Cop Involved in “Sustained Violence” on 7-Yr-Old Girl: Reports

NORTH ISLAND — A disturbing report from the NZ Herald surfaced last week according to which a police officer repeatedly beat a young girl.

The girl was only 7-yrs-old when the police officer was said to have engaged in “sustained violence” and abuse against her.

The violence continued for at least six years, according to reports.

It turns out that the officer would campaign publicly against violence in families, all the while he was involved in beating this poor child, according to reports.

The details of the abuse are quite alarming.

During one incident, the cop is reported to have grabbed a piece of wood, and swung it into the child’s back so hard that it sent her crumbling to the ground.

When the girl tried to crawl under a shelter, the cop reached for her leg and dragged her out, then continued using the wood to pound her body, according to reports.

The girl, who is now 13, stated that the attacks on her would happen at least twice a week.

The cop would also take off his police belt and use it to whip the child, according to court documents summarized by the NZ Herald.

He would “whack” her multiple times and then punch her while she was lying on the floor, said one of the complainants.

The girl suffered more horrendous abuse inside the extended family, and at least three other members of the family are said to have participated. Reports detail abuse such as:

She was pulled by her hair so hard that clumps of it would be ripped out. She would be punched repeatedly and sat on.

On one occasion an electric knife was taken to her chest in an attempt to cut off her nipple. Fortunately, the knife didn’t work.

Her head was rammed into a brick wall outside of a church that the family had been attending.

Initially, the officer was placed on “restricted duties,” while an investigation proceeded.

But he has since had the charges withdrawn and is now back to his full job, a decision that has outraged the community. Many are hoping he will be charged again for a more just trial.


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  • George Moore

    I really hate these types of articles where they don’t release the abuser’s name (to the public). I, for one, would like to know in the event that an officer is fired and he ends up getting hired in my neck of the woods.

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  • Gary Williams Jr.

    if you ever wondered if these cops go home and beat their wfe and kids, when they don’t get enough of it from the rest of us. you don’t need to wonder anymore. do all cops do this? no, probably not. but you can be sure that IF someone calls 911 over it, he/she won’t be going to jail as you, or I would

  • hunny


  • Joe O’Neal

    One reason they drop charges. Only problem is judges specifically inform you to not consider punishment when considering guilt. Ah, the systems rigged. No point saying it over and over

  • Sarah Sigler

    Moral of the story dont start a family with a cop lol. Cuz if they do turn out to be a psycho douche nothing will happen

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  • Joy Zillah Clark

    Because the charges were withdrawn by the Crown, rather than dismissed by the court, there is a possibility they may be relaid. I CERTAINLY HOPE THIS IS THE CASE. This is outrageous. I have tears in my eyes reading this.