Cop Had “Pattern” of Exposing His Genitals to Motorists During Traffic Stops: Report


NEWTON, NJ — Younger male motorists got more than just a ticket when Officer Jason Miller pulled them over for “traffic violations.”

It turns out that Officer Miller was pulling down the zipper of his pants and exposing himself to these motorists, reports say.

He has been “suspended” from the Newton Police Department after being a patrol officer for over a decade.

The exposure of his groin area happened during multiple traffic stops, according to reports.

Some of the exposures were caught on his own dashcam.

Officer Miller has been charged with two counts of official misconduct, and only one count of lewdness.

Investigators were notified of the acts back in October of 2014 and they eventually caught Officer Miller.

How would you feel if a police officer pulled you over and not only took your hard-earned money away in the form of a “traffic ticket” but then also pulled down his zipper near his genitals and exposed himself to you without your consent?

It’s as if these cops have zero respect for citizens — yet they only get slaps on their wrists like “suspensions.”

Evidently many of the motorists who were exposed to Officer Miller’s genitals were allowed to leave without getting a ticket, suggesting that the sole reason why he pulled these people over was to show them his genitals.

He is due to be sentenced in August of this year.

Watch the video below:

My9 New Jersey

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  • Patrick H.

    Imagine he pulls over your young daughter who just got her license.

    • Buck D Elder

      Imagine me going to jail.

    • nobamunism

      I don’t think he would be interested in anyones daughter.

    • Valocean J Byrd

      According to what I saw and read he was only exposing himself to young men.

  • Patrick H.

    He should be on the sex offender list too.

    • ThelmaJCarter

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  • THbites

    Did they just pronounce that other pig’s name as “Jack Alone?” Ha ha ha!

  • Yahsur’EL

    What kinda shit is this….worst case he only gets 60 days…. You still think everyone is equal

  • whit

    Guess the district attorney is this game too, or he would never have offered the plea bargain to the lesser charge of just jerking off the evidence.LOL Look on the judge’s face tells it all!

  • kcb38

    That takes balls.

  • Derrick Dee Shizzle

    wonder what the people who think that uniform & badge turns a looney into an angel have to say about this

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  • Inc.

    Tapering with evidence? That’s what he pleaded guilty to after being caught a few times doing it. Typical cop punishment.

  • Thomas Hillgardner

    Soon to be an applicant for the position of deputy sheriff at the Pasco County (FL) Sheriff’s Department.