Cop Lets K9 “Literally Rip Open” 14-yr-old Boy’s Penis



MIAMI, FL — A devastated family is now filing a lawsuit against police for letting a K9 maul their child’s genitals.

The boy, Javarius Ragin, was just 14-yrs-old and the police attack dog was allowed to “literally rip open” his penis under the supervision of the cop.

The incident began when Ragin was a passenger in a car that was pulled over by police.

Police claimed that the car was “stolen.”

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At some point, Ragin tried to avoid the police.

He said he was only a passenger — possibly suggesting that he didn’t know whether or not the car was stolen.

An officer began chasing him as he left the traffic stop, and that’s when Ragin tried to hide away in a random shed, according to reports.

But Officer Earles Gonzalez opened the door of the shed and gave an order to his K9 to attack Ragin, reports say.

Ragin had his hands raised in the air, completely surrendering to the officer.

But this did not stop Officer Gonzalez from letting the K9 — named “Diesel — continue to sink its teeth into Ragin, the lawsuit claims.

As Ragin surrendered, the animal was allowed to maul his penis and “ripped it open” according to reports.

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When the officer stopped the attack, Ragin was not given timely medical attention afterwards and that other officers who arrived to the scene would not call an ambulance, the lawsuit states.

Ragin and his family are suing for excessive force.

Their attorney says that doctors eventually stitched up the wounds on Ragin’s genitals, which left significant scar tissue.

The attorney says that the officers also failed to document the attack that occurred on Ragin.

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  • Mike

    Cops should be banned from having dogs. Cops are not responsible enough to care for a dog, and It’s inhumane for the dog to have to be around cops all day!

  • Casey Rice

    Why is it, if you hit a cops dog its assault on an officer but if that fucker rips your dick apart its just another day on the job. Coos should be given 10 times the penalty for a crime, not have it be lessoned. I dont mind coos but thos dirty bastards need to get gone

  • Ben Dover

    Cops should be banned. Period.

    • Until someone breaks into your home… or maybe rapes/kills your GF/Wife/kids…. then you will want the police….. right?

  • Denton Young

    The dog and the cop should both be put down immediately.

  • Jimmy_Russells

    “Cops are here, better run”
    Good call, young man. Lesson learned, I hope.

    • Clive

      Yep, he learned his lesson. That cops are sadistic and brutal fucks who don’t give a shit about anyone other than themselves. Another citizen turned against cops for the rest of his life. Justice served! At least, according to people like you.

      • Jimmy_Russells

        We don’t know yet if justice was served. This “citizen” hasn’t (at least from what we are told in this article) been proven to be guilty or innocent of the possible car theft yet. What we do know is that he certainly wouldn’t have fled and forced the peace officers to pursue him if he didn’t have something to hide.

        • Noob

          I’d like to know what happened to the driver of the vehicle

          • Jimmy_Russells

            Probably peacefully detained because he didn’t run like a dumbass. But that doesn’t make a very sensational story 🙁

        • Jason Jay Bob Atkins

          “Peace” officers show up like the 1960s with dogs threatening to maul you, yeah I’d say there was an incentive to run. Running didn’t force the horrible situation, the k9 LEO who set his animal on a surrendering minor did. Please don’t justify abuse of 14 year olds, even if he had done some crazy ass crime, he was no threat, and cops don’t have a duty, right, or responsibility to teach lessons by dealing out abuse. It’s a part of their shitty culture, respect us or die, even though their merits deserve the antithesis of respect in many cases, such as this one.

          • Jimmy_Russells

            Stop trying to troll me, dude. There is no way you can say with a straight face that he was no threat. He fled and was hiding in a shed. He could have been trying to lead the officers into a trap and he recklessly put the officers in a situation of increased risk by causing them to chase him. When officers have to pursue suspects the risk to the officers increases dramatically. I’m just thankful none of the officers were injured because some punk kid decided he didn’t want to own up to a crime that he (likely) committed.

          • William Borden

            Another wannabe cop.

          • Jimmy_Russells

            As much as I respect the officers and all the wonderful work they do to protect us, I don’t think I would be a good fit for the force. Nice failed attack though.

          • <3

            He wasn’t a threat!!!!!!
            I am not a criminal, but I was younger I could have been in this situation a hundred different times. I have also ran from police a few times in my life, and thank god I got away. I also vote, am very informed in politics on local to international platforms, and I am black. To be 14, possibly not even know your in a stolen vehicle and be expected to go down for it cause your there… eff that! Once your in the system you are effed FOR LIFE. He could be a really sweet boy, obviously his family cares about him enough to sue the police which in any community is treated as a crime in itself. I was always naive and still achived being a becon of light with the sketchy crowd I rolled with and they took really good care of me and were very kind because I made a point to remind them they were still valuable as people. I didnt judge them, as only a child could. Now I am an extremely well adjusted happily married tax paying adult and mother who studies quantum physics and agriculture. If I had no vagina I would be a very very very angry woman. WHO the heck are we to judge this baby?

          • Grumpy

            WHO the heck are you to judge this cop?

        • William Borden

          Wrong. He may have run due to a fear of police thta they themselves have put in the minds of citizens.

  • Suzy Shannon Schmidt

    Maybe the 14 yr old should not be riding around in stolen cars, then trying to run from the arrest scene. Had he stayed put, none of this would have happened. When do we begin to teach our children personal responsibility?

    • linda Pruitt

      Another violent minded idiot. …sure dont see how anyone sane sees the punishment fit the crime…hope you never have kids

    • Lee Henderson

      That right, having mutilating a child for being dumb and scared is true justice. At any point was the child a threat to the police officer or was it done simply for the lolz?

    • Delione Frye

      Are you justifying the mutilation of a 14 year old child you sick fuck

      • JonNy Begood

        Its sarcasm dude

    • Jon Castle

      This bitch probably thinks Tamir Rice got what he deserved too. “If he had just not been acting like a 12 year old kid in a park, he wouldn’t have been shot.” I guess Suzy’s kids are perfect, never get scared, never do stupid stuff, and – if they do – she will execute them immediately.

    • Keren Jeanne


      • Jason Jay Bob Atkins

        you do realize the Democratic party you’ve been indoctrinated to vote for by celebrities was the same party that fought to segregate you to the bitter end yes?

        • Keren Jeanne

          of course all these people have done so much against us but RIGHT NOW this party is not turning a blind eye to negative police actions, nor are they trying to dig in my pocket, nor are they trying to start a war, nor are they spending money on a war that can not be won.

        • Keren Jeanne

          indoctrinated? racism is indoctrinated….i will never vote for the most racist party… none mean any of us truly any good…. most def the reps mean no good thing for us. indoctrinated?

      • William Borden

        What the hell does that mean? And what does it have to do with this story?

        • Keren Jeanne

          i dont know how else to explain. i CAN say Bush got away with a whole lot more than this young man did…he wasnt shot, nor killed, nor did K9s rip himi apart.

    • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

      “Wake up, little Suzy.”
      If the boy wasn’t armed, then releasing the dog on him was unnesessary. You’re also suggesting that a young teenage act like a well-instructed and experienced adult in an intense situation. Do you suppose a kid like that might make a number of bad decisions? And having his genitals maimed by an attack dog should smarten him up?

      • So the cops are psychic? He ran and hid … how exactly do they know if he is armed or not? Maybe you should go to your local PD and sign up for a ride along… or better still go to a PD that has a lot of activity like Detroit or Chicago or Miami and do a ride along there.

      • Grumpy

        “If the boy wasn’t armed”
        The mind-reading cop should have known that.

        It takes a “a well-instructed and experienced adult” to stop when a cop yells “Stop”? You have inadvertently made a good point, though: grade schools and high schools should have a brief course on how not to run when pulled over. God knows it’ll be tough to master such a difficult feat, but worth it to save your schlong.

    • TVgina Gina

      bitch, why don’t u go suck that dog’s dick and then the cop’s dick and die, u scum bag.

      • NurseRatched

        POINT … CLICK …FLAG!!

    • Will Johnston

      There is always one of them ^ isn’t there? Yeah Suzy, its reasonable for police to have dogs rip apart peoples genitals for non violent offenses, even once they have surrendered. Yeah, please lecture people on personal responsibility while you try and justify craven brutality

    • Jason Jay Bob Atkins

      when your kids fuck up, as they will, because we all do, you will be in for quite the shock. I just hope it doesn’t have as severe of consequences. You are captain hindsight, he was fucked from the jump. I’m sure your kids will “stay put” when they unintentionally get themselves into a fucked situation. It takes a real man to truly face the music, but our society no longer consists of these types of people. You seriously have logical flaws. You see some completely fucked up shit happen, then you blame the victim saying, well “if he hadn’t.” Blame the k9 LEO who should be behind bars for intentionally allowing his animal to maul a child who posed no threat in order to teach him a lesson about running from the police. The lesson was a failure, you just condoned creation of a 100% life-long cop hater using citizen tax dollars for bait. Good job.

    • William Borden

      Do you know for a fact he knew the car was stole? Regardless, whenever you justify unnecessary lethal force you perpetrate the continued problem with police use of excessive force. Don’t be a fool.

    • Wilham Monger

      You are the kind of knuckle head that justify police brutality. There always someone like you on these kind of blogs. If that victim was your kid, I guess you be suing the police too, you are nothing but a coward, ignorant fool.

  • Shit happens when you run from the cops…. 14 year old in a stolen car… runs and attempts to allude the police. Yup… law abiding citizen…,. too bad the dog didn’t rip off his testicles so he can no longer breed.

    • Robert Blake

      I hope you have a son in the same situation when he’s 14 and he gets his dick mauled by a canine we’ll see how you think about it then you fucktard, you are what’s wrong with people today!

      • keith davis

        My kid won’t be running from the police in a stolen car.

        • AlvinBr

          Perhaps he/she will become a sadistic cop.

        • fb

          You don’t know what your child will do…..worked in a school environment and saw even the best kids do some dumb shyt

        • Ellie_Light

          Your kid will probably be a junkie male prostitute just to get away from your sorry butt.

        • Keren Jeanne

          u know his mom said the same thing?! what a coincidence!!

          • keith davis

            You’re a dumb racist pig. This boys mama didnt give a shit about this kid (typical feral democrat ) until this happened. No different than Tray von Martin, or Michael Brown. If you people actually gave a shit about your children, you wouldn’t let them roam like wild animals as they please, and get off your lazy fat asses, and actually parent.

          • Keren Jeanne

            they say that about most black women. we no longer care what others think of us. we are NOT surprised by your response. its rather amusing.

        • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

          As far as you know, anyway…

        • Wilham Monger

          I just hope your kid genitals get rip by a police dog one day for whatever reason

    • linda Pruitt

      Your as stupid and pathetic as those officers. …yuck…

    • keith davis

      That’s exactly what I came to my mind.

    • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

      “In the Flink of an eye…”
      Good words! You’re a real human being!

    • TVgina Gina

      u r a faggot in disguise. ur dad probably let u suck his old sagging dicks too often and that turns u to be a fucking cunt with no education. so go suck ur dad’s dick again and then kill him for not killing u when u were born, then kill yourself for being a dumb fuck..

      • Ok Troll… go crawl back under the rock you were hiding at. I see the education system failed you since you seem to be unable to articulate your thoughts properly. I am sure it probably took you 30 minutes to bang out your response using 2 fingers to type.

    • Bendy Bentley

      Looks like he had a reason to fear the mofos.

      • Jason Jay Bob Atkins

        no doubt, correlation, causation. I don’t know if the kid ran because he perceived the police as a real threat or if he ran because he wanted to stay out of trouble. But the orchestrated penis mauling sort of paints the picture that the cops were a threat. Him running didn’t make this situation happen, the shitty LEOs did, intentionally, to teach a lesson. Well they failed miserably, this kid will hate police for life now, not respect them in the slightest.

        • He ran cause they were in a STOLEN CAR…. oh wait no… he was a law abiding kid helping an old lady cross the street when this happened…. lol

        • Grumpy

          “intentionally, to teach a lesson”

          The mind readers are out in force, I see.

    • William Borden

      Cop wannabe? You would be the perfect poster child for retroactive abortion.

      • Hands up don’t run… pure and simple when you get pulled over by the cops in a STOLEN CAR. I am sure by the time he is 18 he will be breaking into your house William…. maybe raping your gf or wife or daughter…. maybe even killing someone you care about.

        • William Borden

          Yes, it is possible that he may become everything you say, but this is about more than that.There are to many officers throughout the country who are administering their own “justice” without a thought to the very laws they swore to uphold. To many believe that their badge gives them special privilege, it does not. NO, I am not a cop hater . I have family and friends in various states that work in law enforcement. I do despise those who feel they have the right to violate the laws/constitution that they swore to uphold. So, my problem is not what a 14yr old boy might grow up to be, but rather what one has already become. In this case someone who would so easily cause such harm to a child.

          • So you are saying that if you run from the police in the commission of a crime there should not be consequences? Or if you point a gun at a cop? Or if you resist arrest? So you consider a 14 year old criminal a child? So it is okay because he is 14 years old. I am not for any police officer abusing his power but this is not the case… he ran… he attempted to hide… the cops do not know if he has a gun or a knife or that he is 14 years old… so they sent the dog. Do you think they had this punk in custody and just let the dog have his way with him?

          • William Borden

            Never saw anything that said he had a gun, let alone pointed it. You will need to highkite that part of the article and send it to me.

          • So you are saying the police have some psychic abilities… HOW DO YOU KNOW IF A PERSON HAS A GUN OR OTHER WEAPON. It does not matter if they see one or NOT …. when someone runs and hides they have to assume the worst… that is why they send in the dog. I never said they saw a gun or any weapon… you need to learn how to read. Go back and READ what I wrote. And again why are you siding with a CRIMINAL someone who obviously knew he was breaking the law? That is why he ran and hid…. because he knew he was riding in a stolen car. Here maybe you can get him to friend you on facebook and see what posts he has not made public…. lol. Pretty sure this is his facebook page.

          • William Borden

            Getting a bit testy aren’t you. You do not appear to do well when someone disagrees with you. I will agree to disagree with you on this and leave it at that. Have a happy and blessed day.

          • You do not appear to be able to read the written word? You seem to be nothing but a troll who takes great enjoyment out of posting bullshit that makes no sense what so ever. I like how you seem to be unable to answer a question.

          • Grumpy

            “I do despise those who feel they have the right to violate the laws/constitution that they swore to uphold.”

            Me, too. So, what law did the cop break?

          • William Borden

            I believe under our constitution/legal system a person is innocent until proven otherwise. Also, I do not believe that an unarmed 14 year old trapped is a great threat. It is a shame that our military is held to a higher standard of rules of engagement than our police forces are. Just think there should be tighter control on how and when police use lethal force.

          • Grumpy

            “I do not believe that an unarmed 14 year old trapped is a great threat”

            I don’t think the cop had a chance to do a patdown and check ID, so don’t blame him for not knowing the kid’s age or whether he was armed. And like every other member of the animal kingdom, humans are at their most dangerous when cornered: did you really not know that?

            “should be tighter control on how and when police use lethal force”
            Are you trying to change the subject? This is not was a “lethal force” incident.

            So, what law did the cop break?

          • So how exactly do the police know he is unarmed… he ran from the police and was hiding after the STOLEN car he was in was pulled over. Go do a ride along in some heavy crime areas… or better still why don’t you apply to be a police officer if you can do a better job. 😀

    • Wilham Monger

      You are just as ignorant as those cops. Hope that happen to you or your kids

  • keith davis

    Kid is a thug. Fuck him.

    • Delione Frye

      Justifying violence towards children shows how deranged you are. Please for the sake of society seek council.

    • Keren Jeanne

      so was bush but ill bet u voted for him tho

    • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

      He may never be able to do that himself if they can’t put it all back together again, Mr. Irony.

    • Clive

      Fuck you, too.

    • William Borden

      Spoken like a true MORON. Nothing this kid did justified what was done to him. Maybe someday something like this can happen to you or someone you love and you can reflect on your idiocy.

    • Wilham Monger

      Keith Davis, you are a psychopath, go fuck urself

    • keith davis

      You dumb fuck no doubt have shit for kids like this I’ll raised thugger. This child’s parents (or lack thereof) killed this kid. You idiots freaking out over the truth are beyond pathetic. You have no moral compass, nor respect for things good, and right. I am sure you teach your children the very same.

      • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

        I’m sure you can lecture us all on what is “Good” and ‘Right.”

        • keith davis

          I would, but you ain’t up to the task, dumbass.

          • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

            Uses the fake word ‘ain’t’ but theorizes that I’m a ‘dumbass.’
            That will demonstrate your superiority!

      • keith davis
  • ronald1216

    the dog needs to be put to sleep its as dangerous as pit bulls.

    • Cherokee Nagy

      why does everyone have 2 say this dog is as dangerous as pit bulls? its how the dogs r raised, I have a pit bull and hes the sweetest little baby!!!!! I trust him more then I trust my doxie!!!

      • Takalui

        do you fuckin’ hate yer’ doxie aye?!

    • Eric Nirschel

      You do realize that pit bulls are actually among the most mild mannered dog breeds, right? In fact, they used to be nicknamed ‘nanny dogs’ because of how good they were with children.

      It wasn’t until dog fighters got a hold of them that suddenly they were considered monsters.

      • Bendy Bentley

        But they did get a hold of them and they are monsters.

        • Jason Jay Bob Atkins

          Man you’re fucking retarded. Have you ever heard of the nature versus nurture debate? The breed is A-okay, the upbringing in a shitty culture is not. And you spewing ignorance about them certainly doesn’t help. If you really think Pitbulls, Rots, Boxers, bully breeds etc, are monsters, I suggest you go stand up for putting down small breed dogs such as Shih Tzu’s which are notoriously proven to be more aggressive yet under reported. Oh that’s right, I didn’t think you would stand for putting down animals unless you were ignorant, they scared you, and it was a popular opinion.

          • Jason Jay Bob Atkins

            seriously, you suggest that acquired traits are genetic because some scumbag hoods decided to fight them.That is, unless you have made a pronoun attribution error and you mean to call the hoods monsters, because that would make a lot more sense considering you never read a 7th grade biology textbook.

        • Eric Nirschel

          So, not only do you know nothing about pit bulls as a breed, you know nothing about breeding in general.

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            The thing about pit bulls is that they do kill the most people. That is because they’re built like a tank and if they do attack, they are very good at it. Sure, lots of them are nice well mannered dogs but facts are facts. They don’t cause the most bites but they do cause the most death.

          • Cole Little

            Ignorance is the largest factor. i am a certified dog trainer instructor and i have the experience and knowledge to argue that with any one. The knowledge is out there but the humane society has acquired over 500 million dollars in assets since pit bull fighting became illegal in 1976, so they are not sharing it…. Two years of tv adds exploiting 5 dead pit bull/ terriers repeatedly has led the pit bull to where it is today.

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            That doesn’t change the fact that due to their build and jaw strength they do kill the most people. Their temperament isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be, it’s just that they are the most capable of killing. When they do attack, they do the most damage because they’re the toughest breed.

          • Cole Little

            i have worked with Belgian Malinois, trust me the police don’t want the gang banger to realize the guarding abilities of this herding breed and its quickness to revert to instinctive behavior. Sir your facts are really conditioned beliefs. Refer to Ivan Pavlov and classical conditioning. The bulldog does not have supreme biting power and locking jaws. Pure conditioned belief, not fact or reality. The fear that the media has put into humans accelerate the problems. They still put squeaky sounds in play toys and when any breed hears the association the kids are likely bitten. They have paired associations to condition your belief.

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            Again, that doesn’t change the FACTS. The facts being that when those dogs snap, they do a lot more damage to the victim than do other dogs. These statistics are easily looked up on google. Educate yourself.

          • Cole Little

            LOL i have an extensive background and knowledge of dogs, including the majority of working dogs. i am certified to train dog trainers.

          • Cole Little

            i have worked K9 dogs and provided Bulldogs to more than one k9 officer. The Federal Guard who walked Timothy McVeigh to the death chamber was at our home one day prior. We worked some dogs and he left with an American Bulldog puppy.

        • William Borden

          Spoken like a true moron. Why don’t you become a cop. You appear to have the mentality.

      • Swapster_com

        I take care of a pit bull for a weekend about once a month. I have two dogs of my own and the pit bull is just sweet as can be. Playful and full of energy… welcome in my home anytime.

      • Cole Little

        Dog fighting was around long before the pit bull started seeing problems with their reputation. Hollywood made them popular and the Humane society and media made them into monsters. It is evident in historical records. The pit bull was a farm utility dog to early american pioneers (Lewis and Clark) ranchers, farmers and families. The pit bull dog was fought in Europe before America was born. The superior fighting dog was officially recognized by Webster in 1952 as the Pit Bull Terrier cross that was made in America, APBT.

    • William Borden

      Not all pits are dangerous. No more than german shepards or any other breeds. It’s those who do the training that are dangerous.

  • H Steven Mead

    For all of you whom don’t know this. Those dogs are taught to go after your genitals. These dogs are put through training that teaches them to attack the person’s genitals. They have been doing this practice for sometime. They do it because it is the best way in their minds to make someone helpless and non-combative. This was also something the Nazis did with their dogs.

  • Project Safe Kids

    We need to scrap this entire corrupt, disgusting system and start Over

    • LawrenceNeal

      Defund, disarm and disband the SA. You can’t reform psychopaths.

  • TVgina Gina

    Since when a cop’s fucking dog is considered a cop, and not a property like normal people’s dog. it a dog attacks us, he can kill it, but not a cop’s dog, really? where have we gone wrong in this society!! A dog is a dog is a dog.. And a pig is a pig is a pig.

  • steezuschrist

    ooooow my dick hurts after ereading that

  • Mohammed Ahmed M Muniser-saleh

    anyone who ok with this, is evil plain and simple.

  • Bendy Bentley

    If the dog likes to chew on dicks so much, I’d say all of the officers were in danger, and should have shot the dog on the spot, like they do other dogs.

  • Orb Seal

    This government is becoming the second coming of the SS. Every police department has these damned dogs trained to kill and maim. We allow it to continue so it will. God help us.

  • Jason Jay Bob Atkins

    I agree. It’s animal abuse. If they put the animal in harms way and someone shoots it in self-defense, it’s just another day in the field with years behind bars for the maulee. A cop kills an innocent animal who hasn’t had vicious training, all is well. Many of these dogs are dangerous and beyond rehabilitation from what the abusive K9 LEOs put them through in order to use/abuse them. It’s sad because I stand for rescuing dogs in this shitty situation, but I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of placing a k9 in a home with a a small child, elderly occupant, other animals, etc… Placing a k9 would be a fucking nightmare and a liability. I wish police would end this practice. To police, the dogs are expendable; if one of the dogs gets expended because they put it in a shitty situation, they don’t (rather pretend to) give a shit, the defendant in the vicious dog attack would face 10 years behind bars though, as if cops believe they care about the animals they just abused with the sole intention of putting the animal in harms way in place of themselves. SMH

  • CastleGreySkull Boss

    Wouldn’t it be Crazy if people started Training Dogs To Attack Pigs??? #ThatdBeCrazy

  • Mark Laurence Piggott

    America… you need to start shooting your corrupt Police, or they will kill you…

    • Grumpy

      No worries, they have.

  • Ian Battles

    ANYONE ELSE would be PERSONALLY responsible for damages and possibly even face their animal being euthanized.

  • Jinx D’bourget

    No video, no proof.

  • Doc Evil

    This is how you force a population into the streets with revolution on their minds. Exactly what the police state is aiming for. Hegel’s dialectic in action. Again.

  • Kateree

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  • Mordecai Starwood

    I know someone close to me in Florida who had a similar experience. He was pulled for “driving on a revoked license” (Btw it was a SCOOTER with no VIN number because it was battery operated, not gas so they had no right to arrest him) and they let their dog have a field day on him. He was ripped up severely and his clothes were completely destroyed and covered in blood. When they released him from jail, they would only let him wear out the blood covered, ripped pants and shirt instead of hiving him anything else to cover himself with, in hopes he’d receive an indecent exposure charge. He had to staple his pants together well enough to make it somewhere to be covered

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  • ronald1216

    this dog has to be put to sleep and the cop arrested.