Cop: I Will Gladly Arrest You Over a Light Bulb



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Manchester NH – Rob Mathias of the Rebel Love Show was able to capture a rare philosophical debate between a patrol officer and himself where the officer admits he would gladly kidnap and imprison anyone over a “violation” so minuscule as a license plate light bulb.

The cell phone video posted below shows what would be a routine “extortion” stop conducted by one Manchester PD officer, with help from the New Hampshire State Police, if it weren’t for the interaction at the end.

When Rob asked why he was being pulled over, the officer stated that his rear left “plate light” was out.

For an organization that claims to “serve and protect,” one would think this would be an opportune time for the police officer to politely warn the driver of the light malfunction, so both parties could be on their way.

But, we live in a police state where tickets are issued to generate revenue for the state, and overtime for the officers.

Needless to say, after an extraordinary amount of time, the officer returned with a summons for the the light bulb which carried a fine of $44.64.

According to the video description, Rob believes his philosophical bumper stickers has led him to be a target of the police:

“Mind you I have been pulled over many times by Manchester PD at this point. I am assuming it is because of the philosophical stickers on the rear bumper of the vehicle.”

The most disturbing part of the video came at the very end, just before the officer threw the summons into the vehicle.

Rob asked the officer, “would you personally kidnap me over a light bulb?”

Of course the cop answered no.

Rob continues the hypothetical by asking what would happen if he didn’t pay the fine. The general consensus between the two was that a warrant would be issued for Rob’s arrest, at which time the officer explained that he would be glad to arrest him.

“If you don’t pay, then then there’s a warrant, then I would be glad to come get you.”

The cop’s own words speak for themselves.

If you don’t bow down to the mini tyrants in blue, they will enforce the most ridiculous, victimless crimes to the fullest extent of the law.

Supposedly government is no more than a set of functions that the citizens delegate in order to accomplish common goals such as security, roads etc.

Therefore, if a citizen doesn’t have a right to walk up to a random motorist, demand money under the threat of kidnapping, then neither does the state.

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  • Ted Dow

    What the fuck do you THINK a plate light is lady?

    I dislike bas cops, but I also dislike stupid, whiney people.

    • Drakenfly

      Do you know the difference between traveling done the road and commercially driving down the road and what each entails…do some research before commenting…extortion is extortion or do you want cops NOT arresting real criminals…

    • Come’on, women don’t know what muffler bearings are or kinuter valves.

  • AlvinBr

    This reminds me of that joke, how many cops does it take to change a light bub.

    • Sophisticated Redneck

      The answer is zero. Cops can’t change a light bulb without a legislature passing a law requiring citizens to have one, that works, then it would take up to a platoon of cops to make sure the citizen changes it. Or, deadly force may be necessary!

      • AlvinBr

        The standard answer is that they will only beat the room for being black.

      • Rothbardian Slip

        This reminds me of the question, how many dead chopped up hookers does it take to change a lightbulb?

        • Rothbardian Slip

          Well, I guess it’s more than 5 because my basement is still dark.

  • Mike Conrad

    They technically broke the law yes, BUT they have it set up that way on purpose for victimless crimes so they can steal from us.

    • Isn’t that nice how someone can break the law and not know it only to be taken advantage of? I know many people that are too busy / ignorant in life, especially of laws in life that sooner or later they are a moving target for cops. Seems that the system is flawed by designed to scope out people because they know that people are not going to know everything!

      • Andrea Favors

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  • Wesley Stevens

    The old license plate light bulb is out law. Odd, one with an I.Q. above a drooling baby would say the vehicle behind you should be able to read your plates if they have their bloody headlights on.

  • A lot of cars and trucks only have “1” bulb for the plate. If one is still lit, the plate is lit, it was the manufacturer that put 2 bulbs because of cops like this.

    • martymarsh

      Now you got it, if it has a light, it has to work. Keeping the money wheel turning.

  • martymarsh

    This is just bogus BS, license plates are painted so they light up when the clowns headlights are on it, but then it is only about money nothing more.

  • martymarsh

    Everyone keeps thinking of ways to keep the money wheel turning, the auto manufacturers were putting the passenger airbag on top of the dash so if you had even a minor accident it would take out your windshield, more money spent.

  • Sophisticated Redneck

    If a cop can’t see the plate on the rear of a vehicle he is behind without an illuminating light bulb, then the cop should replace his cruisers headlights!

  • Not just arrest, but gladly KILL you over a light bulb. Never forget that.