The Cop Who Killed Sylville Smith Was Just Arrested for Raping a Another Man

Jack Burns | The Free Thought Project

Milwaukee, WI — When Sylville Smith, 23,  was shot and killed at a traffic stop by police on Aug. 16th in broad daylight in Milwaukee, WI, his homicide set off violent riots which lasted for days, destroying property, and injuring several other police officers in the process. Dozens were arrested, and the National Guard was called in before order was eventually restored.

At the time of the killing, Sherelle Smith (sister), questioned her brother’s slaying, and openly wondered if the police officer who killed her brother, Dominique Heaggan-Brown, 24, had killed her brother out of jealousy, as the two personally knew each other having grown up attending the same high school.

Smith’s claim her brother was killed by a jealous peace officer, will now have to be revisited, as the man responsible for killing her brother, Heaggan-Brown, has been arrested, but not for Smith’s death. On the contrary, Heaggan-Brown was arrested and charged with felony rape of another man.

The alleged rape occurred on Sunday, the day after Heaggan-Brown had been placed on mandatory leave of duty, pursuant to the officer-involved shooting investigation. Heaggan-Brown met up with the victim, who said he met through Facebook. The two had for drinks at a bar and watched television news coverage of the riots for which the officer’s actions were responsible. According to The Washington Post, the victim said the officer of the peace was, bragging, “about being able to do whatever [he] wanted without repercussions.” After drinking for about an hour-and-a-half, the two men left together, according to the criminal complaint’s citation of security footage.

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  • Mark Kane

    Why are these clowns not vetted properly?

    • I think most police are vetted well. However, the public holds police to super human standards, not the standard of the common person. Because a person goes through a police academy doesn’t make them any less to commit crimes or act in an unprofessional manner. Unfortunately the news covers the 1% of police who are out doing bad things. In short, they are ultimately just people and will continue to do things they shouldn’t, we just hear more about it since any one with a phone can take video, and post it to YouTube.

  • fuck you

    i feel sorry for all you people that actually believe these articles. fuck all of you, and eat shit.