Cop Gets 15 Charges Related to Child Molestation, Filmed What He Was Doing to the Child While Wearing His Uniform


CLEVELAND — Officer Charles Locke has been indicted for 15 felony charges involving the molestation of a young girl.

Officer Locke was 42-yrs-old at the time that the sexual battery occurred.

The victim has been traumatized, suffering from mood swings and an inability to trust anyone.

On at least two occasions, Officer Locke pulled out his cell phone while he was penetrating the girl, according to reports.

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He then began filming what he was doing to her.

“In one of these videos, he’s actually wearing his police uniform,” said prosecutor Chris Schroeder. 

The videos were too sexually explicit to be played in court.

The girl’s father showed up at court and condemned the officer for what he did.

“That’s my 15-year-old daughter. That’s my family!” said the father.

The girl’s parents grew suspicious when Officer Locke would take their daughter for a “drive” in his police patrol car.

Officer Locke was supposedly a “good cop” who was “mentoring” their daughter.

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The mother grew so suspicious that at one point she directly asked Officer Locke: “Is there anything other than you mentoring my daughter going on here? Because you knew you would lose your job if it was.”

“I trusted him a lot,” said the daughter.

Officer Locke spoke out in court and made excuses, saying “This is not who I am. This isn’t me…. I didn’t have control”

He claimed that his job as a police officer caused him to work too much, which led to him not being clearly aware of what he was doing to the girl.

Tired of the excuses, the girl’s grandma can be heard interrupting Officer Locke by yelling “ENOUGH!”

Officer Locke was escorted out of the courtroom shortly thereafter.

He is facing a sentence of 19 years.

Watch the Video Now:

19 Action News|Cleveland, OH|News, Weather, Sports

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  • Just Sayin

    19 years is nowhere near enough.

    • crybbylokz

      How would you know what is like without freedom? That is a long time. – just sayin

      • makes you think

        in 20 years that family wont have recovered as if you stick up for this filthy piece of shit i know as a victim and someone who’s done time

    • johneyreacko

      He’s a cop, he’ll be dead way before his sentence is up.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    I’m glad to see justice. Too bad we can’t get justice on all the cops who commit atrocities.

    • David Markham

      It had to have taken incredible self discipline for the victim’s father to keep himself from attacking this criminal in court being just a few feet away from him.
      I admit .. I would most likely have torn into him with all my strength and ended up being arrested and probably tased –
      but not before I got a few punches in.
      I could live with that.

      • Jim Zubkowski

        me too

    • Mancave Heywood

      What!! He will still be living off the citizens of this country, will be in protective custody and will soon just be out and required to be labeled a peddofile! I say take him out and let the family and the citizens take care of him!

      • Nick S.

        if he’s in general population anywhere he will not survive. ex cop plus child rapist? this POS is dead meat. many an inmate just got their christmas gift early.

      • Mark B Davison

        All he has to look forward to is PC and the 23 hour a day lock down if not he would never make to lunch a ex cop that is a child molester lol would love to watch that beating! I would pay good money to see it live streamed in fact!

      • Nancy Rawlings

        i hope he never gets out give him life

    • jo

      What is sad, is that this isn’t even an atrocity. 15 year old girls have relationships all the time with older men. What is an atrocity, is a cop gets 20 years for having sex with a minor, while cops who use senseless violence get a slap on the wrist.

      • protectivemom

        Are you twisted! 15 yr olds should not be having sex… and definitely not raped! They are still immature children and cannot handle the emotions that go along with the act. He on the other hand is old enough to know better and know the law. I say…he’s shark bate!

        • Theotherguy

          Who are you to tell if a child is immature or not? You don’t know every 15 year old. if a child wants to have sex at an early age let them. Its the mistakes we make and how we come back from them that define us in the future

      • This Fukn Guy

        The fuck!? Am I reading this correctly?

      • David

        I’m with you. Too many morons getting their panties in a bunch over what was more than likely a consensual sexual relationship that ended badly and the girl only spoke up about it for revenge. A 17 year old fucks a 15 year old = acceptable, a mature man 25-45? crime. Srsly… How the fuck does the age of the dick going in her pussy make one act a crime and the other normal behavior? I doubt if the cop was white he would’ve gotten prison time. I don’t give a shit what the law says, this country is filled with stupid laws propagated by old religious white people.

        • paula rb

          You are full of shit. Don’t make this a racial thing. A white cop would get arrested too. This man was in a position of authority over this young girl. That’s why it’s a crime and he is a pediphile.

    • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

      Fkkk your race white fkkk and beCause your cOward pederast child raping murdering thieving cOnspiring NIGGER BABIES!!!

  • JTWJ

    I’m surprised the father didn’t kill this scum…

  • Mancave Heywood

    Well that is the guys problem, the only good NAZI PIG is physically incapable of driving a car, since they would be DEAD!!

  • Dennis Nelson

    Nobody feels bad for you what you dont know the law age in what things you were no supposed to be doing WTF is wrong with these pieces of trash child raping garbage a cells to good for a pedofile a bullets what he deserves ……………….
    And you were a cop FUCKIN DISGRACE.. I hope they rape you well your in prison nasty fucker

  • Brad Canelo

    WTF, OMG.?

  • j

    19 and a half years is fucking ridiculous. should have been 5 at the most

    • Scott Downey

      Are you referring to his sentence, or the victim’s age?

      • Malworthy

        I think he must be referring to his own I.Q.

        • Scott Downey

          Numbers are a little high for that.

    • Mark B Davison

      Dude did I read that right? Cause if so you are one of 2 things a child molester yourself or a ex cop that is also a child molester! Either way you are a sick fuck!

  • Yalonda dye

    rape is the norm in prison but this time you will get F d.
    and a cop oh boy, you may have to in isolation…lost of time to think and regret

  • eric

    I always said when black cops do what white cops do, prison. more white cops are rapping women everyday why they not going to prison

    • TheFlashingScotsman

      You’re actually trying, in your own illiterate way, to say that all the black cops who’ve done wrong are in prison, while the white ones aren’t? Let’s see your statistics on that one.

      • eric

        No idiot, that is not what i am saying,but anybody can tell you that their are more black cops in jail for breaking the law than white cops.. I do not feel sorry for either one. They are all crooked far as i am concerned. If by some act of nature there is a good cop, they are just as bad for not reporting the bad cops..Either way if it was my child, the cop black or white would have not been alive to make it to court

        • TheFlashingScotsman

          I didn’t expect you’d have anything to back up the race card. The rest of it, I agree with you completely.

      • paula b

        Good one. I totally agree. This isn’t a racial thing unless you try to make it one.

  • eric

    but I am very glad at least one cop going to prison about time

  • TMGirl

    “This is not who I am. This isn’t me…. I didn’t have control” Really??

    This is exactly who he is and he was in TOTAL control. Many people work lots of hours and overtime, it doesn’t make them rape children. What a pathetic waste of space. I hope prison doesn’t treat him kindly.

  • Damien Cross


    I Hope & Pray that someone will KILL this PIG while he is in jail & if he does get out, He should be hunted down & killed like the animal he is! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Mark B Davison

    Wow what a sick bastard I hope he never sees freedom ever again what a dirt bag!

  • Richard Blaine

    In my opinion: I hope they put you away you motherfucking piece of shit! Oh! Guess what? If you think you are going to get protected from the bulls in the joint……………………….Guess again! I hope they fuck you every way from Sunday you fucking perve!

  • Kim Serrahn

    They really need to start doing mental evals before they become cops.

    • Luke

      They do that in canada. they also perform polygraph tests and such. We want mentally stable people on our forces.. not to say we don’t have our own scumbag cops.. because we do.

      • Scott Downey

        Doesn’t really help when they don’t start their crime spree until after they get the costume.

        • Kim Serrahn

          but with evals maybe they won’t get hired.

          • Scott Downey

            I could hide my homicidal desires long enough to get a job to be a homicidal maniac. But since I am aware of said desires, I refuse to arm myself. As statistics show, cops aren’t smart enough to do the same.

          • Kim Serrahn

            true that. I’m over on and getting reamed because I think that cop was wrong for killing the 12 yr old with a BB gun like the guy in the Ohio Walmart. Oh did I mention the kid was black.

          • Nancy Rawlings

            black or white and i live in america and where i live our cops do come as soon as they can i have blacks in my family and they are the nicest people you would ever meet

          • blimpkindly


  • mikestrong

    Yeah, paid Admin leave…I’m sure

    • TheFlashingScotsman

      Didn’t read the story, did you?

      • mikestrong

        It was a joke

  • Jamaal Brown

    I realize that there is much more to the story than what was reported in the article, but even knowing this, I still can’t imagine why anyone would allow a man, any man to take thier child anywhere for any reason. She’s my child and any “mentoring” that she may need will be conducted by my wife and myself or in our presence if we are not capable of giving her the help she needs.

  • whatitdoyo

    19 years? 19 years (of my tax dollars) isnt going to fix someone like that. We should just cut off his dick and balls, problem solved.

  • The Mad Scot

    That has to be the worst excuse ever. “I was working a lot, so I didn’t know I was fucking her.”

    Every man knows exactly what his penis is doing at all times.

  • WhitepoliceCIArapebOys

    wHITE FUKKK IS A PEDERAST CHIKD RAPING COWARD MURDERING THIEVING TRYING TO BE SOMEONES GOD,BUT ME PENIS IS THIER RESL GOD, AND POLICE/government failures as your recessive diseased polio baby race of nigger babies!!!