Cop Gets $98,000 of Taxpayer Money After Raping an Immigrant, Meanwhile Innocent Citizens are Locked Up



SAN JOSE, CA — A proven pattern of volatility, lack of impulse control and a tendency towards violence – many Americans still think this is hardly the profile of a police officer.

However, according to Judge JoAnne, these are the characteristics of a now-former cop found guilty of rape.

Jeffrey Evatt Graves had been a member of the San Jose police department for seven years.

The 40-year-old former cop was fired last week.

His overall criminal history is also a disturbing one.

In addition to his rape conviction, he faces charges of being abusive towards his ex girlfriend.

The rape incident that led to the trial in Judge JoAnne’s court took place in September 2013.

A woman was having an argument with her husband when she called the police.

She could barely speak English and was an illegal immigrant.

Graves responded to the incident with three other officers.

The woman requested to be dropped off to the motel where she worked as a maid for the night.

Once there, she went to her room and went to sleep.

The cop then waited for his colleagues to leave, which was around the 15 minute mark.

He then knocked the woman’s door. When she opened it he grabbed her and forced her on the bed.

Graves removed his pants and underwear, but left his bulletproof vest on.

The victim tried to stop him, but he did not listen to her.

He left 10 minutes later after her ordeal was over.

Arguably, the woman would not have reported the crime three weeks later had it not been for an arrest on suspicion of drunk driving. Fearing another attack by a uniformed officer she revealed the details of her last encounter with the police.

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  • Yodapop

    This is what people don’t see.

    • cops are terrorists

      Main stream media won’t cover it since it’s the police that will protect the 1% and only that 1% when the time comes and who owns the msm . ……the 1% so it’s in there best interest to not cover all the police corruption

  • flashwins

    Please don’t use “illegal immigrant”. It’s undocumented. Be the change you want to see in the world.

    • Terry Roberts

      screw the language, they are here illegal, so call it what it is.

      • Lorena Bayne

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      • Mikey Nature

        Unless you are of Native Indian descent, so are you. So, I implore you to also, “call IT like it is.” Which is the correct way your condescending rhetoric should be phrased.

      • MadTom

        So cops are entitled to rape them, huh? Trump Logic.

      • Ernesto Conde

        fuck you pussy ass coward, illegal or not, no woman deserves to be raped. And men that do so should receive castration

    • Angela Parker

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  • Kenneth Hister

    Where do you get this $98,000 figure from? There’s no way they make that in a year…