Cop Gave Under Age Girl Ambien to Drug Her, Then Raped Her


jeff mccarty

ADAMS COUNTY — Jeff McCarty’s 14-year-old victim was at his place on December 29 last year when he drugged her with a sedative and sexually assaulted her.

McCarty was chief deputy to the Adams County Sheriff.

As the 46-year-old sat wearing an orange jumpsuit in court, it was hard to believe that this was the man who had served the sheriff’s office for well over two decades.

He had worked through the ranks of deputy, detective, chief of the life squad and sergeant before being appointed Chief Deputy in March 2009.

The incident has shaken the West Union community, which is a tight bunch where everyone knows each other.

Sheriff Kimmy Rogers says not only has he seen McCarty grow up before his eyes, but he also knows the raped teenager and her family.

McCarty was suspended from the sheriff’s office in January.

He resigned when he was arrested the following month.

He has pleaded guilty.

He told the judge he gave the under age girl the sedative Ambien before performing the sexual act on her body.

He will be sentenced on October 26 and faces up to five years in prison.

The victim, Special Prosecutor Seth Tieger says, is hurt.

Her grandfather says McCarty is a predator.

He also believes that since he had vowed to serve and protect the West Union community he should be held accountable to a higher standard than everyone else.

“My granddaughter is sentenced to life with this…I blame myself for letting (Officer McCarty) breathe,” he added.

Watch the video below:

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  • Arielle Alvarez

    I can’t believe that’s all the time he’s getting. This is a system that is supposed to serve and protect and there gonna throw a rapist back on the street after only 5yrs. Disgusting!!!!!

  • Crazytrain

    Pump him full of ambien and release him in a gen pop shower.

    • Roger Lewis

      no no… Leave him awake and lucid for his experience

      • Crazytrain

        I am not opposed to that. When a cop does something truly disgusting like this, I am all in favor of swift and harsh punishment, especially when they use their position as a cop to perpetrate a crime. But I differentiate crime as a criminal act with the intent to commit that act. Not all police shootings, even unjustified shootings, are crimes. But rape, theft(not writing tickets, but actual theft), using the position to deal drugs, or extort are crimes-and should be harshly punished.

        • Lorena Bayne

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  • Jeannie Wood-Ramberg

    Five years for raping a minor. I can only hope he gets some jailhouse justice because obviously justice cannot be served properly by those in charge. People get more years for a drug offense.

    • Ashley Nathaniel Reese

      jailhouse justice is an urban legend

      • Seatired

        It doesn’t happen like people think it does, but it is not an urban legend.

    • Beverly Smith

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  • Chrys Ostrander

    Adams County where? What is the original posting date? Please try to be more journalistic and always include “who, what, where, when, why and how.”

    • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff


    • gingerail

      I agree..
      This happens all the time…naming only a city or county.

      • Chumscrubber

        Yup. The fact that every time I read an article on this site, I have to scroll down to the comments to get a rough idea of when it was posted, then read the article itself to see if it reflects current events, is more than a bit frustrating; it is extremely poor journalism, but I suspect dodgy marketing practices are afoot. The experience is very much like going into one of the new convenience stores, that intentionally doesn’t post prices for their grossly overpriced items.

  • Alex Masters

    I hope this reprobate pig gets gang raped by a bunch of AIDS carriers in prison.

  • Aino Terran

    The article’s author avoided using the words directly (too many have been called out for our it), but the article’s focus basically says “look how this ruined a promising career.”

    Fuck that. I don’t want to hear what a great guy the monster was. That does wrong by the victim. I want a report of incident and to know that the fucker is going to burn for it.

    He committed one of the worst crimes imaginable. You don’t fucking mourn his career.

    I thought I was going to say more, but that sums it up.

    A child was horribly violated. Her life will never be the same. She will be effected by this for the rest of her life… And what does the fucking article focus on? The monster’s career.

    • Pierre Montsion

      No where in the article does it allude to the officers destroyed career. The points where chronicled in near bullet form. Me thinks you misread the article totally

  • anna

    let me gues no hotline report done since he was a cop if it was someone other than a cop a child abuse report would be done , hope the parents did a hotline report on that officer so the cop doesn’t continue this behavior ,

  • Ian Battles

    Why should I respect police when they use their position of authority to prey on our most vulnerable citizens?

  • Anon2

    “He told the judge he gave the under age girl the sedative Ambien before performing the sexual act on her body.” ….correction, before he drugged and RAPED her. I thought police were suppose to be held to higher standards of the law, drugging and raping a minor….mild sentence and whining about his ruined life? Is this girl his first victim? I bet not.

  • Mike

    Hopefully he becomes the prison whore passed around for a bag of potato chips!!!