gained power to which I am inferring to here. Hence the Tea Party in this case to which you can note on the Tea Party command center:


            Much of the world is wondering if we will become a theocracy or not as we are approaching that line.. Once it’s in place, should it happen, it will not be removed without civil war. Americans killing Americans over religion just like in the middle east.. We could descend into becoming a 3rd world nation as Afghanistan had after the 70’s.

          • Willy West

            The late D. James Kennedy, former pastor of Coral Ridge Ministries, At a “Reclaiming America for Christ” conference in February, 2005, Kennedy said:

            “Our job is to reclaim America for Christ, whatever the cost. As the vice regents of God, we are to exercise godly dominion and influence over our neighborhoods, our schools, our government, our literature and arts, our sports arenas, our entertainment media, our news media, our scientific endeavors — in short, over every aspect and institution of human society.”

            “The strategy against the American Radical Left should be the same as General Douglas MacArthur employed against the Japanese in the Pacific… Bypass their strongholds, then surround them, isolate them, bombard them, then blast the individuals out of their power bunkers with hand-to-hand combat. The battle for Iwo Jima was not pleasant, but our troops won it. The battle to regain the soul of America won’t be pleasant either, but we will win it.”

            (from the book, Pat Robertson, The Most Dangerous Man in America? by Rob Boston).

            In 2000, the Republican Party of Texas declared that it “affirms that the United States is a Christian nation.” Last month, [February 11, 2004,] that sentiment reached the national level. The Constitution Restoration Act of 2004:


            would acknowledge Christianity’s God as the “sovereign source” of our laws. It would reach back in history and reverse all judicial decisions that have built a wall between church and state, and it would prohibit federal judges from making such rulings in the future.

            Rev. Joseph Morecraft, pastor of the Reconstructionist Chalcedon Presbyterian Church in Marietta, Georgia:

            “In his book, and especially when speaking at the 1993 Biblical World View and Christian Education Conference, Morecraft discussed with relish the police power of the state. His belief in the persecution of nonbelievers and those who are insufficiently orthodox is crystal clear. Morecraft described democracy as “mob rule,” and stated that the purpose of “civil government” is to “terrorize evil doers. . . to be an avenger!” he shouted, “To bring down the wrath of God to bear on all those who practice evil!”

            “And how do you terrorize an evil doer?” he asked. “You enforce Biblical law!” The purpose of government, he said, is “to protect the church of Jesus Christ,” and, “Nobody has the right to worship on this planet any other God than Jehovah. And therefore the state does not have the responsibility to defend anybody’s pseudo-right to worship an idol!” “There ain’t no such thing” as religious pluralism, he declared. Further, “There has never been such a condition in the history of mankind. There is no such place now. There never will be.”

            You can read more here:


          • Scott Downey

            This Poppyw has got to be trolling. Now way in hell anyone really thinks this way.

    • Donald Tighe

      Poppw very well said Sir.Thank you for your service to our Country…God bless….

  • DC

    Why didn’t he just cuff him to the chair WTF… these guys are just to itchy to dish it out.

    • altmartion

      he had to take his jacket off. and being in a wheelchair he can’t be much of a threat, right? hindsight is 20/20. even if he was cuffed they would have had to remove them so he could take the jacket off, but who knows maybe it would kept him in a different mind set.

      • Scott Downey

        He stood up to take his jacket off. In other news, say “Jacket off” three times fast.

  • Linda Warren

    A Bully with a Badge and Gun – when next we hear of this officer it maybe because he killed someone . I’m beginning to understand – even if I don’t agree – with the desire to carry weapons – obviously to protect oneself from our protectors .

  • daphne brown
  • Daniel J Whelan

    “shut up back up or ill arrest you too”

  • Anthony Steen

    the cop should be fired and thrown in jail

  • sooner

    seems the only people allowed on Police Forces these days are folks with severe control issues….Fascism on parade (again) in amerika….That’s small “a”, little “k”

  • Sean O’neil

    people acted shocked, this happens every day in the us guys lucky the cop didn’t shoot him.

  • sledge

    wtf telling the woman to shut up and back up or he will arrest her too wtf is wrong with these people

  • misfitsoda

    That’s sick. Well yay police and just like that, down the memory hole

  • John Wallace4

    That is creative report writing at its best (worst) Where has this country come to?

  • Giggity

    The problem these days is the judges,the police depts etc feel they are all part of the same System and they protect each other to keep the funds flowing in etc any excuse they can use to drum up new charges etc so they can fine you even more money and the more this happens the more the Officers know it is not likely they will get nothing but a few weeks off with pay. it is all in thename of revenue these days Serving and protecting the Public went out the window long ago Make no Mistake the justice system in America is an Enemy to the people now not a public servant. we have to stand up now as a nation if we want to stop this our Community Police Forces are becoming closer and closer to a foreign Enemy on Domestic soil than ever before and must be treated as such

  • Mark Malone

    Officer Jouppi,

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.

    • Jason Childress

      Lame. Anonymous does what, exactly? I expect you to do shit, but sit on your ass and say expect us. Ridiculous.

      • Mark Malone

        And people like you are the ones that will be getting visits from us.

        “Anonymous does what, exactly?” Remove the wool from your eyes and you will see.

        Back to your flock sheep cunt.

        • Jason Childress

          Come visit me then, moron. What make your ignorant ass think I am a sheep? Because I’m not going around like you acting like I know something? If anyone is a sheep, it’s you, cunt.

          • Mark Malone

            LOL, No, you are not going around acting liek you know something. That’s for damn sure. You are very proud to show the world that you know nothing at all.

            Don’t worry, We are already visiting you, douche bag.

            What makes me think you are a sheep? Well, I don’t THINK you are a sheep. I KNOW you are a sheep. Your comments here prove it.

            Don’t worry though. When the time comes. People like you will be the first ones to go. We will not allow the ignorant fuck tards like you to stand in our way of victory.

            See you soon, sheep cunt.

          • Guest

            Whatever you say moron. Good to know Anonymous frauds can’t spell of perfect and sentence.

            Like I said, the only sheep here, is you.

          • Mark Malone

            BWAHAHHA I love it when sheep get owned so they turn into grammar Nazis. I didn’t misspell anything you ignorant twat waffle. But it’s nice to see sheeple still have nothing to stand on, so they turn into trolls.

            BTW what the fuck is “spell of perfect and sentence.” Damn, that crow has to taste shitty.

            I am posting this to your “guest” post since you were too fucking stupid to remember to log in to comment.

            Back to your moms basement and your xbox game, loser.

          • Jason Childress

            Whatever you say moron. Good to know Anonymous frauds can’t spell or perfect a sentence.

            Like I said, the only sheep here, is you.

          • Mark Malone

            BWAHAHHA I love it when sheep get owned so they turn into grammar
            Nazis. I didn’t misspell anything you ignorant twat waffle. But it’s
            nice to see sheeple still have nothing to stand on, so they turn into

            BTW what the fuck is “spell of perfect and sentence.” Damn, that crow has to taste shitty.

            I also see you can’t even remember to log in before commenting, so you have to post things twice. What a fucking dip shit.

            You = EPIC FAIL!

          • Jason Childress

            Yeah, clearly, you owned me with your idiocy. You grammar and the way you communicate are indicative of the kind of person you are, a dolt. You keep calling me a sheep, and all you have to stand on, stupid, is that you don’t agree with what I stated. Since when did not agreeing with someone make either of them a sheep. The mere fact you can look at the Anonymous logo and not see the ties to Rome, shows just what a sheep you are.

            I didn’t post as a guest, but I can see you copying and pasting my comment as a guest. And, it’s clear what my post says: “Good to know Anonymous frauds can’t spell or perfect a sentence.”

            You’re not too bright, and clearly, not bright enough to be a hacker, a hack maybe, but not a hacker.

            Keep living in your world of make believe. Seems you enjoy it there and who am I to knock you for living in delusion. You are not the only one. I find it funny that you have yet to demonstrate on thing Anonymous has done to better or help humanity in any way. I feel bad for you. You are the epitome of stupid and you don’t even realize it.

          • Mark Malone

            HA HA HA HA Still playing the grammar Nazi.

            “Since when did not agreeing with someone make either of them a sheep.”

            nothing to do with you not agreeing. Has to you with your original
            comment, you fucking cunt. NO WHERE did you say “I disagree with you”
            You just started being a dick and bashing Anon. Nothing more.

            “I didn’t post as a guest,” Yeah, that’s why the EXACT same thing you posted, was posted under “guest” too.

            “And, it’s clear what my post says: “Good to know Anonymous frauds can’t spell or perfect a sentence.””

            FAIL AGAIN, loser. It CLEARLY says “spell of perfect and sentence.”. You won’t win this, sheep boy. You tried to be a grammar Nazi about something i posted, and you failed, and then you fucked up your own comment.

            “Keep living in your world of make believe.”

            I don’t live in a make believe world. that would be you, dip shit. I actually live in the real world and see these fucking pigs for what they are. Unlike you, I don’t walk around thinking cops are here to protect us.

            ” I find it funny that you have yet to demonstrate on thing Anonymous has done to better or help humanity in any way.”

            Well, if you would remove your head from your ass, and look around, you would see many thing Anon has done to help humanity. Jesus fucking Christ. It was Anon that helped Egypt revolt against their government It’s Anon that is helping the people fight against these worthless pigs that are killing innocent people every day. And it will be Anon that take care of worthless fucking sheep cunts like you, very soon.

            And if you want to see the epitome of stupid, just look in the mirror, sheep boy. At lease I can think for myself and don’t rely on some lame stream media to tell me what’s really going on in the world.

            Back to your flock sheep cunt.

            Now, PLEASE post again and show us all what a fucking brain dead drone you really are.

          • Jason Childress


          • Mark Malone

            Yes, yes you are. Glad you can admit it.

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          • Mark Malone

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          • Jason Childress

            No, they are close and so is your mind.

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          • Jason Childress

            Your parents failed, terribly with you.

          • Mark Malone

            Wrong again. My parents educated me. Much more then I can say for you.

            But then again, unlike you. my mother didn’t use me to make special internet videos. I bet you are really fucked up in the head over that.

  • John’s Kawasaki

    charges dropped, time for a lawsuit……. nice

  • John’s Kawasaki

    we should ask the judge and to see what think

  • Unlicensed Dremel

    Ummmm, I’m the world’s biggest police critic, but this was a drunk a-hole who CLEARLY threw the first punch, and up until that moment of the drunk throwing a punch, the officer was supremely patient. We need to pick our fights, and making hay of this is a FAIL in that regard.

    • Scott Downey

      Nope sorry, I am the world’s biggest police critic. The rest of what you said is correct though.

  • Patrick Borush

    WHAT THE FUCK…. The guy was trying to get this pig off and away from him in a inebriated state so gestapo member protects and serves the shit outta him.. when the staff lady (who obviously was having a bad day of dealing with drunks and the such) tried to step in and stop this assault she was threatened with violence and arrest… HOW COULD ANY JURY FIND THIS PIG INNOCENT AND NOT ACCOUNTALBE FOR ASSAULT 1 WITH TERRORISTIC THREATS AND MENACING?

  • Vezna Veneris

    cops are c*nts

    • George

      no their not…I like cunts….

      • Scott Downey


  • Mr_R

    That jury needs to swing from lampposts

  • Scott Downey

    Now wait a minute. He was obviously trying to throw his jacket at her when the cop stopped him.Now the barrage of punches weren’t necessary, but let’s not hold this “handicapped” man up as a model citizen. He was drunk, and acting like an idiot.

    • Jason Childress

      So, people get to assault others for being an idiot. Interesting.

      • Scott Downey

        And when did I say that? Reading isn’t a strong suit for you, is it?

        • Jason Childress

          Apparently, I am better at reading than you are at remembering your own comments. You justified the cop’s actions by stating the man was drunk and acting like an idiot; therefore, it could be summarized as: “people get to assault others for being an idiot.”

          So, to answer your idiotic questions: Yes, you did. Yes, in fact, it is.

          • Scott Downey

            I don’t need to remember, it’s right there. “Now the barrage of punches weren’t necessary” Go troll someone else, Officer.

          • Jason Childress

            I think you may have suffered a stroke.

          • Jason Childress

            Like I said, you tried to justify the “barrage of punches” by stating the man was drunk and acting like an idiot. You go troll somewhere else, Officer. Stupid ass… you’re the one attempting to justify what the cop did, and then call me an officer. You make a whole lot of sense. Again, I think you may have suffered from a stroke, that, or you are delusional.

  • Mr_R

    It was a jury… they ought to be ashamed of themselves. Even the police chief thinks they are scum.

  • Kaila Jackson
  • The duke

    I would have straight fucked his bitch ass up what a slice of nigger shit

  • Enrique Elizondo

    Civil law suit

  • Kocsis János

    Put him in wheelchair for good…Then he will learn how does it feel!

  • againstignorance

    he slapped you ,you coward! you assaulted him .;. do you feel powerful yet go fuck yourself officer Jouppi, he wasnt the kid that picken on you in school this is why all of th us is sick of the police and are thinking about taking law into thier own hands, i make an oath as of right now to pay as little taxes as possible, not spending money on anything that has a state tax

    • againstignorance

      i dont support the po-lice awww my head itches you fucking animal. i feel bad for his wife you know days he doesnt get to do this she gets it!!

  • David Gillespie

    The decision to find him not guilty was made long before the trial.

  • Jason Childress

    If the judicial system will not hold them accountable, then the people must do so. When the servants begin attacking the masters, the masters should put the servants down.

  • Mark Malone

    Someone please go butt fuck this fucking Jason Childmolester ass hole with a broken broom handle. This douche bag twat is a agent troll.

    Fuck off you cunt stain.

  • anna

    evidence with held

  • anna

    so did the family do an disabled elderly abuse report , instead of filing police report next time do an elderly disable abuse report, and this facility should have done a report so that facility is neglecting an elderly disable person , so file a report through Division Of Aging social services in the state this incident occurred, again use State government against County government